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Because I Live in the US 107

Because I Live in the US 107

Chapter 107 – The Importance of Psychology

Sora’s bedroom.
Coming for a long time

‘It was a trash can back then.’

Cup noodles were piled up like a mountain.
I didn’t wash it, I didn’t wash it, so it smelled.

“Did you come in?”

Now I’m going to clean it up and buy it.
Says something arrogant and opens the door.

‘It’s not as pink as Hyeri’s.’

It feels like a female room.
It seems that he is doing well in organizing his own life.

“There are also dolls.”
“Don’t you have a dildo?”
“I-is there!”

There is a missing part.
As soon as you find a dildo, it’s the flow of yasugak.

‘It’s also proof that it was pierced.’

It may have been hidden, but I can’t see it.
I don’t know how else to deal with sexual desire.

“So what are the results?”
“I don’t know.”
“Looks like your account is broken.”
“It’s not!”

Sora sticks out her mouth.
They don’t even make eye contact and just scream.

‘It’s a prize for a failed investor’s lunch.’

I don’t feel very well.
But what needs to be settled must be done.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 32,116,530
+1,590,410 won (+5.21%)

Last week.
Coin trading was done.
I saw a pretty compliant return for a pout.

‘On an absolute basis.’

However, bets are set on a relative basis.
Yumin hadn’t been playing for a while.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
If you really use a coin, you are copying moneyhaha

Now I know 〈 is good, what is it? Thank you Master Mansu! 〉

−Coin leader King Mansu
−Mansoo introduced Yooming coinshaha
− These days, when I don’t have a coin, I hear black cows.
−I heard that even hot-blooded people made a lot of money.

Coin broadcast.
I did it because of my recommendation, but I am working hard on myself.

‘He knew the fun of winning money.’

Coins are in trouble these days.
It, too, has risen tremendously.
Even if you are a beginner, it is enough.

“Bitcoin is up 10%, Ethereum is up 15%?”
“What is Sora’s excuse for only eating 5%?”

A 5% return isn’t a lot.
Yumin, who was still, benefited more.

Sora’s mouth deserves her teeth to come out.
If she had stayed still, she would have won.

“Buy the stock. And take sleeping pills and go to sleep. When you wake up in 10 years you will be rich.” – Andre Costolani

Investing is the hardest thing to do.
The law on the sale of sleeping pills does not exist for nothing.

“Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed.”
“Can’t you admit defeat?”
“I could have traded with more confidence if I had been in stocks.”
“Because coins are honestly like tulips…”

Sora also had his own excuses.
It’s a position where you don’t know what you’re talking about.

‘You’re talking about the tulip wave.’

Speculative overheating in the Netherlands in the 17th century.
The price of tulips skyrocketed at a tremendous rate.

A single tulip could cost a house.
But one day, it crashes.

“So you were anxious?”
“You really only know one thing and don’t know 99.”
“You just don’t know, damn it.”

There is a similarity in that value is added to what has no value.
Although it deserves to be compared to Coin.

‘The devil is in the details.’

You have to look through people’s eyes.
Was the tulip really a worthless commodity?

“At the time the price of tulips soared, the Netherlands was a superpower that ruled the world through the East leader Company.”
“Well, I guess so.”
“Thus, Amsterdam, the capital, became the world’s financial center, and enormous liquidity was accumulated in the Netherlands, which made money both inside and outside.”

It was a time when such things were natural in the first place.
Pineapples were sold at high prices to nobles for ornamental purposes.

‘Tulips were just more precious.’

And one more phenomenon has been added.
Even common people became interested in tulips.

“Tulips are traded in bulb form before they bloom.”
“When the bulbs bloom into rare tulips, they make a lot of money. You can think of it as a kind of gacha game.”

The price of regular tulips is not expensive.
Only the rare colors that bloom from time to time have a high value.

Depending on the color, they are divided into emperor, governor, and admiral.
There are people who are aiming for a jackpot with bulbs.

‘Of course, the odds are low.’

But there are also people who succeed.
And people who envy them jump into the market.

You and I will buy it too.
As the number of market participants increases, the price of tulips soars day by day.

“It’s a bubble-forming process.”
“It seems that the coin also went up the same…”
“Isn’t there one difference? You and I are not yet.”

Right now, only those who are interested in investing know about it.
At some point, a dog, a cow, or a dog in our house do it.

