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Because I Live in the US 106

Because I Live in the US 106

Chapter 106 – Girlfriend, I Will Borrow It

It seems that there are various circumstances.

“You’re a senior!”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Lee Heun-woo from the Department of Sociology.”
“Black cow?”

Su-hyeon’s boyfriend.
He is said to be in his first year of sociology.
Being tall and handsome doesn’t seem to be a problem.

‘He seems to have a good personality.’

The problem is with Suhyun.
Several things have changed recently.
There was a lack of communication about that.

“Originally, he wasn’t like this…”
“I know.”
“Your style has suddenly changed so much. It’s kind of bothering you from the point of view of dating, right?”

Long black hair.
It became shiny white blonde hair.
Well, it’s not that it doesn’t fit.

‘It’s a bit arrogant.’

There is a reason I was mistaken from afar.
He did a lot of image transformation.

As a boyfriend, I don’t like it.
It’s no use taking Suhyeon’s side.

“And suddenly I fell in love with luxury goods again.”
“Look! He’s wearing a very expensive bag, Hermes.”
“It’s a hundred!”
“A bag or a bag.”

It was my fault.
Suhyeon and her boyfriend, who said he was a common man, are in a big fight.

‘In life, there are things like this and that.’

I didn’t know that the goodwill gift would become the seed of a dispute.
It’s unfortunate.

“You didn’t get a present from a man, did you?”
“I bought it because I was working part-time!”
“Then it’s fortunate… I’m worried because Suhyeon is pretty.”
“Keuheum! It can be.”

He seems to like Suhyeon a lot.
As a result, it seems that there has been more arguing.

‘It’s a part-time job.’

My conscience is a little stabbed in the position of providing part-time jobs.
I don’t want to interfere between the two.

“You can’t fight though.”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about. I think it’s something to even fight.”
“Your words are correct.”

Mediate moderately.
If you look at it, it’s not even my fault.

‘Your girlfriend is dope.’

Suhyun is definitely pretty.
An image that is difficult to talk about and difficult to approach.

Now that I have a girlfriend like that, I want to treat her with respect.
As a man, I fully understand.

I understand it, so I share it.
There will be no need to explain the circumstances.

“Chanwook oppa understands everything.”

Makes it necessary to explain
Suhyeon clings to me and induces jealousy.

‘It seems like he did this on purpose.’

I am enjoying the wind.
I don’t want to get involved in a fight between the two.

“We’re in the same class.”
“Yes, senior.”
“I’ve heard complaints before. I hope you don’t misunderstand.”
“It’s a misunderstanding! It’s not fair.”

He was handsome and had a good personality.
No matter how you look at it, it was Suhyun’s fault.

But the issue of gender is not that simple.
Suhyun is still pissed off.

“If it’s okay, can I give you some advice?”
“Uh, can you?”
“Emotional battles sometimes get more twisted when you talk to the person in question.”
“I’m feeling it.”

I feel a little bit of responsibility.
With her boyfriend’s consent, Suhyeon and I are left alone.

‘Something’s awkward.’

Image transformation.
Your boyfriend deserves your attention.
Dyeing is also dyed, but the overall style has changed.

The skirt is short.
The top also exposes the navel, which is erotic.
She was determined to say something.

“It’s because of your brother.”
“Your brother said before that blonde hair would look good on you.”

It was also because of me.
There was a reason for the sudden departure.

‘I did it because I thought that side would look bad.’

Suhyeon is subtly becoming her appearance.
If you dye and decorate, you’ll become an idol.

But that’s just what I did.
The student has a look that suits the student.

“I should carry this bag with me whenever I go out. I usually carry it with me…”
“Oh, wait!”

Suhyeon’s bag is also taken away.
It’s a gift from me, so it’ll be fine.


There were other gifts too.
The contents of the bag looked a little familiar.

“I’m carrying it thinking that it’s my brother’s stead.”
“Because my brother doesn’t play with me these days.”

Suhyun’s face turns red.
Definitely not going to show it to anyone.

‘If you use it well, it’s worthwhile to give it as a gift.’

The same goes for bags and tools.
I would also like to see how you use it.

Go fast
The bathroom of the old building, which is often used when having a tryst with Suhyeon.

“Do you use it normally?”
“Sometimes I think about it…”
“Use it.”

She pulls up her short skirt.
I pulled back my panties and took a deep breath.

The object half disappears with a raunchy moan.
Suhyun ate it with her lower mouth.

‘Oh shit, that’s fucking hot.’

A year of bluntness.
I never imagined when I first met that development would go this far.
I’m still ashamed to cover my skirt.

“Now is it?”
“What about the switch?”
“Should my brother turn it on?”

Put your hand inside your skirt.
Click! Along with the sound of the street, I can feel the vibration up to my hand.

‘If you don’t do it with your boyfriend or with me, there’s no place to satisfy your sexual desire.’

It seems to feel pretty good.
I cover my mouth and hold back my moaning.

