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Because I Live in the US 121

Because I Live in the US 121

Chapter 121 – Coin Boom!

School life.

“These days, Coin…”
“It went up 5% yesterday? It went down 2% again.”
“You can make a lot of money just by buying and selling!”

It is impossible not to notice the air flow that has changed in just one month.
Sora hears the chatter of students in the classroom.


Originally, it was popular only among economics students.
Recently, it has become a daily routine even when taking liberal arts courses.

“Shall I live now?”
“It’s stupid not to live.”
“But Vico is too expensive right now.”
“That’s right. That’s why I entered altcoin these days. I’m holding on until it rises 10 times.”
“”Ten times?!””

Students from other departments are also coming into contact with coins.
Although in itself it may be.

‘It’s like a dream to eat twice as many stocks, let alone ten baggers.’

The conversation is not realistic.
It’s absurd from the point of view of stocks.

But it’s actually possible.
Coins rise for no reason.

『Operation Coin』
KRW 1,025 (+1,200.60%)
[Graph that has gone bad over the past week.Jpg]

One of many coins on the exchange.
What I didn’t even know the name of was suddenly ‘rice cake’.

Rice cakes are a newly coined word.
There are no other words to describe this surge.

‘For some reason, it seems that senpai has been using it for a long time.’

If you were coining, you would understand.
There is no such spike in the stock world.

Because the daily increase is limited to 30%.
Coins increase in price 10 times in a matter of days.

“What did you buy?”
“I’m a scamcoin. I don’t even pay 10 won for one.”
“Really? It will be a jackpot if it goes over 10 million won like Bitcoin later.”
“I don’t want up to 10 million won~ Even if it’s only 1,000 won.”

There are many people who are living with big dreams.
Sora, to be honest, is a little embarrassed.

‘It was.’

I looked at the coin chart all day for a while.
At some point, Kim cooled down.

I myself have been lucky enough to eat.
Although at first I was glad that I had made money.

“If it’s 1,000 won, come… 100 times!”
“If you put in 1 million won, does it become 100 million?”
“Right. I saw it on the Internet, and there are people who graduated after putting in 10 million won to 2 billion won.”
“What is graduation?”
“I’ve made so much money that I have no reason to work anymore!”

Are you investing right now?
I was starting to feel that way.

There is no reason to go up.
At least one or two articles lead the operation.

‘Investing in something is not fun.’

I didn’t give up on my dream.
There was only a brief slump.

I don’t know how it was so good even if I only ate 10%.
In Coin, that’s no big deal.

You and I also coin.
There are many people who have made money just because they were lucky enough to buy it.

Money is not like money
Cyber money.
Everyone is trying to turn their lives around by gambling.

‘To be honest…… , It sounds crazy.’

It may be rude to coin investors.
But that’s an honest heart.

Speculation, not investment.
People make strange investments to the extent that seniors look normal.

Is the world wrong or is it you?
I decided to take a break for a while until I found the answer.

“Sora, what are you doing? I have to get up and say hello.”

The feeling of running out of power.
A friend who is taking a lecture with So-ra says something strange to So-ra.
No, I know what that means.

‘Was he the head of the coin club?’

In fact, I didn’t even know who it was.
However, as coin became an issue and this became frequent, I remember seeing it somewhere.

“Do you believe?”
“”I believe!””
“Do you believe?!”
“”I believe!””

Guys doing crazy things.
He didn’t know that his friends were also in it.

‘I’m a kid who didn’t even stock in the first place.’

How cold it is for Coin.
Their appearance is only seen as a religious group.

Coin is a religion.
I can understand what the senior said.

“Are you Yoon So-ra?”
“By the way.”
“The headmaster is looking for you.”

A story that has nothing to do with you.
A person comes to Sora who thought so.

I don’t know what’s going on.
However, it happens because it is rude to not go.


There is also a curiosity.
Maybe she called because she thought she was a colleague doing investment.

“Hum-hum! Please come here for a second, Mr. Sora.”
“Do you know me?”
“Of course I know. It’s a senior’s virtue to memorize her junior’s name.”

A little dubious.
But first of all, since he is a senior and knows himself, I followed him.


Take out the luxurious atmosphere box.
You know intuitively what it is.

“What is it?”
“Hum-hum! This is a diamond ring made by Tiffany’s.”
“So what?
“It seems that my intentions have not been communicated a little. To put it bluntly, I hope you will accept this ring.”

Have forgotten
I’ve been living a crazy life for the past year.

