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Because I Live in the US 111

Because I Live in the US 111

Chapter 111 – Why Coins Rise

President of the coin club.
Joo-kyung has recently been excited.

“Everyone, the coin goes up. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””
“Coins are bound to be broken unconditionally. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””

Club members are slowly recovering.
Because the value of the coin is widely recognized.

And there was another reason.
A student passing by muttered something.

“Bastards who believe in Ponzi schemes…”
“How dare you speak ill of the holy coin god!”
“Heh heh, calm down believers. It’s because he doesn’t know the sacredness of coins.”

If it was normal, I would have been concerned.
Wicked cultists denigrate Coyne’s doctrine.

‘How foolish. It’s stupid for a while.’

But now it’s different.
Coin is receiving widespread recognition.
More than just a price increase.

“Don’t be shaken.”
“Coin will lead you to eternal life. With the stable goddess!”

Has real value.
Another coin appeared that guarantees the value of Bitcoin.

‘She is truly a goddess!’

Coin is God.
And stablecoins are goddesses.
It can be seen that God is leading the way.

“Here, boss.”
“You should call me the teacher!”
“Heh heh, any title is fine. What’s the matter?”
“What is a stablecoin, and how does it increase the value of Bitcoin?”

It has not yet spread to this world.
Why does the value of a coin have no choice but to go up to infinity?

‘Because stablecoins are linked 1 to 1 with the dollar.’

It can be considered equivalent to the dollar.
Foundations with it continue to buy bitcoin.

“They are also devout Koinists.”
“”Oh oh!””
“We issue stablecoins every month, and we spend all of them on buying bitcoins, so the coins just keep going up!”

Structure of issuing coins and buying coins.
This is why the price of Bitcoin has no choice but to rise.

‘With a stable coin.’

It had the same value as a dollar.
Coins with such high creditworthiness guarantee Bitcoin.

“Then how do stablecoins retain their value? Who keeps buying them for $1?”
“Whoops, that’s a good question.”

Just a believer with shallow faith.
It seems that there are still doubts about Coin.

It could be.
That’s why the goddess exists.
He is the number one admirer of Bitcoin.

‘How can banks guarantee their credit? Until you have a lot of cash.”

The same goes for stablecoins.
It has a large amount of ‘bonds’ that can be exchanged directly for cash or cash.

“You can say it’s a coin-based bank. Even the price of the bitcoin you have goes up, right?”
“What if I climb?”
“You get more credit. You can buy more Bitcoin, folks!”

That guarantees the value of stablecoins.
The value of the bitcoins you buy increases day by day.

Buy more bitcoins based on your increasing creditworthiness.
The price of bitcoin rises again, and so does the credit rating.

‘Infinite virtuous circle. This is the future of cryptocurrency. Mmmm!’

Ju-kyung is satisfied with his explanation.
The enthusiastic response of believers proves this.

“There will be more stablecoins in the future.”
“There is also a Korean coin, Luna Coin!”
“Hey mother-in-law!”

Cryptocurrency is getting bigger in the future.
Gods and goddesses.
Bitcoin and stablecoins will lead this.

‘What kind of bullshit is that?’

3rd day since I started coining.
The spirit of building becomes distant.
Common sense wouldn’t be able to do that.

* * *

Extracurricular activities.
Not everyone is just having fun.

“It can’t be, it can’t be…”

One of the friends sitting next to him seems to be having a hard time.
He muttered something to himself and ran away as if he were running away.

“I don’t seem to have adjusted to the club.”
“There are friends like that. All you have to do is to devote yourself to it.”

What do you think
It is impossible not to know.
I was also quite active in this coin club.

I also became quite close with the club president.
As a coin investor, it is also to share information.

‘In the country of the blind, only the two-eyed are beaten.’

It’s perfect to use as a human indicator.
It is quite excellent, so you can grasp the psychology of recent coin investors at a glance.

“As long as this stablecoin exists, the coin will go upwards indefinitely. Do you guys believe it?”
“”I believe!””

It is a cryptocurrency that is linked 1 to 1 with the dollar.
It is a theory that guarantees the value of Bitcoin.

‘It can’t be.’

Of course it’s dog shit.
There’s no way the world could roll so easily and cutely, right?

But it’s also something that really happens.
The stock board says:
It’s called the birth of a new logic.

“You are amazing.”
“What? It’s all thanks to the believers who always believe in and follow us.”
“If a stablecoin buys an infinite number of bitcoins, will the bitcoins have infinite value, or more?”
“That’s right! Believer Chanwook. Bitcoin issuance is limited, sohehe.”