‘It’s a common high signal.’

In fact, even if you don’t study history, it’s a story you’ve heard at least once.
It’s a high point when you live around.

“I think I know roughly what you mean. I thought I’d go a little further, but…”
“Did you?”
“Because I kept thinking that I might become a tulip when.”

The problem is that even if you know it, you can’t respond.
People’s emotions are not easily controlled.

‘Whether it’s a coin or a stock.’

There is a more fundamental reason.
Even at the time of the tulip crisis, there were people who made money.

The difference between those who make money and those who lose.
There are conditions that must be preceded by any investment.

Sora didn’t have that.
The time has come for Sora to take off one layer of clothing.

“Do you know what the difference is between you and him?”
“I don’t know.”
“Female cam.”
“Fuck you.”

It’s an important story.

* * *

Broadcast changed.

─Thank you for the 10 star balloons, coin-in-life!
I had a coin cake last nighthaha

“Really? I woke up and became rich!”

− Money Copy
−Are Americans sleepless? Why upload it at night
−Mingyi also receives a star wind
−Is this a true story of a female cam earning money with coins?

Yumin is satisfied.
It’s because as a BJ, just creating content is work.

‘It’s kind of annoying.’

You have to create a different topic for each day.
I get tired of reacting the same way over and over again.

Conversely, Coyne.
Things happen when you wake up.
Viewers know the story.

“It’s a hit. It’s like 10,000 stars! Are there any black cows that can’t be earned with coins?”

−Look how excited Ming ishaha
− Considering the commission, it is 13,000
−Here he is. …
−It’s because the viewers tell us the timing

You just have to react appropriately.
That alone creates the content to broadcast.

‘I made a lot of money.’

The amount of money earned with coins is not small either.
Yumin, who initially rolled with a small amount, is gradually increasing the amount.

When you earn a lot, you can even increase 1 million won a day.
Of course, there are times when I am greedy and get bitten.

─McDonald Trump, thank you for the 10 star balloons!
Yesterday, the Nasdaq crashed.

“Really? But what is the NASDAQ?”

−Is it true that you don’t know Nasdaq?
− Baekchimihaha
−It seems to be an adjustment because it has risen too much recently
−It’s the US stock market, and if they fall, the coin will also fall……

Don’t worry too much
Because he has his own job.

I glanced at the chat window.
And try to look as pitiful as possible.

“The coin has also gone down a lot… I bought it full, but what should I do?”

−What can I do?
−Is Ming an idiot?
−We decided to say that it was bitten.
− I was bitten too ㅠ

Audience reactions are coming.
From teasing to sympathizing opinions that he was bitten, there are various.

But that’s not what Yumin wants.
As expected, there was a quick-witted hot-blooded person.

─Yoomin♡Saetae, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Ming, because coins are a gamble

─Thank you for the 100 star balloons, Yumin’s dog!
I’m stuck~ I’m stuck~

─Coco Farm Mania, thank you for the 500 star balloons!
Spread your face Yuming!

Make up for the damage
When she is in tears, hot-blooded people come out and shoot star balloons.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for 5000 star balloons!
Noona, I was bitten toohaha

“Master Mansu, what are 5,000~♡ Wow! What is it, did Mansu get bitten?”

−This time, all the coin bugs got bittenhaha
−?: I got caught too
– I lost money
−I didn’t come to save you…… ?

If you whine for an hour or two, you’ll recover quickly.
Byeolwind income also increased significantly compared to before.

It is because coin investors have flowed in.
Except for Mansu, it is not one or two.

‘I wish it fell more. Pretend to be pitiful.’

The collection is salty when the coin goes down.
Of course, when it goes up, it explodes in proportion to it.

A structure that makes money no matter which way you go.
For Yumin, coin is a stable job.

『Han Yoo-min’s account』
Purchase amount│30,000,000 won
Valuation gains│+3,750,000 won
Appraisal rate of return│+12.50%

Broadcast content + additional revenue is taken care of.
Psychological satisfaction is very high.

Making money yourself
Making money through investment brings a strange pleasure.

‘Isn’t that what I earned with my skills?’

It sounded like fun.
He is actively studying coins and has become one of the Coin BJs representing Paprika TV.

All of this is thanks to Chanwook.
Meeting him was the best choice of his life.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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