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Because I Live in the US 126

Because I Live in the US 126

Chapter 126 – PCs Become Money

It is the public offering of a company’s shares to outside investors.

‘There are companies like this shit.’

IR Park Tae-oh of Cheap Investment & Securities is in trouble.
This is because the recent uptrend continues.

The stock price is not only evaluated by the value of the company.
Market conditions also have a significant impact.

“Why are you frowning like this? Jeans are good too.”
“No… Look.”
“What do you think? Even if it’s not to the point, it’ll come out to some extent.”

When the market is good, everyone is positive.
What to expect from the new company in the future.

Stock prices reflect the future.
So, it’s bound to get good reviews.

‘Capital of 100 million? What kind of neighborhood hole-in-the-wall stores are listed?’

Kim Dae-gi, from the same IR department, is startled.
It means the assets owned by the company.

The deposit for gimbap hell in front of the company is even higher.
It is expensive because it is a commercial area with good business.

“Isn’t it ridiculous?”
“Oh my god… You must be in trouble too.”
“There’s nothing to worry about. We’re going to write a report with minimal participation.”

Institutional investors actively participate in IPOs.
Because you can buy a good company cheaply.

At the same time, it is also a shackle.
As long as you run a securities company in Korea, there is a minimum quota.

‘I should buy as few companies as possible.’

There are companies that are aiming for it.
In order to receive a high valuation, it is deliberately listed during a bull market.

It is IR’s job to weed out such companies.
The business content is frankly not good.

“Still, sales are rising every year, and operating profit is steadily increasing.”
“Look at what they are doing.”
“How is it?”
“It’s a site that was made roughly with the shopping mall solutions that are widely available. Competitiveness, originality, and what?

The current performance is good.
Sales and operating profit are coming out just fine.
The screening institution and the Korea Exchange would have passed it for that reason.

‘It’s not all about companies.’

I am not an amateur investor who buys profits and PER roughly.
After careful examination, astronomical funds are invested.

The most important thing for a company is growth.
There is a reason why value stocks, so-called ‘tuck stocks’, are undervalued at a PBR of less than 1.

“That’s right.”
“It’s a place that simply takes things and sells them, but if you and I hit the company right away, we can start a business.”
“Wow~ That kind of company is going public.”
“Plus, we have a limited customer base. To put it best of all.”

According to rumors, the image of the company is also bad.
Stay close to a group with a particular ideology.

“You say you support #MeToo or something?”

#MeToo becomes a risk, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.
There are plenty of reasons to undervalue the company.

“This is a mockery of the institution. I don’t know how this shitty company got passed, but you should never buy it.”
“You could go down from the first day of the public offering and get bitten.

Like the employees in charge of IR at a securities company, the perspective was accurate.

* * *

Soup restaurant.

“It stinks.”
“The table is old.”
“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.”
“”I will enjoy this food!””

I came with Hyerine.
As soon as they saw it, they begged me to buy something delicious.

‘This house’s rice soup is really excellent. The soup is too thick.’

So I came to a delicious place and whined.
He said he didn’t like the interior.


It’s definitely old fashioned.
The wooden chair creaks, and the table, which must have been cleaned, is shiny.

It’s because of when I stayed.
When you boil soup in a small restaurant, the walls and tables get greasy.

“Why is the rice rolled?”
“I’m eating green onions separately…”
“Come out here to get together. Just eat.”
“What is it?”
“Forcibly, Evande.”

The way food is served is old-fashioned.
Put cold rice in an earthenware pot and add and remove hot soup to raise the temperature of the rice.

‘I couldn’t keep rice warm in the past, so I heated it this way.’

There are practical reasons.
Cold rice is dry and absorbs the soup well.
It is a national rule to eat ramen with cold rice.

“Oh. It tastes good.”
“Look at it. It’s a restaurant.”
“I don’t like to eat rice, but…”

Conversely, hot rice.
It holds moisture.
If you roll it in the soup, the water will escape due to osmotic pressure.

The soup becomes bland, and the texture of the rice grains also falls.
The rice and soup are separated and tasteless.

Well, well!

Suhyeon, who trembles neatly, also eats well.
At first, he scooped up the soup and seasoned it, but before he knew it, he was even chewing grains of rice.

“I really enjoyed the meal!”
“Did you eat all of that?”
“Because the quantity is small.”
“I have an appointment with my boyfriend.”
“Okay, go away.”

But it doesn’t suit my tastes.
He leaves in a hurry, saying that if he stays for a long time, he will get rid of the smell.

‘It’s a waste to leave this delicious thing.’

These traditional soups.
It is true that likes and dislikes differ.
Even convergence alone is a task with many disadvantages.

Broth becomes cloudy.
Some restaurants do not follow hygiene.
Prior to that, he hated the bumok itself.

“Aren’t you going?”
“I haven’t eaten yet.”
“Yes. Taste it slowly.”

