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Because I Live in the US 105

Because I Live in the US 105

Chapter 105 – Girlfriend, I’ll Borrow It

Sora has also learned something over her shoulder.

‘I’m sure you said you were looking at the charts, right?’

The answer lies in the movement of the chart.
Actually, I don’t like stories like that.

Immediate climb.
Rather, it is because I prefer to interpret with a clear basis.

─Buy orders have been placed!

But there is a huge difference between not doing it and not doing it.
As a trader, you need to know how to hit singles.

‘Let’s trade based on the support line.’

Support line.
It is a line that supports the falling stock price and prevents it from falling.

There is also a resistance line as an opposite concept.
It depends on the skill of the investor as to where to view support and resistance.


And luck.
It is a fact that Chan-wook acknowledged that it is impossible not to be lucky.

How will the price move?
Sora stares at the Bitcoin chart.

─The forces are running amok!

Fortunately, beekeeping soars.
Sora’s face, which was filled with her anxiety, brightened.

『Sora Yoon’s account』
Purchase amount│5,000,000 won
Valuation gains│+16,000 won
Evaluation rate of return│+0.32%

You have to work part-time for 2 hours to copy the money you earn.
Experience small pleasures

‘This is too small.’

Profit in just 5 minutes.
However, it was not enough for Sora, who knew greater pleasure.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Look at the angle of entry again.
Support and resistance lines.
And trend line.

You will see a big flow.
In which direction will the market move in the long run?

‘If I’m right.’

The support and resistance lines he had just thought of were correct.
Inferences can be made based on that information.

Upward trend.
I think maybe there will be a big beeline after the next support line.


Idea anyway.
I don’t know how it will actually go.

Again, it may form support and resistance levels and rise slowly.
Conversely, you can drop

─I can’t stop you!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

The predictions are right.
Suddenly, the market price erupts in a large width.


A shudder runs through the whole body.
Investors feel happy when their predictions come true.

The larger the size, the more so.
A big, thick bee poking through the charts.

─Sell order has been executed!

See the profit
I feel like I know why my seniors do single hits.

‘I think it was much better when I was with seniors…….’

Still lacking
Sora had some idea as to the reason.


Throwing in a huge amount at one time.
Beekeeping is also much bigger, so just looking at it makes my heart flutter.

‘If I bet more money.’

You may feel the same pleasure as back then.
Sora, who ate the autumn drink, jumps into trading again.

Repeat buying and selling.
5 hours passed like that.
Even if you only trade while sitting in a chair, you lose your strength.

‘I lost a little bit at the end…… , I still earned 200,000 won.’

There is a reward.
I saw a lot of profit.
Sora let out a shout of joy with his whole body.

For the first time in a single hit, it was also a significant success.
She was right about the law.

‘It felt good too.’

Traded several times.
Every time the bee peak soared, the whole body was heated with excitement.

A game where she bumps into everything she has.
It brought a different level of pleasure from ordinary trading.


Enough to smear with the excitement of her body.
Unknowingly, she had Son Yi in a precious place.

‘Uh~ If I do this, I’m like a pervert.’

But I can’t stop.
The already heated body eagerly waits for the excitement to cool down.

〈 Investors get excited when they see big, beautiful charts.〉

Suddenly, my senior’s words come to mind.
It is inevitable that she has become like this.

‘That…… , It was exciting.’

A large and mighty beekeeper.
Instead of raising the price little by little, she erupted the market price all at once.

She tasted it three times.
So this is not strange.


Sora’s breathing quickened.
Her whole body’s senses are focused downward.

I groped over the sensitive underwear.
Normally, she would have been satisfied with just this.

‘No. Not enough A bit more thrilling…….’

A sensation of something spreading throughout the body.
I will never forget the day I traded with my senior.

I tried hard to suppress it.
However, the body heated up by the trade remembers.

That there is a better pleasure.
If you think you don’t know, do a search.

『Koogle』-About 756,000 search results (0.29 seconds)
Masturbation/How to/Women
Pleasure that no one has told you, the women speak for themselves!
28 Ways to Female Masturbate: Tips and Tricks for Solo Play
How to go to Hong Kong alone as a woman
Honest reviews of adult products that I personally used.Avi

I didn’t know I would do something like this.
However, the curiosity to know was welling up to the tip of his chin.

‘Because I’m just watching. Just look.’

How to feel better.
There may be many other things besides stuttering.

