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Because I Live in the US 112

Because I Live in the US 112

Chapter 112 – Why Coins Rise

November 2017.
This is the time when Bitcoin, which has been sideways at the $6,000 level, will surge.

‘Until then, I have to figure out the movements of the chart as much as possible.’

Same as last time.
Follow the movement of the chart.
Check the fine fluctuation points.

This is because you can read the perspective of the forces there.
Very occasionally they reveal their intentions.

“So you keep watching.”
“Is Hyeri interested in coins?”
“No, because I’m only interested in you. Haa…, Haa…”

I’ll keep watching as long as I can.
Since it is a boring job, I came to Hyeri’s house to relieve boredom.

‘Oh, I can feel it.’

I’m hugging you on the chair.
Unlike Sora, it is light and smooth.

“Hi-beep! He-beep!”

It also makes a funny noise every time it is hit.
Portio is being developed recently.

‘Because he has a shallow vagina.’

Erogenous zones are also concentrated in the front.
Although there was a reluctance to stab the inside.

“It’s okay!”
“I don’t think it’s okay.”
“No, I feel good. This is something, something is strange…”

Now I enjoy myself too.
He rubbed the inside of himself round and round on the firm glans.

‘Ah, this is why I like young women.’

It is worthwhile to develop.
I am proud of myself when I see that I have found a new pleasure.

A little help.
He picks up Hyeri’s small body and stabs her inside.

“Hick! Heeik…”

She holds her limbs as strong as she can.
It trembles like a small animal in my arms.


Eat cute Hyeri’s lips.
Use to shut her mouth.
And I shake it moderately and it makes me feel good.

The gone vagina is convulsing.
Using a woman as a substitute for an ona hole is quite irritating.


Hyeri felt a little too much.
Breathing heavily, shed a little sweat, tears, and even a runny nose.

‘Look. I’m supposed to be a jerk like this.’

It is an age that has not yet been asked.
It’s my first time doing something, or I have little experience.

“My pussy is weird…”
“How strange is that?”
“It’s just, it’s so strange. Let me rest a little…”

Even if you eat it once, you will get sick.
It is fun to teach one by one and make the body remember.

Originally, of course it should be.
It’s a problem because there’s one bitch like a freak.

“I’m sorry. My heart is so full.”
“Was it that good?”
“Yes! I really like working with my brother. I really, really like it.”

‘Will it be a little different if I eat beef?’

Even though I couldn’t eat it, I tried to make it a ritual.
You have to create interest in the relationship between the sexes.

There was interest.
They made me come to the sex education practice.
Sora’s first man, No. 1, ended with only semen.


I should have packed it here.
I feel sorry for Hyeri, who has become a target for venting her anger.

‘It’s like meeting talented people, losing their mentality, and healing themselves with Western education!’

I don’t know why my pride should be hurt.
It was a tilted playground where I was cheap and he was not.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Thanks to Hyeri, I am healed and trading is easy.
There is no particular difficulty in the movement of the coin chart.

“Do you think the coin will go up more?”
“It’s amazing to know by looking at the charts.”
“Observing the quarter peak, the first peak, and the main peak, you can see the approximate flow…”

The support line is supported.
The resistance line rises little by little.
It gives me the feeling of going down sometimes.

‘If you look at it a little bigger, the flow doesn’t change.’

In this case, there is no need for hedging, just a little bit of evaluation management.
It’s better to hold it than to respond clumsily.

“Do you want Hyeri to coin too?”
“The price seems to have gone up a lot.”
“I can make a lot of money for the time being.”
“I’m fine with oppa’s coins♡”

Originally, the kids who hear rumors about the Ponzi scheme for the first time and flock to it make money.
This is just such a situation.

‘Hyeri listens well, but she’s not having fun.’

As an investor.
I am listening to what I have to say and making a small return on my investment.

It’s not that I don’t study, but it’s just theory.
Actual trading skills are virtually non-existent.

“I don’t care if the head of the stock club plays coins….”
“It’s not like that.”
“I’ll do it if you want me to.”
“No. That’s just what I said.”

Instead, the club is running well.
She is a talented person in the right place because she has good social skills.

‘More than I thought.’

Thanks to this, I can concentrate on trading with peace of mind.
Sometimes it would be nice to give a prize.

“Are you free this weekend?”
“Do you have time?”
“Do you want to go on a hot spring trip with my brother? I might not be able to walk around the next day.”

Gives a kiss
If Suhyeon likes stimulating events, Hyeri likes mundane events.

‘Still, a person I can talk to is better as a partner.’

No matter how great an investor she is, she has blind spots.
If you are looking for a partner, she will have to be of the opposite orientation.

In that sense, Rachel was fine.
Even if it is a little strict, the values ​​as an investor are established.

This is an important part.
Even if I make wild investments, I’m not ignoring traditional investments.

I rather prefer it because it can be a complementary relationship.
Assuming the level is right.

