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Because I Live in the US 97

Because I Live in the US 97

Chapter 97 – Real Sex Rally

The world we live in is different.

“Then do you usually go to school?”
“Yes, the professor also took care of the convenience, so I thought it was worthwhile to do it at the same time as work.”
“Oh Professor?”

The same goes for female cams.
Although she may appear to be a very noble being on her monitor.

‘It can’t be.’

If it was really great, she wouldn’t be doing girl cams.
Because it’s a job with a lot of things to do.

“It’s a secret.”
“The professor is also one of my potential clients, giving investment advice.”
“Ah~ so!”

I long for the appearance of a healthy social person.
You can win favor by showing it.

‘Because collecting is the goal.’

I want to do identity laundry.
The profit is the same as or higher than the female cam days.

“Actually today, I suddenly had a meeting.”
“That’s right…”
“It’s frustrating to come as it is, but please understand.”
“No. You look good.”

Why did you dress up?
Money is money, but it is important to show a sound image.

‘If you show me a little bit of possibility.’

Happiness builds up easily.
If it was a dating game, it is almost at the level of cheating.

“It’s steamed abalone. Eat it with the soup.”

And cooking.
There is no better way to cheer up than a delicious meal.

It is also difficult to eat normally.
You get the feeling of being treated.

“Does it suit your taste?”
“Yes, it’s not quite right…”

It kind of feels like this.
The way to flirt with female cams can be published as a manual.

‘In fact, it’s a logic that also works in the marriage market.’

There are many empty years.
Falling in love with Korean dramas, she wants to be like the heroine herself.

Waiting for the prince on a white horse.
Without knowing that the prince on a white horse was on top of their heads.

“It’s fried jade fish. The texture of the scales is good.”
“This is herring isobe maki. Good stuff came in.”
“It’s an anglerfish. The taste is strong, so cut it little by little.”

I am eating very well.
Aspirations for a world you don’t know will also bloom together.

‘It’s worth spending 1 million won per person.’

Certainly in the middle of the day.
I don’t want to transfer today’s fun to tomorrow.

“It was the most delicious Japanese food I’ve ever had.”
“Really? That’s good.”
“Thanks to Chan-wook and his friends…”
“He’s just training, so his father cooks everything.”

Eat and go out
Originally, that’s it.
So it’s cold, it’s a meal date.

‘I don’t think I’m the one who won’t let you go.’

A face that has something to say.
He dyes his cheeks red and looks away.

“But you’ll be a cook someday, won’t you?”
“Yes, if you don’t look away again.”
“I hope that next time I come…”

She’s not even talking about calling a taxi.
I want to spend more time with me

‘I’d better take a little more time.’

You wouldn’t think you’d figured it all out in just one meal.
Thinking of fishing.

Observe and figure out who you are.
Conversely, I’m thinking of making a good impression on me.

“Do you have any time?”
“Time? I don’t have any special plans…”
“I went to the department store yesterday, and there was a necklace that suits Yoo-min. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

Clear within today.
There is no woman in the world who does not like gifts.


Gangnam Old World.
This is where Hyeri and Suhyeon also came.
I also go looking to build up purchase results.

“How about it?”
“It seems to suit me.”
“I really like it. Can I have it?”

A necklace worth 2.8 million won.
It’s pretty good among cheap brands.

Hang it directly on your neck.
As seen on the screen, her breasts are white and large.

‘It’s not as good as Sora.’

It’s not that big, but it’s pretty good.
A large pearl lands on the chest.

It’s a look I like too.
If someone else buys it, no one will hate it.

“How about it?”
“It’s pretty. But.”
“If this is the case, the overall coordination will be a bit wrong.”

Of course, if it’s too much, it becomes a burden.
But if that’s the process of checking your heart.

‘They’ll think they’re buying it because they like themselves.’

Amount shot yesterday.
If you think about 300,000 star balloons, it’s not a big deal.

I look into your eyes slowly
Desire burns in the eyes.

“If you don’t mind, would you like me to match you with a pair of clothes?”
“Is that okay?”
“I live because I like it.”

Hold hands naturally
Even if you hold it with force, there is no reaction.

A meal date becomes just a date.
Just browse the luxury stores.

“Isn’t it too pie?”
“It’s usually worse.”
“Ah~ that’s a broadcast!”

Gradually increase skinship.
Put your hand on your waist and gently stroke it.

‘It’s soft.’

I don’t like the feel a bit.
I like the solid side.

It’s thin though.
Not having a full waist is a pass.

“Because I wear heels, the line really buys me.”
“It’s the first time I’ve been this high…”
“How about it? I can catch it.”

Give strength to the hand wrapped around the waist.
When I pull it up, it gently tilts its head towards me.

‘I’m already sick of it.’

