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Because I Live in the US 94

Because I Live in the US 94

Chapter 94 – Real Sex Rally


Hum a hum song.
The fingertips applying the lipstick dance happily.

‘Are you pretty good at makeup?’

Yumin is doing BJ at Paprika TV.
To be more precise, a female cam.

It’s a job to make money by showing off aegyo to viewers.
It should be decorated beautifully.

‘I gathered my breasts tightly and applied BB cream to make my skin white.’

I used all the makeup techniques I knew.
Seeing yourself in the mirror is so pretty.

It will look better on screen.
There is something called cam suck that viewers don’t know.

Click! Click!

Not one or two
He himself has 9 total.

‘A lot of female cams do 20 of them.’

When the light is reflected, the skin comes out white and clean.
He is also the most confident in his angle.

This level is not unusual.
To put it bluntly, he’s not even a celebrity himself, but he’s good when it comes out pretty.

Yumin likes her job.
No, to be honest, it’s honey.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Is Ming coming soonhaha

“Chairman wow! Isn’t the greeting style too exaggerated?”

− Today is also pretty
−If Yu-Ming is your class, you should get this much
−Unlike other female cams, I like that he is punctual.

Because you can sit still and make money.
As long as you pretend to be pretty in front of the cam.

‘I didn’t expect this to be a job either.’

Originally, I planned to do a part-time job for a while during the first semester.
I came across your post by accident.

A simple, high-paying part-time job.
To be honest, I was interested in trying it out.

It is to do a female cam in a room that has been set up.
Fits better than I thought.

I took a leave of absence from school and took a year off.
I am building my know-how and doing it independently.

「The number of gifts received」
• Star balloon: 100,892

It has become a medium-sized female cam that supplies more than 100,000 star balloons a month.
No, it explodes better lately.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Noona, I got it againhaha

“Mansu! Are you giving me angels today? Noona, I’m impressed.”

Thanks to Mansu.
Originally, it was nothing special.
Ordinary viewers who have not signed up for a fan club.

It changed from one day.
Saying that he made a lot of money, he started shooting star balloons like water.

I was hesitant at first.
Sometimes crazy kids shoot too much, and later ask for their shot back.

−Mansujwa Mouth Gael
−A hot-blooded rank, 2nd place
−What do you do?
−They said they succeeded with coin investment!
−Does the coin earn a lot? …
−I’m in my early 20s, so I’m really envious ㅠ
−Reaction when!

When you’re hot-blooded, you have a meal table.
Short term for a meal date.
On the surface, it was for compensation for shooting the star wind.

‘He looked innocent and didn’t look like he was lying.’

The real reason is to determine.
There’s no better way than meeting the kind of person you are.

If you have a shit car, treat someone who doesn’t have one.
Even if you overdo it and receive star wind, it is because most of them end badly.

Benz maintains a good relationship.
You can also receive special winds, and if you are a better person than you think.

“Owner wow! Yuming is Mansu’s dog~♪”

−Yoo-Ming is so cutehaha
− Hard to earn money
−Does it look like a real puppy?
−I envy Mansu-nim ㅠㅠ

It is worth building a collection point.
It’s about quitting women’s cams, becoming a rich man’s wife, and living happily.

‘Don’t you feel like you know Mansu? I don’t know if coin is a stable job.’

She is rewarded for treating her well during her biscuit days.
She actually thinks she’s helped herself because of it.

She is the goddess of luck or what.
She says she was able to gain strength thanks to herself, and she makes incomprehensible noises, saying that’s why she shoots.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Wasn’t Ming my dog?

“Chairman~! Chairman, did you find the dog? Here it is!”

There she is, and she is not tolerant of herself enough to be impressed and marry her.
The wind of Mansu is the foundation for more Byeolpung.

The president is stimulated.
She shoots more stars than before and sends a lot of KakaoTalk messages.

Of course, I saw it in person.
He was a rich boss who ran a solid business.

‘It’s a bit old, but it’s a flaw.’

She still has to think about it.
What determines life.
No matter how careful you are, it’s not enough.

“I’ll do a dance for the president. You have to look at it prettily♡”

−Motorcycle Dance
− I like the top and bottom of the president ㅠ
−Sexy dance

It is also her own main content.
Yu-min knows that most hot-blooded people are selfish.


The star balloon comes from that selfish mind.
Yoo-min dances the motorcycle dance that he is most confident in.

−Shake your ass and play!

