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Because I Live in the US 119

Because I Live in the US 119

Chapter 119 – Coin Boom!

Coin boom.
A big fad is happening.
It’s because there was a huge surge in November.

“Is this the coin club?”
“Please let me see the headmaster!”
“Please stand in line, line up.”

Accordingly, the status of the coin club rises.
There is a long line of students waiting to sign up.

‘You’re finally finding out the value of a coin!’

Truly the city of munjeonseong.
The second heyday has arrived.
The head of the club, Joo-gyeong, is at a loss for words.

“Have you gathered believers?”
“How do you trade coins?”
“Teach me quickly!”
“Heh heh, it looks like there are impatient believers.”

Aspiring students gather in an empty lecture hall.
There were so many that the club room was not enough.

It is rewarding to have preached a coin.
It’s a pity for those who entered late.


A female student raises her hand.
Before she even hears what questions she’s about to ask, she agrees.

“These days, the coin has gone up a lot.”
“Yes, please, believer.”
“I went in in September and got bitten and lost… But I’m worried that it won’t happen again this time.”

Suddenly, a muffled voice rises.
It seems that there are many people with similar anxiety.

It can be enough.
Because it’s scary to be bitten by the high point.
There is only one thing you can say.

“There is no such thing as late or fast with coins. There is only a difference between doing and not doing.”
“”Oh oh!!””
“If you’re feeling anxious, I recommend trying a small amount little by little. In the end, the conclusion will be the same.”

I found out when I was running a club.
Religion does not sprout from scratch.

When I try to explain that she wants to die, she doesn’t listen.
You have to face your own miracle.

‘Wouldn’t the 12 apostles who followed Jesus feel like this?’

There is only one way to not lose money with coins.
You just have to become the traitor Judas.

Bitcoin is bound to go up.
This is because the issuance is limited to 8 million.

There is nothing easier than investing in coins if you know this rule.
People who don’t do it are stupid.


Students cheer at Ju-kyung’s lecture.
I learned about the secret of Coin.

Information you can find by searching the internet.
However, the atmosphere of the scene adds to the credibility.

“Um… It’s the same as last time.”
“I don’t know. Just buy stocks that have gone up less.”
“Right. It’s too hot.”

Some economics students are dubious.
It has not changed from the turmoil around September.

I also found a more reliable investment vehicle.
There is no reason to coin.

‘Do it or not.’

What has changed is the coin club.
It is no longer only economics students who are believers.

A boom is taking place throughout Korea University.
No, now it’s to the point of being a fool not to coin.

Mixed Martial Arts − 「Bit standard system 1st (the reason why Bitcoin is rising now)」
樂 SOCCER − 「Current status of investors who bought bitcoins after receiving loans」
CHAOS − 「For those of you who want to buy Bitcoin for the first time」

It is also widely disseminated to the general community.
The response is also favorable, unlike before.

─Part 1 of the bit standard system (the reason why bitcoin is rising now)
To begin with, it seems to be because of the 4th industrial revolution.
What kind of bitcoin gnawing sound is this?
The 4th industrial revolution is the core of four keywords: artificial intelligence, robots, electronic payments, and IOT.
Some of you may have noticed
In order for the robot to do the above, it must be connected to the financial system.
I think it will depend on coins based on blockchain.
Of course, it may not be Bitcoin.
New coins may be created.
However, just as the currency was issued linked to gold, a pivot is needed, and Bitcoin will play that role.
Therefore, the value of Bitcoin increases as it goes through halving.

└ Goose bumps
└ In short, it is the last chance to buy digital gold cheaply.
└ And…… , There was a reason for the skyrocketing
└ Read this article and buy Bitcoin

Coins are no longer unfamiliar.
It is accepted that it is a cultural relic of the new era.

“Here…, Senior.”

Someone who is familiar with him.
At least not when I looked around.

He also comes privately.
I want you to teach me coin.

‘Is this the kid who raised his hand during the lecture?’

I’m watching it even then.
It wasn’t that he gave me a chance to speak.

“Are you an economics student?”
“It’s not like that… It’s because they’re seniors from the same school.”
“Hmmmm! That’s right.”
“May I ask for a coin? There are many things I don’t know… I think it would be convenient to use KakaoTalk.”

It’s called yes
As a sophomore in the Department of English Literature, he has a cute face and aegyo.

‘I live and live and the day will come when I will get a number from a woman.’

The feeling is insignificant.
They maintain a businesslike attitude and exchange KakaoTalk.

[Jiyoon, Department of Korean History]
− Why?
“I’ve been bitten by that coin. Can you look at it?”

