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Because I Live in the US 117

Because I Live in the US 117

Chapter 117 – Fisherman Geography?

Absurd thing.
But this is normal.

‘Yes, this is the futures market.’

To get involved in a whale fight.
You have to accept the risk of bursting the shrimp.

─China’s grandson is slaughtering!
The program is running amok!

Why the futures market is bound to be difficult.
But that’s normal for me.

‘It was only a matter of time.’

That you are at a loss.
It can be noticed by the institution that operates the program.

In this case, the standard response is stop loss.
If the ant is greedy, it will be trampled to death.

─Buy orders have been placed!

It is natural.
However, I am not the only one who survived with such a standard.

‘If I look down on you once, I’ll have to give up this bonanza.’

Buy in reverse.
Gives the opponent more room to attack.

─Program sold Ethereum!

On the topic of ants?
If they go all the way to the end, they will of course win.

‘But did I say I was an ant?’

That’s the usual prediction.
However, one more thing applies to real trading.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Program sold Ethereum!

It’s straight up bullshit
Not only poker and hwatu, but also trading is an extension of gambling.

‘If you get caught hitting it, your palms will fly off.’

It is dangerous to reveal your own hand.
Opponent is fighting for 100% victory.

Same goes for stocks.
The moment the scale of assets is discovered, you can ‘money’.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Program sold Ethereum!

But what if you hit the bullshit?
It becomes difficult to bet from the opponent’s point of view.

‘Because it’s human psychology to think you don’t know again.’

Conversely, you may lose
You value your opponent’s power more highly.

The moment you come down from the overwhelming power, your thoughts change.
The forces, of course, do not want to lose money.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!

Of course it’s not easy.
It means bringing the strong down to an equal position with me.

‘I’m sure that’s the case with my own strength.’

There are people who have the same thoughts.
These are the guys who fight the support line of the program.

It broke through
That has achieved their purpose.
But if it goes a little too far.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Program sold Ethereum!

It’s way lower than expected.
It would be a situation that was not expected from the seller’s point of view.

‘Ah, this isn’t the case.’

Coins are assets that have no real value.
So psychology is very important.

Crash in a short period of time?
You think there is something wrong.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
─Is Ethereum ruined?
─Reason for the current Ether plunge.Txt
─Ah, damn it was liquidated
─Did I mention coins are a Ponzi scheme?

Even if there is no diarrhea problem.
If the buying psychology is broken once like that.

‘Because the trading volume is drastically reduced.’

The basic principle behind the coin is, after all, a Ponzi scheme.
There must be a lot of people living there.

What if no one lives there?
Since there are no ants to accept it, it is difficult for the forces to raise the price.

─The ant has lost money!
─Ant jumped out!
─Ants are riding!

Horrors are already coming out.
Even if other coins are fine, Ethereum is.

─Reason for the current Ether plunge.Txt
Why did Ether rise?
It’s a Bitcoin alternative.
If you already have Bitcoin, why do you need a replacement?
If Ether is the basis, it will be discarded when a more excellent coin comes out?

└ㄹㅇ Just use Biko
└ Even Ether has an unlimited supply, so it has no scarcity valuehaha
└ They sold it because the forces knew that too
└ There are no black cows living in Ethereum~?

Trust once broken is difficult to regain.
It’s not just a matter of falling prices.

The position of the No. 2 coin is shaking.
Because it can get a bad evaluation from investors.

─Hit, Hail, Buy orders have been filled!!

Pole beekeeping.
Make a full purchase.
It also uses leverage 100 times.

‘100 times 2 billion is worth about 200 billion won.’

It is an indescribable risk.
Even if it’s a little away, it’s liquidated.

Literally, it becomes an idiot.
As an ant, I can only use one shot.

* * *

3 am.
Time to fall asleep.
But Rachel’s eyes are clearer than ever.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!
─A big hand in Korea bought Ethereum!

Because you have to focus.
Even at a cursory glance, the current movement of the call window is not normal.

Tak, Tak!

You have to react quickly at all times.
Even the movement of other coins moving in real time.

‘We hedge by preselling Bitcoin.’

Ethereum places a larger sell order.
This is a typical basket trade.

