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Because I Live in the US 127

Because I Live in the US 127

Chapter 127 – PCs Become Money

Senior’s words.
It’s true that I honestly don’t understand.

‘I never did anything that made sense in the first place.’

It’s nonsensical.
I want to ask if I ate something wrong when I was young.

But as time goes on, it makes sense.
Why did you make that decision then?

Tak, Tak!

If it was like usual, I would have been prying.
I realized that it doesn’t make any sense.

‘Because history never repeats itself.’

The same situation does not happen.
Even if you memorize it like studying, you can’t use it in practice.

Decided to find out for myself.
Even if you ask me, it’s after I’ve done everything I can.

Title: Tool Lady
Industry: Textile, apparel, footwear and leather goods retail
Representative: Hong Ye-seul
Sales: 23,650 (KRW million)
Net Income: 2,811 (KRW million)
Capital: 102 (KRW million)

The company you want to buy.
She said it was clearly an IPO.
I was able to find it among the approved stocks for public offering.

‘There is no problem with sales, and net profit is not in the red……. It’s not a company that will happen right away.’

Sora also knows how to read financial statements.
It’s not that I’ve had confidence since my freshman days.

Tak, Tak!

But stock analysis is much deeper.
You need to know the specifics of your business.

『Gonggu Lady − shopping mall for confident women』
▶ Big size top
▶ Big Size Bottoms
▶ Big size underwear

Internet shopping mall.
I honestly thought it wouldn’t matter.

You simply take things off and sell them.
It is a business that anyone can do.

It was surprisingly competitive.
Reasons why consumers visit this shopping mall.

‘A shopping mall specializing in big sizes? Ah…… , Well, I’ve had a hard time because of the size.’

Women’s clothing is complex.
Compared to men, the size is different, and there are many people who care about the material.

Himself is one of them.
Especially the underwear is a concern.
Korean brands do not have the right size.

You have to buy a foreign brand.
The problem is that the price is burdensome and it is difficult to find a material that fits well.

‘Is there a 70H? At this point, I also have to match one of the sets.’

What if the shopping mall handles it professionally?
You can buy good stuff at a much more reasonable price.

There will be customers who have the same concerns as you.
I felt like I had discovered the value of this company.

▶ Big size underwear
1. Berry Good model advertising product
2. Model ○○ Kim Advertising Product
3. Choi ○○ model advertising product

‘110H?! It’s not breasts, it’s just flesh.’

It was different from the company’s business direction.
The big size was for people who are big but have a slightly special body shape.

No, this is major.
The obese population in Korea is increasing day by day.
Tool Lady was a shopping mall for them.

‘Are there so many people with this body type? There aren’t many around me.’

For Sora, it was a puzzling affair.
However, corporate financial statements should not contain lies.

It would be more accurate since it is for an IPO.
Still, I can’t believe it.


I had no choice but to ask for help.

* * *

“Why is this shopping mall doing well?”

Something that can be questioned enough.
It seems that you have done some basic research.

“I don’t quite understand…”
“You don’t deserve it.”

But there would be no income.
Even so, the story has nothing to do with Sora.

The face is pretty.
The waist also fell out.
It’s like a sex machine.

“Well, you have fat breasts too.”
“Fuck you.”
“But the heart is not fat.”

Big size shopping mall.
In fact, regular sizes are also sold, but the identity is promoted that way.

‘The shopping mall itself has no competitiveness.’

Bigger e-commerce is like that too.
When online shopping first became popular, auctions were the trend.

After a few years, 12th Street.
It hurts to say that they use rocket delivery now.

“Simple distribution business is destined to be pushed out by competitors unless it has economies of scale.”
“Then the tool lady…”
“That’s a bit special.”

Consumers are bound to look for cheaper products.
To avoid losing customers to competitors, you must continue to sell cheap.

‘But a small shopping mall can secure loyal customers.’

In fact, it is a common case in foreign countries.
Buy from companies that support racism, environmental protection, and more.

Why are foreign companies talking about PCs and PCs?
It has its own reasons and business purposes.

“These days, it’s called ESG management. It’s an advanced word.”
“Do you mean that Gonggu Lady is also an ESG company?”

PC in a slightly different sense.
Although, unlike racism, environmental protection, etc., It does not benefit society at all.

‘Still, it’s because I’ve secured a loyal customer base.’

Sales show an increase every year.
In other words, if you can increase your loyal customer base, you will have a competitive edge.

