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Because I Live in the US 128

Because I Live in the US 128

Chapter 128 – Newly Listed Stocks

Unconventional community.
I just can’t understand it with just words.

Tak, Tak!

So I decided to try it myself.
I understand a little bit when I click join the cafe.

『Confirm real name/Female/Birth between 1976 and 1998 You must meet the subscription conditions to sign up. Yes or No』

‘Only women can join……. It’s really a female community.’

That is also the reason why my senior did the PC exercise.
With special exceptions, only women can join.

[A dignified woman – a calm space for people in their 30s]
─The gold spoon men I met, who is the best??
─The female flight attendant itself is a profession born out of sexualization.
─How many ex-boyfriends do you have in total?
─Is it realistically easy to meet a pepper size 17……

I’m honestly curious too.
Sora doesn’t know what ordinary women think.

‘In college, thanks to Hyeri, we get along very well.’

It wasn’t like that before college.
Every year there were kids who disapproved of themselves.

It is also half-involved that she only studied.
Whenever I talk to a man, he starts a fight.


Seniors said it was a bad community.
However, there may be circumstances only for women.

Like the Korea Stock Gallery.
It seemed crazy at first, but once I got used to it, it was fun.

─How many ex-boyfriends do you have in total?
I have three…… Goodbye you bastards

└5 people? Now! 4 and a half years dating
└3 people 200 days now
└ All 4 people have a bad ending…… Do I have a problem
└ 10 people, but we all dated briefly. I’m 22 years old, I just met and broke up is my style, it’s hard if it’s long

‘I’m 22 years old, 10 people? Love like that…… , I’m not taking it seriously.’

Take a look at the articles that interest you.
Among them, there were some things that could satisfy my curiosity.

─The gold spoon men I met, who is the best??
1. 31 years old graduate from Chongqing
Height of face 176 Wealth of 1 billion won
2. SKY graduate medical student, 27 years old
Face height 178 Property less than 200 million ㅋ
3. 22 years old, attending a prestigious American university
Height of face 183 No property ㅠㅠ
4. Seo Seonghan, 28 years old
Face height 173 Wealth 700 million won
All four of them live well with their parents, and the best life is number 4!
Who’s better?

└2 Isn’t it? Just wait until plastic surgery opens
└Doc 2 Doctor
└ She said she met all these kids…… ?

Rather, there were things that piled up more.
Their date was a man who could only appear in a drama.

‘Because the sunbae also has 3 billion.’

You can’t talk about other people’s work.
Sora decided to look at the slightly more difficult texts.

─Is it realistically easy to meet a pepper size 17……
I was bored, so my boyfriend Sosoo measured it with a tape measure and it came out around 17.2-3. I think this size+thickness is just right.
The problem is that when we broke up for a while after the period of boredom, the girl I met was so small that I was shocked.

└ It’s not a water cock, but 17 comes out?
└ For me, 15 is just right……
└ I don’t like it ㅇㅇ My boyfriend isn’t 14, he’s thick, and he’s stiff, so I’m very, very satisfied.
└ When you grow up, you won’t forget ithaha​​My ex who was only good at sex and had no skills, whom I dumped 2 years ago, keeps appearing in my dreams. I’m on good terms with my current boyfriend.

’15cm? Is that big? I don’t think it’s even a span.’

There were some goofy stories.
Sora would have been frightened in the past, but recently had a similar experience.


A rough memory remains.
Even if I stretched all the way from my thumb to my little finger, I think there was a few centimeters of room.

‘I definitely felt like it would be a big deal if I went in. You shouldn’t put it too.

I don’t have anything to compare, so I’m just guessing.
The more she does, the more she unknowingly clicks on the next post.

Dirty talk from the point of view of a woman I’ve never seen before.
No, there were also specific photos uploaded.

‘What is this male actor whose precious photo was leaked while filming an actual sex scene? Oh, oh…….’

Sora’s curiosity exploded.

* * *

Public offering.

[Event Discussion Room- Gonggu Lady]
─Everyone, this goes up unconditionally, right?
─Is it possible……
─Oh my God, the #MeToo related kkkk
─Information post) New stocks are bound to rise unconditionally in the beginning ^^

It is the first stock to be listed on the stock exchange.
It moves in a different pattern than existing stocks.

─Information post) New stocks are bound to rise unconditionally in the beginning ^^
There are a lot of cute ants who sell public offering stocks immediately after receiving a subscriptionhaha
Institutions have to hold on for 6 months because of the protection Jesus
Are you watching institutions go down?
I am forced to raise it above the public offering price.
Ong-ah says this, so don’t regret selling it!

└ And thank you! I was thinking
└ What is a protective jesus?
└ Unconditionally raise above the public offering price…… You don’t have to be greedy, just greedy
└ Wasn’t there a hungry person who didn’t even know this?

Knowing it or not is important.
The article posted in Jongtobang seems plausible, but.

‘He’s talking about bullshit.’

Most of the public offering stocks perform well immediately after listing.
This is because it becomes a ‘out of stock’ because of the protection.

A system that puts a time limit to prevent selling right away.
Institutions and executives and employees who bought treasury stocks are the targets.

