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Because I Live in the US 124

Because I Live in the US 124

Chapter 124 – PCs Become Money

Coin’s downfall.

“Ah, what should I really do… I listened to what Celadon said and got into the water and it’s already minus 1,000.”

− Full seat
−I can’t see Mansu these dayshaha
−Ming’s account is ruined.
−What can I do, I’m just bitten
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

It is also affecting the broadcasting ecosystem.
Especially the BJs who did coin broadcasting.

‘Annoying! I should just listen to my brother.’

Inevitably suffer a great loss.
Yumin, who was famous for coin broadcasting, was no exception.

“Because the coin seems to be trending down.”
“Sell it and take a break for a while…… 」

Minimized, of course.
It was thanks to Chan-wook oppa telling me when the decline started on the first day.

The problem is after that.
The decline continued.
Wouldn’t this be worth going back to?

─Yumin♡Vitamin, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
It feels cheap not being able to see Mansu

“I’m not really blaming Mansu because it’s going to be hard…”

-I did incite you to go up unconditionally
−Ah, take responsibilityhaha
-I really can’t see you these days
−If I had entered at that time, I would have been bitten by at least 30%

For Yumin, coins are not a simple investment.
It is also content for viewers.

Viewers wanted it.
I couldn’t help but live as the hot-blooded people were also encouraging them to buy.

‘Where did the apple style go? Really.’

Most of them are coin investors.
I suffered huge losses in this downtrend.

Some even go diving.
As a result, the recent star balloon income has decreased.

─Short Don Copy, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!
Did I say coin shorthaha

“Suddenly? Thank you for the 10,000 star balloons, Mr. Money Copy!”

− Coriander
−It seems that there are people who made money with shorts.
−A hot-blooded water change anglehaha
−New enthusiasts are always welcome!

But no big deal.
New zealots fill the empty seats of the zealots who have disappeared.

The plate has grown big enough to do that.
Coin investors who won money with reverse betting.

‘I was lucky enough to earn some money and hang out, and I look good. Yumin is now mine.’

Some people bet on the ups, others bet on the downs.
I want to spend it when I make a lot of money.

I want to be recognized.
Upstart rich people who think they will be different flock to Paprika TV.

『Paprika TV』
26,100 ▲6,850 (+35.58%)
[Graph that has gone bad for the past week.Jpg]

Coin culture is settled in Paprika TV.
The money they spend has a positive effect on the stock price.

“I told you! Because it was an accumulation section, it was just shaking up and down.”
“It was Hyeri who told me to buy it.”

In real reality.
The Korea University stock club is referring to the coin trend for investment.

Semiconductor companies.
Luxury company.
And now, Paprika TV is making money.

‘Actually, it’s all thanks to Uk-oppa.’

Only Hyeri, the club leader, knows about it.
Thanks to the advice of a strong helper.

Club members seem to have nothing to do.
However, it is true that this incident gave me confidence.

“Paprika TV is good, but how about the chemistry sector?”
“I’ll just keep my position.”
“Investing is a challenge, but I have to try it whether it’s porridge or rice!”
“I do the challenge while managing my portfolio.”

I became more active in investing in stocks.
More lively and serious than before.

The number of people also increased significantly.
With the coin crisis, students became interested in investing.

It is also coming in from other departments.
The stock club is more popular than before.

“We have disposed of all Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.”
“Did the unit price exceed the expected price?”
“Yes! It’s like we pulled the trigger first…”

Same with Rachel’s Family Office.
It is the biggest beneficiary of the recent coin collapse.

‘Yeah, that’s right. He said he would break the news at the right time.’

Instigator at the same time.
Building a bubble is a very risky activity.

What if the other faction sells first?
They become duck eggs in the Nakdonggang River and suffer astronomical losses.

No worries about that.
This first coin bubble was created by his own family from beginning to end.

“I thought I might have disposed of it too quickly.”
“Hmm! What, is there a problem?”
“As the director said, thanks to the simultaneous targeting of the Korean market, we made profits beyond our expectations.”

Bad news spreads according to the timing of one’s selling.
The family has the power to create and spread it.

His job is to collect and dispose of.
The key was how quickly and how much money you could make.

‘Since I’ve made concessions to you, I can accept this much information.’

Exceeded that.
This is because a peculiar phenomenon was discovered in the process of observing the movement of Korean A.

Kimchi Premium.
It is a kind of inflation.
Coin prices in the Korean market were different from global standards.

“Even if you openly give a sell signal, they run like crazy. How stupid Korean investors are…”
“Yes, sir.”
“I’m sure this isn’t the place you’ve been invited to talk about privately.”
“Sir, excuse me!”

This is also the case in other regional markets.
There is a difference in market price depending on each country’s policy and exchange rate.

In Korea, it is particularly severe.
It is large enough to account for 20% of the total coin trading volume.

‘It’s true that we benefited from the Korean market, but that’s no reason to belittle them.’

