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Because I Live in the US 103

Because I Live in the US 103

Chapter 103 – Sora’s Affair

Study group.

“Will it continue to be a bull market?”
“Now the KOSPI is at an all-time high!”
“But the Nasdaq is still going up…”
“What do you think of Sora?”

I’m already attending for the 3rd time.
It’s about meeting twice a week, so it’s been close to ten days.

‘Nasdaq must be related.’

In the meantime, the stock price is rising day by day.
It seems that we are debating the reason today.

Sora also has a straw bar.
The US ranks first in exports to Korea.
If the US economy is good, the Korean economy is also positive.

“This time, the interest rate freeze news came out in the US.”
“Oh, did you?”
“So I think the rally will continue for a while. Trump also values ​​the economy.”

If it had been before, I would have thought right there.
Now I know how to look at other parts.

‘We should focus on the process, not the result.’

Why is the Nasdaq rising?
The US stopped raising interest rates.
It is a story that will release more money into the market.

It is also related to the tendency of the current US president.
Trump intervenes in the market a little too much.

“I think so.”
“Wow… Just like an analyst.”
“It’s not like a student to say. Is there a reason you were recommended by Deputy Director Yeom?”
“You’re overrated.”

Several things need to be checked.
The principle of market movement is never fragmentary.

‘It feels good to be acknowledged.’

It feels like your hard work has been rewarded.
However, it is not a study group that I joined to listen to or praise.

I was expecting something special.
He says he aims to get a job at a securities firm, but he doesn’t know the market well.

“But I mean.”
“You don’t have to think too complicated. We’re not even gods.”

It didn’t take long to find out what the reason was.
An incumbent speaks up.

It’s a different person than last time.
Since he is busy with work, he says he comes in shifts to give lectures.

“Really? But rather than not knowing…”
“It’s because you haven’t done any real work yet.”
“How are you?”
“Tell me about your real work!”
“Keuheum! I’m helping Gangnam wives buy and sell these days.”

Mostly PB.
Its main job is to help individuals manage their assets.

‘Customer consultation is the main thing…….’

The methods are slightly different.
But in the end, since the person I’m dealing with is a normal person.

“Even if I try to explain it, I can’t understand it.”
“I guess so.”
“Then what do you do?”
“We only need to respond as our customers want according to market conditions.”

No deep knowledge is required.
Rather, it can be burdensome from the customer’s point of view.

‘If I’m wrong, I’ll be silent again.’

Forecasting the economy is difficult.
Sometimes it makes no sense at all.

So give up altogether.
Only information that is already on the market guides customers.

“I’m talking about investing in a falling market, but are you guys going to stop it?”
“Can’t you dry it?”
“If I dry it, my performance will decrease that much. All we have to do is help our customers invest as much as possible.”

Even that alone is a mountain.
New information is updated every day.
A job that lives in the present, not the future.

The work of a securities company was a little different from what Sora had thought.
The same is true of the mindset of the employees.

‘It feels like a sales job.’

I understand.
There are some things I realized while investing myself.
You can lose money, let alone make it.

Employees of securities companies are also office workers after all.
Rather than going on adventures every day, I want to receive a stable salary.

“Do you understand what our job is like?”
“What you care about is something you learn as you build up your career, so there’s no need to rush. Rather than that, honestly, you should enjoy it a little bit when you’re a student.”
“Are you going to shoot me, Hyunjin hyung?”

Learning in the study group is the same context.
It allows you to adapt to work more quickly.

There is no actual study of the market.
Instead, they often do useless things.

Chi profit…… !

Dining together.
The incumbent takes him while saying that he is giving a shot.
Sora, a newcomer, was not in an atmosphere that could be rejected.

“Eat all you want!”
“Wow~ Gopchang.”
“Aren’t you overdoing it, senior?”
“I’m going to shoot this much. My brother got a performance bonus this time.”

I came to the gopchang house.
Gopchang and makchang are grilled on an open fire as if frying in oil.

‘It must be delicious.’

Sora is also a favorite food.
It is savory and chewy, and the more you chew, the more the juice leaks out. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water.

Potatoes and bean sprouts that are baked together cannot be so delicacies.
If it’s just food, I don’t have any complaints about Sora.

“Is the giblets okay?”
“Yes I like it.”
“Really? I like girls who like giblets.”

Insignificant topics always come and go together.
An incumbent senior who buys giblets tells stories he is not thankful for.