『Allocation Status by Institutional Investors Obligatory Holding Commitment Period』
Day 15: 30.31%
1 month: 5.72%
3 months: 0%
6 months: 0%
Unconfirmed: 63.97%

There are some pitfalls there.
It is possible for institutions to adjust the commitment period.

‘There are many special laws like this.’

It is shown in the securities issuance performance report in the electronic disclosure.
A more specific time period.

As expected, most of them are unconfirmed.
This means that it can be sold even on the day of listing.

─Is it possible……
Due to low competition
I scraped all my money and went all-in.
Even if I don’t want to come out, I just want it to come out

└ Good results will come out ^^
└ At least it won’t go below the public offering price
└Is it possible because the intestines are good?
└Hey! I’m also aiming for a bonus, but it’s a bithaha.

While the ants are dreaming.
It was a story that was predictable to some extent.

‘The competition rate is low.’

This means that the participation of institutions is low.
You can know the evaluation of this company indirectly.

As soon as the market starts, I will hit the paedaegi.
Create an environment conducive to that.

─ Dong Si-ho is 30,000 won!
It’s not a joke, but how is this?
I wish I could ride the flow like this and go straight up~

└ The public offering price is 20,000 won, but it has risen by 50%~
└ I hope that only 30,000 won will settle down……
└ My goal is 50,000 won
└ Tool lady sales are good. It’s a growth week!

‘Because it makes the bubble stick on the day of listing.’

Such a practice exists.
It is a fact that ordinary ants cannot know.

The Korea Exchange gives ‘voluntary’ protection to those who bought stocks when they were unlisted.

That leaves only two left.
Only ants and institutions that have subscribed to public offering shares can sell these shares.

─Welcome to Gambler’s Canyon!

If ants and organs fight, who will have the advantage?
Thinking about it for more than two seconds would be a waste of time.

‘If you don’t know the principle of such complicity, it’s easy to get hit in the back of the head with half-expectation and half-excitement.’

The reason why individual investors have no choice but to lose money.
The market system is a tilted playing field.
But I know

─Sell order has been executed!

In reverse, hit the back of the head.
It puts a lot of selling directly into the Gura beekeeping created by the institution.

‘It’s not just an ant anymore, it’s an ant holding 3 billion.’

It can mimic organs.
The subscription competition rate is 15 to 1.
The margin is 50%.

I invested 6 billion won and received 400 million won.
If you hold this much stock of a company that has just been listed.

‘Because it’s worth moving the market flow.’

It becomes a super ant that eats organs.

* * *

It’s like making a lot of pocket money.

‘It’s an unconfirmed recommendation. My company’s IR department does a good job, so it’s good.’

Trading department.
Deputy general manager Yoo Do-hyeon is re-reading the report from the IR department.

It happened as it was written.
As expected, other institutions also have many unconfirmed subscriptions.

[Event Discussion Room- Gonggu Lady]
-Can I come in here?
─★ Closing price is a prize~~~★
─The hole-in-the-wall Internet mall is worth 67 billion wonhaha
─If you don’t sell it, the limit goes up

Only the ants are restless.
He burns the happiness circuit, saying that stocks will rise.

‘Shall I suit you?’

Jongto room.
It is one of the few places where ants can get information.

Post good articles.
An ant that has hope will never stop losing.

“What are you doing?”
“You’re really bad too.”
“A believer is an asshole. In this stock market.”

Co-workers who watched it.
The corner of the mouth has no choice but to go up slightly.

‘It’s a new stock, so it goes up unconditionally. It can’t be.’

It also depends on the stock.
A bad company wants to sell its institutions as soon as possible.

That was also the case at the meeting.
You know all about it, but you’re attracting ants.

─Welcome to Gambler’s Canyon!

He is not in a position to tell others.
Because he was one of the staff who was entrusted with the disposition of the tool lady.

‘I’ll have to go the same way this time.’

Simultaneous calls create bubbles.
It is easy because there is no circulation of newly listed stocks.

Is it a good stock?
I’m trying to buy it without even knowing it.
From then on, I hand over the quantity to the ants little by little.

Then, with a massive sale! Brush it off and you’re done.
I thought it would be a good pocket money earner as usual.

─Ant-sama is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

The wall of purchase that you have supported.
The chapter collapses terribly when it starts.
Although it may be another institution or a foreigner.

‘No, this is not moral!’

There is a tacit agreement.
Dispose of it slowly so that it becomes a frog in boiling water.

The purposes of the institutions are consistent with each other.
But what if you hit the brakes all by yourself?

“This is ant work.”
“Are you the savior?”
“I guess so… It seems like he’s holding more than 10,000 stocks.”

The Korea Exchange Coaxes Old Shareholders.
But sometimes there are guys who act unexpectedly.

─The institution sold a lot of stock!
─Ant-sama sold stock!
─The old shareholder sold the stock!

Because of that, it became a mess.
Let’s suddenly notice, you and I are also trying to sell.

‘It’s okay. There are situations like this.’

It’s not the first time you’ve experienced this.
As an institutional trader, I’ve experienced prenatal, water battle, and aerial battles.

─Buy orders have been placed!

It creates a buying wall.
When the selling pressure subsides, institutions will come to their senses.

It’s not that someone betrayed you.
Start by slowly boiling the water again.

‘You guys are supposed to move according to our will after all.’

There are not just one or two ways to eat ants on their backs.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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