As I inserted my thigh into Suhyeon’s crotch, the reaction got even quicker.

Trembles soon
It seemed to be more stimulating than I thought, but it didn’t take long.

Pop! Pop!

When the toy is removed, thick juice drips from it.
It’s a delicious pussy you want to take a bite of.

“Brother, wait a minute. I’m sensitive right now. Ah! Ah!”

Do Cunnilingus.
Like common cows, there are black cow-like teeth, but there are also ways to suck them directly.

‘It’s sweet and delicious. I don’t see this.’

I don’t have any bad taste because I’m young.
When I put my tongue in, the vagina that just left tightens up.

I also know erogenous zones.
Press down with your tongue and bite the cleat with your front teeth.


Go away again
It’s a slutty pussy that goes away with toys and mouths.

“Since we ate the appetizer… Shall we go eat?”
“Oh, brother, wait a minute.”
“I’m resting.”

I just met my boyfriend, but it’s nothing to do with the show.
I’m satisfied because I saw something interesting.


Suhyeon needed to clean up after herself.
After waiting for about 5 minutes, he came out of the bathroom.

“Did you pee?”
“Did you put it in?”

She lifts her skirt as if to take over the check.
The bottom of the underwear is protruding.

‘I didn’t expect to play like this already.’

It doesn’t seem like I hate it either.
Her face is blushing, but she has never denied it.

She goes on a date with Soo-hyeon.
Just walking makes her breathe more and more quickly.

“Is there a stimulus?”
“Have you never done this before?”
“It can’t be…”

The eyes of the men on the street are focused.
She’s still pretty, but she even spills her sexuality.

It’s nice to take it with you.
Her body is elongated, giving her a model-like figure.

‘Even if it wasn’t just another guy’s girlfriend.’

I would have done something more drastic.
It’s hard to travel abroad where no one recognizes you.

But college.
Suhyeon may have friends.
It’s hard to spread even rumors.

With my daughter~♪

Go to a suitable restaurant.
I mean, I brought you here to give you a consultation.

“What do you want to eat?”
“Pasta… No, whole pork belly barbecue.”
“Yes, two of them, please.”
“I ordered two whole pork belly barbecues.”

This is the restaurant we went to when we first met.
Make a more rational choice to see if it remains in your memory.

‘It’ll be funny even from the restaurant owner’s point of view.’

10% cost ratio and 40% price are sold at the same price.
It’s ironic, though.

“Give me Gamberoni… And Amatriciana!”
“I ordered Gamberoni and Amatriciana.”
“Will it be delicious?”
“Right, right?”

There are practical reasons.
At the table in front of me, I don’t care about that and just do it well.

‘Because the price is not set by the restaurant owner, but by the customers.’

It is socially priced that way.
Pasta is sold even if it is sold expensively.

Expensive menus are sold cheaply in reverse.
You can make a restaurant into a hyeja image.

“Because those people consume it, we can eat cheap barbecue.”
“It’s a complete cherry picker.”

A profit because more guests come.
It is a surprisingly popular tactic.

‘It’s the same principle as selling snacks at a bar and making a margin with alcohol.’

First of all, I want to grow as a secretary.
Economic common sense is taught at every opportunity.

“Would you like an appetizer?”
“An appetizer?”

Of course, there are other things I want to do the most.
Point your finger down.

What does it mean.
Suhyeon noticed it and looked around.
He sighs deeply and crawls under the table.

‘This is the main job of a secretary.’

It’s dark and fumbles around the crotch.
It’s the first time, so it even helps to unzip the zipper.

Jjook! Jjook!

It’s outside, so I don’t stand right away.
It licks soft objects with its tongue.

‘It could be better than the office.’

Students pass by outside the window.
Some of them may be familiar.

If you get caught, your life is over.
So, it provides a deeper sense of excitement and fun.

“The dish is served.”
“Please put it on the other side. It’s a bathroom.”
“Ah, your companion went to the bathroom.”
“Yes, it’s the bathroom.”

In my mind, it is so comfortable that I want to go to the toilet.
Hold the toilet seat tightly and pack it.

‘It’s cool.’

As instructed, apply pressure to suck out the remaining liquid.
Wipe the saliva on the glans with your lips.

“Did you swallow it?”
“Ah~ try it. Good job. Swallow it.”

Comes out from under the table.
Her face is red, and she is covering her mouth with her hand.

When I told him to clean it up, he took it off.
The white turbidity inside is visible.


Taste the appetizer carefully.
I frowned as if the taste was unfamiliar to me.

“Because my brother keeps doing things like this.”
“A date with a boyfriend is boring.”
“Well, how about mild taste?”

There are many different types in the world.
For example, gin ramen has a mild taste.

‘Isn’t this it?’

Anyway, I hope you’ll be fine in the future.
That way, the meeting with me will be more stimulating or something.

“I was cast as that model.”
“This is also commonly opposed…, What should I do?”
“Try it together. If you love me, I’ll allow it.”

Soo-hyeon is also getting better.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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