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Because I Live in the US 114

Because I Live in the US 114

Chapter 114 – Fisherman Geography?

It’s going to look a little funny.
It will be because there is a lot of excitement.

‘Even though.’

Beautiful when dressed up.
It’s a pity that Yumin’s incontinence climax.

It’s soaking the floor.
I block it with my two forepaws, but it’s not enough.


Because it is not a hand
You cannot stop the leaking liquid.
He looks at me with his legs shaking.

“Hey, come.”
“I get tired of standing anywhere without any manners.”

You will be embarrassed yourself.
It’s usually a situation you don’t have to deal with.

It is natural in my relationship.
Eliminates shame for sexual desire.

“Take off your front legs and panties and sit here.”
“Woof woof!”
“Because I’ll allow you to fiddle with your pussy.”

Scared to take off his front paws, he scratches the itchy spot with his fingers.
Fall down

Not as a beauty, but as an animal mad with sexual desire.
I fell in love with masturbation in the chair next to me.

‘There’s a reason why they act like monkeys when they first date.’

Human offspring breeding instincts are designed that way.
Turn it in a slightly narrower direction.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

Claire swollen from touching all the way.
He fidgeted with both hands and desperately soothed them.

“He was so arrogant.”
“At school. Actually, it’s not a Benz girl, it’s a daughter-in-law.”
“Woof woof!”

Embarrassing, shameful, but unstoppable.
The hot body wants pleasure.

The more you get sold, the quicker your breathing becomes.
I completely opened my eyes to my mazo tendencies.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Makes it cheaper
Coin gift.
The unit of money rolled and the amount earned are also different.

“Futures have a much larger unit of leverage.”
“This is how you can easily trade 10 billion units.”

Yumin’s hand moves faster.
He breathes heavily with his tongue sticking out like a dog.

─Sell order has been executed!

The climax comes.
The amount earned in just one short hit.
Yumin’s eyes widened as he watched.

“Even if you take it out and put it in for a while like this, 20 million won will be copied.”
“Will Ming buy a bag with this? If so, it’ll be a pearl necklace on the dog’s neck.”

Pull the dog collar.
Yoo-min’s face, which should have taken her breath away, fills with happiness.

Todok, tok!

She knocks something with one hand.
It looks like he has something to say.

“Would you like me to take it out and put it in here for a while?”
“Woof woof!”
“In this filthy place? Oppa?”

The top of the chair is messy.
She was drenched in a liquid of unknown origin.

The faucet isn’t even tight.
The dignity of a beauty cannot be found there.

‘It’s fun to ruin a woman’s life with money.’

A mark that won’t be erased no matter what man you date.
She doesn’t even say anything, but she gets up and acts cute.

Yumin dances the motorcycle dance that he is most confident about.
The desperate look makes me laugh without even realizing it.

“It’s Bag, it’s Cock. Choose one.”
“You shouldn’t be greedy. My brother is using this slutty pussy.”

Give you a choice
A moment to worry.
Soon you become honest with your instincts.

Bow down
It is wagging its tail attached to its hip while holding a doggeza on the ground.


And send it to Tok.
Stepping on the cute Yumin’s hair.

It would have been nice if Rachel was just like this.
Make it a master-servant relationship.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

She hugs Yoo-min and plays with him moderately.
The body is good, and the taste of hugging is quite good.

“It’s loose. Try tightening it like last time.”
“Woof woof!”
“You were a virgin back then? I don’t know. Tighten up quickly.”

Not much to see.
Her virginity premium also disappeared, making her a plain used pussy.

Damn! Damn!

When I hit her on the butt, there is quite a reaction.
Seeing the subtle reaction, she doesn’t hate it.

‘I don’t know if I’m becoming too masochistic like this.’

It would be good for broadcasting.
Such a concept.
Because we serve the viewers as our masters.

I also like to play with it.
Even a little harsh play is accepted as a pleasure.

“Are you taking birth control pills?”
“Woof woof!”
“You shouldn’t have a baby with a human being for a dog.”

The erogenous zone is also sensitive.
Wrapped inside, I don’t know what to do, and I shake my whole body.

Tightening is a problem.
I’m sorry to Ming-yi and the hot blooded people, but the more I use it, the more I can’t help but compare it.

‘I don’t want to see Rachel.’

* * *


A sudden chill.
Rachel covers her mouth when she tries to sneeze.

There is no one at home.
But the etiquette ingrained in the body makes it so.

