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Because I Live in the US 110

Because I Live in the US 110

Chapter 110 – Why Coins Rise

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Quiet room.
Only periodic sounds fill the room.

“What do you think?”
“Don’t ask.”
“It feels so good to have Sora as the goddaughter.”
“Don’t tell me!”

I am being served by Sora.
The clumsy hand movement rather stimulates my excitement.

‘Because I can’t be full on the first drink.’

I asked for something simple.
Surprisingly, getting permission was not difficult.

“Are you okay with this?”
“Didn’t you learn it in sex education class?”
“Yeah, I learned a lot… But I didn’t pay much attention to it.”

Just looking at it, it seems to be full of interest.
My eyes keep going quietly to my groin.

‘Just by looking at it.’

Male relationships are complicated.
But, I didn’t even have the first experience.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

I’m opening my mouth.
Sora grabs my cock and wiggles it up and down her.

“Does a man feel good when he does this?”
“It’s strange. It’s like having something this big hanging from your crotch.”

The movement is getting more and more mature.
It was the same with kissing, but hand skills also improve quickly.

“It’s disgusting.”
“It gets hard when you touch it a little, and every time you sweep it, it’s gooey.”

Mouth and hands play separately.
While saying no, the hand stimulates the erogenous zone.

‘Am I being sold?’

To the extent that I think so.
I wonder if it sounded fun, the speed of the round trip is getting faster.


Sucks Sora’s lips
It seems to allow her to squeeze her chest.

Drive the momentum and attack the tongue and chest.
It’s because I feel like I’m losing if I stay like this.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Hands don’t stop
He doesn’t even consider the timing of my fight and shakes it randomly.

“Wow, did you just ejaculate?”
“…Can’t you see?”
“It’s the first time I’ve seen it in real life. Wow, it flies that far.”

Gireko ejaculates.
It bounces from the end of the bed to the coffee table next to it.

‘It’s fucking embarrassing.’

I usually endure it once before packing.
Only then can it cool down to the last drop.

It feels cheap now.
As for Sora, it’s fun, so he’s going to die.

“Can you go farther?”
“That’s right, the more excited you are, the better.”
“How? Get a little more excited.”

Totally using me as a sex education practice subject.
Tightly massage the cheeky breasts.

‘What if I put my mind to it?’

I just couldn’t afford it.
If you take a cheap shot and attack calmly, you can send them off first.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Sora uses both her hands.
Grab her pole and shake it while holding her glans with her left hand.

“How about this?”
“It feels good, right? More excited? Perverted. Perverted.”

I guess I got the hang of it, and I twirled her glans with the palm of my hand.
Press down and give another stimulus.

‘Isn’t he actually the ace of the granddaughter’s room?’

The lips move according to the lips.
I accept my tongue coming in while sucking on the side.

I tightly gripped Sora’s chest.
The quickening of his heart beat made him excited too.

It rises higher than before.
I might fry it across the table this time, however I want.

“Oh, can’t we do this?”
“Of course not!”
“I’m sorry. I really didn’t know. What’s wrong?”

Sora squeezed the hand she was holding.
As a result, the rising liquid flowed backwards.

‘It stings!’

Pain in the urethra.
Even more tantrum than that is the fact that it didn’t come cheap.

It must have felt good.
Sora grabs my things tightly and whispers in my ear.

“You said you were sorry.”
“I’ll make you feel better, so don’t you get angry? If you get angry again, they won’t make you feel better.”

They’re swearing and threatening.
My sensitive object screams.

One more drink
Her left hand goes down gradually.
I smile hesitantly while holding onto my precious place.

“If this explodes, you won’t be able to make a baby for the rest of your life, right?”
“…Do you ask because you don’t know?”
“I was just curious~ Why are you serious? Yes?”

I don’t know why you’re curious about that.
The sex education practice seems to be quite interesting.

‘I was also a bit drunk.’

Served with wine as an accompaniment.
Because that makes it easier to eat.

“Here they make baby seeds and impregnate women.”
“If I touch it like this, maybe more will come out? Oh, sorry.”

I’m being eaten.
Mentally and physically, it serves as Sora’s sexual toy.

Bureuk! Burr!

The circumstances I had to endure once.
The accumulated liquid spurts out very coolly.

It can be seen from a distance that the table is wet.
It is also buried in the pillars beyond it.

“You seem very excited?”
“It’s because of you!”
Hehe, this is unexpectedly quite interesting.”

He is ashamed to be aware of what he has done.
But there is no sign of quitting.

‘Be cheeky.’

Whose nose hair did you touch?
I feel like I need to wake up to come to my senses.

Sitting at the end of the bed
It’s easy to fall over just by putting a little weight on it.

“Kyaa, I was attacked by my brother.”
“Would you like to lose your virginity by fooling around like that?”
“I’m sorry. Please take a look.”
“Don’t look.”

He caresses her breasts and thumps her hair.
I was trying to teach men to be afraid.

