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Because I Live in the US 98

Because I Live in the US 98

Chapter 98 – Real Sex Rally

Upon arrival, they are immediately refreshed.

“I’m wearing it… I’m here.”

Puppy cosplay clothes I tried on at the store.
But unlike before, I’m a little shy.

Because I know why you came here.
It’s just staring at me like a spoiled mutt.

“How about it?”
“It suits you well.”
“But you’re missing something important.”

Kiss your lips lightly
And put your hands on your hips

Startled reaction.
Because of the degree of exposure, the bare skin can be touched.

‘The flesh is worth touching.’

I’m still trembling.
Induces my sadism with a clumsy kiss.

It does what you want.
Bring the hand that was groping your ass to your thigh.


I jump up and go to bed.
It hangs calmly without struggling.

‘The weight is just right.’

I missed my small body after being attacked by a big bitch recently.
You can handle it at will.


Lay on the bed
And take off the cosplay part that covers the lower body.

“Wait! Wait a minute…”

Lewd undergarments are exposed.
I try to stop it from spreading by putting strength on my legs.

‘There is no king.’

Originally unstoppable
It’s just that the crazy bitch’s sexual desire and calf strength aren’t normal.

Forcibly open it
When she takes off her underwear, the vagina greets the world.

“I wonder where the tail is kicked?”
“It is, but…”
“My brother will complete the cosplay.”

Joints are also revealed.
Mystery of the human body.
A tail is created just by wearing it.

‘Um, good.’

The human puppy is complete.
I quite like the look.

“Is Ming your brother’s girl?”
“Yes that’s right.”
“Then will you do what your brother wants?”
“Ha, I will!”

The inside is already complete.
When I gently scratched her chin, she answered straight away.

‘You do it often.’

Imitate a dog.
It is Yumin’s main content.
It will also be the reason why hot-blooded people shoot star winds

“Mongmeong! Walwal!”

I also shot this looking forward to it.
It might turn out just as well as I thought, so I might get one.

‘I wanted to raise a pet dog.’

If the hot-blooded see it, their eyes will turn upside down.
No one has shot more than me, so I can’t help it.

“Well done.”
“Well done?”
“From now on, answer only with meongmeong or walwa. Ming is your brother’s dog.”
“Woof woof!”

I need a woman who can also play special games.
It’s something you can’t do with school kids.

‘Internet prostitutes are prostitutes too.’

It’s okay because I gave you money.
Sometimes you can buy luxury goods and roll them.

“Turn around.”
“Don’t you know how to kick back? A puppy should be nailed like a puppy.”
“Woof woof!”

A fleshy ass is placed in front of her eyes.
Put a word in her finger and gently stir it.

It’s a bit disappointing.
The hair wasn’t well groomed, and it wasn’t wet that much.

‘The taste also smells like urine.’

23 years old.
Still young
I thought I would manage it because it was a female cam, but it’s a pity.

No problem using it though.
Unfasten your pants, take out your belongings, and put them at the entrance.

Put your weight on it and put it in.
A girl’s reaction is fun when you fuck her at once.

“Ah! Ahh!!”
“Do a fool.”
“It hurts! It hurts!”

A bit excessive
Give off a fucking glow
Since it’s a female cam, you might be confident in your reaction.

‘I feel a little stinky…….’

The crotch that I checked just in case.
It is not because of the feeling that it is buried in red.


Take it out a bit and put it back in.
Looking at the reaction, it doesn’t seem like it’s just a big pain.

‘I’m fucking fucking against the subject of female cams!’

I swore I’d never have blood on my hands again.
I made a mistake again.

“Why, why, I’m dying of pain…”
“Spread your legs. Before you tear them apart.”

But it’s different from Suhyun’s time.
Gave money
I also agreed.

‘I guess this wasn’t in the product description.’

He doesn’t seem capable enough to take revenge.
No, I would be scared too.

If something happens, it’s the female cam that’s in trouble.
What if there’s even a scandal?

I can’t do broadcasting activities.
You will lose your job, let alone get a job.


Put the half-removed object back in.
The cramped inside is forced open.


It still looks very sick.
It’s worth it because the place that was closed for the rest of my life has opened up.

‘Even moaning in a charming way.’

It seems that there is no mental room.
Once you’ve wrapped up your feet, you’ll either become a mother or a Tao.


Put it on
Considering it’s the first time, the tightening isn’t that good.

‘I think I know the reason.’

On the way there, I messed around here and there.
The flesh is soft and there is no sign of exercise.

Todok, tok!

Take off your top too.
The chest is not as impactful as it looks on the screen.

It’s not mulberry, but I would have done at least to collect it.
Even the flesh of the chest.

‘It’s swaying.’

Often compared only by size.
C-cup, D-cup So what cup is it?
In fact, the most important thing is not only the big ones behind.

Grab a grip
The spasm in the buttocks stopped for a while, perhaps feeling the pain in another part.

