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Because I Live in the US 116

Because I Live in the US 116

Chapter 116 – Fisherman Geography?

These days, it’s an animation that Tooniverse does.

〈 won! Two! One! Two! Three! Po~♪〉

Especially if you were born in the 90’s.
It was fun at the time, and even now, I manage to kill time.

“I enjoyed watching that too…”
“Yes, it’s a masterpiece of sword ○ rubber shoes.”
“I’m not talking about it, this chew!”

Sora’s mouth has been rough these days.
A smiling face is scarier.

‘I’m not saying this as a joke.’

Kiyoung’s trading method.
On the chart, Ki-young’s saw blade hair is drawn.
Then the ascent comes with a flash of her arm.

It is an actual trading method.
Kiyoung’s trading method is trusted by numerous coin experts.

“Don’t give a damn.”
“Amchang is a bit…”

Since I went to Amchang, I believe it.
It is not particularly difficult to prove.

『Koogle』-About 756,000 search results (0.29 seconds)
Chart Analysis Trading.Jpg (feat. Kiyoungi Chart) − Naver Blog
Expert’s technical analysis and Kiyoung’s summary of trading methods
Giyoung’s summary of trading laws – Free Board − Coin Edition
Interpretation of a crappy graph… Cryptocurrency ‘blink investment’ advisory − SBS News

Just do a quick search and you’ll find it.
In fact, it is a widely used trading method among coin investors.

─Hey, ripple is up. Fully buy it.
[Coin chart+Kiyoung’s drawing.Jpg]
The pattern appeared.

└ This is great
└ㅆㅅ This is funnyhaha
└ It was a holy place.
└I am on a pilgrimage. Please make me 5 dollars of Ripple.

The success rate is also not low.
No, it has been proven that it is quite high.

“Accept the reality. No matter how difficult the chart is, you must not give up.”

A story that is not meant to be viewed as a joke.
It is valid not only in Korea but also abroad.

‘It’s said that Bart Simpson was used there.’

Same saw blade head.
You can also find related memes in overseas coin communities.

“There will come a day when you won’t be able to stop thinking when you see Ki-yeong smiling brightly someday.”
“I’ll go back.”
“Why not!”
“Teach me seriously, not kidding!”

Sora still thinks it’s a joke.
You still don’t understand the profound world of investing.

‘Of course, Kiyoung has many other things besides trading.’

There is no way that there is just one rising pattern.
Several variants of the release also exist.

─Brothers, you found 3 cats. Did you know that you are following the Cat Trading Act?
[Coin chart + 3 cats picture.Jpg]
Even one is dancing
This is shit
Gathered up a week’s worth, Gandea

└ Enter with confidence
└ It looks like the cat is going to lift its tailhaha

“Specifically, there are cat trading methods, elephant trading methods, and Pikachu trading methods.”
“You know what all these trading methods have in common?
“What do you know?”
“Your legs haven’t grown yet.”

It’s the same whether Kiyoung raises his hand or the cat stretches its tail.
It doesn’t really matter which picture it is.

‘The important thing is that this works.’

What if it didn’t work?
There was no reason to become famous.
In fact, it predicted a rise several times.

It deserves to be famous among coin investors.
Sora still has a suspicious eye on him.

“Are you serious?”
“Are you saying that the techniques you just said work for the entire stock market, including stocks?”

The history of the coin market is not long.
Compared to the stock market, it’s not even half-and-half.

‘Then there should have been a similar technique in stocks.’

It’s not even a joke.
The reason why it is being talked about only in the coin market.

“Do you know what the biggest difference between stocks and coins is?”
“Is it really worth it…”
“It’s never been down.”

Because it had to be successful.
Of course, there are times when it goes down, but in the end it is a picture that goes up.

‘That’s why a similar chart is drawn every time.’

You have to see the essence of anything.
Studying charts in the current coin market is meaningless.

“I just need to draw support and resistance lines under the premise that they will go up roughly.”
“What were you expecting?”
“Because it’s my first time doing technical analysis.”

He is a child with dreams of becoming a trader.
It was an old story that was ridiculed for being a Pokemon trainer.

‘Even so, there will be something to learn.’

Technical analysis.
The most difficult thing about looking at charts is the psychology.

When the auxiliary line you draw collapses, the mind also collapses.
Because I can’t see the future.

“In that sense, it’s easy. In terms of a game, think of it as challenging the easy difficulty level and try it.”
“Oh, do you listen?’
“I ordered everything and now come…”

Sora mumbles.
No matter what I do, I like it because I work hard.

