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Because I Live in the US 96

Because I Live in the US 96

Chapter 96 – Real Sex Rally

Today is an important day.

‘You’re fucking good at makeup? This is why he says he puts money on it.’

Yumin went to an esthetic the day before.
It is a place that provides beauty care from head to toe.

Hundreds of thousands of won per session.
It’s located in Gangnam Station, so it’s honestly burdensome every time I go.

But the reward is certain.
The smooth and shiny skin is beautiful to look at yourself.

To the extent that it is comparable to the camera that has been corrected for all kinds of lighting.
It is a part that you must pay attention to when you meet a hot blooded person.

‘Just in case.’

It happened once.
Does it look different from what you see on screen?
Yumin, who was a beginner female cam, was shocked.

That ardor never reappeared.
She was mortified that she was a cam girl and that she was actually ugly.

‘Because all other female cams do that?’

That hot blooded guy is a weirdo.
Trash fantasizing about women.
Anyway, since then, Yoo-min has also changed.

She started spending money on beauty, and went in with the mindset of hospitality even when she was having dinner with a hot-blooded woman.
It’s about making good memories.

‘I shot more than 300,000, and that’s about it.’

It’s a burden every time.
It feels like paying back hundreds of thousands of won for beauty expenses.

But 30 million won.
Excluding the star balloon fee, it is a huge amount of over 20 million won.

I even checked it several times after the broadcast.
Is it really your own money?

The corner of Yu-min’s mouth goes up as she looks at her mirror.
Since I am alone, I have nothing to manage my facial expression.

Still trying to smile
It’s because I have to look good to the new president today.

‘He shoots that much for the first meeting, but after we’re done, he’ll shoot again, right?’

I heard it by rumor.
A big hand who shoots hundreds of thousands a day.
He listened honestly and sneered.

There could be such a person.
But most of them are star balloons given after something happened behind the scenes.

If you cross over later and hear the story, you are married.
Because they were all his girls, he shot them tremendously.


Maybe he is selfish to himself.
It could be a prank from one of the hot blooded.

That is, a collection angle may be obtained.
Yu-min even considers the possibility that he might not know.

‘I’ll have to meet you to know.’

No, that’s what I used to think.
Collecting is a means of inducing star balloons and is the ultimate goal at the same time.

I want to live as a decent man’s wife someday.
I don’t worry about money for the rest of my life, and I’m going to have a good time.

First of all, it seems like a lot of money.
I asked her age through KakaoTalk, but she was surprisingly young.

〔The new president’s older brother♡〕
「Hello, masterhaha」
“Thank you for shooting so many star balloons today. You’ve been to the president, so can I call you the president’s older brother?”
“And I have one request.”
“I’m very nervous when I’m cold too.”
“If you don’t mind, could you tell me your name and age?”

25 years old.
I know that Mansu is younger than him.
He is 23, a year younger than himself, and has never been in the military.

‘I know it’s because he’s a coin or something.’

Usually, no, until now, all of them were older than themselves.
It’s natural that you have to go to college to have a social life.

Young and Rich, 25 years old.
Maybe it’s the son of the wealthy upper class.
The second generation of chaebol.

‘Is that a bit too much?’

I have various imaginations.
One thing is certain, the angle is slightly visible.

Some female cams don’t even try to collect.
It is to be satisfied with the life of ripping off star balloons.

If that happens, the hot blood will eventually leave.
It is also difficult to find new hot-blooded people.

‘I don’t want to grow old so ugly.’

The reason why female cams have a short lifespan.
That’s why they say they change their stage names and do various things.

Yumin doesn’t think so.
As soon as I meet a certain person, I plan to get married right away.

“Driver, please go to Exit 2 of Gangnam Station.
“You’re dressed nicely, lady. Are you going on a date?”
“That’s… That’s what it means.”

What kind of person is the Pagulman?
It’s only after getting in the taxi that I feel like giving up.

The star balloon was covered with bean pods.
Come to think of it, the nickname is not unusual.

‘What can you do with me?’

No, there is a reason why the former chairman was angry.

He was judged to be a bad person.
The possibility of that is not quite zero.


But the place to meet is a place with a lot of people.
If you feel like that, you should scream.

A taxi arrives at the meeting place.
The self from before, who had been fully prepared, was funny.

“Hello. You’re Yuming, right? As I said via chat, I’m Lee Chan-wook.”

A very well-dressed man was waiting.
To the extent that I wished it was this man as soon as I saw it.

‘Five…… , Are you a business person?’

It is not that Yoomin has met rich people once or twice.
I know how to identify people.

“Oh, yes. Hello.”
“It’s different from the image on the air. You must be very awkward?”
“Ah, that’s a bit…”

The suit fits well, and the hair style is neat.
If you don’t wear it often, you can’t look this natural.

The shoes you are wearing and the watch you are wearing are also luxury items.
If you look closely, there is nothing that is not a luxury item.

