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Because I Live in the US 102

Because I Live in the US 102

Chapter 102 – Sora’s Affair

College student.
He thought he would just study all the time until he graduated from school.


An unexpected opportunity came.
Sora visited the Gaemi Investment & Securities office building.

“Did you say being a trader is a dream?”
“Heh heh, it’s okay. The job is just slightly different for each position.”

Under the guidance of Deputy Director Yeom Yuan.
Although I have been here before.

‘Because it was a holiday then.’

The chapter does not open.
The inside of the building was very quiet.

“Yes, the item I mentioned at the customer meeting was…”
“I went up 9% at the closing price yesterday. But even the same price has risen a bit.”
“Your wife is a bit confused about the information, but you can rest assured about the items she has.”

An office divided by simple partitions.
At each seat, an employee is answering the phone.

There is a sense of urgency in his voice.
Dozens of monitors add tension.


Stock market daily life.
What she had only imagined is unfolding before her own eyes.

“How about it?”
“You seem very busy.”
“Heh heh! That’s not true. The main job of PBs is customer consultation.”

Deputy Director Yeom Yuan explains.
The work of a brokerage company is divided into four major categories.

Financial Department, Auxiliary Department, Information Department, Control Department.
Each department is complementary to each other.

‘I see.’

Traders belong to the finance department.
It directly makes money for the company.

The same goes for private bankers (PBs).
However, it is a little more relaxed in terms of the difficulty of the task.

“When you enter a securities company, most start with this PB. Sora will be like that too.”
“You don’t have to be disappointed. You can change the team through internal competition.”
“Poem, until disappointment.”

Consults with customers and buys stocks that customers want.
Relatively light responsibility.

That’s how you get to know the job.
As the seniority accumulates, you can move to another department.

“This is the trading department that Sora is aiming for.”
“Is the air different?”

Office upstairs.
I think I know why PB said it was relaxed

Most of them have hardened faces.
Some are concerned about complexion.

6 monitors as standard.
There are more than 10 seats in some places, so just looking at them is far away.

Tap, tap
Tadadak! Widely!

Ironically, it is quiet enough that you can hear breathing.
Only the sound of the keyboard can be heard intermittently.

The reason.
As an investor, you can’t know.
Sora involuntarily swallows.

“I know you don’t have to say it, but you shouldn’t say it out loud.”
“Because it’s a place where 1 billion units come and go at a time.”

No need to be flashy.
It is a job that requires hours of contemplation for just one enter.

‘I’m really nervous…….’

A monitor screen with a chart floating on it.
I can’t help but sympathize with the feelings of the traders who are staring at it.

Seeing the actual work site, the degree of touch is different.
I think I know what it feels like to dry blood.

“How was it?”
“It seems like a much harder job than I thought.”
“Heh heh! I showed you an extreme example. If you are learning a job for the first time, you have to start with a small amount.”

I’ll have to do that someday.
Deputy Director Yeom Yuan’s words evoke many thoughts.

‘That’s why Dad kept stopping me.’

But I have no intention of giving up.
It’s not like I’m going to do it right now.

You will learn step by step.
It was also given the best possible environment.

“Have you attended the study meeting?”
“Not yet. You even gave me a recommendation…”
“Heh heh. There’s no need to be impatient. It’s still time to learn, right?”

Deputy Director Yeom Yuan is helping.
The condition is to think positively about getting a job here after graduation.

It was something that even Sora had not hoped for.
Getting a job at a brokerage firm is the first step towards your dream.

‘I’m sure he’s telling me to work harder than that.’

He also organized study groups.
It is said to be a place made up of aspiring stockbrokers.

What do you do in the industry
You will learn faster and more accurately.

“You will be able to study knowledge that you cannot learn at school.”
“Think about what we said last time.”
“All right.”

Why do all this.
It will not be purely for recruiting talent.

Sora has also heard of it.
Please think about the analyst side, not the trader side.

‘I’m not sure yet.’

He has the talent to be his successor.
It’s the story you’ve been talking about since the first time we met.

Which career path is right for you?
Right now I don’t know.
But one thing is certain.

“Hello. My name is So-ra Yoon, who is a new participant this time.”

I don’t need that human’s help.
You have a path that can lead you towards your dream.

“And the female members~.”
“Could you briefly introduce yourself?”

Study group.
It is a meeting that gathers twice a week to learn the business of a securities company.

We met at a cafe.
There are 5 males and 2 females, all of whom are older than themselves.

“I’m studying economics at Korea University. After graduation, I’m aiming to become a trader… Or a brokerage firm.”
“Traders are good.”

Sora chooses his words as usual.
But you soon realize that it was for nothing.

‘This is natural here.’

Even if you bring up the goal of being a trader, no one feels awkward.
Because I am aspiring to work at a securities firm.

