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Because I Live in the US 118

Because I Live in the US 118

Chapter 118 – Fisherman Geography?

Number of wins.
As an investor, there are moments when you must.

‘Though it’s a person who can’t hold his hand at that moment.’

Historically, there have been downsides.
No, it comes once every 5 to 10 years.

In the short run, it’s much more frequent.
It’s just that no one is doing a full buy.

─Buy, Buy, Buy orders have been filled!

What you know you can’t do.
I bet on that opportunity cost.

‘Hajimaru of the zero-sum game.’

Ants are clearly the underdog.
In gambling, the one with the most money is the strongest.

But there is only one room.
Even if you buy it, if you don’t listen.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
─King Malol
─It’s black and white bonghaha
─Is this an investment? Is it a gamble?
─Dead Cat Bounce Cedra

Overturn the plate
Currently, individual investors are in a state of mental and physical weakness.

‘If you face a crash in real time, anyone will do that.’

What if I pull it down further?
It is clear that a riot will break out.

Of course, the powers do not blink an eye.
What if the price of ethereum goes down?


According to my memory, Ethereum’s skyrocketing rally is just beginning.
It’s still a good time to throw it away.

This is a zero-sum game.
If you want to take everything away from me, bet the rising value on it.

─Ant jumped out!
─The ant broke even!
─China’s big hand bought Ethereum!

When the beekeeping suddenly opened, the frightened ants hurriedly cut their losses.
I’m trying to get even a penny.

Someone is accepting it and forming a new line of support.
The market flows according to my intentions.

─The program has bought a lot of Ethereum!

‘Yeah, I can’t burn all thatch to catch one ant.’

Power holds the hilt.
I breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the results.

The balls are chewy.
That’s why I can’t stop gambling, no, trading.

‘Because stocks are a psychological battle after all.’

Coin has no choice but to add.
It has no real value, so psychology dictates everything.

You know your opponent’s purpose.
It was a game I was sure I couldn’t lose.

─Sell order has been executed!

To be scared is to be scared.
If it went down, it was a disgrace.

Of course, it could be raining.
It’s a minor possibility that I wouldn’t even bother with if it was normal.

‘100x leverage is heavy.’

It is a winning number because it is only played once.
Eat short and get out quickly.

Pour little by little and adjust the quantity.
That alone makes a huge profit.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
-I’m crazy today
─If that’s the case, why did you end up like this?
─Wow, I lost my hand and saw it go uphaha
─You bastard bastards

For ants who are swayed by volatility, it tastes like death.
However, this is the original coin market.

‘It’s been so calm up until now.’

It rolled mainly on the spot.
Because there is no official futures exchange.
Transactions will be more difficult in the future.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 10,005,026,974
+6,252,502,892 (+166.54%)

Before that, suck honey.
About 300 billion won.
When a large amount of coin futures are disposed of, profits are also accumulated sweetly.

‘I do it for this taste.’

It’s worth walking once in a lifetime.
The account is marked with different numbers of units.

If you are a refugee, the amount is enough to keep an assistant.
Sora sleeps coolly in bed, unaware of the world.

‘I heard that this bitch stinks.’

I fell very hard.
He slaps Sora in the chest to wake him up.

“It’s Sora.”
“Um… I forgot to sleep.”
“Will you give me 10 billion won?”

Her eyelids are half-closed as if she had really woken up.

‘Originally, it’s easy to seduce someone when they’re mentally weak.’

They seem to think I’m talking bullshit again.

Sora’s cell phone vibrates.
In the lewd lower half of the body, where a vibe would be more suitable than a phone.

Todok, tok!

Take out your phone and tap it.
Sora’s normally big eyes get bigger.

“Why are you really sending it and damn it!”
“Did you check? Can I put it in?”
“Kyaa! Crazy bastard!”

Peel off the white jeans covering the puffy loaf of bread.
The pelvis is so big that it gets caught in the middle.

‘Oh, these are dirty underwear.’

Panties and white buttocks are visible.
Sora defiantly strangles her leg.

“I came wearing erotic underwear. Did you expect it?”
“Oh, no! It’s what I normally wear.”
“You say you usually wear such risque underwear?”

I thought he would look like a child, but he is quite an adult.
There was a reason why it had to be.

‘Well, the size.’

Domestic brands do not fit.
Both the top and bottom are so large that they are the size of a Westerner.

“I’ll put it in anyway.”
“Don’t put it in!”
“They say they’ll give you 10 billion won. There’s a pregnancy service, right?”

