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Because I Live in the US 122

Because I Live in the US 122

Chapter 122 – Coin Boom!

Changed air currents.

‘What kind of coin is that?’

Sora has been under a little stress lately.
No, it’s really big.

The coin club members gossip about it.
It’s obvious who owns it.

It must have been the work of that stupid boss.
I don’t care as much as I can and I’m ignoring it.

‘Guys who don’t know what’s important to other people’s feelings.’

I’m used to it because it happened often when I was in high school.
Stage response is the best.

It’s bound to fade over time
That time came sooner than I thought.

“How much have you been bitten by Chae-eun?”
“I’m a bit too much…”
“I’m minus 30 percent.”
“I’m 50 percent.”
“I should have sold it when the profit doubled!”

Airflow in the classroom.
It wasn’t hard to notice that it had changed again.

KRW 11,893,500 ▼1,223,841 (−10.29%)
[The graph that has been going crazy for the past three days.Jpg]

Also for that reason.
Recently, Bitcoin has been declining significantly every day.

What kind of KOSDAQ bullshit level.
Our hand food, which he had bitten in the past, was less than this.

“Where is the headmaster? Why aren’t you showing your face?”
“What kind of swindler is the teacher?”
“That’s right, a cheater!”

Coin investors suffer massive losses.
No matter how low the rating is, it is a fall that has no choice but to be bitten.

‘That’s why it seems that he is also being criticized.’

It is becoming a target of resentment.
The people who were talking behind their backs turned the blade 180 degrees.

“If it wasn’t for that bastard, I wouldn’t have been bitten by a vicious chewscam like Coin.”
“I was really just going to do a little bit, just for fun.”
“Me too!”
“Because they say it will go up unconditionally.”

It’s hard to tolerate otherwise.
In fact, it was also the culprit that caused even greater damage.

“Even if it fell by 20%, it will rise again, so I told them to chase it.”
“Did you buy it too?”
“Just show that bastard for real!”

But they also clearly have their responsibilities.
After all, it is they who decide to invest.

‘It didn’t make sense in the first place.’

The logic of the head of the coin club.
They can’t explain the value of the coin, and they just say it’s going up recklessly.

It’s practically like a religion.
It was a meme and a reality at the same time that members of the club called him the leader.

“Didn’t you make billions with losing coins?”
“Oh, that’s annoying! He’s cut in half, and I won’t have over 1 billion.”
“It might have been sold and bounced. Handed it all over to novice investors like us.”
“Wow, it’s a real multi-level scam. I’m getting this.”

Why do you believe that
However, as Sora, who watched the whole process, he couldn’t possibly laugh at him.

‘The atmosphere was definitely like that.’

Stupid not to live
Everyone else buys it, and everyone makes money, but if you don’t do it yourself, you really feel like an idiot.

Bear in mind, endure it, but watch it climb like crazy.
When he wakes up, he is buying coins.


If you have no investment experience.
If you haven’t traded on firm standards.
Perhaps he himself is bitten by a coin.

When I think of that, I get startled.
In fact, the reason I was able not to buy coins was because of my senior(?).

‘They make me look like shit.’

She sold drugs, saying that they were related to Son ○ Min.
I didn’t buy it, saying what bullshit, but bought it after seeing the stock price soar.

I suffered for a while because I was bitten by our hand food.
Ironically, that experience is helping.

Coins are too high.
You and I live around you.
I thought it was a bubble.

“Would you like to go up again?”
“I know.”
“I’m sure it will go up.”
“I really have to go up again… I have to take the exam…”

It’s not that there weren’t any mischievous pranks or trivial jokes from the seniors.
If that was intended.

‘Ah, that must be an excessive thought.’

The truth is that it helped.
Due to the recent slump, I was staying away from investing.

Naturally, there were fewer things to see seniors.
I don’t think I’ve even seen her face for the past few days.

In the meantime, he devoted himself to his studies.
Because it is a double major, it is twice as busy as others.

Because of seniority.
But I feel empowered to think that even that will come in handy someday.

Square! Square!

The second semester final exams are next week.
Thanks to the time, I am fully prepared.

“Oh, what should I do…”
“How long have you been bitten?”
“I even paid the rent.”
“Why did you do that? The rent is a little.”
“No, I did it while drinking water. I was going to lose all my money without greed when I just got back on track!”

There are friends who ruined it because of coins.
Because it is a relative evaluation, it becomes advantageous to pick up grades.

‘I did too.’

A bloody laugh leaks out.
It’s not that I’m laughing at them because they’re kids who gossip behind their backs.

I’ve made similar mistakes before.
He was badly bitten while trading steel stocks unknowingly.

That experience seems to help.
Looking back, it was the moment when I saw my senior again.

‘Because I finished studying for the test.’

Because it’s time
It might be a good idea to visit your senior’s house.

Sexual harassment all the time
It is true that these days, to be honest, I have crossed the line.