1. Hand Masturbation
2. Self-defense device
3. Corner Masturbation

There was.
Sora looks through the full text of the wiki with interest.

‘Is it okay to use a masturbation device? Machine?’

The part that catches your eye.
I can’t really tell just by looking at it.

Tak, Tak!

Try searching.
Ugly objects resembling male genitalia appear.

To how to live.
Surprisingly, it was openly sold at the shopping mall.

“Would you like to purchase that item? Yes or No』

You can buy it with just money.
The moment he tried to click without realizing it.

‘This is a bit…….’

Come to your senses soon
She is not a pervert herself enough to buy these things.

If I buy it, I don’t know how to use it.
According to the instructions, it is put in.

Shoot ah-!

Wash your hands thoroughly.
Returning to her seat, Sora takes action.

‘Well. Umm…….’

Insert your finger carefully.
Warm touch.
And touch something hard.

Half a finger.
Don’t go beyond that
Even if you try to stab it with force.

‘Hurt! It hurts I don’t feel good at all.’

The crotch is shaking.
I stretch her hips and bend over until the pain goes away.

Appear on the monitor.
An instrument much larger than a finger, much thicker, and even ugly in shape.


I can’t even afford to put it in.
Sora decides to find another way.

How not to get sick.
And what might be considered normal.

It was just imagination.
You rub it thinking that someone you like is giving you cunnilingus.

‘What is Cunnilingus? I don’t really like anyone…….’

Neither the former nor the latter has anything to say.
But suddenly, Chan-wook’s face came to mind.

Looking at it, there was.
The time when masturbation that day felt strangely better.


Throw oneself on the bed
When I stretched out my hand, I caught a large doll that was bigger than a human body.

‘I bought it to relieve stress.’

It’s happened a lot lately.
I needed something to vent my anger on.

That’s why I bought a large doll.
It’s a big, fluffy thing in the shape of a bear.

Puck! Puck!

Step on the foot
And hug you with your whole body

‘Because I think I’m scolding the senior…….’

It feels strangely good.
The chest being pressed against the doll also gives a strange sense of pressure.

Sora torments the doll more.
The more you do, the more pleasure wells up from deep inside.

‘Is it not the person you like, but also the person you want to scold? How about something?’

Relieve stress and kill two birds with one stone.
You candidly bump your desires into a teddy bear.

My body is getting hotter with excitement.
We have finally come to the point where we can be satisfied.

“Senior… Can’t you do that next time? Okay?”

It’s drowsy.
Sora catches his breath slowly and looks at the teddy bear with affectionate eyes.

Thinking that I scolded my senior gave me mental satisfaction.
At the same time, there are other thoughts.


If you were a real senior.
I wonder if I’ll feel a little better.

‘I promised my senior.’

The winning side does what it says.
Never said what to do

Maybe you can.
Scolding seniors like this teddy bear.

‘Tether her to her chair with a rope. Don’t say bad words…….’

In her coin game, she will definitely win.
And will reform her ancestors.

I look forward to the day when that happens.
Sora squeezes her teddy bear with her thighs.

‘Ah, it’s broken.’

Cotton comes out

* * *


It seems that autumn is slowly approaching.

‘I feel the chills.’

The air is chilly.
Students’ attire is also changing little by little.

The skirt gets longer and longer.
It was really nice in the summer.

It is unavoidable.
When it’s cold, the clothes tend to be conservative.

“I was wrong. I was wrong…”
“Is that the wrong person’s attitude? Okay, okay.”
“No~ that’s not it~!”

Some people didn’t.
A couple is fighting regardless of their surroundings.

‘The woman seems to have a bit of a temper.’

Blonde long hair.
The skirt is also short enough to show the thighs.
It’s a little arch style.

“It’s too short.”
“By the way?”
“You can wear something else. And hair, if possible…”
“Since when have you been so interested in me?”

The man doesn’t seem to like it.
The girlfriend doesn’t seem willing to give up.

‘It’s gone.’

The moment you go to the battle of emotions, the point goes to Andromeda.
Sure enough, I’m stumped.

The woman turns her head around and she walks away.
A man is chasing her, but she is not in the mood to answer.

‘It just looks like a rag.’

I don’t know why it hangs like that.
Maybe you’re super good at sex.

Even from a distance, the body looks good.
Her breasts are a bit disappointing, but her skin is fair and her legs are fine.

Coming this way
The face is also pretty decent.
Yangachi and his eyes meet.

“Are you Soohyun?”
“Oh, brother.”

It was the towel I wrote.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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