It is a dance that vibrates the whole body as if riding a motorcycle.
Hips and waist, as well as chest.

Don’t forget to wink.
Although it is a dance for the chairman who shot the star balloon.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Noona, today is so prettyhaha

“Mansu, aren’t you overdoing it? Anyway, thank you…… Wow!”

The real thing is to incite jealousy.
When the chairman shoots, Man-soo fires a star balloon again to fight back.

There are other hot blooded people, but this month’s ace is full.
Even if you throw a little bait, it will bite.

‘Do coins make money that much?’

This month, I almost shot more than the president.
If you continue to earn with coins, you can think about it once.

His appearance is a bit underdeveloped, but he listens well and is kind.
If I get married, I think I will be able to take the initiative.

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Ming is prettier today ^^

“Are you jealous of the chairman?

−There are two owners
−Ming had a blast today
-How much do you get paid? …
−This is why they do female cams.

The president is fine too.
Being a little older can understand.
You have to invest a lot in yourself.

‘Oh yea! I will draw at least 200,000 this month.’

Mimicking a puppy is Yumin’s broadcasting identity.
Although a little embarrassing, the effect is good.

When you become another hot-blooded puppy, he becomes extremely jealous.
This is how a stellar competition unfolds.

“Ming-yi is a loyal dog, so I wish I had only one owner…”

−Do you go to Poongssam?
−Competition for the presidenthaha
− I want it
−I want to raise Yoo Ming.

It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult either.
There is a similar aspect to fishery management that I did at university.

Scratch gently without hurting one’s self-esteem.
Sometimes, if you do well, you will receive a tribute.

That brings more popularity.
It will attract potential water buffaloes.

The same goes for female cams.
Among the viewers who are still watching, there may be people with more money.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!

The ultimate master appears.

* * *

Female cam.
He was known for his lucrative career from the beginning.

‘It wasn’t until 2018 that I started earning a lot.’

Even before that, I earned enough money.
Just pretending to be pretty and earning a thousand dollars?
It caused a sensation at the time.

But the real thing was after 2018.
There are also female cams that earn thousands or billions of units.
There could be several reasons for that.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Noona, I got it againhaha

〈 Long live! Are you giving me 10,000 today? My sister is impressed.〉

The biggest one is Coin.
After all, there has to be someone who shoots.
What kind of asshole would give a fortune to someone he didn’t even know?

‘It’s right over there.’

Easy money is easy to spend.
Many of the people who became rich by accident with coins become the big hands of Paprika TV.

It was also in the female cam room I was looking around.
Just looking at his nickname, it is clear that he took a lot of coins.

〈 Master wow! Yuming is Mansu’s dog~.〉

Interest that money can buy.
This is the reason coin-minded people who only have a lot of money and nothing else fall into broadcasting.

It is a good prey, especially for female cams.
It must be the difference between heaven and earth in the difference between men and women’s experiences.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Noona, today is so prettyhaha

─Soonbak oppa, thank you for the 1000 star balloons!
Ming is prettier today ^^

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Will you be my dog ​​today?

Other big hands are also stimulated.
If you stick to the byeol wind fight, there is nothing that won’t be able to do it.

A job that collects money from hogu.
Although commonly known as such.

‘There’s no such thing as necessarily becoming prey.’

The relationship between female cam and hot-blooded.
As is commonly known, female cams are not the only ones taking the initiative.

I once played for fun.
That’s how it is for me.

─Pagulman, thank you for the 10,000 star balloons!

〈 suddenly? It’s been a while since I’ve received ten thousand. Who are you? Yuming must have come because he wanted to raise him!〉

−ㅁㅁ Ten thousand;
−Who are you? I’m not hot-blooded
−A big hand appears
−The hot-blooded fight was taken care of by Pagul Man, so don’t worry!

Because it’s pennies.
It was an amount worth throwing to find out the business structure of Paprika TV.

‘It’s impossible for the general public to know.’

Even before the regression, the theoretical basis was known.
Coin plate money will flow to Paprika TV.

But theory and reality are different.
This is because there was a need to check directly before investing.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 10002 star balloons!
Wasn’t your sister my dog?

〈 Mansu is a puppy! Mansu-ya, did you protect my sister? I’m impressed~.〉

I fell in love a little.
Seducing her in her monitor was more fun than she thought.

‘Are you competing with me for live ammunition?’

It’s quite fun to be king with money.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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