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Because I Live in the US 120

Because I Live in the US 120

Chapter 120 – Coin Boom!

Car changes

“Wow! Is it your brother’s car?”
“Then mine.”
“I think it’s expensive… Isn’t it a rental?”
“Why would I do that out of shape!”

Dokyung rode a Sonata.
It was the precious first car my parents bought for me.


It’s too shabby for myself now.
I bought a new one that starts with ‘ram’.

“Do the wings open automatically? It’s so cool…”
Haha, it would be difficult to be surprised already.”
“It makes the ride more comfortable.”

He is a guy who only listened to himself.
The price was high, so I was very worried.

‘How much money did I earn, but I have to scrape this much.’

He became too rich to buy a mediocre Audi or BMW.
Only assets that can be cashed in are 2 billion won.

It has more than doubled in just a few weeks.
The explosive rise of coins made this possible.


It rolls along with a roaring exhaust sound.
What was your reaction when you put a woman in the passenger seat?

“Can you make it more fun?”
“Uh, how?”
“It’s a sports car. You can even open the lid.”

It makes me feel good about spending a lot of money.
Nine out of ten people fall in love with one drive.

‘350 million. It’s worth the money.’

In fact, it was a bit of a waste.
Anyway, is it too much money?

Rather, it is worth using as a seed.
If you put that money into a coin, it could be called more.

[Coin group chat room]
“I’m using a Ferrarihaha
「(Ferrari car key certification.Jpg)」
“I wish I could buy coins with that money”
「What is it?」
“No, I can secure a seed with my car as collateral…… 」

It was something I was concerned about.
Thanks to my friends who play coins, I was able to solve it easily.

‘There is some interest, but…… , I just have to pick it up and fill it up.’

There is a coin chat room.
Not ordinary investors, but people with the ability to earn more than 1 billion like themselves.

A lot of good information comes in.
What is the hottest topic lately?

“Are you interested in luxury goods?”
“Luxury items? I can’t wear them because I don’t have them.”
“Hum-hum! Will my brother buy me one?”

It is a luxury.
Not just cars, but clothes, watches, and more.

‘About women.’

The easiest and fastest way to seduce a woman.
The truth is that you are buying luxury goods.

『Old World Department Store Gangnam Branch』

Arrive at the department store
As soon as I got out of the car, the eyes of passers-by in the parking lot caught on.

“What’s the matter?”
“People stare at me a lot. Maybe it’s because I got out of a Lamborghini.”
“It’s because Jiyoon is pretty.”
“Your brother is too!”

It has to be.
Because he also longed for sports cars when he was a teenager.

‘I wondered just how good a person was on board.’

The fact that she became herself.
Do-kyung puts a lot of strength on his shoulders and walks away.

He gently puts his hand on Jiyoon’s shoulder.
She was okay with this at first but she was nervous.

‘Is this enough?’

To her surprise, she discovered that she didn’t hate women either.
It takes more power.

“Brother, I like this!”
“Oh Gucci?”
“Would it be a bit expensive…”
“No. If Jiyoon wants to buy it, she can.”

Especially if you have the ability to shop.
Do-gyeong, an outsider, has also heard of Gucci.

‘I bought it for Jisoo too.’

I have ever bought
It is an outrageous price of over 1 million won for a small bag.

“How is your brother? I think you look good together.”
“Is that so?”
“I want this.”
“Okay. I’ll buy it for you.”

The girls who received the gift like it.
It’s still a price I’m not used to.

‘Because it’s less than 1/100 of Lamborghini.’

A little bit
Just close your eyes and buy it.
Do-kyung swipes his credit card at the cash register for a one-time payment.

Jiyoon sticks closer.
It was so close that I could feel the touch of her chest on her arm.

“Brother, I have clothes I want to buy.”
“Okay. Just one more.”
“Oh yea!”

The more she buys luxury items, the closer she gets.
The distance between the body as well as the mind.

‘This much.’

Do-kyung knocks on her cell phone.
She wants to see her favorite exchange.

The wrinkled expression of the unexpected expenditure brightens.
Rather, the money increased.

“What are you watching brother?”
“How’d it go?”
“That’s right, I’m earning~.”
“As expected, Dokyung oppa!”

Even while she’s dating herself, her coin market rolls.
Bitcoin makes money on its own.

‘Well, how much money am I earning?’

There is no reason to die for shopping for just a few million won.
Stop earning as much money as you spend.

Do-kyung is enjoying the recent splendid days.
She really came to live in a world she only dreamed of.

Car changes
Woman changes
Your life is changing

“Recently, there are more customers like him.”
“That couple just now, that couple!”

Inside the store where Do-kyung and Ji-yoon left.
Employees gossip behind customers.

It’s a daily routine.
Working as a luxury store employee is not the only mental stress.

‘How at that age.’

Rich people can come.
Because there are rich people in the world.

But gold spoon.
My stomach hurts when I see kids younger than me spending money like crazy.

“The guy’s the guy who came the other day too.”
“Really? I’m on holiday then.”
“It’s just like him.”
“Isn’t it?”

I even see some weird kids.
Bastards who treat women as accessories.

