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Because I Live in the US 113

Because I Live in the US 113

Chapter 113 – Why Coins Rise

Korea University.

“I’m dying because it’s hard, so why bother?”
“Look over there! It’s a Benz, it’s a Benz! That’s an E-class.”

Students are sweating profusely.
Because the trail is so steep.

You can’t help but pay attention to the cars passing by.
Most of the professors’ domestic cars.


Occasionally foreign cars are seen.
It is going up with the smell of VIP.

That alone is amazing.
The person who gets off catches the attention of the male students.

“Ah, it’s hard, I’m going to die!”
“Hey, look there. It’s dope.”
“Have you seen a foreign car once or twice? I don’t even have the strength to raise my head.”

Anyone who climbs the slope while sweating profusely gets a sense of discomfort.
Even in the eyes of Seung-woo, who was annoyed at his friend’s fuss.

‘Oh oh!’

Mood changes quickly
A dress that cuts through the chest.
A pretty woman gets out of the driver’s seat.

They are even walking towards themselves.
At first, I wondered what kind of rice cake it was, so I opened my eyes wide and looked at her.

“Yes, yes! Me, me?”
“I’m looking for someone. Do you know Lee Chan-wook from the Department of Economics?”

Come to speak
It’s an embarrassing situation.
I can’t find where to put my eyes, so I lower my head.

‘Economics? I don’t know much about the fucking door…….’

What you don’t know what you don’t know
The moment when I couldn’t help the beautiful woman, and I was rolling my feet.

“If it’s the Economic Hall, it’s probably the biggest building you see on the right after entering? We don’t know who it is because we’re in different departments.”
“Thank you.”

A friend answers for you.
Mi-in gives a simple wooden bow and goes back to her car.

“Your breasts are fucking big.”
“Hyung enjoyed it to the fullest while you were sloppy.”
“Ha… I’ll just look at it.”

A beauty rarely seen.
There is even a sense of mystery when you get off the Benz.
Seungwoo, who couldn’t see properly, clicked his tongue.

‘Time is running out.’

It is a daily life for Yumin.
What passers-by see themselves.
On the contrary, it is rather unsettling.

Did your makeup go bad today?
I feel bad for worrying about it.

“This is the economics building right…? Do you know a student named Lee Chan-wook?”

I just enter the view of economics that my former child taught me.
Choose someone who is easygoing and will teach you well and ask.


A male student, of course.
He asks himself, and there is no man who will not answer.
He huddles among themselves and asks to wait.

‘As expected, a prestigious university is a prestigious university. The school seems to be spending some money.’

In the meantime, Yoo-min watches.
I saw it while driving, but the site is large and the building looks sophisticated as if it had been built recently.

The students also look smart(?).
It may be because of his mood, but he is an object of admiration for Yoo-min, who attends a mediocre four-year college.

“He was a senior in my department. I didn’t know because I was in the 15th class…”
“Yes, he’ll be there in a little while. They say it’s nearby right now?”

Such a Korean university student.
Even commercially successful.
He’s made a ton of money, and he has bigger dreams than that.

‘Aren’t you going to be angry? I came after receiving permission.’

Yoo-min is anxiously waiting for Chan-wook.
If you get scolded, I think it will lead to an interesting situation.

“Are you going to be my girlfriend?”
“Ah, yes. That’s how it is…”
“That’s right! Wow~ such a pretty person…”

Being scolded by Chan-wook is fun.
I never thought it would feel so good to be ignored by a man, to be looked down upon.


It feels more stimulating because I have only been treated.
Both body and mind became completely captive.

‘Because I didn’t answer for sure…….’

It cannot be said that there is no greed.
If possible, I want to develop into a deeper and more serious relationship.

Rice cakes for that.
A little sprinkling won’t be a big deal.

Soon after, Chan-wook arrives.
.Move to her vehicle with Yumin.

The spectacle was witnessed by the students themselves.
It’s something that can’t go unnoticed.

“Ah, no way…”
“Because I saw it!”
“I saw it too. John~ I’m pretty. I’m even a Benz girl.”

It was known from the beginning.
To do something that is far from common sense.

Are there people like that in the world?
I was an abnormal person watching from a step behind.

“I heard you did stocks, so you must have made a lot of money.”
“They say they do coins too.”
“How much money did you make to go out with such a beauty?”
“Isn’t it because he bought me a Benz?”

She becomes a successful person as a woman.
At least the gaze from the outside is reflected that way.

Provocative story.
It was only a matter of time before rumors spread within the department.

“Did you hear?”
“What the hell did you do again?”
“Sora, you’ve been a bit black these days…”

It also goes into Sora’s ears.
She’s just pretending to be indifferent, pretending not to care.

‘Senior is a bit of a strange person.’

I am conscious of it inside.
She has never had a relationship with any man.

“Girl friend?”
“Yeah! He said he came in a Benz. He said he went out with senior Chan-wook.”
“It’s skinny.”

She kissed for the first time, and more.
A subtle feeling was developing.

