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Because I Live in the US 99

Because I Live in the US 99

Chapter 99 – Real Sex Rally

Next day.

‘Oh, there’s no strange place, right?’

Yumin looks at himself in the mirror.
It’s a pretty look as usual.

The outer surface is that.
You can’t help but notice that the inside has been completely turned upside down.


It was my first experience.
I was prepared to be sick, of course.
Because I’ve heard that a lot.

It was more than I thought.
I thought it was completely torn apart.
I will never forget that pain for the rest of my life.

‘I did this, but the size.’

It seems to have reached the top of the navel.
Place the palm of your hand on your stomach.

You get a sense of how big it is.
His thickness was the size of his forearm.

‘Of course it hurts since you stung it with something like that.’

It’s dizzy just thinking about it.
That’s what it would feel like if you put your thumb in his nostril.

No, my thumb only hurts at the entrance.
Chan-wook’s stuff hit the inside mercilessly.

You may have bruises.
Even after a day has passed, the pain of that time remains clear.

‘Still…… , It felt good.’

It was the first time that I was terribly sick.
The more you get used to the pain, the different feelings come.

It cannot even be compared to masturbation.
Mental satisfaction is on the verge of burning the brain.

‘I have become Chan-wook’s woman both physically and mentally.’

Investors rolling billions.
More importantly, he has great ambition.

In less than a year, he made billions.
What a great man he will become in the future.


It’s creepy.
It was given to such a man.
There is nothing to regret about her virginity at all.

Rather, it is worth keeping.
No, in fact, I couldn’t find anyone who could give it to me.

The long wait was for this man.
For the moment I meet Chan-wook.

‘The baby was also very cheap…….’

I thought it was on the inside.
The hot stuff gushed out and filled his insides.

Unfortunately, you won’t get pregnant.
It wasn’t even a dangerous day, and I even gave birth control pills.

‘Someday I’ll do it.’

An act that ends as a woman.
He never thought about having a baby.

I want to have that man’s baby.
It was such an intense experience that I felt that way.

‘Wouldn’t it happen since there were so many of them?’

I scraped the inside several times while taking a shower.
Still, surprisingly, it continued to come out.

He wrapped that thick thing inside himself.
Maybe some of them are still alive.

“Ming is here, oppas~ Did Ming wait a long time?”

−Ming Ha
−Meeting the new president?
−Oh I thought you wouldn’t kill today
−If they didn’t come, it would be a riot among hot bloodedhaha

Yesterday’s work.
Of course I can’t say
Yoo-min turns on the broadcast as if nothing happened.

‘This way I won’t be suspicious.’

Meet someone who is hot-blooded!
Public notice must be made on the day when the meal table is promised.

Because it may sound different later.
There is a female cam who actually cheated and got fucked.

Would you do something like that?
She hadn’t thought until today that she would become a party.

─Yooming♡Yaku-nim, thank you for the 100 star balloons!
How was the new president?

“Yaku oppa, thank you for 100 points. Wow! That’s a bit… I’m cautious about saying it.”

It seems to come out unexpectedly.
How to say it is so well organized in my head.

‘Something Chanwook told me.’

I won’t watch the show in the future.
Existing hot-blooded people may hate it if you visit it for no reason.

Actually it is.
Even the chairman was angry, and the good man Man-soo even had a big fight.

[Former President]
−Chairman, were you very uncomfortable today? ㅠㅠ
− I was also in a lot of trouble……
−You shoot so much, but I can’t treat you harshly
−I will warn him separately, so please relieve his anger♡
“Only Ming must have suffered.”

The star balloons of other zealots will decrease.
That is not what Yumin also wants.

‘It’s difficult for hot-blooded people to leave now.’

Even if you get married, you have to earn something before that.
Because you have to have your own money.

I would have said it in that sense.
I don’t know why Mr. Chanwook is so deep inside.

“They said they shot it just for fun. He doesn’t watch my broadcasts often…”

−ㅁㅁ 30 million won for funhaha
−Are you chewing gum?
−It was a waste of money.
− I’ve never seen a pug man.

It wasn’t just the president and Mansu who were angry that day.
Other hot-bloods were also in a bad mood.

Gossip moderately.
Some hot-blooded people respond in response and quickly regain public sentiment.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Just looking at it, I knew he was a bad person!

“Mansu! Didn’t sister not know that Mansu was trying to protect her?”

