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Because I Live in the US 95

Because I Live in the US 95

Chapter 95 – Real Sex Rally

A female kaembang can be said to be a small society.

‘It’s similar to what Linders and Ri ○ji do.’

Yeocam and Ri○G.
What they have in common is that they spend a lot of money.
And it is determined in proportion to the amount spent.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!

〈 Wow! Wow! Gulman~ Gulman’s puppy is here.〉

− And another 10,000
−He gets hot-blooded within 1 minute of appearing;;
−ㅁㅁ Wind powerhaha
−Is he a famous big hand?

It faithfully follows the logic of capitalism, in which the one with the most money becomes the top.

‘The female cam is much simpler.’

Still, there is something about the game.
It is something that cannot be replaced no matter how much money you have.

There is no female cam.
Since you have to suck while the bean pods are covered, it’s better to give them a lot now.

〈 What should I do with Gulman’s reaction? I just did the motorcycle dance…… , If you like dogs, how about Uma Uma? 〉

If you shoot about 30,000, the treatment will change.
It will be ahead of the existing hot-blooded and chairman.

‘Let’s take a look.’

It was not chosen for no reason.
It was my favorite out of all the lists I looked at.

Female cam ranking.
Yuming had his own audience, and his face was close to his taste.

−It’s a real puppy dancehaha
− I wish I had raised a puppy like thishaha

The atmosphere of the women’s camp is not like that.
Still, dancing and body are passing points.

‘He’s moderately tall and moderately fleshy.’

Seeing her heart thump, it doesn’t seem like it’s artificial milk.
Not bad for a rolling female cam.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for 10,000 star balloons!
Noona, I want to see the puppy dance too!

〈 Long live. These days, I really want to bite Mansu~ Is it okay to have a little violent puppy? 〉

But to some people, he is a precious person.
The so-called ‘shield wind’ comes in.

‘I don’t want to lose my rank.’

When your favorite female cam listens to other people.
Divert attention by shooting more than that.

Or cancel the promised reaction.
There are also female cams that fight to get more star balloons.

Some companies even use a wind catcher.
There are also places that operate female cam like a company.

A strong business structure.
I was fortunate enough to know that I was not ripping off a few hukou and became convinced to invest.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!
I don’t like that ID.

I don’t know if that’s the case here, but I know that hot blooded people are quite jealous.
Following the coin charge, hit the shield wind to the venue.

‘It’s probably because he’s selfish.’

On the subject of a stone that dared to roll in?
You may not like being king all of a sudden.

− Is that the meaning I know?
− Howhaha
-It’s too shallow
−It seems like you made money, but you don’t have the personalityhaha
−The president is right!
−You only need to change your ID
− ㄹㅇ It looks like you’re trying to push it openly.
−Keep the line

Other zealots join in.
Other regular fans who don’t have money go for a water ride.

The atmosphere that the female cam is unavoidable.
As a society, majority rule is also important.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 20,000 star balloons!
What’s my id

Different from real society.
It is a very honest structure in which a person with money can become a top player.

〈 Thank you for the star balloon……. 20,000 Thank you so much. Please continue to enjoy the broadcast! 〉

−If that’s the case, even a baggull man is ㅇㅇhaha
−Ahhaha​​I shot 20,000 and wiped my mouth
−It makes you shut up with a star wind……

Start lightly
You can see that the fire is ignited only when the female cam takes my side.

‘He seems to be looking forward to it too.’

Shield style.
I wondered if it would come out again.
Sure enough, I have no intention of leaving.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 20,000 star balloons!
It means keep the line ^^

A conversation in a different style.
I don’t really hate it like talking with my body.
Since you’re at the level of the chairman, you should have wind power.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 2,839,526,973
+2,006,904,892 (+241.03%)

It’s not like me, though.
Last time I took my share with coin long.

‘It’s not common for people to carry around this amount of cash.’

Most people in business are holding it as an asset.
Because that will generate more revenue.

If it’s a star fight, it’s what you want.
It’s not a style that doesn’t accept disputes that have been walked.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!
How’s the pagulman? It’s not that I’m going to float with Yu-Ming-nim.

I don’t hear any other star balloon notifications over time.
Instead, it was a victory report in a different way.

−Chairman exit
-It’s big!
−Chairman, it seems that you are upset.
−Hacking across the river
−The person who shoots the most is the president.
− Actually, my nickname is Ji Mam.
−Bagulman wins!