‘…… Shit.’

Do not stand
It was also wrapped in an uncontrolled state.

“Oh, I see.”
“Agi-san, you waste it uselessly and can’t stand when you really need it. You’re a complete idiot.”

Sora makes a playful face.
She smirks and takes me in her arms.


Intense kiss.
Above all, the situation creates excitement.
That you can attack if you put your mind to it.

“Ah, it’s hardened♡”
“Do you feel hot when I kiss you?”

I’m out of my mind and messing around.
Things that have already stood firm are waiting for their turn.

Swoop! Swoop!

I hugged Sora’s sturdy thighs.
Any object caught between them will be put under pressure.

‘It’s as tight as a fucking pussy.’

It’s a sexual act
I think this should be enough to soothe the mind and body.

“Are you actually going in here?”
“It’s going to hurt, right? It’s bleeding and just… Can’t you put it in?”

Sora became conscious only then.
If the aim goes down a little bit, it is the angle of the maiden graduation.


A swallowing sound is heard.
Thighs tighter and tighter.
It really feels like having sex.

Swoop! Swoop! Swoop!

Satisfy your sexual desire with Sora’s firm thighs.
Sora is also conscious of my things coming in and going out.

It rises from the depths of the egg sac.
A premonition that a huge amount will come out even though it is the third.

It really does.
Sora’s beautiful belly is being sprayed with my white turbid liquid.


It is superb.
My baby seed is pooling in my gorgeous belly button, which is lined with diamonds and chains.

“Did I waste it again?”
“Do you really want to get scolded?”
“Ah~ I was kidding. Thank you for being patient, oppa.”

Of course, it doesn’t make any sense biologically.
However, it seems like it was a very interesting experience for Sora.


Give me a kiss
After a hard day’s work, my stuff rests on Sora’s warm thighs.

‘I’ll stand again.’

I didn’t even go into the main room, but I’m satisfied.
She wants to impregnate this woman and make her mine.

“Today was so good.”
“Have sex?”
“Overall. I learned a lot about what I was curious about. I shouldn’t have learned a little about the last one.”

I am afraid that I will do well.
If the first date remains as a good memory, I am also worthwhile.

More than that.
Piled up as usual.
Because he taught me one by one despite the troublesome things.

“Coin too.”
“Only seniors can tell me in detail. Please teach me various things from now on.”

Sora is definitely coming.
Rubbing her chest against hers.


I also want to teach you how to make a baby.
No problem standing up.

“Aren’t you doing more?”
“Can not.”
“You can’t stand it? Did you end up with the cheap one?
“I can do more!”

Make your eyes shine brightly.
Saying that he will excite me again, he lays down next to me and squeezes my things.

‘I do not know.’

For Sora, it’s sex education practice time.
She’s not even getting fucked, she’s just learning how to deal with men.

“Stand up!”
“Are you good?”
“Am I excited to touch you? To a junior who is five years younger.”

What not to learn.
It must be because of his mood that he puts on a sadist-like expression.

‘Actually, I didn’t say everything.’

Prices will go up for a while.
People’s desires and madness are reflected in market prices.

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but the flow does.” – Mark Twain

Just like tulips did.
The words of Mark Twain, a writer and investor, are still talked about.

This is why stock investors should study history.
The more I do it, the more I don’t understand.

‘I’m a Jew…….’

They have been behind every bubble in history.

* * *

Washington D.C.
If Wall Street is the world’s financial center, it is the center of politics and diplomacy.

“What about the bond purchases?”
“Yes, it is proceeding as expected. However, a little special demand is being discovered.”

And politics is closely related to finance.
Because you can control the money flowing in the market.

‘Um, that’s how it goes.’

It is a debt document that can be bought and sold like stocks.
Its value is determined by market interest rates.

The Treasury can control the issuance of bonds.
It is not an exaggeration to say that it controls the flow of world currency.

“We are seeing significant buying movements on the cryptocurrency side. We are suggesting that it is a preliminary preparation for futures listing, but the calculation that it may not match the quantity we know…”
“It is not something to be reported in particular.”
“No need to report. Do I have to say it twice?”
“Oh no!”

That’s a lot of authority.
Assistant Secretary Douglas responds indifferently to reports from his subordinate officials.

Atmosphere to not bother.
The employee who has been working hard on the report closes the door and leaves, not knowing what to do.

‘I can’t hide it for a long time. A month or two at most?’

Because it’s something you’ve already figured out.
Douglas knows the reason for the recent rise in the cryptocurrency market.

This is because huge hoarding takes place with bonds as collateral.
The fact that there is a problem with the holdings of those bonds.

Tu– Tu–

Nonetheless don’t get involved
Being on a leash means being in control at any time.

〈 Yes, Uncle. What’s going on?〉
“It’s because of that… I think I need to deal with it a little faster.”
〈 Okay. It’s not something I can tell you over the phone.〉
“As expected of Rachel. She is very capable.”

It was their way of building their wealth.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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