There is something called the Hyman Minsky model.
This is the most famous and universal theory that explains how bubbles are created.

‘If the market rises excessively.’

In economic theory, of course, it should go down.
As rational investors throw away their assets.

In reality it doesn’t roll that way.
New logic.
The principle that assets will go up is created (?).

“Everyone, the coin goes up. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””
“Coins are bound to be broken unconditionally. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””

At least it helps me
Because the more people who believe in it, the more bubbles there are in the coin.

‘They call in new investors again.’

It’s not easy from the point of view of playing a ponzi scheme.
If they make a mistake, they will have to embrace their stock.

The value hasn’t changed, but the price only goes up?
Other forces may notice and hit the shot.

And gift listing.
Two things provide liquidity to the market.

Forces can safely raise prices.
The ants who saw the price increase rushed like a swarm of flying flies.

Todok, tok!

Common sense makes no sense.
If the value of any asset could increase indefinitely, dogs, cows, and puppies would all become rich.

Sounds like there’s a hole somewhere.
It will explode in stablecoins.
It was because of one incident.

『Koogle』-About 0 search results (0.74 seconds)
No search results that match tether coin manipulation.

‘As expected, it hasn’t become a fuss yet.’

The biggest reason stablecoins can be trusted is bonds.
In other words, trust is proportional to the amount of bonds held.

Bonds are expensive.
So they cheated on their bond holdings.
The loose legal regulation of the coin board made this possible.

The Sasang Pavilion will collapse the moment it is discovered.
I just need to keep that in mind and do coin trading.

* * *

Grand Capital.
It is the world’s largest investment bank.

“This is the document I sent you by e-mail. If you have confirmed the above, please sign it.”

Their influence in the financial world goes without saying.
I’m used to being treated every time I go on a business trip.

‘It’s a bit unusual here.’

Hamilton, an IB, feels the current.
Unlike PBs, we consult with companies, not individuals.

This is one of our subsidiaries.
In terms of company size and position, they are at the top of the pack.

“Has anything changed?”
“Nothing in particular. No, no!”
“Then you won’t have to double-check. It’s signed here.”

The host has changed.
The attitude of the woman in front of her is that she clearly recognizes that she is the top.

‘I don’t think I’m arrogant just because I’m pretty.’

I was puzzled at first.
Are you our subsidiary?
Are you borrowing money from our bank?

But things in the world are not that simple.
The contents of the contract are unconventional compared to other customers.


There is such an eye.
Hamilton also did not spend a day or two at the company.

You have to be an elite to run IB.
Raw meat is on the Wall Street Stock Exchange.

‘Is it information that doesn’t need to be conveyed to an ordinary employee like me…….’

Yes, regular staff.
If you try to know, you intuit that you shouldn’t.
After confirming her cause of death, Hamilton hurriedly exits the business as if running away.

‘This way, I’ll be able to create a smoother cash flow.’

Rachel Bigger.
She serves on the board of the Family Office.
It is a private fund established by wealthy families to manage their assets.

There are many other places besides here.
It is directly or indirectly managed by the heirs of the family, and the performance of the fund affects the reputation of the heirs.


Rachel is still young.
There was no official successor.
It is performing a special mission to gain recognition.

“Is the purchase going well?”
“It went so well that I can’t wait for the incentive dayhaha!”

Go back to the office
Fabian, the team leader of the work team he was in charge of, made a fuss and made a report.

‘Of course it should.’

It has to be good
Family power.
All kinds of information from the world comes in quickly and accurately.

And in the financial world, information soon becomes money.
Replacing it is the main content of the job.

“The rate at which stablecoins and miners are buying bonds is accelerating, so we will place stronger bets on Bitcoin’s rise.”
“More than now?”
“If you have a disagreement, please speak up at any time. With valid reasons.”
“Ah, no… I completely agree with the director’s words!”

The point is, how much better can you do it?
Rachel has absolute confidence in her abilities.

‘He’s a boring man. It doesn’t matter as long as you do what you’re told to do.’

You bet a lot on the rise of Bitcoin.
It directly challenges the view of the industry that is skeptical of coins.

Because it had such a structure.
Based on the performance, it succeeds in receiving a larger amount of money.

“Recently, the volume has been soaring. Certainly, the uptrend will not be broken in the short term.”
“What about the report?”
“Yes! Recent transaction data. No anomalies found.”

Of course, big bets come with big risks.
If it’s family power and intelligence, you can hedge even that.


Bitcoin transaction data that has been compiled by subordinates.
There were faint traces of concern.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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