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Because I Live in the US 93

Because I Live in the US 93

Chapter 93 – Real Sex Rally

Coin surge.
It should have been good news for the economics students who had been inherited.

“Did you lose your coin?”
“I know.”
“Huh? What’s the reaction like? Didn’t you coin?”
“I sold them all a long time ago!”

It didn’t roll so nicely.
There is a huge difference between theory and practice.

‘I didn’t know it would go up like that.’

It was stamped to −7%.
For the feelings at that time, please return the money!

A sell order was placed.
They cheered when it was signed.

But people’s hearts are cunning.
When the price rises, I have a different idea.

“You didn’t buy it again?”
“I didn’t buy it.”
“I just feel uncomfortable when I have it. I just want to pretend I’ve experienced what investing is like.”

It was disappointing at first.
I was annoyed next time.
Why doesn’t it climb when I have it?

I don’t know how many times I’ve kicked the futon.
As time goes by, you start questioning yourself.

‘I think I sold it because my heart trembled after seeing it go up anyway.’

In order to see profits, you have to endure going down.
He didn’t have the guts to do that.

Wouldn’t it be meaningful just to check it?
Euroa decided to think so.

‘If you’re going up, don’t get down! Fuck you!’

Some people couldn’t think like that.
Daehun bought a total of 9 million won worth of coins.

Pocket money pulled over + monthly rent of 6 million won.
And 3 million won that I received an emergency fund loan.

It was to get on the water.
I rolled my eyes at the thought of repairing it.

If he had, he would have earned hundreds of thousands of won even after interest.
If you had

‘I’m going crazy because it’s unfair. Why are you fucking with me!’

There was movement before the surge.
It climbed up like a twist and then collapsed.

I was dumbfounded.
No, tears came out.
It went up all year round, so why only when you live?

But then, the rise came again.
Thinking it was his last chance, Daehun pressed the sell button.

‘If I sell it, it will go up like a ghost, right? If I buy it, it goes down.’

It turned out to be the stupid mistake of a lifetime.
It went up to +12% without even breathing.

Dae-hoon, who was in the middle of the day, bought it again.
It seems that someone is watching you.
It went right down at that moment and took -6%.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck……. I’ll never dig again.’

Another loss?
What bothers Dae-hun more than that is the sense of loss of not earning.

I won’t give up even if the medicine rises.
The venom is so strong that I only look at coins all day long.

Todok, tok!

The process of becoming addicted to coins.
It is not just one or two such students.
The atmosphere in the classroom has not changed much from before.

‘Doesn’t it skyrocket again?’
‘I’m just going to hold on.’
‘I stupidly ate 1% and liked it.’

Even though the price has risen that much, not many people have seen profits.
It cannot withstand extreme volatility.

However, interest in coins has definitely increased.
It’s because I saw it right in front of my eyes.

“Do-kyung hyung.”
“We made a mistake. Please accept it from the club once again.”
“Coins do not reject those who come.”

The coin club benefits.
Members of the club who had left are back.

Coins make money easy!
An ignorant belief arises.

‘If you have it, you will make money unconditionally? Is this difficult?’

As the lead, I am excited.
What you think is right.

Coin is the currency of the future.
I will definitely eat rice cakes.
When that day comes, they will be victors.

“Coins are always good. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””
“It goes up a lot more than stocks. Do you believe it?”
“”I believe!””

All you have to do is believe in the value of the coin, do not doubt it, and devote yourself every day.
Simple things.

‘You can’t do this good thing and do something like stocks. Fools.’

When it comes to stocks, we worry about whether to buy this or that, and in the end, we only lose money.
They are idiots pretending to be smart.

The rate of increase is also high for coins.
Ju-gyeong was convinced that the coin club outperformed the stock club.

“Did the coin go up a lot?”
“I know.”
“But I don’t think I’m particularly envious.”

Others had other ideas.
Stock club.
Apart from the sharp rise in the coin, it is rolling well.

Because I realized the attractiveness of stocks.
I think I know the difference between the two only after coining.

“If you have it, don’t worry.”
“Isn’t it?”
“When I see kids playing with coins, they can’t live a normal life.”
“I’m on my phone every day.”

Stocks go up and down for a reason.
The stock price is falling because of various bad news.

Will it rebound once the bad news is resolved?
Even if you are equally anxious, there is a time limit, so it is tolerable.

‘When I drop the coin, I really think about everything…….’

Chaewon was once shaken.
If you didn’t have that experience, you would be doing coin.

Because the price skyrocketed!
For those who don’t know, if you buy a coin, you make money unconditionally.

“There’s no way big companies like Ohsung Electronics or SQ Technics will fail.”
“Even if you inherit it, you can endure while receiving dividends.”
“Yes! The money given every year. Ohsung Electronics pays quarterly dividends, so it’s more profitable.”

You find out that it is not.
The size of psychology in investing.
It was more important than you might think.

‘In fact, more than that.’

