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Because I Live in the US 109

Because I Live in the US 109

Chapter 109 – The Importance of Psychology

Sudden situation.
Sora could have been dumbfounded.

“It seems that there is some misunderstanding, boss.”

But the dealer reacts quickly.
It comes rubbing his hand like a fly.

“Brother, are you crazy all of a sudden?!”
“Stay still.”
‘It seems your boyfriend has misunderstood you. Apparently, there are unscrupulous used car dealers…….”

I didn’t say anything, but I’ll explain myself.
You probably don’t know the situation at all.

‘I guess so.’

Used car sales.
It is a job where many words come out.
To be honest, there are a lot of scammers out there.

“I apologize quickly!”
“Why me?”
“Why are you doing this, boss? Really~ It’s okay if you don’t buy a car, so calm down a bit. Your girlfriend is also in trouble.”

Mention it with your own mouth.
It seems that Sora was convinced that it was not.

‘He’s innocent and innocent.’

I don’t know why I can’t eat him.

“This is a scam, let’s go.”
“Boss, don’t do that!”

The momentum to grab even the crotch of your pants.
He sees you off until the last car ride.

Head to another used car market.
Sora shouted in a high-pitched voice.

“You’re selling like a dog, you bastard!!”
“What are you doing with this? Are you the type who can’t even bargain at the market?”
“Why are you saying that?”
“If you stick out your chest, it’s just a bargain.”

Gentlemen will give you something more.
No wonder Sora is immature.

‘How clever these days scammers are.’

Used car dealers being treated as scammers.
They know better than anyone else.

Even those who know everything and approach it are fooled.
That means making a lot of money.

“Isn’t the senior aroused with suspicion? She’s a psychopath from the beginning.”

It seems that my evaluation of Sora has gone down a lot.
Get to your next destination quickly.

‘These days, kids are angry a lot.’

Another used car market.
I hope this is a good place.

“Hey, this chew! Sell this car?”
“Fuck you!”

Sora gets angry again.
I don’t know why kids these days are so angry.

‘This must be because I ate a lot of MSG.’

Side effects of chemical seasonings.
They tend to become impatient and fail to control their emotions.

“Where did this bastard come from? If you don’t want to get beaten up, get out of here right away! A bastard who couldn’t learn will come rolling in and pick it up…”

My boss was like that too.
The used car dealer here had a rough personality.

It greets you right away with a double bath.
In fact, what I wanted was this kind of reaction.

“I’m sorry boss. It seems there was a mistake.”
“If you make a mistake, stop immediately…”
“It’s because of you! Why don’t you apologize quickly?”

He thrusts in Sora’s chest.
Large breasts have been considered a panacea since ancient times.

Daily News− 「Just looking at ‘women’s breasts’ can extend men’s lifespan”

This is the actual clinical trial.
It has the effect of extending lifespan by 4-5 years.

“I’m sorry. I’ve offended you.”
“No! I wonder what happened to his wife and children… Did you meet some bad boss?”
“Ah, yes that’s…”

Sora’s breasts are way too big, so the effect would be better.
Everything in the world is a lot of good.

‘The boss lives longer, and Sora buys a good car and how good it is.’

Kill two birds with one stone.
I feel rewarded to think that my wisdom has made the two of them happy.

“How much did you budget for?”
“It’s up to 1500.”
“Can you give me some more?”
“Because I don’t need it.”

I decided to buy a used car here.
At least you won’t encounter flooded cars.

First, it came suddenly.
The boss smiles kindly, saying that he will look for a good car.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.”
“You seem to have less empathy.”
“But it seems that my personality changes because of my senior, no, oppa.”
“Yeah, you should change a little too.”

Get back in the car
He is dissatisfied even though he made me buy a nice car.

Still not getting enlightenment.
Why did I commit such an abrupt act?

“You still don’t understand?”
“Are you going?”
“I really don’t know when I’ll grow up.”

At this rate, my breasts will grow to a K-cup.
Of course, there is a reason for the double bath.

“For example, let’s say you’re a prosthetic.”
“If you ask me how you wear such lewd things, you’ll probably say it’s because you’re lewd.”
“Fuck you bastard…”

I protest in a crawling voice.
Even if you cover your chest with both arms, your presence is still there.

‘Because trying to show off that is fake milk.’

More precisely, to attract the attention of the opposite sex.
Sometimes there are people who say they are self-satisfied, but it is 100% bullshit.

On the other hand, true milk.
I was born to be lustful.
The timing of self-awareness may be delayed.

“Look. The reaction is so different.”
“That’s your delusion!”
“But it was really different.”

The same goes for used car dealerships.
If you are a fraudster who has posted a false listing.