‘Because I’m making progress little by little.’

The most important thing in stocks is persistence.
It is the most dangerous to go out with clumsy talent.

A super rookie who suddenly appeared.
It is an annual event that disappears in just one year.

The days that build up step by step are never meaningless.
It is a great help in important moments of life.

‘Well, that’s what Sora is saying.’

I need to trade speedily.
Knowing the direction.
In fact, this is more of a scam.

What makes gifts difficult is that they keep changing direction.
Giving fakes to deceive investors.

“Are you going to trade, senior?”
“Why? Teach me?”
“You’re going to touch your stomach again. I hate it because it hurts.”

How bold a trade can be made under the premise of knowing it.
There aren’t many opportunities to see it right in front of you.

‘I just won’t show it.’

Sora blushes.
You may have learned something more than a stomach ache.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!

There is no time to worry about it now.
As coin prices have recently risen, the war of nerves is fierce.

‘I’d like to make an adjustment section.’

It’s also unsettling to go up too high.
The forces are holding a huge amount of goods.

When ants live, it is the power to realize profits.
It is a rule that does not change even on the coin board.

I want to make organic adjustments.
That way, you can make a bigger rise in the long run.

─The program is fucking solid!

It doesn’t work.
It is supporting the support line as if there is an invisible hand.

‘Although it will help to realize profits to some extent.’

What if it goes higher?
I can’t help thinking like that from a power point of view.

Being eaten by a larger force.
The forces are getting ant hair.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!
─The program casts Rainbow Reflection!

So around this time, we fight fiercely.
The forces to destroy and the programs to defend against.

The program is a winning streak.
This is why the recent coin market is rising without any organic adjustment.

Tak, Tak!

If you don’t know, you have no choice but to be anxious.
But I know the story behind this.

‘You’re making unlimited purchases based on stablecoins.’

Funds are plentiful
The organization that runs the program can decide and support it.

─Buy orders have been placed!

You can climb safely.
The basic strategy is to pre-buy at the support level and take profits.

“Senior’s bed smells like it.”
“Sleep in a stinky place like this? I can’t believe it.”

While I was busy trading.
Sora is lying leisurely on my bed.

‘If it smells, go quickly!’

I don’t know why I’m doing that unless I’m looking at a trade.
I ignore it and look at the chart again.

─China’s big hand sold Ethereum!

A little strange.
Sections that should be blocked by the program.
The force succeeds in penetrating it.

‘This can be happen.’

All I see is the big picture.
If you follow the original pattern too much, it will of course be read.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Second support line.
When I drew Ilbong, it was a place that had never been pierced in the last three days.

It definitely rebounds here.
Looking at the pattern so far, I was sure.

─The program solved rainbow reflections!

Break through again
It’s also a sbunbong, and it’s not that the lower tail has been formed for a while.


About 200 billion was signed.
Cold sweat runs down my cheeks.

* * *

Tadak! Tadak!

Time to fall asleep normally.
Rachel stares at the monitor screen in a dark room.

─A big customer from Korea ended the massacre of ants by a big customer from China!

Because there is a war going on.
But not on a scale large enough to warrant immediate intervention.

The real one is the one who uses this fight.
I am trying to see the fisherman’s geography in the struggle between powers.

‘Buying $10 million in the Korean region. This should be seen as the former Korean A.’

For convenience, we call it that way.
It may not be the same person, but by your own guess.

─A big hand in Korea bought Ethereum!

Sure enough, it’s similar.
Again, they are using the trading method based on the support line.

‘I can’t do that.’

She intervenes herself.
It is to artificially manipulate the program’s defenses.

─Sell order has been executed!

Breaking down the support line creates an adjustment zone.
And at the right timing.

─Sell order has been executed!

Knock it down one more time
It makes it impossible to use support as a trading strategy.

‘How about it? What would you do?’

Of course, their purpose does not change.
You can’t burn down a house to get rid of rats.

Why are you still selling?
It’s because you’re clearly reading the opponent’s cards.

Its assets are estimated to be between $100 million and $300 million.
On the other hand, the money you move.

‘We’ve got hundreds of times that. Now, how far can you last?’

This isn’t a one time thing.
We will build a more solid program by patterning today’s response.

Tadak! Tadak!

My fight with Korean A.
Rachel’s eyes are burning like a fireplace burning next to her.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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