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Because I Live in the US 100

Because I Live in the US 100

Chapter 100 – Real Sex Rally

Affair with a celebrity.

“I slept with Chan-wook, and it aired the next day.”
“Have you seen it?”

It’s not just about enjoying your body.
There are other satisfactions.

‘Something that I ate.’

Mental thing.
The more famous the object is, the more it adds up.


Yumin seems to have gained some recognition.
Recently, a video clip has become an issue.

“How about it?”
“Oh, you’re ugly?”
“Do you know why you’re upset?”
“At this time, Chanwook’s baby was being put in.”

The number of viewers increased.
It is said that there has been a lot of mention in the community.

It entered the big company BJ.
A little bit of satisfaction, though.

‘Not as much as a celebrity.’

Celebrities dream of getting a house, too.
I’m just setting my standards a lot higher.

If that’s the case, you’ll find it surprisingly easy.
One night is easily possible.

“How cheap is that…”
“Can you put it in again?”
“If you put that in again, that baby will be born.”

It’s a bit difficult to make my own, though.
The female cam came through pretty easily.

‘There seems to be a bit of a mistake, but.’

Sure enough, I was dreaming.
Looks like you need some tidying up.

What kind of relationship do you want to have with Yumin?
For what purpose did I access it?

“Did you… Lie to me?”
“You said you were my woman. You said you were my woman and you weren’t taking responsibility?”
“I said it was my girl, I didn’t say it was your man.”

It seems to be a shock to me.
My mouth is swollen and I can’t speak properly.

‘No need to say.’

Pet dog.
I wanted a woman to play with.
There’s no reason to play with it if you’re trying to be a crony.

“Because it was my first time?”
“How did you take the beginning of a woman…”
“Not anymore.”

Sympathy operation.
There’s no way that kind of thing can even eat seeds.

Paid enough
It is not my fault that the product description is different.

Keep bothering me
In this case, you need to clearly draw the line so that it will not be difficult later.

“If you don’t like it, quit.”
“Let’s end the relationship. If you don’t like it, I can’t help it.”

Pretend to put on the suit jacket you took off.
Then, grabbing the hem of her shirt, he comes to dry her.

‘It’s a different law when you go into the bathroom and when you come out.’

Before a relationship, a woman weighs this and that.
After a relationship, a man has nothing to regret.

“Please, please don’t do this…”
“I hate to be seen as such a cheap woman.”
“Isn’t she a cheap girl? She’s an expensive girl?”

Thousands of dollars were beaten and beaten.
It’s a good price for one night’s worth.

‘Although he may think he’s worth more than that.’

Things in the world are not so easy.
If you want to have a high value.

“From an investor’s point of view.”
“Too, are you an investor?”
“Paying more for this body is overpay.”
“You are too much.”

It should be worth it.
In a capitalist society, this is a very natural logic.

‘If a large company collaborates with a small business.’

It’s conscientious even if you pay the right amount.
To wish for more is to not know the reality.

The weak will be preyed upon.
Trying to escort Hoga crossed the line.

“Hueeng. Heueeng…”

Really want to cry
I don’t know why I’m pretending to be weak when it comes to topics like hot-blooded defenders.

‘Eating the wicked woman is nice and clean after all.’

I didn’t know that the female cam could be so mentally weak.
That she was a virgin was even more unexpected.

“Do you want to get married like that?”
“That, that’s not it… Chanwook suddenly changes.”
“You haven’t changed? My brother said he wanted to raise Ming-yi from the beginning.”

It can be dangerous if a good kid is heckling.
An unfortunate accident happened once.

‘Even if it’s not such a special case.’

If you stick a knife in your back, it will be very painful.
It is good to leave room for negotiation.

Gently stroke the tip of your chin.
Raising your neck slightly is worth playing for a night.

“I won’t abandon you if I become your brother’s dog.”
“Of course, give them money, buy them luxury goods.

You’re probably banging on a calculator in your head.
Is there any way to change this man’s heart?

Then he makes a compromise.
What should I do to avoid becoming a loser right now?


The choice to listen.
I suppressed my shame and barely let out a dog barking howl.

‘What’s so special about doing it every day?’

I don’t know how they did it on the show.
It seems that the body should be prepared before the mind.

It is the outfit worn in the video clip, or perhaps a more intense memory preceded it.

“Ming is your brother’s dog.”
“Woof woof!”
“Are you soaking your dog’s pussy?”

Beaten and beaten all night
First experience.
It’s something that can’t be forgotten unless you want to forget it for the rest of your life.