“The PC movement I was a part of is also sponsored there.”
“Do you understand?”
“Still, the question remains, isn’t there a fundamental limit to the distribution industry, not manufacturing?”

Sora asks a pretty sharp question.
It may be that nutrients are supplied not only to the chest but also to the head.

‘If it had been an A cup, it would have surpassed me.’

Certainly it is.
If you buy products from a PC company, you are contributing to the PC company’s sales.

But the distribution business is margin.
The manufacturer may not have anything to do with PC, but rather may be an anti-PC company.

If you think rationally, it is.
Everyone would come to the same conclusion if they thought about it carefully.

〔Confident woman− A well-thought-out space for calm 30-year-olds〕
─77 size female tool lady purchase certification!
─A tool lady pictorial that brings out Berry Good’s lovely charm.JPG
─Big-sized dangnyeo, these days, stir-frying ham~
─Girls, Gong-Gong Lady was caught on the day of listing!!

Some people are not.
In particular, the female community is a good place to manipulate public opinion.

“What is this place?”
“I don’t know?”
“Yes, I’ve heard of it for the first time.”
“You’re not pretending not to be doing it, are you?”

It’s because there are kids like that.
Yeocho is the worst community in the world.

‘Simply put, it’s a place where everyone becomes an idiot.’

Even the Korean stock gallery is not normal.
Fools post shit every day.

However, opinions can be exchanged.
The scariest thing about Yeocho is that there is no individual opinion.

“Is that possible?”
“You’re not very ignorant of Internet memes, are you?”
“Well, a little bit.”
“Have you ever seen an internet meme derived from a female plant?”

Internet memes are no longer child’s play.
It appears in entertainment/drama, etc., And furthermore, it becomes a social phenomenon.

‘For example, something like Honbabchung, fierce.’

An era where internet memes can lead trends.
Ironically, almost nothing came out of Yeocho.

“It’s strange. Are women mentally inferior to men?”
“That’s a really discriminatory statement!”
“That’s right. It can’t be.”

This is because of the specificity of the Yeocho site.
It is closed and exclusive, and always follows the group’s opinion.

‘In a word, it’s a communist society.’

Are North Koreans unable to live because they are inferior to South Koreans?
It goes without saying that it is because of the government.

The same phenomenon exists on the Internet.
You can indirectly experience why communism is a problem.

─A tool lady pictorial that brings out Berry Good’s lovely charm.JPG
[Photo of a 120kg female model.Jpg]
[Photo of a 120kg female model.Jpg]
I can’t lose my good eonya
Never buy a tool lady!!

└ Lee Good-nim ​​is used as a model, and the company image is getting better with tools! I love you both so much♡♡♡
└ Gong-gu and Ligood unnie are really win-win……
└Ah, look at her smile so lovely ㅜㅜ
└ This unnie is a master of pictorial photography~ Her expression is really natural and pretty, and the styling suits her well.

“I think the model failed to manage it a bit.”
“I know.”
“Why are the comments so full of compliments?”
“It’s roughly similar to praising the Kim family.”

In the eyes of North Koreans, he would be a dignified and dignified general.
The perspective of the female community is also the same.

‘Each person’s opinion will be different.’

What are you saying, that fat boy?
However, it is so thoroughly controlled that it cannot be spoken of.

If you do this kind of community for months or years, your brain will be damaged.
You can’t think for yourself.

─Girls, Gong-Gong Lady was caught on the day of listing!!
December 20th, 21st subscription date!!
Are you guys going to apply?
I want 30 million won

└ How many weeks does 30 million won come out?
└ I use Tool Lady often, but I don’t know if the stock price will go up……
Author− When the stock price rises, the company prospers, sponsors PCs, and sells products cheaper!!
└ I had a short thought ㅠㅠ I will definitely participate in the subscription

“How well would it work if I did stock propaganda on such a site.”
“Did you write this?”
“How did you know?”
“There’s a revision mark.”

The most dangerous thing for investors.
Even if it’s not me, there’s already news about the tool lady.

‘I even did a PC exercise to do this, but I have to pick out the mulberry.’

In reality, the view of the #MeToo movement is not good.
But here it is a righteous activity.

Tool Lady is at the forefront.
It is recognized as an innovative company that changes (?) The world.

“Isn’t everyone crazy? If you think about it more rationally…”
“Yes, it won’t be long before hypnosis applications will be developed.”

If developed, it will be the first test subject.
As Sora, I still don’t know.

The mind of people who do PC exercise.
For them, it’s not what’s right, it’s what has to be right.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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