So, it disappears over time.
There is no restaurant that properly cooks soup.

‘In fact, rice soup is a food that requires a lot of hands.’

It should boil all day.
Pork head and bone are difficult ingredients to handle.

Young owners try not to do that.
The broth and meat are bought ready-made and used.

“I think it’s delicious.”
“Is not it?”
“It’s much thicker than what I usually eat.”

It doesn’t taste that deep.
Sora sucks on the spoon to see if he can tell the difference in taste.

‘Yes, how good it is to eat happily.’

Pretty is pretty and food is food.
He’s the kind of person who eats it all and throws it out as shit anyway.

It makes the rice soup more delicious for the unique sora.
Pour plenty of kkakdugi broth.

“Fuck you.”
“Uh huh, immobility.”
“Equity investors shouldn’t be so easily shaken mentally.”

The soup turns a pretty pink color.
Rumor has it that this is also divided into likes and dislikes.

‘This delicious thing.’

When you eat soup, your mouth warms up.
There is a phenomenon in which taste cells are dulled.

At this time, a new taste with kkakdugi soup.
The temperature of the soup goes down, so you can feel the taste better.

“Don’t you feel the intent to kill?”
“As long as it tastes good.”
“Senior will surely die by murder.”

It would be a pity to stay away from rice soup based on preconceived notions.
Give your juniors a new experience.


Pretend not to like it and eat well.
Just like in porn, yamete, yamete means to ask for it.

“Here, please give me a bottle of meat with a red lid.”
“Even if you order a small child, it’s a lot.”
“It’s okay because he ate a lot.”

He pretends not to be interested in meat and then picks it up little by little.
It seems to suit your taste.

I eat too.
When salted shrimp is added to the well-cooked meat, soju goes in.

“You’re not eating this because you lost money, are you?”
“Like this?”
“Because I always eat expensive things…”
“That’s it…, No, it’s considering your taste.”

My palate is traditional Korean.
It is not the investor’s job to determine the price in the first place.

“Whether it’s socks or stocks, I like to buy quality products at low prices.” – Warren Buffett

You just need to buy it cheaper than its original value.
In that sense, rice soup is underrated.

In the past, there were even soup bugs.’

If you’re going to eat that, eat a hearty meal of hot soup.
10 years from now, you will never be able to do that.
Because it’s 20,000 won per bowl.

“Apart from the food, isn’t soju almost like a commoner’s cosplay?”
“With a lot of money.”

Soju is still cheap.
It is true that I personally do not like it very much.

‘Still, there are times when I pull sometimes.’

Because it goes well with Korean food?
It’s there too, but the atmosphere is just nice.

“Do you know why soju is good?”
“I don’t know because I haven’t eaten.”
“It’s because of the moment you can drink soju.”

When I get older, I can’t drink because of the face.
They are also attacked by the media.

‘Because I know you’re cosplaying as a real commoner.’

Of course you can drink alone.
But strangely, it doesn’t taste like this.


Sensation to wet a cup.
I clear my oily mouth with a bite of pickled pepper dipped in ssamjang.

“Why did you do PC cosplay? You live without much regard for women’s rights.”

It is in the same context.
Only youth can give itself over to madness.

‘When a mentally ill person plays a PC, he becomes a women’s rights activist.’

It’s not because I’m really into the PC.
It was approached from an investor’s point of view.

“You said you were trying to invest in a PC company?”
“Yeah. Only women wear them.”
“Why a company with problems…”
“You’re not going to buy alternative meat-related stocks because vegans are terrorizing butchers?”
“No, that’s not it.”
“You shouldn’t look at companies with such a skewed perspective.”

Investors should only look at the money.
Can this company make money for me?

In that sense, it’s excellent.
As long as you don’t be greedy, ‘Tool Lady’ is guaranteed to make a profit.

“Are you saying it’s a good company?”
“In a sense.”
“I’m not sure about something… Okay. I’ll investigate.”
“Yeah, that’s a good posture.”

The current market is unstable.
As well as various social issues and external anxiety.

‘It’s time for the big ones to get out.’

Because of transfer tax.
The sell-off trend is getting stronger as there is a tax advantage when stocks are disposed of by the end of the year.

It is difficult to find not only value investments but also operation owners.
So, what we are aiming for is newly listed stocks.

“Oh okay.”
“The tool lady’s growth potential is highly evaluated!”

It is easy for the forces to eat and leave quickly.
Because information is not available in the market.

‘I’m aiming for such a worthy listed stock.’

I recently suffered a huge loss.
If you calculate the gains and losses, it is a gain, but if something disappears, you feel a sense of loss.

I want to recover quickly.
While looking for various companies, IPO of Gongoo Lady caught my eye.

Nine out of ten, the operation master.
It is obvious that even the boss will be fooled.
It is full of thoughts of eating stupid shareholders.

And investing is the process of moving money from stupid people to smart people.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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