‘Is this chewy?’

I am sincerely angry.

* * *

I am raising a dog.

“Woongmeong! Meongmeong!”
Haha! You’re salivating, you bastard.”

He listens well and is a nice guy.
Yoo-min is terrifyingly acting aegyo when the two of them are together.

‘There’s a sex appeal.’

Female cam.
It is a job to show others.
You know how to decorate your appearance.

“Keeing, kiing…”
“Did you miss it?”

Dominating such a woman gives a pure sense of conquest.
Put your hand inside Yumin’s skirt.

‘The teaching assistant did a little too well.’

It is very wet
The hymen is completely pierced and the finger enters without resistance.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

As she moves, saliva drips from her mouth.
It seems that he was startled by the sudden stimulation.

“It’s annoying, so go with this.”
“Woof woof!”
“Isn’t this enough for a dog’s pussy?”

The inner wall wriggles.
Yumin’s reaction also looks good, so I send it quickly.


No, I leave before I can do anything.
Even the back of her hand is soaked with an unknown liquid.

“It’s ridiculous, hey.”
“It’s yours, so wash it and clean it.”

Scared of dripping water, she puts her tongue on it.
Then he starts licking her hand with sincerity.

‘Even if I don’t cosplay.’

My body and mind have become dogs.
He is a loyal dog who treats me as his master.
Talking to people was completely forbidden.

Todok, tok!

Send what you need via KakaoTalk.
I am tapping my smartphone with the other hand while sucking my hand hard.

“I love the pussy!”
「Please touch me more♡♡♡」
“Well, I want to learn coins from my brother…….」

“Isn’t the latter an excuse?”
“Do you dare to deceive the master? Today I will only stir with my fingers.”

It’s not a good place to do Kasek.
Ride Yumin’s car and move.

‘Actually, driving is for fun.’

It’s raining with your hands.
The thighs are good, but the real thing is still wet.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

Put up to two fingers
There is a reaction when you press the inside.

He also gently returns the clip with his thumb.
Water pools on artificial leather chairs.


I’ve been gone two or three times.
A crisis comes to Yoo-min, who is barely behind the wheel.

〈 Welcome!〉

Toll gate.
It seems that he didn’t cut the high pass.
You have to roll down the windows and pay the bill.

I was so excited that I was out of breath.
I’m not talking to people until the end.

“Woof woof!”
“I’m sorry. He can’t speak people.”
“Here’s the money. Check it out.”

Hand the bill to the bewildered collector.
Even if you have decades of experience, this will be your first experience.

‘Actually, this kind of play.’

It is correct that it is optimized for Yapple.
It’s fun because you have to do it outdoors to double the shame.

“Ming is a loyal dog. He follows his brother’s words.”
“Woof woof!”
“Can’t you use human language from now on?”
“Woof woof!”

A face that seemed half finished as a human.
I don’t know what to do with shame, shame, and excitement.

‘This is why it is worthwhile to train a virgin.’

You can establish your sexual values ​​as you like.
If you do something a little harsh, he will follow suit.

Rachel should have been too.
I’m holding it in the grass so that I can’t even make a sound.


I arrive at Yumin’s house.
It is said that after the broadcast became a box office hit, it moved to a better place.


As soon as he arrives, he immediately changes into a dog costume.
The gorgeous beauty from before is nowhere to be found.

Only puppies in heat.
She’s a little pitiful, to the point where she doesn’t even think about eating.

“You said you wanted to learn coin, right?”
“Woof woof!”
“You want to hit rice cake? No, hold back. I’m comforting you there alone.”

Wearing her paws.
The quality of the cosplay outfit is high.
Because of that, she can’t even be touched satisfactorily.

I only scratch my ugly thighs.
It’s a little funny because it’s a desperate look with legs spread in the shape of an O.

‘It’s a kind of play to keep me waiting.’

Neglect play.
I slowly go about my business with Yoo-min, who is at a loss for what to do, next to me.

Tak, Tak!

There is a separate exchange where I trade.
There are many things to prepare for, such as security and secondary indicators.


Yumin looks pretty tough.
Mentally, you’re already gone.

Long wait.
Provocative situation.
It even bothered me the entire way.

‘I don’t know how else to satisfy my sexual desire.’

He is faithfully waiting for me to soothe him.
It will be delicious if you eat it when it is hot.

“This is the exchange where my brother trades…”
“Woof woof!”
“You know the gift? Should I explain the concept of the gift?”

Deliberately struggling
It is also what you want.
Coin description.

Yumin looks at her panting with her tongue.
There must be something else you really want.

“Except leverage, it’s not that different, right?”
“Woof woof!”
“But it’s real. Can you show me how much your brother trades?”

‘It’s an expression that will fight even a little stimulation.
Her skin trembled thinly, and her large breasts swelled up.

See in such a state
It’s what women say the most, and in a sense, they want more than a big dick.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 3,759,023,250
+919,496,277 (+32.38%)

Yoo-min buwak and fights.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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