‘No matter how much the truth comes, I will endure it.’

Angel mode.
Yes, nodding your head and handing over the goods is the best revenge.
So what about normal dealers?

“Because it’s enough even if I don’t sell it…”
“Did you count that far?”

He explains while eating.
Sora, who finally understood, asked excitedly.

‘Couldn’t he have been swearing at me for no reason?’

There’s nothing better than creating an unexpected situation to test your mind.

“It might not be one of a kind.”
“Really you…”
“I still care.”

Of course I know.
That’s about how to distinguish a good used car.

‘But I’m not an expert.’

What if a used car dealer decides to cheat?
Even the same dealers are said to be deceived.

At least you can increase your odds.
The basic principle of all investments is to bet with high probability.

“I see.”
“Now do you understand?”
“Senpai, he’s like a senior today, but he’s secretly kind.”

Sora doesn’t hate such stories either.
That is, if you just provide an explanation that makes sense to you.

The dining area becomes amicable.
Even though I brought him to a restaurant that costs hundreds of thousands of won per meal.

“If you do this every day, I think I’ll see you again a little bit.”

Eat and go out
The chilly night air seems to be cold, and he grabs my arm tightly.

‘My breasts are fucking big, really.’

I’m paizuriing my arm.
You wouldn’t know it at all.

It teaches you how dirty your body is.
The next place to go with Sora is.

“What, what is this place?”
“A piercing shop. Don’t you know?”
“I know that, but why…”

I have a present for Sora.
To do that, you have to go through a special task.

‘Looks like you haven’t even pierced your ears. Totally a baby, a baby.’

It makes it fit the slutty body.
Sora’s first hole opens here today.

Experts help.
It was pierced by someone other than me.

“Has it been pierced?”
“Are you sick?”
“It was very painful. There was blood. Oppa, it was bad.”

I’m shedding tears
A strange sense of immorality fills up to the tip of the chin.

‘If I had to say it, it’s a bobim.’

It was a female employee.
This is because there are customers who do not like the touch of men.

I’ve seen the business, so I’m going outside.
As she hugged Sora by the shoulder, she was a little conscious.

“Do you know where we’re going next?”
“Are you okay?”
“Because I believe in the promise I made with my brother…”

Even if you sleep holding hands, you will believe it.
He reluctantly allows him to enter the hotel.

‘Anyone can see that he’s going to Yasu.’

All eyes are focused on the surroundings.
Even old men find it hard to stop paying attention to this voluptuous body.

But I’m the only one who gets a taste of it.
As if to show off, they touch here and there and go to the room.


And show.
The rest of the set prepared with a lot of money for this day.

“You want me to do this?”
“It’s fine though.”

I was kind of expecting it.
You must have prepared your mind at the piercing shop.

Still don’t like it
Let’s kiss lightly, and then put on one earring.

“Rest of it?”
“I’ll do it. Oppa, do the rest. I… I don’t know how to do it.”

The content of the gift is no different.
Necklaces and other accessories given before.

‘Yes, I have to pierce the second one.’

He caresses Sora’s white belly.
Now there is a hole in this place and blood is oozing out.

“It’s easy. It’s so painful because it was pierced just now.”

I don’t know the person himself, but each of those words excites me.
Power in the hands

‘Yeah, but it’s a navel.’

The belly button is visible in the middle of the waist.
A little red swelling is not to blame.

Belly button piercing.
It appears to be temporarily blocked.
Take it off and slide mine in.

It looks a bit big
The muscles around the stomach twitch.
It hits hard without stopping.


The start of construction is completed with a groan.
A colorful chain hanging together wraps around Sora’s waist.

“It’s fucking pretty.”
“A real pervert.”
“Well, how are you my girl?”
“Only tonight…, But.”

Take off Sora’s dress completely.
She is wearing only the erotic lingerie she bought with her.

Necklace, earrings, and navel.
Glittering accessories add to the nobility.

‘How can I not attack this.’

I hugged Sora’s shoulders as if they would break.
Assuming even kissing.

When I go to bed, I panic.
It literally looks like it was overrun.

“Did you get excited, brother?”
“I think so.”
“I’m on the verge of losing my sanity. There’s only one way Sora can stop it.”
“What, what is it?”

Whisper in your ear
Surprised and salivating! Swallow

‘Well, I wouldn’t do it if I really hated it.’

It doesn’t seem like he’s not interested.
If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way I wouldn’t resist with this distracting demeanor.

“Do you want to touch me?”
“Is there any other way…?”
“I can’t help it physiologically. Sora is so pretty and attractive.”

Troubled eyes.
Sora’s eyes are focused on the protruding lower part.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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