It’s also great to be able to study.
Stocks are like a real battleground for economics students.

A place to test your knowledge.
Sometimes it helps to understand what you have learned.

“Are there any students from Lee Chan-wook?”
“Professor is here!”
“Excuse me. It’s a space with students…”
“It’s okay. Come comfortably.”
“No, please come often!”

Professors also visit often.
Myung-Cheol Choi, Professor of Principles of Economics, comes in shyly.

Because you do stock.
There are times when they come and talk, or openly get picks.

‘I hear you’ve been matched with that strange senior.’

Early semester 1.
It was a water rocket and everything was noisy.
I know the video has been uploaded to YouTube.

Since the face was not taken, it ended with a story that only undergraduate students know, but there was no residual heat.
An uncomfortable relationship persists.

“Ok oppa hasn’t come yet.”
“Is that so? I heard that there is something promising next to semiconductors, so I came here expecting…”
“After semiconductors?!”

I knew it would be so, but it seems that the parties are getting along well.
Maybe the stocks Chanwook taught me.

‘Did it hit the jackpot?’

If so, it is understandable that a professor at Hankook University came to find a student.
If you think normally, you can just say come.

I’m also curious as Chaewon.
Even though it entered late, it is already seeing a profit of over 7%.

“I heard.”
“Yes, oppa Uk said it wasn’t the right time yet…”

What if it could be called again?
It’s not just another percentage of profit.

‘It’s a compound interest.’

It not only increases the principal, but also increases the income.
It will grow like a snowball over time.

Something impossible with Coins.
Except for some altcoins, they all go up together and all go down together.

“There are probably people who have made a lot of money with coins.”
“I guess so.”
“Because it went up a lot.”
“Those who became rich suddenly will consume some biased items… Not yet, I was told to buy them when they just get buzzed with a profit certification.”

It is possible to maximize profits by hitting single hits, but it is difficult for them, who are not professional investors.
In contrast, stocks.

‘What’s the point of living when you become rich? Luxury?’

Cycle investment.
It is possible to move to a promising industry and see continuous profits.

That, of course, is not an easy task either.
But keep going and you will find out.

“Oh, no way…”
“Do you know what Professor?”
“Excuse me, I have another lecture.”
“Professor, there is no next lecture!”

Because your skills will increase.
It is much more beneficial than a coin that you buy and buy with confidence.

Chaewon learned about the good side of stocks.
There are things you see after you leave once.

The loyalty of other members also increased.
The stock club is run solidly.

‘It’s done as oppa Uk said hee hee.’

Coin surge.
There may be repercussions from that.
You need something to hold on to.

So I taught myself.
Hyeri remembers what Chanwook said without making a mistake.

“The second car must be related to luxury goods. What do kids who earn easy money do? Easy to use and carry.”

Department stores, duty-free shops, or places that distribute luxury goods themselves.
It is also a good idea to add foreign stocks to your watchlist.

Because luxury goods are more foreign than Korea.
Even Hyeri has the head to understand that much.

《Lastly, the third round is Paprika TV. Suddenly, why is it Paprika TV? When a person’s material vanity is satisfied, what comes next? It’s obvious.”

I still don’t know what to say next.
No, I don’t know Paprika TV itself.

‘Isn’t there a place like a female cam? It’s like being an iron man.’

I know some famous words.
But I can’t imagine how it connects with Coin.

Something you don’t even need to know.
She just needs to silently follow what Chan-wook tells her to do.

* * *

In fact, it has a very close relationship with Korea.

‘It’s not like there are a lot of coin scammers.’

Korea is the most internet-developed country in the world.
And this affects both good and bad.

Good influence.
There will be many things.
However, most things related to coins are not good.

「Look at it」 Yooming♡. Master, I will do anything! / 580 Gansel “_ Დ520 people watched
“Look) Jihee. ●Roaring and bouncing ㅇㅇㅑ●Jihee’s new female cam ●”_ Დ274 viewers
“Look) Haeun. Gums pretty female cam ❤ Draw 100 meals.」_ Დ169 people watched

The most representative is Paprika TV.
At first glance, you might think it’s odd.

‘Where will the kids who made money with coins spend their money?’

With a million or ten million won, I would buy something delicious and change my clothes.
But more than that?

There are people who have become rich by accident.
Mentally, I was the same, but I only made money ignorantly.

Desire for recognition.
I think it would be nice if someone knew that I made a lot of money.

─My dream is Coin King, thank you for the 1004 star balloons!
Thanks to Mingi noona, I got a dog today!!

〈 Long live the angel dog Moya~ Did you want to bully your sister like that? Wow!〉

−Kya angel dog
−That person has the best momentum for being the chairmanhaha
−Are you making money with coins?
−It seems that Yooming is genuine♡♡

That’s why I fell in love with Internet broadcasting.
Because it is a place where you can be recognized as long as you have money.

‘It’s fun like that.’

Sometimes it becomes a joke.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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