Mansu was eyeing him.
He must have had a lingering lingering lingering since he shot such a star wind.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
There are guys like that


The president also shoots a star wind.
I might be able to continue broadcasting like before.

‘Can I meet Chan-wook after the broadcast?’

There are parts that cannot.
Her life was divided into before and after meeting him.

When dating, he was his ideal type.
Kind, rich, and caring.

The expression of affection is also bold.
The faces of the department store employees who glanced at it were expressions of envy.


And sex.
He was violent in bed.
He was treated like a puppy.

Oddly enough, he didn’t like it.
He knew for the first time that he had a horse jacket.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 10002 star balloons!
Noona, I bet hard today and I won!

“Mansu. Are you forgiving my sister? Thank you so much for the dumplings, Master Mansu wow ♡”

Reactions for broadcasting.
I didn’t know if it would be used to become a man’s puppy.

I was really violated like a beast.
I couldn’t say anything, just making noise like crazy.

‘Ah fuck my legs are shaking.’

Even now, the sensation remains in my body.
His insides were still puffy and his thighs were full of eggs.

I couldn’t even get up in the morning.
It was only after lunch that I could barely walk.

I stand with the conviction that I have to broadcast.
Pretending to be calm, the reaction continues.

“Since my sister has ordered cosplay clothes. Shall we start with Uichen?”

−I can’t stand Ui-Chen!
−The service today is goodhaha
−What kind of cosplay is this?
-Didn’t the chairman buy it for you?
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

Luxury goods Chanwook bought.
It will be enshrined in Gogoi’s own collection.

But there is something else that interests me the most.
I thought of it when I saw the dog costume.

‘I thought it would be nice to wear it on air.’

You can’t attach it to the tail.
But the rest is high enough quality.

─Buffalo №1, thank you for the 100 star balloons!
Standing ovation

─Mingi’s loyal dog, thank you for the 482 star balloons!
I became a real puppyhaha

─Candy Master, thank you for the 28 star balloons!
It’s snowing and I’m giving it to you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Viewers like it too.
Get in the mood and move on to the next one.


Motorcycle dance.
It is what Yumin is most confident about.

Vibrates the whole body as if riding a motorcycle.
I was going to dance like usual.

‘Ah, wait!’

Legs are weird
It’s worth it because the eggs are enough to make you shudder.

The real problem is inside.
When I shake my body, what was deep inside flows out.

−I have a feeling today
−My chest trembles.
−Sexy show
−You seem to be in high spirits because there are 10,000 reactionshaha
−Vibration is no joke……
−Look at your legs trembling

Traces that have not yet been removed.
I thought I scraped it all off when I was in the shower.

‘How cheap it is!’

The more you shake the body, the more it comes out.
It’s the way you came in.

Feel what your insides look like.
I can’t be bothered

* * *

300,000 star balloons.

[Personal Broadcasting Gallery]
─300,000 Yeocam Yuming exploded
─You Ming was an underrated female cam, right?
─Where are all the grandchildren of Cheolwadae?
─If you’re disgusted by the hounded dogs, let’s do ithaha

There can be no fuss.
It spreads right through the internet broadcasting community.

─300,000 Yeocam Yuming exploded
[BJ Yooming broadcast capture.Jpg]
Only one shot
That person had a wind fight and exploded close to 500,000haha

└ After all, female cams make money
└ Is it a class that will receive 300,000?
└ I earn my fucking salary in one day
└ Yes, the company is promoting it by viral~

That will be the star balloon.
It’s not just a simple profit.
Paprika TV has one more meaning.

That’s fighting power.
The amount of star balloons received becomes an indicator of the power and influence of the corresponding BJ.

─You Ming was an underrated female cam, right?
The reaction and broadcasting tension are top notch.
There was no influx of large hands because there was no merger
Are you getting some attention now?

└ What are you?
└ Yu-Ming’s distance from his owner is disgustinghaha
└ㅇㅇ Milk is also true milk
└ It was a restaurant only I knew

Just like stocks that have skyrocketed in price are getting attention.
Yuming’s stock price rises day by day.

There is a lot of mention in the community.
Although it may end with a short special.


Becomes an issue once more.
Her motorcycle dance jumped up as a recommendation.

─Today Yuming motorcycle dance.Avi
[Paprika TV video clip.Avi]
I watched it and uploaded it to the server

└ You’re suinghaha
└Look at the thrilling details
└ It’s a motorcycle, so you have to be nervous like that
└ Shake it up bitch

You Ming’s broadcast unexpectedly becomes a box office hit.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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