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Because I Live in the US 115

Because I Live in the US 115

Chapter 115 – Fisherman Geography?

Autumn sunshine.


It feels good to have an after-dinner meal in the cool breeze.
It’s a different back story than usual.

“Is that person the same senior?”
“That damn pretty Benz girl has a girlfriend…”

I haven’t heard any good stories.
A separate story from stock success.

‘Stocks have that side as well.’

It clings to itself like a hyena.
He said he wanted to own stocks.

It’s not that I want to learn.
It is a comfortable sound to ask for stocks that can rise.

I hate you just by ignoring it.
I hear the sound of not teaching that for the first time.

‘I just want to eat the sweet fruit.’

Leaving aside the difficulties of farming.
Surprisingly, there are such people in the world.

Surprisingly, this is quite common.
Because of that, I was hated by some department students.

“If I earn a lot of money, I want to date John Ye-nyeo.”
“That older brother can do it too.”

A woman becomes an object of envy.
Since ancient times, a pretty woman is a symbol of success.

‘Because it’s classified as an accessory.’

It is a pure desire that humans have, regardless of gender discrimination.

You can see the year full of desire up and down.
As soon as you leave the smoking area, you run into Sora.

“I’m not pissed.”
“I’m 100% pissed off.”
“I’m not pouting!”

If it was normal, I would have come running and thumped.
They’ve been ignoring me lately.

‘It’s cute because it shows inside.’

Why are you doing this all of a sudden
It wasn’t such a difficult story to infer.

“Do you want to go over there and talk to your brother?”
“I have nothing to say.”
“Sora hasn’t kissed me lately, so he’s smoking.”
“Either she bleeds or she dies.”

Cold expression.
It was like this when we first met.
It exudes an aura that is hard to talk about.

‘It’s been a while, so I’m excited.’

I take Sora to her empty classroom.
It was a place that Hyeri and I spent a lot of time during the festival.

“Why are you pouting?”
“Because I’m not upset.”
“It’s true that you’re angry. You have to tell me why you’re angry so my brother can fix it.”

I corner Sora against the wall.
He is not making eye contact with her even though he is creating an atmosphere.

Soothe little by little
Twenty twenty open her heart, which had been tightly closed with her arms crossed.

“Where did you hear that?”
“What did you hear?”
“I hear you have a girlfriend.”
“Then isn’t it? My friend said he saw it himself…”

It’s not just one or two places that get stabbed.
Upon closer inspection, it was about Yumin.

‘I see a bit of jealousy.’

I don’t know if I’m conscious of it, but it’s definitely a feeling of jealousy.
It may not be the last sex, but a change of heart after Yasu.

“I’m not a girlfriend. I’m just a call girl.”
“Call girl…?”
“You don’t know what a call girl is? What a call girl is.”

He puts it into Sora’s ear and tells her whispers.
Sora’s face, who had been listening quietly, turned red.

‘It’s fucking cute, really.’

Tease a little more
Why did she call a call girl?
That the night with Sora was not forgotten.

“I chose a girl with big breasts and enjoyed it.”
“W-what are you talking about!!”
“If you look closely, it’s your fault. You won’t even show the show with this dirty body.”

I can almost hear the sound of my heart beating.
The completely blushed face reflects Sora’s feelings.


Hit the hardened conch.
After being kissed by surprise, I once again shut up what I was about to say in embarrassment.

“But it was bad.”
“Your thighs are much tighter. You can’t compare her to Sora’s because her breasts are so big and soft.”

And whisper
I tried to avoid eye contact, but the mount was completely caught.

Grab her breasts
Her heart is already half broken.

“There’s nothing like these monster tits.”
“Is the misunderstanding resolved? Can I massage your breasts?”
“……It’s loosened up. Don’t knead the chest.”

Sora, who would normally have told me not to touch him, is calm.
An angry reaction.

Push more
The relationship between a man and a woman becomes stronger as they overlap each other.

“It smells like cigarettes.”
“I can’t help it, really.”

We share a proper kiss after a long time.
It’s a deep and sticky kiss as I like.

‘It’s my masterpiece.’

Sora’s soft, thick tongue creeps in.
Side! Let’s suck it up and get more deeply entangled.

Lick her insides sparingly.
Don’t forget to feed my saliva.


When she opened her mouth, her stern face was nowhere to be seen.
The guard, which was like an iron wall, collapsed.
Moments of joy.

“Brother stood upright.”
“If Sora drained the water once like last time, she would sink.”

And when corrupting.
I put my crotch in Sora’s hand.
I can’t run away because I’m in a position that I’m driven to the wall.

Sora’s eyes go down.
Rather than avoiding it, I care.
Her memories of that time seemed to come back to her.

“That day, I… Made a mistake because I was drunk.”
“Let’s make one more mistake.”
“I can’t help it if it doesn’t work. I have to call a call girl again.”

