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Because I Live in the US 123

Because I Live in the US 123

Chapter 123 – Coin Boom!

Side! Jjook!

It is an organ that can know the mystery of the human body as much as you can think of it.

“Eat well.”
“This is bad milk. No milk.”
“Would you like to come out!”

She buries her face in Sora’s voluptuous breasts.
It was also on her raw breasts after taking off her bra.

‘It feels like all my troubles are disappearing.’

There is such tolerance.
Motherly love will surely be proportional to the size of her breasts.

Side! Jjook!

There is also a taste.
Gently roll the pink nipple that has not yet been breastfeeding in your mouth.

You can feel the luxurious sweetness from the simple flesh.
Let’s suck it up with a little pressure.


A cute moaning sound is also heard.
There’s no way such big breasts can’t develop.

‘It’s worthwhile to have touched.’

Big tits are dull.
However, the more you learn about the hidden erogenous zones, the more sensitive you become.

That transition.
If you develop it with great effort, you will be able to go there with just your chest.

“My baby is too perverted.”
“I’ve never had a baby like this before.”

It bothers Sora’s faucet.
Suck, bite, and spin in the mouth.

Release all the stress from trading.
Then the tap stands firmly.

“Senior, if you keep doing this.”
“I will take revenge.”

Sora puts her hand in her pants dance.
The tips of her fingers, which slid in, touched.

It crackles.
Things that have been drained of energy and runny quickly regain their vitality.

‘I never thought I’d get a lactating daughter from a virgin.’

It is a pity that I am not a married woman.
However, the play itself is stimulating and good.

“Is my baby mama delicious?”
“Side! Jjook!”
“I’ll treat you with a little bit of fluff, so do you have to be nice?”

Sora is also immersed.
It may be a ulterior motive to make fun of me, but it only adds to my excitement.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Softer than usual.
The way she looks at me is benevolent, like a mother’s.

Everything in the world doesn’t matter anyway.
Stress spurts out from the lower leg.

“The milk is being expressed by you.”
“Haa… It feels good.”
“Are you a little clearer now?”

It makes a lot of money in a short period of time.
If you don’t know how high the sky is and watch the coin rising.

‘I’ll forget it at some point.’

After all, investing is about reporting value.
A coin with no intrinsic value is a ‘dream’ but not a ‘future’.

“You have senior skills.”
“Side! Jjook!”
“You can do well even without coins. There are still 3 billion left.”
“Side! Jjook!
“Stop sucking your breasts and peck them!”

It may have been overdone for a while.
It’s a pity to lose it, but it’s not a big deal.

That’s compared to $1 trillion that has evaporated.
It might be the right time to get back to work.

‘I guess I used this to eat.’

It’s not worth it when you think about it that way.
It is rare to have nipples that are even pink with big breasts.

It’s a little disappointing that it’s not a big pie, but it will get bigger as you suck it.
Chew it up and eat it.

“So what do you think will happen to Coin?”
“Side! Jjook!”
“Didn’t I tell you to stop fast?”
“Keuheum! What, you already know?”

It is true that the coin has gone too low.
Because of that, I was blown away too.

But the intrinsic value is 0.
It is a gambling board that feeds on market desire and liquidity.

It is never driven by values.
There is a saying that penetrates the providence of such a coin board.

‘Coin has value when you don’t know it, but when you know it, it becomes shit.’

We are getting to know the coin.

* * *

Coin’s plunge.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
─✪ Summary of reasons why coins are currently crashing.Txt
─✪ Isn’t it coin gambling for the kid who plays coins today?
─✪ If you’re cool with all the mouthfuls, let’s get rid of ithaha
─✪ 6 years of coin experience, but this year was strange

For coin users, it is like a thunderstorm.
At first, I was in denial and confronted the market.

─Summary of reasons for the current coin collapse.Txt
1. Bitcoin has gone downhill in recent months
2. This is because I bought Bitcoin on Tether
3. However, there was a problem with cash assets that guarantee Tether.
4. Upon investigation, the deposit was only 1/7. In other words, issuing 6x as many fake tethers.
5. When the value of tether is questioned, the bitcoins bought with tether also collapse.
Lastly, let’s go see the tether terms and conditions that our Bitbungs trust
“One dollar can be converted into one tether, but that doesn’t mean one tether is one dollar.”

└ Goosebumps
└ Dom Hwangchahaha
└Knowing this, the big ones subtracted all of them in advance
└ Even jjanggae was hit by regulations and went crazy.

The difference between late and fast.
The information about the whales is gradually known to the ants as well.

Once you know the reason, you understand.
Why was the coin bound to plummet?

─It’s my 6th year of coin experience, but this year was strange.
Bitcoin can never be profitable if it hits the halving, right?
So, there should be a downward trend from 2017, the halving, but it was strange that it continued to rise.
When I asked why this was, it was because of the tether.
They raised the coin price by bicycling with the tether they made.

└ It was even a fake tether
└ Fuck, isn’t this a scam? No reward?
Author− Coin is an extraterritorial right Corinna
└Ah, if you come to the gambling table and ask for your money back, will you give it to me?

