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Because I Live in the US 125

Because I Live in the US 125

Chapter 125 – PCs Become Money

The world is changing.
All investors should not fall behind the trend of change.

“The victim’s tears are proof!”
“Once more!”
“”The victim’s tears are the evidence, ah-!!””

Hot topic recently.
The #MeToo movement is almost plastered in the news, YouTube, and the community.

‘There are many idle people in the world.’

But it’s Korea.
This is a country where the loudest person wins.
The herd law is not created for nothing.

“The president is listening to our protests, too.”
“It’s the same woman!”
“I have to help you.”

Politicians are trying to use it.
For their own approval rating or for the interests of a specific group.

‘Because he’s a female president after all.’

Are you interested in women’s rights?
He actively supported the #MeToo movement.

“Me Too changes the world!”
“The victim’s tears are proof of evil!!”

It’s getting more livable, so they’re protesting all over the place.
Here, Korea University also became the target.

For me, that’s a good thing.
I was looking for an opportunity to see if there was a point of contact.

“Thank you all for your hard work~.”
“”Thank you for your effort!””
“And Mr. Chanwook.”
“Ah yes.”
“Thanks to Chanwook, a student at Korea University, who actively expressed his support, we were able to gain strength for the protest.”
“What? As a member of a democratic citizenship, it is natural.”

That’s what happened
Take part in the protest
They said they needed it too.

‘It’s probably because it’s Korea University.’

Of course, they are not Korean University students.
There are not many people at Korea University who are so leisurely.

There had to be at least one helper.
I am willing to lend my strength.

“Why are you doing that!”
“That person… Who is that?”
“It’s a bad boy. Don’t worry about it.”

Sora groans.
In the midst of the sacred women’s rights protests, there is nothing I can’t say.

‘When will I really grow up?’

You can’t see the essence of the case.
As always, it looks flawless.

“Anyway, I will cheer for the protests, and I hope this IPO will be successful.”
“We need to change the society where there are only male CEOs.”
“A good company that supports PCs needs to be evaluated fairly so that women’s rights can go up. In that sense, I’d like to lend a hand as well.”
“Anyone like Chanwook is welcome!”

Shaking hands with one of the organizers of the protest.
Let’s end the protest in a warm atmosphere.


Sora’s back is smashed.
It seems that there is dissatisfaction with the rise of women’s human rights.

“What other crazy things are you doing?”
“Can’t you see?”
“No, that’s a problem.”
“I don’t think you know anything.”

‘Why are you fucking the lead woman?’

Either way I don’t understand.
Even from an investor’s point of view.

Why did you participate in this protest?
Of course, it’s not because I agree with their ideas.

“Is it an investment to participate in such protests?”
“Think about it.”

Social phenomenon.
Most of them happen because of public demand.
But things don’t always work rationally.

‘There are forces that deliberately cause discord for their own interests.’

Simply put, money is the goal.
The easiest way to make money in the world is through absurdity.

“If you’re going to invest in the future, it’s good to memorize these words.”
“To say something nonsensical.”
“The PC makes money.”

Dig up the bonanza.

* * *

Women’s community.

[A dignified woman – a calm space for people in their 30s]
─I went to the #MeToo protest at Korea University today.
─Find out how the #MeToo movement started.Txt
─Nationwide rally to end gender discrimination and sexual violence at universities [Me Too Changes] Information
─A progressive female member of the National Assembly posted her position on #MeToo

One topic has recently become an issue.
For them, it is the most important issue in the world.

─Find out how the #MeToo movement started.Txt
Founded by Tarana Burke
The fuse is Asia Argento
A Hollywood actor was sexually harassed by a film producer.
This incident started the #MeToo movement.
I mean, I came to Korea as well!!

└ A Hollywood actor……
└ I just got a headache
└ Girls, absolutely support Me Too!!
└ Is Yangnam-do sexually harassed? There’s nothing special about Yangnam either.
This comment has been deleted by an admin.

Me too Movement.
It is part of the women’s movement.
It may be important for some women.

But it’s Korea.
Unlike other countries where sexual culture is free, there are no cases of damage.

─Celebrity Kim ○○ Sexual Assault Me Too came out!
[Twitter photo capture.Jpg]
#MeToo on Twitter ㅠㅠ
I was involved in sexual assault when I was in college.
Girls, please support firepower!!

└ ○○ Kim?
└ Seeing that it was written in handwriting, it’s 100% complete. What are you doing without the agency responding?
└ There is no proof of this, and college alumni have testified that they do not know such a person……
Written by- No, not ㅋ

I’m trying to light a fire somehow.
Most of them turn out to be innocent, but one by one they get caught.