Grab Sora’s thighs.
It’s very sturdy, so it’s worth hugging.

Under half-naked pants.
She desperately covers her crotch with her hand.


Ignore it and unzip it.
When I take out the half-served object, I finally understand the seriousness of the situation.

“Don’t put it in…”
“Why? You said you could do it.”
“I was kidding. Don’t do this, really.”

She pretends to be strong, but when she enters the main room, she becomes a female.

‘Should I put in half when I’m not in the mood?’

I’m already poking my panties.
I think what will happen if you just get in between them.

Pop! Pop!

Really shedding tears
Things that stood with excitement are about to sink.

It looks like you really don’t want to do it.
She didn’t know there would be a woman in the world who would refuse 10 billion.

‘Failed to get in the mood.’

I’m sure it’ll be so colorful
He pats Sora to calm him down.

“I’m sorry brother.”
“Did you think I could do anything with money like that prostitute?”
“I won’t forgive you again, really.”

As she hugs her tightly, she fades little by little.
If hugging is OK, it’s probably not because you’re scared.

‘Not even 10 billion? How much do you want to get?’

He does everything he can to eat a conch.
It is not a lifetime free pass, and it is excessive.


Accept the kiss
If you look at it, this is also attacked, but what is different?

“Prepare a funny prank while I’m sleeping.”
“I made a pattern, but how did you solve it? How do I use my phone…”

I knock on my phone to see if the tension is relieved.
Looks like you think I’m joking.

Todok, tok!
Todok, tok!

Keep pounding
It’s a truth that doesn’t change no matter how many times you turn the app off and on.

“Senior, no way.”
“Did you really send 10 billion?”

He opens his mouth and looks at me.
Confirm that you have 10 billion in your bank account.

‘Is it an angle?’

Celebrities also line up to lend money if they have 10 billion won.
In fact, it is traded at less than 500 million.

See 10 billion.
I don’t know if that’s enough to be recognized in the social gaze.

[Web sending]
Mr. Lee * Wook, 10,000,000,000 won has been transferred normally.

It was a boring ending.
Sora transfers the money again and glares at me.

“It’s a bad joke.”
“I’m serious?”
“So it’s bad quality!”

A bitch who seems to be of good quality gets angry.
Then he pushed me away and put me on the bed.


And kiss.
It sucks my lips very intensely as if to attack.

“Why don’t you pay me for this?”
“10 billion degrees?”
“100 billion degrees.”
“One trillion?”
“Fuck you.”

One hand goes to my groin.
Gently wraps around the pole and shakes it up and down.

The service is good in no time.
He rubs a large, heavy piece of flesh against my chest and whispers.

“It looks like it will be cold.”
“Quickly make a pathetic face and fight.”

The same goddaughter as before.
However, when Sora is motivated, the quality is different.

‘A sell order has been executed.’

Sometimes it might be okay.
Listening to Sora’s beating, he squirts out what was piled up.


At the same time, her lips stick together even more.
Her hand is also moving faster.

“Spend 10 billion to do this once? You must be scolded.”
“Because it feels good…”
“From now on, don’t spend money on useless things. Got it~? Or did you not understand~?”
“Ah Okay!”

I pushed it all the way to the limit.
Insert your thumb inside the skin of the shrunken object.

Rub the underside of her glans.
As if you know that place is sensitive.

“There are many parts of the cock. Is this place good?”
“You want more? No. For today, that’s all.”

It drains her strength from her gripped hands.
The stuff that sits down as it is adds to the regret.

‘Should I raise him as a sadist?’

It was as good as I thought it would be.
She made me cheap with only her goddaughter.

“But what happened to 10 billion? Did you have that much money, senior?”
“I got it by gambling.”
“I’m really doing a risky trade again. I need to get scolded.”

Also, she opens and closes things.
It may have been fun to touch.

Flirting on the bed
It also tells you what kind of trading happened just before.

“Isn’t that too dangerous?
“Trading is all psychological warfare. Originally, the side that is scared loses.”
“I don’t think I even know.”

Not all investors need to practice the same trading methods.
There is a path that is right for each one.

Since he is a criminal, he must have a knack for standard trading.
I thought so.

‘I might be good at squeeze trading.’

As an investor, perfection is something you have to know.
It is still a growing process.

“Since my brother earned today, shall we give him a shot?”
“It’s a bad habit to spend your senior’s money carelessly.”
“It’s okay if seniors usually like it. I’m more curious about that.”
“Don’t swallow your saliva.”

The student has a look that suits the student.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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