But it is spilled water.
No matter how absurd or unfair, the account will not be restored.

What are ants in the market?
In the world of investment, you will realize the treatment of the weak.

─[Certification of Profit and Loss] I am sorry, mother and father
[−80% Profit Certification.Jpg]
Thank you for raising me all this time……

└ Crazy bastard, that’s not it
└Can you give me the remaining money? Ride the water
└ Buy me a pizza and go!!
HahaI bought only the coins that cannot be resurrected.

There are also extreme people.
In one day, I became an idiot.

If that’s the case, it’s better.
There are also people who are in debt while taking out loans.

-I’m going to commit suicide…… Thank you everyone
[−300 million revenue certification.Jpg]
I’m tired…
Good job everyone…
If we can meet in the next life, let’s have a meal…
Thank you……

└ You deserve to gohaha
└ See you tomorrow!
└ Please do not sell and go. Because there is a sales tax
└ If you sell it, it will drop, so take it with you

Bloody friday.
The great crash that started on the first Friday of December is later talked about by coin investors.

Produces numerous victims.
Social side effects also occur.
What was bigger than anything.

─Isn’t it coin gambling for the kid who plays coins today?
Starting with what kind of satoshi or blowjob he was, he lectured on the history of coins at length.
Gambling image disappears and multi-level image is applied

└ Multi-level women are pretty…… Going back to her 11 years ago I will confess to her
└ Same as insurance armhaha
└Ask what blockchain is. Nine out of ten can’t even explain the concept of blockchain in language.

An image of a coin.
It collapses to such an extent that recovery is impossible.
To the general public, it is completely perceived as a scam.


Whether it was or not, I don’t know.
Even half a year ago, being ignored was a daily routine.

Eventually, the coin price rose and proved it.
If there is one thing that has changed since then.

『Ju Do-kyung’s account』
Purchase amount│308,550,891 won
Valuation profit and loss│+300,553,522
Appraisal rate of return│+3,758.15%

At one time, it even reached 5.8 billion.
That was when Bitcoin reached 24 million won.

Overjoyed, he called her new girlfriend Jena over for a party at the hotel.
Let’s have fun and wake up the next day.

‘Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck…….’

20% were blown away.
What could be.
Recently, coin volatility is very high.

But from that day on, the trend changed.
It plummets to the point where it seems like a lie to break through 20 million won.


If it was a real thing, half would have been blown away.
Even assuming the worst case, it cannot be cut in half.

Do-kyung was confident in the rise of the coin.
In a down market, it comes as a loss of several tens of times.

─The program sold Bitcoin!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!
Pentakill…… !!

But it’s okay.
3 billion is still left.
You only need to succeed once.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Make a bet
I just got a big black stick.
Looking at the daily wage, it was only going down.

‘Yes, ten million won can never break through.’

It’s too steep.
In this way, even ants will not live.
My trading experience so far speaks for itself.

Long timing.
Her chart collapses, as if her own predictions were correct.
I thought it would give a cool rebound like this.

─The program is legendary!
Hexa Kill!
Octa Kill!
Nona kill!
Deca kill…… !!

I keep going down without even breathing.
This is a drop of close to 20% in just one day.

“Haa…, Haa… Haa…”

Do Kyung’s breathing quickens.
Her heart is pounding, she is short of breath, and her head is dizzy.

The fluid in the lacrimal glands is about to overflow.
The inner thoughts come out without filtering.

“Did I ask for a lot!”

A room with no one.
It is a hotel that costs 200,000 won per night, and is rented instead of a room.

Only Do-kyung’s voice echoes.
I think I can stand it if I scream loudly.

“Only 10%. He said he wouldn’t do it if it went up by 10%…. He wasn’t even greedy until I saw it.

The last seed, 300 million won.
No, she evaporated even the principal of 8 million won that she first collected as part-time job.

There’s nothing.
I can’t believe it, I can’t accept it, but it’s a reality.

『Ju Do-kyung’s account』
Purchase amount│0 won
Valuation profit and loss│0
Evaluation yield│0%

The account is completely empty.
100x leverage didn’t necessarily make money.

“It’s time to improve technically, morally, and morally, isn’t it just?!”

Maybe a fact.
But Do-kyung doesn’t know.
The reason he has made money so far is because he is good at it.

I don’t think the confirmation bias that I thought the coin would rise was luckily matched.
Because it’s natural for him.

Pop! Pop!

Because of this, he cannot accept the present reality.
He said that what he thought was his ability was a dream of spring.

His shoulders were soaked with tears, runny nose, and saliva.
But nothing is solved by squeezing.

[Jiyoon, Department of Korean History]
“What is your brother?”
“I just got a call from Shinsegae, and they said they couldn’t pay the card bill—”

〔English Language and Literature Yena〕
“It’s my birthday soonhaha”
“I liked the bag I saw at the department store the other day. Would you buy it?”

Good luck if that’s the case.
As he earned money with coins, his spending also grew.

Spent a ton of money on her girlfriends.
Of course, it cannot be written in the future.

‘Ah, what about the card value…….’

The real hell had just begun.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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