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Because I Live in the US 104

Because I Live in the US 104

Chapter 104 – Sora’s Affair

Vague image.
You can fantasize about financial experts.

“It doesn’t seem like they have any interest in the economy, and even the incumbents say it’s okay if they don’t learn…”
“Ah, you son of a bitch.”
“Does a country with the lowest financial literacy rate look like a dick?”

Make a complaint
I had high expectations because it was a study group and an incumbent.

‘Experience is also relative after all.’

The stock market’s main customer base.
Of course, it’s the old people over 50 years old.
You have to be that old to have enough money.

“Aren’t most of the stockbroker’s customers novices?”
“Yes, there were a lot of older people.”
“They are more ignorant than the Africans.”

Korea is a country with the lowest level of financial understanding.
Specifically, it is lower than Uganda or Sri Lanka.

The younger generation is at least on average.
But it gets worse as you get older than 50.

‘It’s the water rocket generation.’

The level of education is low.
Don’t even try
Think about it from the point of view of that generation.

All I’ve seen in my life is prices go up.
Both real estate and stock prices eventually trend upward.

So, wouldn’t it benefit you if you endure?
Most people don’t do analysis.

“Stop, no way.”
“When will my limbs fly?”
“Knowing how to face reality is also a skill.”

And that’s right.
Because people who didn’t buy real estate because it was like a high point became beggars.

‘Because I’ve lived that kind of life, my way of thinking has completely hardened.’

Korean stock exchange.
Honestly it’s pathetic
Ants are a bunch of idiots who eat money.

There is a reason.
This is because there are a lot of hogu that are easy to deceive.

“You might be able to do another fucking flash, but…”
“What else?”

At first glance, you might think that the stock market is a competition between the best brains.
However, even from the position of the best brain, I don’t want to live such a fierce life.

I want to suck honey comfortably.
It’s much simpler to exploit the stupid brain.
I thought it would be an immoral story that Sora hates.

‘Why is he like this?’

Surprisingly, it seems to be understood.
He holds my hand tightly and looks into my eyes.

“I was being selfish.”
“When didn’t you?”
“Thank you for teaching me again. After all, it’s like betraying that senior.”

A little bit out of the ordinary
Looking at the atmosphere, there is definitely something there.

‘Did he take it off by any chance?’

I denied it.
But it’s not something I have to tell others about.

It would be even weirder if I left this body alone.
You have to make reasonable inferences.

“Did the men there teach you?”
“Yes, I did teach you…”
“I wasn’t satisfied at all. Seniors are the most satisfying and understandable.”

Not satisfied.
So it’s a comparison.

‘Well, there’s no way you’ll be satisfied with a man with a body like this. Wouldn’t even 3P be enough?’

Fought with me
I did it out of anger.
But it wasn’t the feeling I wanted.

It didn’t reach inside.
I was not very good at caressing, so I couldn’t stimulate my erogenous zones.

If you think so, you’re right.
Going to Sector D and coming back to me.

“How many men were there?”
“How many? Probably 5… And new ones come every week.”
“Yes, there are six of them in terms of men. There are also two women.”

There was something unexpected.
There is nothing wrong with the proverb that a calm cat goes up to the stove first.

‘Crazy…… , My first experience was an orgy.’

Existing assumptions need to be completely revised.
I wouldn’t have been clumsy enough to have an orgy.

Still, I wasn’t satisfied.
A man halfway to that big, erotic body is nothing but cool.

“Leaving aside the members of the study group, some incumbents as well.”
“Oh, how was it?”
“They were weak in real life. I expected it.”

No, even skilled people get eaten.
Sora, who opened her eyes to the castle, was no ordinary fairy.

Gently stroke your lips.
The inner red tongue is looking for new prey.

‘Did I lose my virginity today?’

It seems that the virginity that was not there will be sucked up.
You may have to make up your mind today.

“Uh, huh?”
“I can’t stand it. Hurry up…, Please do it.”

Sora brings her face closer.
Now it’s not even ten out of ten, that’s for sure.

‘I can touch it if it’s not Adah.’

Conversely, regularity will be exploited.
The moment you climb on top of me, it’s over.

Crush it with his buttocks, and tighten it with the power of his thighs.
A mouse chained to a snake.


And get hunted
It eats me from top to bottom, deprived of my physical freedom.

“Please do it quickly.”
“You, you can do it.”
“Me? Selling seniors?”

How colorful Sora will be when he wakes up in the castle.
Just imagining it would have cost me half.

‘Trading? Isn’t that prostitution?’

I turn my head to the monitor screen.
Sora’s request to do it quickly was no different.

“What is Ethereum? I’ve heard of it.”
“How is it different from Bitcoin?”
“I don’t know.”
“Oh, teach me!”

I was doing her buying and selling until Sora came.
No, she’s still winning in the middle of a bargain.

‘For a moment. Leave it to them.’