Because there are a lot of kids like that.
At first, they approached saying they wanted to know the coin.

「Coins are too difficult ㅠㅠ」
-You just have to work hard. The day will come when Jiyoon will realize the coin too
“Your brother has been coining for a long time.”
“How much have you made so far?”

Somehow it connects to some.
Do-kyung-do was awkward in that atmosphere at first.

『Ju Do-kyung’s account』
Purchase amount│1,010,650,891 won
Valuation profit and loss│+1,002,653,522
Appraisal yield│+12,537.29%

「(Surprised cat cone.Jpg)」
“What is real money?”
-Then it’s real
“Your brother was a rich man.”
“I have a lot of money, so can you buy me a meal?”
“It’s been a while ha”

I am enjoying it now
If you show the bank account, the woman will take care of it.

‘He’s a man of ability.’

What she wants and what she wants.
Succeed with coins and become rich.

He gets money, fame, and even women.
I didn’t get what I really wanted.


She met several women and got to know them.
She doesn’t have her own preferences as much as Sora does.

Strike the face and body.
What I like more than that.

“It’s Yena Choi.”
“Just call me Yena, senior.”
“Do you have any investment experience?”
“Experience? I don’t have anything in particular…”

Women don’t pay much attention to the details of their investments.
Stop making money.

That’s why I’m going to ask myself a skewer.
I try to take only sweet fruits.

‘If you think about marriage.’

The story has to go through.
The icing on the cake if it helps you on a daily basis.

Only sora
Do-kyung is waiting for the day to confess to So-ra.

‘She needs her 10 billion to be the right man for her.’

A goal I had since I started coining.
Now we are getting really close to reality.

Pick up the flowers on the cliff.
If the coin surges further, there is nothing that can not be done.

“Where have you been?”
“The assistant principal isn’t coming these days.”
“I saw you earlier with Sora.”
“With Sora?!”

Competitors arise.

* * *

Coin surge.
It’s history as far as I know.

‘The rally started in November and peaked in mid-December.’

It has been rising sharply from the beginning, but it accelerates further from November.
The angle that was about 30 degrees jumped to 70 degrees.

In fact, this is a common occurrence in a dog chart.
Stocks that are sloping upward will soon peak when they are bent at 70 degrees.

“Yeah. You’ll see it when you do a lot of stocks.”
“70 degrees… I have to be careful.”

Stock prices are pumped by greed and desire.
Although the chart is not a 100% reliable indicator.

‘At least it’s helpful when filtering mines.’

Of course you can break through it.
There is just no reason to put hope on that small possibility.

Among numerous assets, betting with high probability is the right investment.
The wider the defensive range, the better.

“Then shouldn’t oppa stop coining too?”
“I’m still fine.”

I know the high point.
After failing to break through the $20,000 mark, it goes down and pretends to go up again, taking a pair of peaks and coming down.

No, the trend is completely broken, so I’m going to have a good time.
It’s a typical Hyman Minsky model, so it’s easy to memorize.

‘Until then, I have to drink honey.’

The scary thing about rapid growth is that you don’t know when it will end.
If you know that, it becomes a bonanza for money.

“Brother, but.”
“Aren’t you doing it today too? I’m trying to be a little sad.”

He is spending intimate time with Hyeri.
They enjoy a giddy date in an empty classroom.


Eats Hyeri’s small lips.
It is so small that you can fill it with just your tongue.

Pinch the chubby thighs too.
I don’t burn it like that and put it in.

“If you take birth control pills, Hyeri will also have a hard time.”
“I’ll have fun with you on the weekend, so bear with me until then.”
“I’ll be patient♡”

Is a good kid
I twisted her thighs to see if I was really going to endure it.

I’m sorry Hyeri, but it’s for warm-up.
After a lot of rubbing and excitement.

‘If I call Sora for the second time and receive the goddaughter, it’s great~.’

Excitement doubles.
The highlight is that she is surprised by the amount when she wraps it in Sora’s hand.

Happy school life.
Coins are good and I am having fun every day.

“Come to think of it.”
“These days, rumors about the head of the coin club aren’t good either. Just like my older brother.”

It is true that it may look bad in the eyes of others.
I’m only relieving stress in moderation.

‘But a person who suddenly became successful.’

Can’t control
The various depravity of the coin worms is about to be revealed.

And that incentivizes people to invest more.
The reason why there was a unique coin boom in Korea.

“I’m not getting caught.”
“Isn’t that worse?”
“Keuheum! Anyway, since there are a lot of coins, buy Paprika TV stocks.”

The end was miserable.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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