Because of seniority.
It is also true that she has had various experiences thanks to her seniors.

‘Am I crazy?’

Even around her, she came to see herself as an investor.
The chattering man has disappeared.

“Why do I have to take this?”
“I’m sure you don’t know much about Tiffany. It’s a high-end brand that costs over 10 million won.”
“Then why should I take it?”

High school.
No, since middle school, seniors sang whenever they had a chance.

‘They live their lives diligently.’

I don’t know why I’m obsessed with heterosexual relationships.
I thought that would not happen at a university where I was ironic.

“I’m sorry to say this.”
“Then don’t tell me.”
“I’m speaking with courage, so I hope you’ll listen.”
“Ah yes.”

There was.
The head of the coin club.
The person called the teacher seems to have a crush on him.

‘Actually, the senior is also the same guy.’

From the beginning, it was blatantly sexual.
I forgot about it because it was revealed so openly.

“That means I like Sora-san.”
“Th-But what about that? You have to say something…”
“I don’t even know your name?”

So, it was surprisingly comfortable.
It’s easier to deal with than sending a stale appeal.

‘It’s not like you want to date me. I don’t have that kind of heart at all.’

I don’t even know why I fell for it.
Nine out of ten you can’t help but notice that it’s because of your looks.

“Thank you for your heart, but I’m not interested.”
“Hey, wait a minute!”
“As an investor, I was also interested in Sora.”

No matter how you turn it around.
She’s not stupid enough to know that much.

‘Investment sucks.’

Also useless rhetoric.
Words that decorate oneself are cumbersome.

“I’m not interested.”
“Well, don’t do that, as an investor.”
“I don’t see coin investors as investors. No matter how much they earn…”

What matters is nature.
It is unreliable both as a man and as an investor.

‘Luckily, the coin price just went up.’

Can you make money the same way again?
It’s obvious that if you ask, it’s impossible.

Investors who have invested in bull markets.
This is a common case in the stock market.

It’s literally like winning the lottery.
Not an investor, but a lucky gambler.


I knew that I thought so.
That there are people who are jealous of making money with coins.

Did she even gamble her coins?
Do-kyung couldn’t help but be shocked.


The hand clenched into a fist trembles.
The pressure on the molars also gets stronger.

What I would have thought was possible just a few months ago.
The current Dokyung has changed 180 degrees.

“Call your followers together.”
“Can’t you hear me? Assemble the congregation!”

Seats make people.
The word is not necessarily used in a good sense.

I made money with coins.
Numerous followers support him.

It gradually affects Do-kyung’s personality.
As if it was natural.

‘You dare me!’

* * *

Futures trading.

─Sell order has been executed!

I saw huge market gains.
If you are a normal person, you can eat and live for the rest of your life.

‘Well, it’s like a fund to me.’

A seed for future trading.
Thanks to the sharp rise of the coin, I earned a lot.

All thanks to knowing the future.
Trading low-risk futures is downright fraudulent.

‘Because now I have pierced the 17,000 dollar mark.’

It will fall down while trying to break through the $20,000 mark.
You don’t have to go there.

『Would you like to transfer Bitcoin? Yes or No』

No, I will.
Selling for a higher price is my investment strategy.

‘Using Kimchi Premium.’

Bitcoin is currently worth $17,000.
However, in Korea, it is over 23 million won.

Considering that the current exchange rate is around 1,100 won, it makes no sense.
Something that makes no sense is happening.

Because of the coin boom in Korea.
As the trading volume soared, the sale in the exchange became scarce.

‘It’s a kind of inflationary phenomenon.’

It is called Kimchi Premium.
You can make money using this.

Buy coins abroad.
Transfer it to the domestic exchange.

You can see a profit of more than 20% based on the current standard.
Prepared as my coin trading finale.

$17,289.1 ▲1,262.1 (+7.30%)
[Super shooting graph for the past month.Jpg]

Of course there are risks.
The Korean market is closed, so large-scale fund transfers take time.

2-3 days.
If the coins in it fall significantly, you will lose as much as that person.

‘What, could that happen?’

It’s still the first week of December.
At least halfway through, the bubbles start to burst.

Until then, no problem.
Rather, I thought I would see more profit as the price went up.

BBQ News− 「Ambiguous relationship between Bitfinex and Tether raises doubts」
DNN News− 「What you need to know about tether could have a ‘disruptive’ impact on the market”
Wall Street Times- “U.S. Regulators Promise to Be Wary of Bitcoin Risks”

Sudden news dominates.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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