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Because I Live in the US 101

Because I Live in the US 101

Chapter 101 – Sora’s Affair

Paprika TV.
There is something that has been emerging rapidly lately.

[Personal Broadcasting Gallery]
─✪ Analysis) The reason for the sudden increase in number of hands these days
─✪ Why do coin bugs become big hands?
─✪ Today, Yoo Ming Jwa motorcycle dance ㅜㅑ
─✪ Yuming rowed the paddle properly when the water came inhaha

It’s trending socially lately.
But it was an issue for a different reason.

─Analysis) The reason why there are so many big hands these days
[Bitcoin price graph for the last year.Jpg]
Coins rise like hell ㅇㅇ
Big hands shooting like a broken frontal lobe
Nine times out of ten, these guys got rich on coins.

└Do coins make money that much?
└Easy to earn, easy to spend
└ It’s similar to gamblers winning money and going to room bread to spread moneyhaha
└ The room I see is also full of coin bugs

The star balloon explodes tremendously.
Byeolpung supply and demand of top-tier BJs has clearly increased.

The reason.
Little by little it is being revealed.
People who made money with coins became the big hands of Paprika TV.

─Why do coinworms become big hands?
If you’re like me, I’ll be ignored as a biscuit
If you suddenly get rich, won’t you attract aggro with a star wind?

└ Cogan right
└ I pressed the dog while cryinghaha
└ Originally, there are many private worms among the big hands. The difference between winning with Totoro or with coins
└ㄹㅇ Even if you’re like me, you’ll give your favorite BJ a special look

Want to get attention
When I earn money, I want to shoot myself.
Put what you imagined into action.

It is not a coincidence that the number of big hands has increased.
Most of them are flocking to broadcasts of famous BJs that are good to brag about.

─Yu-Ming rowed the oar properly when the water came inhaha
[Capture Yu Ming Yi coin broadcast.Jpg]
[Captured Yu Ming’s hot-blooded list.Jpg]
Coin bugs shoot so fucking hard
I’m broadcasting coins to satisfy the coin nerds.

└ The female cam is a coinhaha
└ It feels like everything that is bad for the body has been beaten up
└ It’s refreshing
└ Wouldn’t it be frustrating from the point of view of a coin chung?

Some quick-witted BJs are benefiting from that.
It is to broadcast from the point of view of coin investors.

Coin broadcast.
Naturally, it exists.
However, it has meaning because the female cam does it.

─Thank you for the 1000 star balloons, Daedong Unity with coins!
It’s fucking frustrating. Why do you farm that?

〈 No~ I sold it because I thought it would go down. Thank you for 1000, owner! 〉

− Coins always go up
−Does your sister not know how to read charts?
−If I didn’t sell it, I would just make money.
−In the meantime, he reactshaha

It’s the same with game broadcasting.
Skilled BJs are also popular, but deep-sea BJs are also in demand.

Not to mention the female cam.
A woman playing coins?
It deserves the attention of lonely coin investors.


Reaction gathers popularity as reaction.
Many people shoot star balloons to see the motorcycle dance.

-I really want a tail
−These days, Yuming is rising properlyhaha
−Dog sexy……
-How does the tail look so natural?
−I guess it was inserted into the anus
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

Yuming’s broadcast.
Grow rapidly.
Both viewers and star balloons.

‘Should I ask for a female top position next time?’

Watching the broadcast
Seeing that he dances well on motorcycles, I think he will do it well if he is asked to do so.

“Senior, do you see something like this?”
“I think you’ll do the same.”
“Are you sure?”

Sora came home.
She leaves the door open and she comes in again like a rat.

‘I left it open on purpose.’

I haven’t been to my house since that day.
It got a little awkward.

Conversation proceeds as usual.
One thing that has changed.

“Are you here to kiss me?”
“Because I won’t.”
“Why not!”
“You don’t have to know, senior.”

The guard is raised.
Covers her own lips with the phone she was holding.

‘Is he bringing something delicious and just teasing me?’

It is more torture than not giving a bite of ramen.
Why is he suddenly doing this?

“Why can’t you do what you always do?”
“I mean, I don’t feel that way.”
“Do you menstruate in your mouth?”
“Would you like to vomit blood from your mouth?”

I don’t know if I’m just angry.
It’s a problem because they don’t allow skinship.

‘Let’s make the map feel good!’

It’s not about enjoying everything you enjoy.
It was me who even suffered a loss.

I couldn’t even put it in
To be honest, I feel that it was Sora’s substitute who ate Yumin.

“I’m going to smoke.”
“Don’t smoke.”
“You don’t kiss me.
“Just be patient, really.”