“Ah, it hurts…”
“It’s okay. Relax your hips.”
“And I told you to be dumb?”

Not solid.
It is soft enough to change its shape as it is kneaded.

There are two main types of breasts.
Mammary milk and fatty milk.
Yumin is the latter.

It is literally a lump of fat.
After peeling it off, it droops and is unattractive.

‘The really rare thing is breast milk.’

Organ for milking.
When properly developed, it has the power to keep the shape of the breast.

The shape is beautiful and the elasticity is great.
It’s a great tits that tastes like a handjob.

“Woongmeong! Meongmeong! Panting…”

This is messed up
With just a little touch, it spreads like a lump of dough.

‘Jill has slowly adapted.’

It doesn’t make a fuss even if it’s a piston.
It seems you’ve gotten used to the pain.


It’s brand new, so it tastes good.
Even the bumps on the inside were not touched by human hands.

Cover up your noisy mouth.
Let’s enjoy purely the inner touch.

‘After…… , This is a situation worth tens of millions of won.’

The sage time is pushed a little.
I shot it for fun, but it’s a waste of money.

“It’s Ming.”
“Yes, no, doggy!”
“Your brother is excited, but is it okay if I do a little more?”
“Woof woof!”

It doesn’t sink with a cheap one.
Things, and my heart that I spent useless.

‘I have to pick the mulberry.’

Squeeze your chest
As soon as you click, a little bit of aegyo mixed with moaning comes out.

Stand firm again.
Wipe the messy area with a wet tissue and start the second rotation.


Softer than the first.
It is a reaction that seems to be felt by Yumin as he slowly beats while riding the rhythm.

‘I’m old enough to know everything.’

There is no way you don’t know the pleasure of a woman.
Carefully stimulate the parts you like.


Claire also twists.
It will be similar to the stimulation you usually get when you masturbate, but it will feel different.

‘Doesn’t he seem to like it roughly?’

Pleasure from someone is a pleasure.
The body’s nerve cells send an honest response.

Probably gone.
It seems like he’s masturbating normally.


Her whole body will be sensitive and she will share her kiss with her.
And I also pack a cool foot.

Open your eyes.
The sensation of being filled with hot things can be a bit heterogeneous.

But it wouldn’t be a bad feeling.
I’ve never met a woman I don’t like.

‘It’s probably the difference between who gets stuck.’

It’s what you wanted
The more you realize the taste of sex, the more you like it.

“Woongmeong! Panting…”

Even after removing the object, he still sticks his butt in.
The place that has been opened up is buzzing.

The form before writing is nowhere to be found.
It’s rewarding when you make a mess like this.

‘I ate properly.’

Lie on the bed and gasp for breath.
It’s really like a puppy, so I get a little attached to it.


Spank the ass
Once more.
Moaning as if in pain

‘Well, unless you’re quite a pervert.’

There was no way a woman who had been a virgin until just now felt something like this.
But there is a lot of time.

“Shake your ass.”
“Woof woof!”
“That’s right. Ming-yi’s pussy brother will fuck you again.”

A pet dog I made.
It will be worth writing if you make it a little more like a dog.

‘Come to think of it, this tail.’

How to put it in the back hole.
It’s not thick, but it can be burdensome if it’s your first time.

Even before the front hole was drilled.
I feel a little sorry for Yoo-min.

“Mup! Mupmong!”

It makes you feel good about sex.
Gently stimulate her erogenous zones according to her tempo.

‘Though I seem to have a knack for it myself.’

There are many kids who don’t like to run behind.
No matter how anti-coercive it was, he was still doing it.

No, I like it
If you pull the tail lightly, the tightening on the inside will be fine.

“Ming really looks like a dog.”
“Do you want me to raise you for the rest of your life? Do you want me to have a dog for you?”
“Woof woof!”

It looks like there are a lot of majoki too.
If you take good care of it, it will make a great pet dog.

‘The meaning may be a bit misunderstood.’

There will be no need to explain now.
It soothes the body from its craving for pleasure.


Poke deep into
Movement hits the inner wall at a minimum.

‘Hold on tight.’

Then the stimulus is transmitted intact.
Any girl can be sent in less than a minute.

Drop it down
He couldn’t moan or bark, only breathing heavily.

Slap! Slap!

He is so focused that he doesn’t react even if his butt is slapped.
It seems to have completely gone.

I’m one step cheaper.
Fill the sticky liquid to mark the territory as mine.

“It’s Ming.”
Hehe… Wow!”
“Because oppa prefers meeting in person rather than broadcasting? I don’t want Ming to interfere with the broadcast.”
“Woof woof?”

Playing with a female cam is fun.
The act of bringing the her inside her monitor out of her screen.

‘I guess the atmosphere of a female cam room is a bit like that.’

Being the president is not to my liking.
I just want to skip the most delicious part.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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