‘It’s wet.’

Put your hands inside your panties
Even a quick glance at the surface reveals that it is not in a normal state.

“You were excited.”
“Is Ming-Yi born to be her brother’s dog? Or does she hate being her brother’s dog?”

The more you stroke it, the more memories of that time will come to mind.
A pleasure that has nothing to compare with.

‘That’s why her virginity is easy.’

I can make it to my liking.
Neither the mind nor the body knows any further options.

“Walwalwal! Panting…”

Thumb stuck in mouth.
He licks her gently with her tongue and plays aegyo.

Hug tightly
It teaches me that being my pet dog is not a bad thing.

‘It’s not for nothing that they say that selling a dog is selling a prize.’

There are many dogs that eat better than people.
They eat Korean beef for feed and have a doghouse bigger than a human room.

If she becomes my woman, she will never be upset.
I jump up and lay down on the bed.

A posture of submission with the belly pulled up.
Wearing a puppy costume, it really seems like that.

“Ming is cute.”
“I’m afraid you won’t see the dog. My brother will make you feel good again.”

Revealing one’s own vagina
It looks quite different from when I first saw it.

Swollen red
Even the place that was tightly closed is hollow enough to fit a finger in.

‘This is why virgins have fun eating.’

The process of making your body and mind your own.
I don’t know if it’s a serious thing even if it’s a little bit bad.

If it weren’t for the trauma, I would have eaten a lot.
When the opportunity comes, I try to pull out the mulberry.


I bought another one.
Suddenly, Yoo-min puts on a puzzled look at the blunt thing on his neck.

“Your brother is a dog.”
“You need to wear a leash. It suits you well. It’s cute.”
“Woof woof!”

As far as accessories are added.
The true value comes out when you play.

Significantly increases immersion.
Inserted into Yumin’s wet hole.


Pull the leash
At the same time, the tightness on the inside gets a little better.

‘It’s like they’re really copulating.’

Slightly pull slightly while giving full grade.
It also pricks the insides that Yumin likes.

Once marked.
She makes it clear whose woman she is.

“Waah wow!”
“That’s right. That’s how you squeeze and squeeze. Do you want to kiss me? No.”

But not your man.
There is nothing more certain than teaching in bed.

Pull the leash
A fragile body that easily follows with just that.

“This is the only thing Ming-Yi can suck.”
“Put it in your mouth first.”

You can play with it at will.
Forced to do Iramachio.

‘It’s clumsy, but I’m sure it’ll be enough to rebuild it.’

I try to keep her mouth shut, but the decision is mine.
Holding her by the leash

When you’re really out of breath, take it off for a while.
And repeat pulling again.

“Heh heh heh…”

Breathe heavily
My eyes are blurry, probably because of the lack of oxygen.

Turn over and lay down
Since it was the first experience, I remember how to stick out my butt.

‘It’s a wonderful view.’

White ass.
Crotch dripping liquid.
The leash being pulled forms a trinity.

If you lightly touch the tail, the hole pops up.
I am eagerly waiting for my goods to come in.

‘Wouldn’t the hot-bloods have been hoping for something like this?’

It’s mine
He throws cocks and money into the lascivious pussy that wants to eat as much as he wants.


Heard the way
I even released it once before.
Beat the inside a little more vigorously.

‘No way. I have to stay still.’

It is stimulating for Yoo-min, who has just taken off her virginity tag.
He grabs the leash to stop him from running away.


And punish
Corporal punishment is the most effective form of force and pain.

A red handprint is stamped on the white buttocks.
Then the tail he was wearing wagged.

‘They have the talent to become real pets.’

Compared to what I picked with my senses, I got a pretty good kid.
Once you get used to it, you will be able to shake it yourself.

But my fitness is not good.
Panting with only a little bit of penetration, he puts his face on the bed.

While Yumin’s stamina lasts, he uses it as much as possible.
Sow my seeds inside.


More than the first experience.
This will give you a sexier motorcycle dance.

‘It would be nice to be famous.’

It was half Yu-hee who ate Yoo-min.
The other half is more than the cusp.

In order to do a personal broadcast, you need a network.
Knowing famous BJs is helpful.

“It’s Ming.”
“From the next broadcast onwards, wear your tail.”

If you make use of your strengths, you will be able to become more famous.
I’m good at imitating dogs.

‘Well, if I get caught, that day will be the end of my life.’

You can grow it all your life.
If you are not afraid of risk, there is nothing you cannot do.

“And do you want to try investing?”
“Woof woof?”

There is another similar thing.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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