“Senior, I like giblets too!”
“Ah~ I like Da-eun too.”
“What does that have to do with giblets?”
“Because there are kids who don’t like it because it’s disgusting~ It’s so delicious.”

The usual atmosphere is like that.
The name is a study club, but in reality it is nothing more than a social gathering.

‘That’s how it feels.’

Friendship is important, of course.
Establishing industry connections will serve you well over time.

In that context, it makes sense.
It’s just different from the opportunity for self-development that Sora wanted.

“Do seniors stock?”
“Stocks? Not.”
“I’m doing it too…”
“It’s not absolutely necessary.”

I want to develop my own abilities.
Even if you do PB, you will only go through the middle leg.

The thoughts of the study group members were different.
Because the goal is to get a job at a securities company.

“We are a job introducing stocks, not a job buying and selling.”
“That’s right.”
“I’m aiming to become a trader…”
“Ah~ It’s not like that!”

You just need to study the theory.
They think that it is enough to know how to do the so-called ‘professional’.

It could be.
Because not everyone wants to make the effort.
Even traders who thought it was their last hope.

“That’s just a performance bonus and try it once.”
“Still, it would be difficult to see the loss…”
“If that is a burden, who will do it?

It was far from the scene of intense life.
There were many things that were unknown to the general public.

‘Even if you fail, you won’t be fired from the company.’

There is little risk.
Even if you lose, the company money.
It doesn’t even get cut unless it’s a very big loss.

As an institutional investor, you can do as much as you can with the privilege.
It is said that the difficulty of trading is not that high.

“Even good people lose everything if they use their own money.”
“It seems that stocks are difficult.”
“Originally, Joong can’t cut my hair~ We just need to do good customer consultation.”

It tells a story about the realities of the industry.
The more I listen to the story of the incumbent, the more I hear.

‘It must be more nutritious to hear about sexual harassment from seniors.’

It’s steaming.
Maybe that was the reality, but at least it wasn’t what Sora wanted.

An atmosphere that accepts everyone except yourself.
No, I let go of my mind, saying that it seems more worthwhile than I thought.

“If I get a job, I want to date a pretty girlfriend.”
“Wake up the dream.”
“Why can’t we go out with each other! Right, Sora?”
“Isn’t Sora interested in you?”

It quickly switches to another topic.
As if he wasn’t interested in the troublesome story in the first place.

‘They’re just boring men.’

I’m just teasing myself.
It’s to the point where I don’t know if I’m here for a study group or a blind date.

* * *

I thought it would come soon.

“Why did you come.”
“I don’t know.”
“Then go away.”
“What kind of candle am I? Go out.”

Sora, who came after a long time, tickled.
She doesn’t even think about going out even if she gives her an embarrassing look.

‘Have you grown a little bit?’

I came back with various experiences.
Analyst teachers and study groups, etc.

There are also things I personally look forward to.
I suppressed my beating heart and asked.

“What have you been doing?”
“Seeing the incumbents at work, and talking with aspiring securities companies at the study group…”
“What else did you do!”

There’s no way anything could have happened.
The place called the study meeting is also like that.

“There was nothing special.”
“What about sex?”
“No, originally, study groups are places to go to have sex.”
“Fuck again as soon as I see you, you crazy bastard!”

Because it’s a meeting to meet the opposite sex.
It is not for nothing that Sector D is called.

‘If I went to a rice cake shop, I should buy rice cakes, of course.’

When men and women in their prime get together, there is only one thing to do.
Eye contact with each other

There must have been a man pushing.
I guess I didn’t really just study.

“Then what have you been doing?”
“Of course I studied.”
“What about sex?”
“I didn’t!”

A bad hunch came true.
He is a really sincere guy.

‘They don’t fucking eat this?’

That bursting chest.
Spanked ass.
It seems that there were only eunuchs in the study group.

“Have you met the incumbents?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Hasn’t there been a pot-bellied bald man?”
“Didn’t something like Hitomi happen?”
“What are you talking about!!”

It was a good situation to gain experience.
He said that he came only after gaining work experience.

‘Because I’m really dumbfounded.’

I thought I would grow up a little bit.
He’s still puffing his cheeks like a kid.

“I’m angry because you keep saying that.”
“Did you hang out with them who don’t talk like that?”
“I don’t like it.”
“I’m going to play with my senior…”

Shake the chair and tell the story.
What happened to him at the study meeting?

‘You really didn’t get hit? No way?’

I can’t help but let out a deep sigh.
It is said that Sora was also frustrated.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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