Starting with a kiss, and then accepting one or two, he asks me to do everything.
Really everything


‘Why are you asking me to hit your daughter-in-law!’

Suddenly feel dirty
It’s not just one or two things accumulated by seniors.
I don’t even know why I accept that.

It’s cute if there’s a reason.
Take pictures while not normally doing anything! When it’s cold, it makes a cute face.

This is the only time you can beat your seniors.
It was fun to touch other people’s weak spots.


After the lecture, Sora runs to the parking lot.
I recently bought a used car.

Avante signed a contract for about 10 million won.
The mileage is short, and there are no special abnormalities inside.

The old surface was neatly repaired.
Come to think of it, this is also thanks to the help of my seniors.

‘I won’t let her go if she’s calling a call girl again.’

Stuff that was inside another woman.
Just imagining it gives me goosebumps.

Even with prostitutes.
I don’t know why men want to do that.


Maybe that’s why you don’t go to school.
Coins must have made a ton of money.

‘If it’s that person, I’ll have more than enough.’

Arriving at the old man’s house
I don’t have the courage to open the door that I always burst open.

What the heck is going on
What to say if the prediction is correct.

‘I closed my eyes and gave her a daughter. Even the first kiss…… , I gave it to you.’

I think you have the right to be angry.
Kick her ass and crush her burl.

It’s pitiful, so save one.
Clearing her mind, Sora opens the front door and lets it out.

Tak, Tak!

A familiar sight awaited.
A senior staring at the monitor.


No, it’s a little different than usual.
She knows the difference because she has seen it several times.

Her complexion is a bit dark.
There is also a mess around her.
She has been seen once somewhere.

‘Ah, it was me.’

I feel deja vu
It is said that the price of her coin has dropped significantly recently.
If her own predictions are correct.

Sora smirks.
I go to comfort the depressed senior.

* * *

Unbelievable situation.
Bitcoin bad news is exploding.
Although in itself it may be.

‘No, this fucking makes no sense!’

The timing is so exquisite.
When I am transferring coins from an overseas exchange to a domestic exchange for kimchi premium.

BBQ News− 「Ambiguous relationship between Bitfinex and Tether raises doubts」

The news of collusion between Bitcoin and stablecoins has surfaced.
Not even that.

EU News− 「Vietnam Central Bank Announces Ban on Bitcoin Payments」
DNN News− 「Report that China will close local exchanges」

News from the past.
Bad news that the market ignored is also being refocused.

The Wall Street Times- “Bitcoin’s Real Value May Be Zero, Morgan Stanley Analyst Says”
Wow News− 「BIS Bank of International Settlements Director Calls for Bitcoin Crackdown」

In reality, criticism is poured out by people who do not have much authority.
It is full of fear both at home and abroad.

It seems as if they were determined to stamp and press Bitcoin.
I know this situation.


Because I’ve been through it.
However, that is a thing of the past.

Even before returning.
This is the situation when I was fooled by the goddamn Gibae.

Stock prices are not measured solely by the value of a company.
Several market conditions support this.

It has the power to rule it.
If you take a chance, you can even create a bad thing.

KRW 11,893,500 ▼1,223,841 (−10.29%)
[The graph that has been going crazy for the past three days.Jpg]

Like this.
When my coin was transferred to the domestic exchange, it was after half of it was broken.

‘My kimchi premium.’

In reality, it’s not that much of a drop.
However, there is a phenomenon called ‘Kimchi Premium’ in Korea.

Excessive short-term decline.
Investor sentiment was broken and the inflation phenomenon disappeared.

─Buy orders have been placed!

If there is an excessive decline, there is also a corresponding rebound.
I tried to get a dead cat bounce.

─The program is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

As if they were making fun of me, they pushed me down even further.
The more that happens, the closer the kimchi premium gets to zero.

‘Is this a fucking word!’

Even in the original history, there was a waterfall-like decline.
But it was never for such a short period of time.

It also sees a loss from the power point of view.
I have to get off it while struggling for at least 1-2 weeks.

“What are you doing, senior?”
“Can’t you see it?!”
“Minus 20 billion… You lost all of that?”

It goes down without a brake.
As if I was just impatient to hit me.

‘Leaving aside the past, looking at the trading patterns, this can’t happen!’

A proper pillar of fire must rise at least once.
Straight up without any of that.

Ogi has been activated.
In a state where the mentality has collapsed, they are trading with a break-even psychology.

“Senior. I heard that trading is a psychology? Is it okay to buy and sell like that when the psychology is broken?”
“Did I do it because I wanted to trade?”
“Then what is it?”
“There are people in the window!”
“……It’s an addiction.”

Sora suddenly came and interrupted them.
Reasonably, I know that’s right.

But it’s easier said than done.
Mistakes that even the rejects of Wall Street make while being vigilant.

“Stop it and take a break. I’ll listen to you like a little boy today.”
“Give me a hug.”

Sora applies her brakes.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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