You could do it a little more boldly.
I’d rather like that part.

Pass by the hundred stores.
I saw eye-catching.

“Do you want one?”
“No, that’s not it…”
“I guess that’s right~.”
“Because it’s a bit expensive.”
“So I should have it. My woman should wear this much.”
“My woman…….”

Enter the Hermes store.
As soon as you enter, pull your chin right away and take away your lips.

“Hey, hey, guest.”

The ignorant newcomer tries to stop him.
He is immediately silenced by a senior-looking employee.

You know everything.
Every time I come, I do the same thing, so he responds well on his own.


Pull down the curtains
To create blind spots.
Do not expose vulgar scenes.

‘The biggest thing is probably because they buy me.’

VVVIP that increases sales.
I can’t help but like it when you buy something expensive.


I like it too.
Showing off the woman I eat is an exciting event.

‘Ah, you’re pretending to be innocent.’

Light kiss.
There are a lot of guys who like innocent girls, so there are kids who act like they’re not good at it.

Breaks the mask
Hold the back of the head tightly and insert your tongue deep inside.

Wow wow!

Eating it all at once leaves a lot of space.
Saliva drips down the corners of your mouth.

‘Taste…… , It’s just like that.’

Actually delicious.
Recently, I have been choosing only healthy foods and eating them, so my standards have only risen a little.

When I opened my mouth, the thread continued.
The tongue that was about to move belatedly came out of his mouth.

Cold air.
Belatedly aware of the surrounding situation, Yu-min pushes his chest.

“Wait, wait, the kiss…”
“Why? Hate it?”
“Here… There are people.”

It’s all about knowing and pretending.
They make a fuss about the topic of allowing skinship and lips.

‘It could be because it’s a female cam.’

It’s like a community, but if you go up there, you can get into trouble.
Because female cams with boyfriends are less valuable.

It’s not even that famous.
No girl watching female cams so she will be fine.
More than anything.

“Please give me this.”
“Yes, I understand, sir.”
“Now, wait a minute.”
“Should I buy something else?”
“No, it’s not like that. Can I just buy it like that?”

They buy expensive luxury goods.
And that’s asking millions of won for a bag.

‘Even kids who like luxury goods can’t afford it because it’s burdensome.’

He seems surprised to buy it like a convenience store drink.
I’ve given you more so far.

“If you don’t like it, you can buy another one.”
“Is overspending a style you don’t like?”
“No, that’s not it… That’s fine.”

Blushing cheeks shyly.
It’s an expression of wanting to die.


Enjoy a kiss while the staff is packing.
Put your hands on your hips and hold them tight.

I’m startled, but now I’m not denying it.
Groping to one’s heart’s content

‘Complete Bofen.’

You will already be prepared for the next one.
No, it would be rather disappointing if I didn’t.

“What do you think?”
“You’re so pretty! Chan-wook has a good sense.”
“Because I like hangers.”
“That’s right?”

Look at your body in the mirror.
A look dressed in luxury.
He smiles as if he is satisfied.

It’s time to pay the price.
Come out of the department store and naturally put me in the passenger seat.

“Did you say you were free today?”
“That’s it…”
“I think it will be fine.”

Keep your head down.
Pretending not to know anything
To the subject who knows that I will go to the hotel like this.

‘Because it’s just a bit regrettable.’

It is to eat the yeocam.
It is desirable to make an appearance that suits him.

There were also some regrets while watching the broadcast.
Stop by before going to the hotel.

“This is… Where is it?”
“Can’t you see?”
“It’s like selling clothes.”

Not the place I expected.
Yumin looks around the inside of the store.

‘A clothing store isn’t wrong either.’

It’s just a slightly unusual outfit.
19 They also sell dirty things in gold.

Let’s find a wheel.
It’s something that’s hard not to have even one of those things.

“There’s even a dog costume.”
“Wow! It’s cute!”
“I wanted Yumin to wear it.”
“Am I…?”

Broadcast concept.
If you use it for reaction, it will surely respond well.

‘It’s not really like that, though.’

For tonight.
Understanding what he meant, Yumin gently nodded his head.

And look at your clothes.
It will not be unfamiliar to you as you often do uichen.

“How about it?”
“It suits you well.”
“Owner wow! Mingi is Mr. Changwook’s dog~♪”

Try on and come out
It is a highly exposed outfit that covers only the chest and important parts.

He wears a fur band around his ankles and wears his forepaws in his hands.
Ears don’t fall out either.

‘The quality is fine.’

I am also good at imitating dogs.
It’s like having a human dog.

The owner is a little shy, but it doesn’t matter.
Because that’s what you wear.

“By the way.”
“It has a tail. The tail… Has no place to fasten, and I don’t know how to kick it.”
“It’s okay. You’ll find out soon.”

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Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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