I can hear it.
Escaping from the Byeolpung fight means defeat.

‘Although I may think differently.’

At least in this room now.
Absolute initiative can be said to be with me.

Other zealots also observe Agari in silence.
I don’t hear any more bullshit.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for 30,000 star balloons!
That person is talking really dirty ㅡㅡ

There was still one
Judging by the ID, it seems that he took some coins.

‘About 3 million would be worth the hassle.’

Play a little more
With the feeling of Zhuge Liang, he decided to accept the opponent’s live ammunition.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!
Don’t worry!

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for 30,000 star balloons!
I have to kill you

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for 30,000 star balloons!
Fuck you

Even so, there would be nothing left.
I want to die because I like only the female cam on the screen.

-Is 30,000 crazy constants?
−Today’s style is a bitch legend
−Yoo-mingbang-style fight went up on the Gaenbang galleryhaha
−A man’s ‘pride’
−Isn’t it bad when both of you are getting scared?
−You want to die because you like Yoo-ming?
-Really envious
−What is your job to shoot wind like that……

The reaction of viewers is also hot.
The number of viewers, which originally numbered around 500, nearly doubled.

‘Because he played with me a lot.’

The reaction is cute, but it’s not the place I came to see you.
Slowly kills

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!

─Pagulman, thank you for the 30,000 star balloons!

30,000, the maximum that can be fired at once.
Press lightly on it 5 times in a row.

Yeo-cam’s eyes widen to the extent of shocking.
It’s probably a look that even the people in this room have never seen before.

〈 Daddy, thank you for the star balloon~~! How many of these are there? One, two, three, four, five. And 150,000. What the hell are you doing?〉

−Looks like Ming’s mouth is open
−Coin king was taken care of by Pagulman, so don’t worry!
−He gets the chairman all at once ㅁㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
−What is it?
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

At that moment, the winner is decided.
No matter how long I watched the broadcast, there would never have been a moment when I melted into capitalism.

‘There’s no way I’m willing to shoot 150,000.’

If you shoot, the game will only follow.
I thought that would happen, so I charged 1 million of them with a wire.

Even after time passes, additional star winds do not burst.
The female cam sneaks a glance.
Who to side with

〈 Today’s owner is the pugman oppa, isn’t it? Master~~ Wow! Please tell Mingi everything you want♡〉

−As expected, you know a little something.
−Fuck it, you have to listen to it no matter what you orderhaha
−Something dirty

It is an already established yard.
No matter how jealous you burn, you won’t get money that you didn’t have.

‘Still, it’s pretty rational. Investor.’

Ego fight.
This is one of the representative ways that female cams induce star balloons.

Why pay money for a female cam?
Because there is a way, you will shoot.

The female cam that I usually like is in trouble.
Or maybe there are people who are more interested than me.

If you scratch it for a long time, it will break once in a while.
People with high egos are especially at risk.

Maybe that friend did too.
It’s rewarding to think that I saved it.

〈 Master Ming is here~♡ Since there was no request, I tried on a maid outfit. How is it? Bruised!〉

You may take it in return.
Maybe it’s because the money went in, so I put on my clothes very quickly.

‘It takes hours just for bitches to dress up and come out.’

Maid outfit.
It seems that she has prepared various outfits like a female cam.

It becomes a good entertainment.
Cosplay is definitely an eye candy.

Rent all day
They bring this or that costume and dance while wearing it.

‘On the contrary, what if I became a loser?’

Billionaires will collapse.
She likes her so much that she has no interest in herself.

Playing with another man
In severe cases, it is said that they even use debt to shoot a star wind.

Anyway, with this process, Paprika TV’s revenue is expected to increase.
This is why I decided to invest before.

〈 Heh heh heh…… , Master, did you enjoy it? I’m glad you enjoyed it. Ming really feels like the owner’s dog.〉

He’s just trying to have fun.
However, I don’t want to let go of the rare big hand.

Blatantly seduced
On the surface, I received something, so I couldn’t help it.

〈Thank you so much for suddenly sending me to the venue, would it be okay for a meal date? It’s nothing else, originally, if my room is hot-blooded, I’ll have a meal table once.〉

− Bagulman and DD
-I wonder what you are really doing
−Where is the company president?
−Hey Ming, treat me well!

You’ll want to try it on the female cam side as well.
Who I am
Can I suck some more

‘It’s not for this taste.’

It is the moment that brings the “Her” Of her monitor into her reality.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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