“Even now, my legs tremble after playing with my brother.”
“If it gets stuck all day, it might not go back to its original state♡”

It is an area that neither Hyeri nor Suhyeon has reached yet, even Sora.
Rachel, who had received an elite education, was the only one.

‘The taste of her pussy was also really good.’

Usually, once you use it, it becomes tattered.
The hole is wide open and shows no signs of closing.

Hyeri is still young.
There is a mystery in the human body that closes again if not used for a few days, but it cannot last forever.

Partners who are good at sex and good at investing are rare.
Rachel was excellent both at night and during the day.

“Shall I call Suhyun too?”
“Oh, is that so?”
“If it’s 3P George, it might be a bit slow and become herbal.”
“Soohyun has a boyfriend. Oppa was bad♡”

She kept trying to bind me, so when she declared eating, I didn’t expect her tap to turn.
She’s crazy

* * *

Fabian has been in big trouble lately.

‘Under…… , A boss who really hits the target is here.’

Because of the new boss.
Even if you hit it a lot, you don’t look over 25 years old.

Of course there is.
Geniuses who skipped grades.
Not uncommon here on Wall Street.

Even so, he is a freshman who has just graduated from college.
Then she’s on top of her own head.

“How about the loading report?”
“Ah, yes! The CPI has been announced. As a result, the analysis that the FED may be hawkish…”

She was sitting in such a far-off place that she might not be able to roll for the rest of her life.

Originally I thought it was a parachute.
Due to the nature of the family office, precious family members come.

A fledgling who doesn’t know the field.
I thought I could cook it moderately and boil it.
It was a surprisingly difficult year.

‘The suit looks stuffy. I want to stick my hand in there and rip off all the buttons.’

Have the ability
Besides, it’s sexy.
For Fabian, it was bound to be a pain in the ass.

“Do you have anything more to say to me?”
“Oh, no! It seems that your appearance is shining more today.”
“It’s boring.”

It’s crazy.
His machine-like attitude was also right in the middle of Fabian’s strike zone.

‘Fuck that sword! You’re wearing it to look bad on purpose.’

It is the romance of many men to tear and attack a arrogant woman’s stockings.
I just can’t.

Neither class nor reason had room to do anything.
Imagination is all that can be done.

‘He’s a bit creepy. It’s okay because I did a good job.’

She doesn’t even care about her as Rachel.
Competent subordinates.
That is if you do a good job.

She also made some assumptions.
She said that someone might be unhappy with taking on the project herself.

Tak, Tak!
Tadak! Tadadak!

It’s something you have to prove with your abilities.
Rachel looks around the office where her employees work.

‘What the fuck!.’
‘Stockings…… , Scent…….’
‘If I treat her sexually, she’ll work like a dog for the rest of her life.’

Her subordinates are bound to be on the nerves.
A suit that is stuffy for a slim body.

The contrast between them is rather attractive.
Every time I pass by, I salivate! Swallow

‘Things are going well. It’s going well, but…….’

Only Rachel is unaware of the thoughts of such employees.
It is only observed as part of the job.

“Have there been any comments from the field staff?”
“Yeah, not really…. Maybe because the director’s work instructions are so perfecthehe.”

Fabian follows and flatters her.
I’m relieved that things are going well, but I have no choice but to think about other things.

‘It might be something the staff can’t pinpoint. This person is also very unreliable.’

Something overly smooth.
She is not arrogant enough to praise herself for her own abilities.

A perfectionist in hers, she is also hard on herself.
She will find out where there are no missing parts.

“Isn’t there the data I asked you to investigate before? Around September.”
“Ah, that’s right! It looks like it was completed just in time. I didn’t tell you because there was nothing special…”
“Please hurry up.”

It happened.
No big deal.
With Fabian’s expression, he half agreed with himself.

‘Although there will be guys like hyenas…….’

Short hitters who notice each house and follow them.
But in the long run, it’s bound to be robbed eventually.

Unless you fully read their intentions.
In that sense, this collection is.

“After making inquiries to the exchange, it was reported that the trading volume in some regions has soared.
“I’ll have to look into the unofficial route.”
“Huh? You’re reacting a bit over-sensitive…”

When Rachel glared at me, she shut her mouth.
I don’t understand the seriousness of this matter at all.

‘I’m managing at least tens of millions of dollars. If something similar happens again, it’s likely to have an impact on our profitability and our long-term goals.’

Very long term.
A similar movement has been observed recently.
It’s not even the US, Europe, or Japan, it’s a different region.

It must be seen that this is not a coincidence.
It is reasonable to think that a particular force moves with a particular purpose.

“If you are a developing country, it will be difficult to figure out even if you ask for cooperation.
“It’s not like that. It’s a country that is included in the developed countries.”
“Is there such a country besides America, Europe and Japan?”
“Yes, you may have heard of it, but…”

There are sometimes
An organization that establishes branches in developing countries for the management of illegal funds and illegal funds.

It is at the level of catching international criminals, so we should practically let go.
However, the country that came out of Fabia’s mouth was a different place.

‘South Korea. It’s Korea.’

Rachel hasn’t been boring in a long time.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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