‘It’s a little cold. Shall I turn on the stove?’

Get up and go to the window.
A vintage style fireplace.

Click! Click!

Stack the firewood first.
Although it is traditional to put kindling on top of it.

Kuduk! Kuduk!

Insert two sheets of rolled up newspaper.
And when you throw a match, the fire spreads easily.

This is the method my late grandfather taught me.
To myself who wanted to smoke firewood when I was young.

‘I was stubborn back then.’

They told me to do this if it was difficult.
Of course, now you can do it the traditional way too.

Or use a torch, much simpler.
Even so, I often burn newspaper to start a fire.

I feel like I can smell my grandfather.
To Rachel, her grandfather was a special person.


She changed her fate 7 years ago.
Considering his age, this is not surprising at all.

The problem is after that.
She realized how much her grandfather’s shadow was protecting her.

Tadak! Tadak!

Burning firewood.
It was near this warm fire.
After it was gone, she came to know its value.

‘I will definitely become a granddaughter who is not ashamed of my grandfather.’

It is late morning.
Originally, the time to sleep.
But Rachel is staying up all night.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Because you have to look at the market situation.
Nasdaq closed long ago, but.

‘Is it 1:00 pm in Korean time? It’s too late for me to figure it out because of the time difference.’

The coin market is open 24 hours a day.
And there is a significant share of participation from abroad.

No, it’s big
In recent years, the proportion of Asian market participants has increased tremendously.

‘I’ve been looking for a solution on the Chinese side…….’

A big player in the cryptocurrency market.
Coins since 2016 are mostly mined in China.

I prepared for that much.
The pattern of the program changes when supplies from China pour in.

Rachel herself volunteered with great effort.
I have confidence, and I actually saw the effect.

─China’s grandson is slaughtering!
─Korean ants have been attacked!

Korea was completely out of the calculation.
Movement of the chart shown on the current screen.

Most of them are Chinese.
However, there are occasional cases that are settled in Korea.

‘If you look at the number, it’s almost more.’

South Korea is emerging as a dark horse in the cryptocurrency world.
Originally a border country.

It has grown tremendously in recent months.
This is a speed that would not be possible in a normal country.

What the hell happened
I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s not a big deal.

Individual purchases are small.
Strangely obsessed with short hits.
A structure that cannot affect the big picture.

─Korean ants have been attacked!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
─China’s grandson is the embodiment of the battlefield!

It can be checked by program.
It is the VIP-only order book of each exchange.

It was built based on information from several exchanges.
It also has a backtracking function for cryptocurrency data.

‘I’m sure there won’t be any major errors with a high probability.’

It helps in macro flow forecasting.
Originally, this alone was enough.

─A big customer from Korea ended the massacre of ants by a big customer from China!

There is an irregular
When the Chinese forces go short.
The program automatically defends itself.

Riding on that flow.
By defending together, conversely, the Chinese forces are put on the defensive.

‘Even when I poured a counterattack, I rode it together…….’

Eat it up
It is moving one step faster than the program and seeing profits.

For Rachel, who is watching, it’s astonishing.
The bear does tricks and the strange guy takes the money.


A tantrum is about to explode.
Defending a program is not an easy task.
The detail is less than what humans do.

I’m glad if you do it anyway.
But there is a guy who gets stuck in the middle and sucks it like a mosquito.


But that is also a skill.
There is nothing cowardly in trading.
I also know Rachel as a financier.

Rather, admiration arises.
Riding on a change of flow.
It is impossible without a certain amount of boldness.

It’s like surviving among dinosaurs.
Overcoming the risk of becoming a flat archer even if you take just one wrong step.

‘The size of one transaction is 10 million to 30 million dollars. If so, your assets should be at least between $100 million and $300 million. They do great things with such little money.’

As an investor, I am interested.
On the other hand, she draws a definite plan based on enormous financial support.

─A big customer from Korea popped up!

Hit moderately and fall
In a sense, admiration comes out of the way the dinosaurs are bullied.

‘Well, I’m not going to wait and see.’

Funny thing anyway.
But that was until she couldn’t figure it out herself.

Rebuild the program
Find the optimal response method.

If that doesn’t work, you can increase the duty.
Why are you working overtime?

Tak, Tak!

Thanks to that, I won’t be able to sleep for 3 hours for a while.
It is an error that must be caught even by staying up all night.

‘I’ll do something you’ll absolutely hate.’

Still, Rachel smiles faintly.
There has been a slight change in the dry days.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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