Responds sensitively to the word call girl.
It’s quite effective as if the jealousy hasn’t turned off yet.

“Actually, I wanted to do it with Sora, but I wasn’t satisfied with it because I did it with a call girl.”
“Oh, really nasty!”
“If Sora takes it out, there’s no need to call a call girl, huh?”

Women are animals that like to be compared and praised.
Sora is no exception.


I unzip her and hold her in my hand.
It was already half-standing, wrapped around Sora’s thin and long fingers.

“He takes out his cock without shame.”
“Don’t fuck, sleep.”
“What’s different?”
“A cock is a small thing, and a cock is a big thing.”

It gets bigger.
Sora is staring at the cock that has turned into a cock with a bewildered expression.

‘Yeah, this is what makes a woman cry.’

I didn’t put it in so I wouldn’t know.
You have to burn a knife or fire to know fear.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

I only move my hands formally.
You don’t know that such a cold attitude excites me.

“It’s nice to have Sora as the goddaughter.”
“I’m going to pack it quickly.”
“I’m imagining doing it with Sora.”
“Ah really!”

Unlike when I was drunk, I feel ashamed.
Create a situation to make it more embarrassing.

He sucks his lips and gropes his chest.
All Sora can do is hurriedly move her hand.


Something whiter and darker than that is scattered on the white-painted wall.
Sora stares blankly.

It’s not as exciting as it was back then.
It can be quite grotesque to look at soberly.


I lightly kiss the nervous Sora.
I keep my mouth shut, but I accept it if I try a few more times.

“Thank you, Sora. It was so nice.”
“If you can, clean it up quickly.”
“But this will happen again after a day. I hope Sora will solve it.”

Rejection reaction.
I’m not used to sex yet.
But the first button was stuck.

“I’m always kneading your cock?!”
“Can’t you? Then call girl again…”
“Okay! Okay. I’ll do it… Don’t do dirty things by calling prostitutes again.”

There is also a seizure button.
When I touch it, it gives permission pretty meekly.

‘A whore is a whore. Internet slut.’

Hugs the special Sora tightly.
Sora’s goddaughter is much more satisfied.

“If you get caught doing that again, I’ll crush this, so you know how to do that.”

I tightly gripped the thing that was once cheap and turned into a dick.
My back shrinks without even realizing it.

‘Can Hyeri or Suhyeon arouse jealousy?’

Today, I am satisfied with this level.
After cleaning up, he sneaks out of the classroom.

“Was it thrilling?”
“I don’t know!”
“The day will come when Sora will open her eyes someday…”
“That day never comes!”

It seems to be concerned.
It can be more so because he is usually a criminal.

‘It must be a matter of time.’

Keith also made a fuss at first.
Now, he knows how to move his tongue well.

One reason to do CC.
The day will come when Sora will realize it someday.

“Anyway, since you did it… Teach me.”
“Have sex?”
“Ah, I thought I wanted to take it off again.”

There is no desire as instinctive as sexual pleasure.
Sora should also be honest with himself.

‘I have to pay the price.’

She says she’s been trying out a deal recently.
I want to gain experience even if it is not my field of expertise.

I haven’t even had my first experience, so I don’t know what’s so urgent about other experiences.
If you’re going to do it, there’s no reason to stop it.


After the lecture.
Go back to the bedroom
No matter who sees it, it’s a trend to make rice cakes.

“I know the support and resistance lines.”
“But there are limits to the chart alone… And, unlike stocks, there are unclear aspects to the material.”

Sora really wants to study her coin.
Just because she drained the water once, she demands everything.

‘You definitely need to know how to read charts.’

Youtube stock expert.
There is a lot of talk about the moving average, the support line, and the first purchase price.

If you listen, you will understand what it means.
But I honestly don’t know why they do it.

“Is that so?”
“Yes. Actually, after trading… It doesn’t seem to mean much.”

Shouldn’t it just be too high a price?
It doesn’t seem worth more than that.

‘But experts say it’s important.’

I feel like I have to do something.
I don’t understand why Sora is worried like that.

“Charts are something you have to keep watching to trade, not just coins.”
“I want to know this opportunity.”

There is reason in everything in the world.
There will be something you don’t know.

The learning attitude is very good.
I hope that my attitude in bed will improve someday.

Tak, Tak!

I teach for such a Sora.
How to trade charts that can be used for coins.

Open trading view.
It is a site specializing in charts, where you can draw and save lines like a drawing board.

“Do you know what this is?”
“It’s the ethereum side.”
“Well, then I’ll draw the auxiliary lines, so guess the next flow.”

Break through and watch
How I draw the line
Depending on the auxiliary line, it can be seen more clearly.

It is true that at least it increases the probability.
I believed that I would be able to find useful knowledge.

“What do you see?”
“What are you sleeping on…, Isn’t that Kiyoung?”
“Yes! What do you think Ki-yeong will do next?”
“What the fuck?”

Unlock the secrets of charts.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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