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Because I Live in the US 108

Because I Live in the US 108

Chapter 108 – The Importance of Psychology

It is an important part of investing beyond imagination.

“Do you understand?”
“You know what?
“Because it’s filled with star wind, you can survive!”

Sora doesn’t seem to understand yet.
How much a female cam is a job suitable for an investor.

‘No, it’s just plain honey.’

If you lose money, you earn what you lost.
If you win, they shoot you congratulations.

─Noryangjin Coin Master, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!

〈 suddenly? Isn’t this a hidden camera? 〉

−That person is hot-blooded after all.
−How much did you earn with coinshahahaha
−Mingyibang wind power report

No, the big hand itself comes in.
People who made a fortune with coins.

‘They’ve been sweet these days.’

It boasted that it has increased several times more than before.
It wouldn’t have been less profitable before.

“That’s why it’s good. You can invest without trembling in anxiety.”
“That’s not what you earn with your skills!”
“You don’t know 99 again.”

Stable income.
No matter what the market does, at least you can not see a loss.

‘That’s why I can not be shaken by the immediate ups and downs.’

Of course, this is an extreme example.
There is no other special job like a female cam.

But it is also an important part.
In investing, ‘psychology’ can never be overlooked.

“You said you expected the coin to rise?”
“……It was.”
“Wouldn’t I have been able to afford more if I had other income?”
“I agree with that.”

Inflating the ball.
Apart from pride, he nods his head honestly.

‘Even if it’s not until the prenatal battle.’

Sora also had various experiences.
It is no exaggeration to say that she is a 20-year-old woman with a lot of experience.

Especially the first experience.
Not being able to leave the house for days and days was still traumatic.

“That’s why I’m being careful now. I only buy and sell with my own money.”
“You realize a little bit because you’re being made into rice cakes.”

If you invest with other people’s money, you become anxious even if it goes down a little.
If you lose, you have to make up for it with your own money.

‘Revenue other than investment is in a similar context’

People who make money only through investments cannot afford it.
This is because the risk of opportunity cost when bitten is high.

If you have income, you can afford it.
If necessary, you can focus on your main job without looking at your stock account.

“This is unexpectedly huge.”
“Nine out of ten full-time investors fail for psychological reasons.”

Investing is not just a skill.
Besides studying and gaining experience, one more thing is required.

‘Managing one’s mentality is also a virtue of an investor.’

Wall Street legends.
The life of a billionaire is far from what ordinary people imagine.

They are strict with themselves, such as frugality, faith, and donations.
It is also part of mental management.

“I think I’ve heard of it.”
“Yeah, you said it last time.”
“I don’t think he’s a senior.”

And I’m a woman uncovered.
Those people are different, and I have a difference as young as I am.

‘Anyway, the purpose is the same.’

The human mind is imperfect.
Investors should also take care of their own mental management.

“Honestly, Sora is prettier.”
“That’s kind of okay.”
“Boobs… No, her breasts are much bigger.”
“Fuck you.”

So, you need a non-investment return.
I hope Sora will consider it positively.

‘Although I know that maps are pretty.’

A dual mind that does not want to use appearance.
It’s not that I don’t know.

I want to be recognized for my abilities.
But not using your talent is foolish.

“So you want me to do a female cam?”
“In exchange for winning the bet…”
“It’s not like that.”

Grab Sora’s thin neck from the back of her chair.
I feel the warm blood flowing through her carotid artery.

‘That’s right. Keep your head down.’

I can feel her heart beating faster.
As the distance between lips and lips gets closer.


Taste lightly
It must have been rather embarrassing, so Sora didn’t know what to do.

“To make her my woman.”
“Yeah, that went too far.”
“Are you okay for today?”

Sora’s head tightly gripped her shoulder.
Body temperature and pulse rate are constantly rising.

‘It’s deep behind the breastbone.’

I want to do a female cam too.
It won’t be difficult if you get Yumin’s help.

But what if she doesn’t want to?
It is obvious that it will be difficult to continue broadcasting.

“Ha, only one day?”
“And the sexual stuff…”
“I won’t do it if Sora doesn’t like it.”

In that case, develop color skills first.
Originally, the first time in anything is the most difficult.

‘Sora, I feel sorry for her parents.’

I just want to use my daughter’s talent in the right direction.
Get Sora’s permission.


She puts on the clothes she has prepared.
It seemed that Sora would not have suitable clothes for a date.

“I’m wearing it.”
“I don’t think this suits me…”
“It suits you so damn well.”

A dark colored dress.
The fact that the chest area is see-through is for Sora, who is not accustomed to being exposed.

Even so, it is a heart that does not die in its presence.
The necklace I gave you is also wearing well.

‘If that’s the case, you want to skip dating and have sex right away.’

Hugs Sora tightly.
As usual, he trembles in her arms without resistance or attack.

“What are you going to do?”
“How far are you going?”
“It was bad.”

I’ve been a bit jaded lately.
I’m going to eat my brother who is like the sky just because I kissed him a few times.

‘Yes, this is Ada.’