Coins influence the price of each other.
Using this, while minimizing losses.

─Sell order has been executed!

It could give ethereum more downside.
Why is having a lot of assets an advantage?

‘Now, Korean A has 100 million dollars left, right? What are you going to do now?’

The estimated assets of Korean A are between 1 and 300 million dollars.
But it will be less than $200 million.

So far, I haven’t seen it buy more than $50 million.
If you add the coins you have.

‘It’s going to be hard to write numbers anymore. No, he must have realized it from the beginning.’

What you did.
It was read to the main artillery forces.
Taking one step off is a natural step.

What will happen if we fight to the end?
If you manage tens of millions of dollars, you wouldn’t know.

─A big hand in Korea bought Ethereum!

Suddenly, a large purchase comes in.
Korean region.
However, the unit was different from before.

‘This, two hundred million dollars?!’

It also pushes up in one shot.
A long bullish bullish on the Ethereum chart.

─Ant jumped out!
─The ant broke even!

Of course, the trend hasn’t changed.
Selling of ants.
Still, the market remains in fear.

‘If I hit more shots here…….’

It is possible.
May lower the price further.
But it takes a lot of things.

1. Korean A’s asset prediction failure
2. If another big hand intervenes
3. Damage to coin value

Rachel’s fund is driving up the price of the coin.
We had a good reason to buy it.

Proactive information.
It is a good thing that can be raised more than twice in the future.

‘It’s not currently in the plan to make a long adjustment.’

My uncle also told me to deal with it as soon as possible.
Something is going to explode soon.

There is an unexpected intervention and time is running out.
Currently, the movements of Chinese powers are also unusual.

─China’s big hand bought Ethereum!

Supporting the support line.
It would be fair to see it as an early sign of a change in direction.

Tak, Tak!

Rachel is quick to judge.
She changes the pattern of the program, and she herself manually.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!

Buy a call option.
Bitcoin and Ethereum purchases are carried out in units of one millionth of a second.

A technique that only institutions can use.
Dedicated lines and high-performance computers make it possible.

‘The amount of program defense by the Chinese forces…… , Yes. Come out.’

It is a huge advantage in a coin board where institutions have not yet stepped in.
It wasn’t just that he caused a mess.

Because you have the confidence to retrieve it at any time.
In terms of responsiveness and trading law, it is one step above.
However, this leads to a problem.

─The big Korean customer is going crazy!

Fisherman geography.
Korean A, who puts a pre-order, sees a profit.
I have no choice but to open my eyes and accept it.


She uses profanity without even knowing it.
He was so obsessed with the current match.

Korean A.
Looking at the results alone, it’s like being fooled by his pranks.

─Sell order has been executed!

Of course, I won’t give it away.
Make it sideways as much as possible and make it impossible to see profits.

‘You’re pouring out the stock right away? I don’t think it’s possible to win with high leverage……. No. It’s pointless to think about it now.’

The amount of 200 billion scrapped at the market price,
If you are a confident buy bottom, you will watch more.

There is no reason to quickly brush in the adjustment section.
But if you look at what you’re throwing little by little.

─Korea’s big hand sold Ethereum!
─Korea’s big hand sold Ethereum!

I wonder if
Such a mess.
Even though I know it’s not good for trading, I can’t get it out of a corner of my head.

Get back on track
After confirming that the program’s trading has stabilized, Rachel continues her thoughts.

‘Whoa…… , What am I doing this early in the morning?’

It’s past 4 in the morning.
Even if I go to sleep from now on, it’s only two hours to close my eyes.

Didn’t see any results either.
At most, it is all about maintaining stock and hedging.

Still, Rachel is smiling.
Since stepping into the world of investing, she has never had this much fun.

‘It’s not fun. Investing isn’t for fun.’

For her, her investment is the family business.
It becomes one of the pillars supporting the Rothschild family.

You have to be more sincere.
But the tag game with Korean A just now was interesting.


It is you who is in the overwhelming position.
But he was swayed by his judgment.

To the extent that the strategy has been modified several times.
On the other hand, I am amazed at his ability.

‘Okay Korean A. This time it’s my loss. But it won’t end like this.’

Become obsessive

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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