“Hankook University? Isn’t it the same university as Jiyoung?”
“Uh. Glchi?”
“You two don’t know? Have you never met?”
“What is your class number?”
“I’m in the 17th class.”
“”Class of 17?!””

Only the fact that he is young is a hot topic.
But it’s not an obstructive atmosphere.

“I’m in my senior year, so kids these days don’t know.”
“Is it a fossil?”
“It’s a fossil. But I’ve heard it. The 17th grade chief is a really pretty kid. I think he’s this guy.”
“It’s an honor to meet you, sir.”
“I’m honored. Wow~ Life must be solid enough to be recommended by Deputy Director Yeom as the head of the department.”

The level is high.
It was exactly as Deputy Director Yeom Yuan said.

‘They’re all good people.’

Seriously, aim for a securities company.
They take care of themselves even when they first come in.

I don’t think you need to worry too much.
I want to learn a lot.

‘Is that body fat?’
‘My sister’s fetish was activated, but Kabi.’
‘Boys don’t babble, huh~?’

Existing study group members are also welcome.
For such a pretty person to come

It is held in a friendly atmosphere.
These are the usual activities of the study group.

“Ohsung Electronics went up a lot this time.”
“Yes, Coin…”
“These days, they can’t sell semiconductors because they don’t have them.”
“You keep updating the maximum performance. Both Ohsung Electronics and SQ Technics are doing very well.”
“What did Sora say?”
“Oh, no.”

Talk about the latest stock market trends.
An upward rally is unfolding mainly in semiconductors.

‘Wasn’t it because of the coin?’

The reason is different.
Thinking it was a familiar story, Sora brought it up, but hurriedly picked it up and put it in.

You may not be wrong.
Or you may have overinterpreted the influence of the coin.

“These days, the steel sector is also doing well.”
“It’s underrated, underrated.”
“The KOSPI itself is undervalued. You have to buy it full.”

The more you listen, the more you think.
Have you ever misjudged this meeting?

‘I don’t feel like I know that well…….’

There are only a couple of things I want to correct.
Sora’s lips itch.

The KOSPI is not undervalued.
There are reasons why stock prices go up and down.


The sight is short-sighted.
This is a common mistake that novice investors make.

Attaching reasons to results that have already come out.
If you put it that way, everything seems plausible.

It doesn’t help with real investment.
Because there are not just one or two factors that change the future.

“Does Sora have anything to say?”
“Yes, I’m just listening.”
“It’s still difficult when you’re 20!”
“We’re talking about the quarterly report…”

Sip an Americano to soothe your burning stomach.
She seemingly just smiles.

‘Who the fuck doesn’t know that?’

A report that comes out every quarter.
It is good to look inside the company.

But that’s just the result.
Investment decisions don’t come from there.

“Look at Donghae Steel. PER doesn’t make sense!”
“How about Ohsung Electronics?”
“In the first place, the PER of Korea’s KOSPI…”

Doesn’t anyone have a deeper vision?
It was Sora who felt disappointed.

‘No. Maybe that’s natural.’

Job aspirants.
First of all, I am not an incumbent.
If you have professional knowledge, that’s even weirder.


The cafe door opens.
The reason why I decided to attend this study meeting was different.

“Uh, guys~?”
“Youngwoo hyung! Why is it so hard to see your face these days?”
“Sorry, I’m sorry. I’m busy with work at the securities company. I barely made time to come.”

Incumbents come and give lectures.
More precisely, he is a senior among the study group members who got a job.

‘How do incumbents view the market?’

That’s what I was looking forward to signing up for.
I wanted to know the perspective of an incumbent securities company official.

“Why is the KOSPI rising these days?”
“How do you feel, senior?”
“As expected, the KOSPI is undervalued PER…”
“No. Nasdaq goes up and follows!”

The more I listen, the more it seems like nothing special.
He is telling a straightforward story.

“Nasdaq Semiconductor is in trouble.”
“Oh so~.”
“Steel is also going up, so KOSPI is also following.”
“”Oh oh!””
“I saw you went up in US steel!”
“No. These days, the largest steelmaker in the US is Newco…”

In the middle, the professional side is visible.
But it’s just a list of information.

‘U.S. Steel was in the days of Carnegie.’

I don’t know.
I was looking forward to it because he said he was an incumbent, but he was just saying nothing.

“Young-woo hyung.”
“There are new members, so please explain in a simple way.”
“Yeah? I didn’t know. Oh… Honey?”
“Hello. My name is Sora Yoon.”
“You don’t have to be tough! Oppa will explain it to you in an easy way. The NASDAQ in the US and the KOSPI in Korea are linked by sector…”

If you were your former self, you might have listened.
It feels flat to me now.

It is a shallow knowledge that is not helpful for actual investment.
I can’t possibly be satisfied.


I miss the taste of simmering deep inside.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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