Helped to dispose of the stock.
I was able to complete the work quickly, as well as profiting from the market.

“Our team will be on a break for a while. You, Fabian, rest too. As your boss, this is an order.”
“That, is that okay? I haven’t yet fulfilled the contractual work period.”
“If you like the job, you can do it.”

In finance, time is money.
You can use it the other way or reduce the interest by paying off early.

Performance beyond expectations.
Since I came from a Korean, A, I also developed a little attachment to Korea.

This is the reason why Fabian’s discriminatory remarks were blocked.
I don’t even know how to feel this myself.

“Maybe from the director.”
“Do you have anything else to say?”
“How are you planning to spend your vacationhehe. An acquaintance of mine runs a hotel in Florida with a beautiful beach…”
“At least I don’t think you’re going to make a silly joke.”

Curiosity is
Rachel decided to use her vacation more meaningfully.

* * *

Korea University.

“It’s time. I’ll give you just 10 more seconds to finish.”

The second semester final exam period is over.
Economics students are also taking a breather.

“What did you write 5 times?”
“I don’t know.”
“The test is over! I’m nervous.”
“Rather than that, I’m more curious about whether the coin went up or not.”

Mostly rotten complexion.
Unless you’ve seen it very well, you have no choice but to do so.

This final exam was especially special.
Coins were popular among students.

Todok, tok!
Todok, tok!

As soon as the exam is over, students knock on their phones.
The student who was returned and the student who was secretly hiding had the same purpose.

It is to check whether the price of the asset you own has risen or fallen.

“I’m screwed!”
“It’s okay.”
“Sora, you’ll be fine…”
“No. All the coin players would have gone bankrupt this time.”

The coin market is open 24 hours.
You never know when it will drop or rise.

‘Even if I just have it, my energy is all fast.’

Looking at your phone becomes a habit.
It is highly unlikely that such children would have taken the test properly.

On the other hand, stock.
If you get bitten, you’re anxious, but at least your daily life doesn’t get in the way.

The stock club kids all have bright expressions.
At least there are no kids with bad expressions.

“Come to think of it, is that so? Is it possible for me to be empty?”
“It’s cheap.”
“Oh yea!”

Hyeri’s expression also brightens.
I don’t know for sure because Suhyeon doesn’t change his emotions very much.

‘Not getting into coins was the correct answer.’

The coin is slowly rebounding after a catastrophic decline.
There are people who are looking for a comeback.

But one thing is certain.
It is not an attractive investment market.
There is nothing to be learned there.

“What are you going to do on vacation?”
“Sora seems to be stock.”
“Well… That’s true.”
“Do you stock again?”

Sora is doing stock again.
The slump ended with the final exams.

‘Although it’s a slump in a different sense.’

The stock market, which I found after a long time, is a crucible of chaos.
The intestines are really uneasy.

A sense of fear caused by the collapse of the coin board.
The new issue of the US-China trade dispute.

The bull market also lasted quite a long time.
Stock market instability grows.

“There hasn’t been any good news lately.”
“Invest in Sora Paprika TV!”
“My Paprika TV is a bit…”

Sora also belongs to the stock club.
I know club members buy Paprika TV.

‘If I buy it, I think that person will ask for a sex cam.’

By giving reasons why it won’t happen again.
A human being who can do such things.

But it is also true that there are abilities.
What do you think of the current market?

“Wow, look at the demonstration.”
“What protest?”
“They’re making a fuss about #MeToo or something.”

Society is also messed up.
As I came out of the main gate to leave school, protesters occupied the area around the road.

‘I saw a report on the news.’

It is a big issue in the public.
Politicians are also paying attention to the situation.

“Me Too changes the world!”
“The victim’s tears are proof of evil!!”

As for Sora, I don’t know.
It’s not good for aesthetics, and the reason for the protest.

‘How can the victim’s tears be evidence? Regardless of the nature of the crime, the trial should be done in a legal process.’

I don’t understand.
Regardless of whether their argument is right or wrong, the way they express it is not rational.

I live only in resentment.
The outcome of the protests, which failed to gain public support, was eventually decided.

“Who is doing such a protest and why?”
“Well, I don’t know.”
“Then it seems like they’ll just be divided into men and women and fight.”

Those who are protesting don’t seem to have much to do with #MeToo.
The more I look, the more I don’t understand.

‘I’m really confused.’

Neither the stock market nor society is normal.
It is impossible to predict how the stock market will go.

What would you do if you were a senior?
I’m honestly a little curious.
I can’t really come up with an answer on my own.

“Isn’t that Uk-oppa over there?”
“Jackpot case.”

Between protesters.
I see a familiar face
Sora rubbed her eyes, wondering if she had seen anything wrong.

And see again
Very unfortunately, unfortunately, I was not mistaken.

“The victim’s tears are the proof.”

I was doing crazy things again.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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