Hugs from the back of the chair.
The touch and talk of the heart makes it even more anxious.

‘It looks like the trick was caught.’

Similar sexual activity.
It is my grand plan to develop Sora’s body step by step.

Being so naive, I also crossed the line a bit.
I was thinking that I was lucky.

“When I came to the senior’s house last time.”
“You rubbed my belly a lot. Then my body got weird…”
“That, so?”

Bring out the main point
The part you can’t help but be afraid of.
He touched the chart as if to explain it.

‘No, he really feels it.’

It was to the point where I wanted to seduce him on purpose.
So I responded in the gentlest way possible.

Nothing was said until I left.
Maybe I went home and had other thoughts.


Wait for Sora’s answer.
Did you like it or did you despise it?

“My stomach hurt a lot. All day.”
“Did you have a big poop?”
“Fuck you.”

I still had no idea.
He complains that his condition has not improved.

‘If you have a fucking orgasm, your stomach will feel tight.’

Limits of knowledge.
It seems that Sora couldn’t find another reason.

How that leads to a kissing strike.
I won’t know until there.

“It’s because the senior kept touching me carelessly.”
“Well, how can I not reach it?”
“It’s worn out?!”

It wasn’t my fault at all.
In the meantime, there were things that piled up and piled up.

He puts his hand on his waist and looks at him with an angry expression.
The cheeks are also slightly inflated.

‘It’s really behind the scenes.’

Yumin is also quite large.
I can’t hold it all with one hand, so it leaks out between my fingers.

Sora has to change the way he catches it.
She has to hold it horizontally so she can barely hold it in her hand.

“You felt good too.”
“Well, it’s not that important.”
“That’s good. It’s good, but why take it out?”

The texture is also firm.
It’s so big, but I don’t think it’s heavy.

‘It would be the loss of mankind not to have sex with a body like that.’

They must reproduce quickly.
You must leave more offspring.
As a man, I want to cooperate.

“Why do you keep doing that to me?”
“Can’t you?”
“That’s… It’s something you do with people you like.”

Sora brings out her true heart.
I wondered if this word would come out someday.

‘It’s not like that.’

It is also true that it crossed the line to be seen as simple skinship.
Cigarettes and everything are too much to make excuses for.

Capacity limit.
What’s your relationship with me?
It seems like you’ve been thinking about it for the past few days.

“I like it.”
“Me, me?”
“The body.”

In my mind, I want to eat it.
Sora, who doesn’t even know birth control, makes a baby first.

‘Then wouldn’t it get erotic sooner?’

At 21, she may be dripping with the nymphomaniac of a married woman.
Something to look forward to very much.

However, he is the type who eats a lot of seriousness.
If you’re responsible, you’ll definitely be bothered.

“You were such a lighthearted person, senpai?”
“I did not know?”
“…Well, I thought I knew that, but still.”
“But what?”
“There’s a line that people should keep at a minimum, right?”

Unlike Yumin, he also has the ability.
If you eat, Rachel season 2 might open.

‘That would be fun too.’

If possible, I want to maintain a good relationship.
He is also a disciple who works hard to raise.

If you even have sex in the office, I will kill you.
But as a man, there are things you cannot give up.

“Do you like my brother?”
“I can date you if you like.”
“It’s not! Why am I a messy person like you who has a broken personality?”

Male-female relationship.
The story comes out even after 30 years of marriage as to who pushed it first.
I’ll make sure to hit it first.

‘That’s why I can’t say anything even if I cheat.’

As an investor, you cannot avoid diversification.
Portfolio management is the basic of the basics.

“Senior, I’m really disappointed.”
“I’m disappointed too.”
“I won’t kiss you until you change your attitude. Heung!”

The woman is not even hungry right now.
She’s fine for a while without eating conch.

‘She’s not even ripe yet.’

Talented but 20 years old.
It takes time for both the body and mind to mature.

“I’m not answering questions either.”
“It’s petty.”
“Yeah sorry.”

He is inflating his cheeks like a child.
The mind couldn’t catch up with the body.

It’s not like I want to attack right away.
Sora still needs to grow up.

‘Although having a child is one way.’

There are many ways to experience it.
There is not one man in the world.

Have some kind of relationship
The more you do, the more maturity you accumulate.

“Even if you’re not a senior, there are a lot of people to ask.”
“There are analyst teachers, and I joined a study group this time.”
“Then you can ask there.”

It looks like it’s screwed up properly.
Scream and slam the door! Close and exit
We may not be able to talk for a while.

‘Even a cheating cow gets excited.’

A woman becomes delicious only when she has an affair.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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