It was pierced enough to be pierced if 6 people ate it for 2 weeks.
Even more so if a new person or invited person came every week.

There can be no notion of chastity.
The fact that he didn’t do it to me means that he still has ill feelings.

“If you give it to me too.”
“You said you gave them money? Didn’t it involve orgy sex?”
“What are you doing, you crazy bastard!”

I don’t like playing like that.
But to be humiliated by a woman you haven’t tasted yet.

‘Have you already opened your eyes to S meal?’

It’s not usually a talent.
After a brief release, she came back as a queen.

“I-I’ll put it in too!”
“What are you putting in?”
“I want to use this cock furnace too!”

I pull out the conch and sit on top of me.
Heavy weight.
However, it is supported by soft and elastic skin.

‘I’d really kill him if I ran around here.’

Am I the only one who can’t use this good thing?
Nothing in the world would be so cruel.

“What kind of bullshit are you talking about!”
“They said they had sex at an orgy in Sector D.”
“I didn’t cook it!”
“Did you go around 1-on-1?”
“Did you say no?”

That wasn’t what Sora was trying to say.
She says she didn’t.

‘Believe that?’

He’s tightening my waist with his thighs.
It’s enough pressure to break your spine.

It’s not a skill I’ve ever had to smash a man or two.
A sex master no matter who sees it.

“If you say… I’ll believe you.”
“Mi, are you crazy?”
“Or don’t believe me. I won’t even teach you.”
“Ah really!”

Sora vehemently denies it.
I blush, curse, and try to persuade.

When you don’t listen, you eventually eat your heart.
Whisper in your ear in a low voice.

“I, Yoon So-ra, am a 20-year-old virgin who has not been able to get her maiden name. So please clear up the misunderstanding.”

This fuck is a baby.
One more word was added, but the condition was met.

‘I don’t think it’s acting.’

I just don’t believe it and want to attack it.
Sora’s body embraced by her ebb and flow is enchanting.


Her lips give permission.
Biting my tongue and lower lip, he retaliates.

“Did you smoke, sir?”
“Don’t smoke. I won’t forgive bad lips that don’t listen.”

Share a passionate kiss
They are just biting and sucking each other as if time has stopped.

I have a fulfilling time to the extent that my tongue hurts.
I opened my mouth only after breathing quickened.

“Can’t you just let me know?”
“Have sex?”
“Don’t say such bad things♡”

It’s suffocating.
Without getting tired, he pulled his chin and ate his lips again.

‘Just looking at cancer, she’s a man-hungry bitch…….’

If it’s not, I’ll be thrilled.
After a long time, it becomes a satisfied face.

“Oh quickly~.”
“Ethereum is a pioneer of the 2nd generation coin and has a wider scalability, so it is characterized by a high possibility of application to actual electronic transactions.”
“What is it? You’re not sexually harassing me?”

Bitcoin has been 10 years since it came out at this point.
In the meantime, there is bound to be advancement in technology.

‘That’s how the second-generation coin was created.’

What if coins are really used for transactions?
There is a point of view that Ethereum might be more appropriate.

Bitcoin is seen as digital gold rather than virtual currency.
This is the basic flow of the coin board.

“Hmm~ I see.”
“Well, is that okay?”
“What’s on the upper monitor?”

Explained quickly.
It’s because it’s crazy and jumping.

‘Women aren’t cheap, so I don’t know.’

I can’t even beat it, but doing this is torture.
Sora finds another number.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
I’ll make up for my sister’s losshaha

〈 Mansu! The owner wow!〉

− Hedging thishaha
− Benefits of winning Benefits of not winning
−Ah, if you can’t earn with coins, you can get a special windhaha
-I envy you

Monitor screen.
Exactly above.
Because I am using two screens.

“Looking at this, I’m getting goosebumps.”
“Because you do this, too.”
“Why am I doing that? Be vulgar.”

Sora was looking very disapprovingly.
In fact, she turned it on on purpose.

‘Your body is much more shallow.’

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a female cam?
There is a sense of relative deprivation.

I think I look prettier than that year.
My eyes go round when I see the star wind bursting.

“I hate that person.”
“Why? It’s different than you, but you get a lot of special wind?”
“No. I don’t like the idea of ​​investing as a joke.”
“Oh shit.”

Be aware
I didn’t know that even if I showed it, there would be no response.

‘Then I have to write the next move.’

But it seems to be bothered.
Scrape that part vigorously.

“He must be better at coin than you?”
“It can’t be.”
“What if I lose by rolling the same seed? Huh?”
“I do everything the senior tells me to do.”

This is the year when the body and mind play separately.
The body is a female cam, but the heart is an investor.

‘We have to unite as one on this opportunity.’

Use Sora’s pride to light a fire.
Although the bait was bitten as planned.

“Instead, seniors too.”
“You have to listen to me if you lose, okay?”

A little creepy

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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