‘Well, I don’t think he’s as good as him.’

There is one VVIP customer that all the employees at the Luxury Hall know about.
I don’t know how to spend tens of millions of won every month.

“He writes on a different level.”
“Gucci didn’t even come. I scratched a few at Hermès.”

For employees, VVIP is a grateful existence.
As much as you write, incentives are attached.

The question is how.
It can be a gold spoon, but the woman he brings with him changes every time.

“There are quite a few kids like that these days.”
“I know yeah!”
“Where the hell do these scumbags come from? Welcome!”

Cursing on the outside
What I’m hoping for inside is the heart of the store staff.

‘I’m more stylish and pretty. Why can’t I have a guy like that?’

If you deal with rich people every day, it will change.
The standard in one’s heart rises.

I am not satisfied with mediocre success.
It gets into their ears.

“Children, children! Did I hear it on my way?”
“Sister, why?”
“What happen?”
“That golden spoon couple from earlier. Actually, they’re not gold spoons…”

Coin eats desire and grows.

* * *

End of November.

Tak, Tak!

Coins are on the rise.
In just one month, the price has nearly doubled.

$9,567.5 ▲200.9 (+2.09%)
[The graph that has been going bad for the past month.Jpg]

Even in real time.
Even now, it has risen nearly 2% in just an hour.

‘The real literal money is copied.’

A rapid rise that can only be seen in the head of the bureau.
It is currently being done on the coin board.

Since Bitcoin, which has relatively low volatility, is like this, the rest of the altcoins have said everything.
It’s completely a gamble.

─Ethereum is running amok!
─Ripple can’t be stopped!
─Litecoin is legendary…… !

Kingban people who have just come in contact with information see this, no matter how rational they are.

‘Even those who did it in small amounts at first.’

Increase the purchase amount
The rich liquidity is burning the coin board.

Fact News− 「Are you stupid to buy and sell in Korea? “Kimchi Premium” On the Rise
Korean Newspaper− 「Bitcoin user manual, why only Korea has a “Kimchi premium”」

Korea is especially so.
A phenomenon called ‘Kimchi Premium’ will arise.

‘Korea is sensitive to fashion.’

Both in a good sense and in a bad sense.
If others do it, you must do it yourself.

Pay attention to fashion and hygiene.
On the other hand, there are some positive aspects as well.

13,010,892 ▲273,228. (+2.10%)
[The graph that has been going bad for the past month.Jpg]

The price is more than 20% more expensive than overseas.
If you’re good at it, you can also try arbitrage trading.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Now is not the time.
When the coin bubbled up and reached nearly $20,000.

‘That was probably the peak.’

To me, coins are just one of the indicators.
I do not memorize them one by one.

However, the market in 2017 is so special that it will be included in textbooks in the future.
As a representative bubble phenomenon.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!
─The program bought Ethereum!

Until then, enjoy trading that is sure to win.
It made sense to play a zero-sum game with the program before.

‘Yes~ I have to support it.’

Purpose of power.
It’s to make the bubble bigger.
In a situation like this, I won’t play useless pranks.

No, I can’t
I eat it because I know it.
It gives a shock at each adjustment period and connects that volatility to profit.

─Sell order has been executed!

‘Yong-yong is going to die, right?’

From the perspective of the power, it will be pissed, but there is no way to do it.
Can we burn thatch for three seconds to catch an ant?

It may not be an ant.
Just showing that possibility makes me more cautious in responding to me.

‘I’ve grown a lot by messing around like this.’

Even in previous lives.
In the basket of the gap of power, he was skilled at taking care of the fisherman’s geography.

Resentment built up as a result.
It is hard to see that there is none at all.
But the guy who made money in the financial market is the best.

* * *

Great operation.

“Why are you still having trouble?”
“It’s not really a problem, but…”

Fabian has been feeling the weight of it lately.
What they do is climb Everest with basic equipment.

‘If I succeed, I’ll reap enormous wealth and honor.’

What if you only miss one foot?
It just rolls down and becomes a wreck.

The current coin market is like that.
It rose as high as Everest.

“Recently, the transaction volume in Korea is soaring.”
“That’s right. Did a coin boom happen?”
“However, the loss of the program at a certain time was so great that I investigated it…”

It’s a real operation.
If you don’t sell well at the right time, the loss will be astronomical.

Always on edge
His subordinates report to such Fabian.

‘Ah, that’s right.’

At first, I thought nothing of it.
However, looking back, there is a reason why the pretty boss overreacted.

“The leakage loss is not negligible. Should I fix the program or take action?”
“Leave it.”
“The princess must have an idea.”

It has risen too high to respond.
There are not just one or two things to be concerned about right now.

“There was a report saying…”
“You should have given instructions before?”
“Ah, yes! I just told youhaha. I thought the director’s pioneering plan was great.”
“It’s boring.”

There were changes to some programs.
Nevertheless, they are attacking and stealing their profits.

I just made a profit that exceeded that.
As expected, Fabian thought that the bowl was different.

‘I’m sure you’ll burst into tears. Even if it destroys the coin plate.’

Rachel had other ideas.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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