It is natural that the population is not one or two people.
Even in a clean country with a low crime rate, criminals still exist.

─The celebrity ○○ Choi really came out of #MeToo!
[Twitter photo capture.Jpg]
I think this is pretty probable
Girls, go to the link and support the firepower!!

└ I have 10 Twitter IDs.
HeheI just hit 30 likes with 30 IDs!!
└”Do it”

That’s how I find the kindling.
Raise a topic, make it an issue, and make it a big deal.

What if you still don’t pay attention?
It is forced to attract public attention.

〈 Me Too changes the world! 〉
〈Punish potential sex offenders!〉

I get nervous when I come out on a busy street and scream at the neighbors, whether I like it or not.

And there are people who like them.
Some media even take sides.

〈The victim’s tears are proof.〉

Give legitimacy to their protests.
So far, the argument has lacked persuasiveness.

The trial does not take a day or two.
There are only a handful of cases in which evidence has been found.

No need to find them individually.
The victims’ tears are stimulating the emotions of public opinion.

─Nationwide rally to end gender discrimination and sexual violence at universities [Me Too Changes] Information
● Date and time _ December 10, 2017 (Mon) 13:00-17:30
● Venue _ Front gate of Korea University, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul
● Organizer _ Gender Institute, Dangwomen, Tool Lady
● Application for participation: https://forms.Com/dlEksrjfdhogo
Yonsei University, Chung-Ang University, Sogang University, and Kyunghee University were terraformed
Seoul National University and Hankuk University are experiencing difficulties due to the absence of the female student union.
We are eagerly awaiting the help of our students.

└ I live near me, so I will definitely participate!
└ No, does it make sense that there is no general education in Korea’s prestigious universities?
└ Dangnyeo attending Seoldae and Handae, you must participate ㅠㅠ
└University without support is creepy……

Follow the media and public opinion.
Protests are taking place all over the country.

Especially college students.
Young people who are not immune to agitation and are easily swept away are the main targets.

─I went to the #MeToo protest at Korea University today.
[Photo of demonstration at the front gate of Korea University.Jpg]
There were so many people who came to protest!
Korea’s top intellectuals are supporting #MeToo!

└ As expected, prestigious university students support #MeToo!
└ Where does Tsuni go to college?
Author− I don’t go to college!
└Ah…… Thanks for the reply

They also persuade new personnel.
It spreads through society like a virus.

“The protest sponsored by the representative.”
“The #MeToo movement?”
“Yes, I’m a bit skeptical…”

There are also groups that benefit from it.
Tool lady.
It is a sponsor of the #MeToo protest.

Protests, of course, cost money.
Even famous PC activists don’t come barefoot.

“It’s not good for the corporate image, and above all, you shouldn’t expect the financial power of the people who run such sites.”
“Ho Ho.”
“If the CEO has an interest in the women’s movement, I personally support him.”
“Hohoho! Is the #MeToo movement a women’s movement?”

There are people who are dissatisfied with it.
At Director Kim Jun-seong’s words, Hong Ye-seul, the CEO of Tool Lady, snorts.

‘It can’t be.’

It is incomprehensible to normal people.
As an entrepreneur, there’s no way she wouldn’t know.
Knowing everything and committing

“In the first place, the #MeToo movement is not a women’s movement.”
“Yes? But…”
“The founder, Tarana Burke, drew the line. Argento himself, who became the fuse, is also a minor rapist, so he’s a douchebag.”

Has been altered
Because of the self-interest of some shrewd people and interest groups.

‘Potential perpetrators and all were black propaganda by Soviet spies. Do you think I gave my hopes to stupid idiots who were instigated without even checking such a simple fact?’

Such an essence.
I was immersed in the idea without knowing it at all.
Such people just want to vent their anger.

“Then why the hell…”
“Because you’re stupid.”
“Isn’t it a useless life anyway? It would be good for them to use it.”

A man ruled by anger.
No, it’s a group
It is also up to the anti-social group to use.

‘Only by arguing in moderation.’

Will do an IPO.
Company listing.
We need dumb idiots who will just hold stocks without thinking.

“Certainly that man during the day…”
“He told me to cosplay as a concept man, so I dealt with him. Stupid idiot. Oh, excuse me. The more investors, the better, ho ho ho!”

Tool Lady will soon be listed on the KOSDAQ.
The participation of institutional investors was low, and it was just covering the head.

‘They get life satisfaction, we get money. Aren’t they nice to each other?’

The lacking part is filled by confident women.
Thousands of self-proclaimed PC activists would be willing to give money.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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