Embarrassed as she puts her hand around her thin waist.
After taking a few steps, he grabs my arm.

“Is this your first date?’
“Can I give it to my brother first?”
“Don’t say anything weird.”

Slightly pinch her arm.
I can’t stop like that.
He grabs my chin and pulls it to meet my lips.

Outside the house.
There are a few people passing by.
The quiet Sora rebels for the first time.

“I, others see!”
“Why is that? Don’t like it?”
“If there are rumors about the school…”

My room is in a secluded place.
It is an undeveloped area, with outdated buildings sparsely lined up.

There are rumors that the security is not good, so the students do not come.
Instead, residents are sparsely seen.

“You know there are no students.”
“I’m ashamed though!”
“Is it okay to go somewhere where no one recognizes you?”

I reluctantly nod my head.
It was worthwhile to tease Sora to shame.


Get in the car
I never get tired of putting a woman in the passenger seat no matter how many times I try.

“Is it your car?”
“It’s a nice car.”
“I made money, but I have to spend it.”

It is also the vehicle used to see off Yumin.
This is a used car purchased at a reasonable price.

‘Still, it’s a pretty high-end foreign car.’

Sora seems to be riding for the first time.
It sits in a very small place that doesn’t fit.

Breasts big enough to cover the window.
The stretched thighs are also not to be missed.

“Sexual things… You decided not to.”
“It’s okay to touch. She’s a girlfriend.”

It would be rude if you didn’t touch it.
No, if you sit in the passenger seat, you should do that.

‘So that the driver is not bored.’

Just skinship.
As if irritated by Sora, her face turned completely red.

But it gradually loosens up.
The more you take him here and there, the more he gets out of tension.

“Look at this, senior!”
“Didn’t I tell you to call me brother?”
“Brother, I think this picture is very pretty.”

Art gallery.
It’s not really a stimulating date.
I don’t want to ruin your precious first experience.

‘I should make it mine slowly.’

Other men are lukewarm and childish, so you don’t want to date them.
He looked into Sora’s eyes and whispered.

“You are prettier.”
“Don’t give a damn.”
“It’s been a while since I came to the art museum when I was young, but I’m glad I came. I feel like I’ve opened my eyes.”

She seemed to be satisfied with herself.
It seems that there is no artistic sensibility.

‘Culture is important.’

For women, speed is as important as appearance.
Culture and personality as well as quick compatibility.

I want to teach you one by one.
It is aged to bring out the best taste.

“Where are you going next?”
“Since I endured it because of Sora, let’s go.”

End of the museum tour.
As soon as I got into her car, as if I was quite excited, I asked her where to go next.

‘Because it’s a decent place.’

She didn’t go on a wild date.
When I put out her lips, Sora readily responded.


She shows no dislike at all.
I don’t panic when I stroke her thighs.


Rather, they are more strongly intertwined.
He stretches her neck out to make it easier to kiss.

No matter how much parking.
Even inside a tinted vehicle, there are people who have passed away.

Even so, she actively moves her tongue.
Today’s Sora is quite bold.

“Is this enough?”
“Only today. Only today.”

After the kiss, she sits down.
However, her breasts that swell with her heartbeat prove it.

‘Looks like he’s pretty excited too.’

A revealing dress.
Just by wearing it, people around you draw attention.

Even I, who was traveling with them, became conscious.
Sora would have been a more stimulating experience.

“There’s still a little time left until dinner.”
“Iknow, right.”
“Sora wants to go, so is she there?”

That doesn’t look like it.
It is the psychology of every woman to want to show off her pretty figure.

It’s not that I’m doing Instagram for nothing.
Even Sora may develop a little vanity.

“Brother, you said this was a used car, right?”
“Why do you hate it because it’s a used car?”
“It’s not like that… I want to buy a car if it’s cheap.”

Then it becomes easier to eat.
Unfortunately, I had a completely different idea.

‘It’s convenient to have a car.’

Price is an issue.
It is a burden for college students.
But if it’s a used car, wouldn’t it be possible to buy one yourself?

“Could you pick something cheap and good?”
“Should Sora pick out your brother’s later?”

He said he got his license.
Since I bought it, I ask for advice, saying that I must have chosen carefully.

‘Well, I can provide that much service.’

It’s a feeling.
Every time I get into a car, I will remember that I chose it, so it will be rewarding forever.


Arrives at the used car market.
A huge number of cars are parked in the parking lot.

“Hello! Did you come to see the car?”

Since I came by Audi, it is different from Daewoo.
The dealer rushes in and fawns.

‘It must feel like they’re going to spend money.’

The woman next to her is also pretty.
Actually, Sora is very nervous.

“I heard there are a lot of scams in used cars. Does your brother know everything?”
“I don’t know.”

Sora whispers.
Where did you hear the story?
Certainly inexperienced people deserve to be nervous.

No country knows everything.
Because everyone has their own area of ​​expertise.

‘But he can see through people’s psychology.’

I glance around at the cars in the parking lot.
And shout at the dealer who is smiling brightly.

“Hey, this chew! Sell this car?”

All investments are based on psychology.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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