‘He has a handsome face. He’s not tall, but he’s not short either.’

The visuals are also passable.
First impressions are quite good.
His personality doesn’t seem bad at all.

“I think Chanwook is like that too.”
“I remember being very playful on air.”
“That’s true. There’s such a thing, men? The desire to play pranks on the girl you like.”

No, it looks good.
Yumin nodded and shook his head.
If it was like usual, I would have played a joke first.

‘What can I do? It’s right in the middle of the strike zone.’

It’s too gentlemanly.
I like how witty and playful he is.

If he had been sincere, he would have lost steam.
As a hot-blooded person, I don’t know, but as a man, it’s a disqualification.

“Yoo-Ming-nim too…”
“That’s it.”
“Can’t you call me Yumin? In real life, it’s a bit like being called BJ.”
“Is that your real name?”

But what matters is the content in the end.
A man who is only smooth is not allowed here.

‘There are a lot of crazy people in the world.’

If you tell the story, you will find out.
Real or fake.
If it’s real

“Why don’t we just stand and talk?”
“Yes, it is. But where…”
“I’ll take you to my car.”

Guided by a man
He said he parked in a paid parking lot nearby.

‘Oh~ Audi!’

It is not a very expensive car.
Yumin has also ridden a Lamborghini, and has experience driving a Ferrari.

But real rich people don’t ride such cars.
Because there is nothing good about standing out.

“What about the menu?”
“I’ll leave it for the pleasure of arriving.”
“Wow~ I’m looking forward to it.”

In many ways.
Where will you really take yourself?
It was the first place I had been to in my life.

‘Sushi house…… , I guess?’

Of course, I’ve been there a lot.
Sushi is also Yumin’s favorite food.
But even if the size of the store is small, is it too small?

“It’s a rather small shop.”
“Anyway, it’s a place that doesn’t receive many guests.”
“Yes, it’s a one-table restaurant that only accepts reservations for one group at a time.”

I’m not stupid enough to not notice the general situation.
I don’t know, maybe.

‘Oh, that’s why there is only one table.’

The shop is not simple.
It was intentionally set up that way.
So that only a small number of guests can be selected and received.

“Guests are lucky.”
“Originally, our restaurant is very difficult to make a reservation.”
“Oh yeah?”
“It takes almost a year.”

It was beyond imagination.
It is said that it is a place that only accepts verified guests with a strict reservation system.

To the point of dying
Kindly pour water into Yumin’s empty water cup.

“He’s a friend I met while working. My father said he’s the owner of this place, and he asked me to come and see him when the reservation was cancelled.”
“Ah, that’s right.”
“Don’t be shy and enjoy it.”

The tension is relieved a little.
Yumin takes a sip of water.
Even so, it is still an unfamiliar place.

‘What kind of things do you want me to sell?’

Maybe there is only one table?
You have no choice but to receive fewer guests, and the price will be expensive.

Nothing to ask.
I wonder what kind of food will come out and I can’t imagine the taste at all.


But I’m sure it will be delicious.
Swallowing saliva involuntarily

“I’m hungry?”
“Ah, that’s a little…”
“It must be difficult for women to do it. If you want to stay in shape, you won’t be able to eat what you want.”

In fact, none of it is difficult.
Instead of eating a little, you can eat something expensive and delicious.

Still, it feels good to be recognized for my job.
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care.

‘He has no prejudice against female cams and he’s a good person.’

I feel good.
But he did what he had to do.
Since the story of the job came out after a long time, I can’t miss it.

“What is Chanwook doing?”
“I’m still in school.”
“Student? But how do you get that much money… Oh, rude to ask such a question.”
“No. To save my major, I took a leave of absence and worked for a while, but it went well unexpectedly…”

I was a little hesitant at first.
Only a student?

‘It’s worth it if you’re a Korean University student.’

Prestigious university student.
He is said to be attending the Department of Economics.
I made a little investment using my major.

“Your boyfriend is such a great person.”
“I was actually bitten by stocks.”
“Don’t be fooled, do your job right!”
Haha, my father scolded me a lot.”

Had success
Now that things have settled down, he says he is going back to school.

‘Looks like you’re very capable. It’s a life you’ve only seen on the news.’

Self on the contrary.
I’m taking a break from college because I’m doing a female cam.
I have no intention of going back.

The only goal is to get a job and live comfortably for the rest of my life.
I feel shabby myself.

“I’m here for the first time, so don’t laugh even if you make a mistake.”
“Have you tried omakase for the first time?”
“It’s not like that…”

It’s like someone living in another world.
If you become a companion of such a person, you too.

‘Am I going to become a wife?’

You will be happy inside and out.
I’ve already made up my mind about half of it.

“I have no experience with anything this expensive.”
“It’s okay. You’ll have a lot of experiences today.”

The man smiles mischievously.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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