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Because I Live in the US 92

Because I Live in the US 92

Chapter 92 – Sex Rally

“Haa…, Haa…, Haa…”

Sora’s breathing quickens.
It is because the big and powerful beekeeper is mercilessly stabbing.

“I’ve come this far.”
“Loose! Feel good.”
“Hey, here too?’

Coyne was terribly overcooked.
The sideways movement so far pierced the top of the chart to the extent of lying.

‘Is it not enough for a crazy bitch to talk?’

The position of her fingers also rose.
As she advances, it goes through her navel and stabs her duodenum.

I just squeezed her entire belly with my palms.
Sora lets out her breath.

“Would you like me to stir her inside?”
“That’s right, if you do it hard, ah!”
“To the extent that the inside is broken? Huh?”
“No, no. It’s euhik♡”

Her waist is thin and her skin is soft.
It seems that I can understand her inner internal structure.

‘Does the real anal side taste?’

If that’s the case, go in without limits.
Anyway, that’s too much of an overkill.

“Does Sora like big ones?”
“Do you need black cocks like that, you lewd bitch.”
“The place where you press now. There. Ah!”

Most precious place.
Surprisingly, it seems to be quite large.
I know where the response is good.

‘It’s good to die because it’s pressed to the center of the nursery.’

Even if you don’t go to the end, you can stir it up enough.
It imprints what pleasure is on Sora’s calm stomach.

─The forces are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Bitcoin is also stabbing like crazy.
Looking at that stimulating chart, Sora seems to be excited.

“Black cock is big, but it’s not good because it’s soft.”
“Isn’t it bad?”
“Isn’t it better to poke Sora with something hard rather than running down the upper tail?”

The stomach is extremely hot.
My muscles are just moving, and I’m dying to know what’s going on inside.

‘It must be a furnace that melts cocks…’ ….’

There are also large individual differences among women.
Hyeri’s shallow, narrow eyes and soft bumps are attractive.
Suhyeon has rough projections, but it goes in long and has a sharp taste.

It was certain that Sora would go in for a long time.
Tightening would be good because there is also thigh strength.
All you have to do is rub it as if wrapping it with bumps and body heat.


Sora calls me with a low voice.
It’s like tempting.

Open lips in the shape of ○.
Inside, an enchanting red tongue protrudes.


No matter who is first, they covet each other’s lips.
It’s too sweet to refuse.

A more polite move than before.
But the will to not let go is firmer than ever.

‘Ah, I really need to trade.’

Sticky and won’t fall off.
The saliva that you push little by little down your throat is like a drug.


And suck my elixir.
I can’t give all of my energy to this pervert.

‘Eh, I don’t know. If it falls, you take responsibility.’

I feel like I need to satisfy them quickly.
She places her hand on Sora’s warm belly.


Below it.
Unbutton your jeans
When you walk up to the shirt, your white belly is completely exposed.

Place her palm on her belly.
Fingers reach right down to the secret place.

‘Did the hair grow a bit lower?’

It’s breathtaking.
However, this can stimulate more directly.


When I press it like a stab, I am very startled.
I shake her butt and tighten my neck with the arm I was holding.

‘Stay still, bitch!’

Bite my tongue
The taste of blood oozes out of your mouth.

It calms down after a while.
With a strange moaning sound, saliva drips from the corners of your mouth.

‘It’s not even chewable, but it’s a fuss over something insignificant.’

From bottom to top.
Sweep down the aisle leading to Sora’s most precious place in a round-trip.

As you repeat, feel your inner muscles twitch.
It seems that there are even living creatures.

‘Oh really!’

In my mind, I want to stand upright and rub it.
It’s impossible because it’s completely crushed with a big butt.

It’s a shame.
It is impossible to stop it because it is determined and rushes at it with its big and dirty body.

“Is your brother supposed to be helping your daughters? Huh? Huh? Bitch?”
“If a coin falls, you’ll be responsible for this body for the rest of your life, huh?”

It doesn’t cost a penny or two.
Leverage is over 30x.

About 20 billion won worth.
Even a very slight shake brings out the clearing angle.

So I have to respond, but Sora doesn’t fall.
I barely twist my neck and look at the screen.

5,560,892 ▲597,460 (+12.03%)
[Suddenly, a graph that is eating rice cake.Jpg]

It was very beautifully done.
Rather, being still would have helped.

No matter how far the country will rise, you never know.
Sell ​​because it exceeds the target price.

─Sell order has been executed!

20 billion.
Too many too many
I can’t get past all of them.

Even taking that into account, it’s full.
Step-by-step earning.

“Sora! Do you have anything you want to eat?”
“There is nothing.”
“Brother’s lips?”
“It’s dirty.”

Sora seems to have come to his senses.
Staring brightly at me and the monitor alternately.

‘Should I just take responsibility?’

Fuck and eat the pregnancy ending.
It is clear that she has a body that will be delicious even after having one or two babies.

It’s a bit like having a family.
You can provide support that will allow you to live and eat for the rest of your life.

“Brother, wait a minute.”
“My body is a little strange…”
“It’s not like that, but I feel like I’m floating. My body is also languid.”

You can also find employment positions.
I will make Sora’s dream come true.

‘Come to think of it, I offered the same conditions to Rachel.’

Unsurprisingly, he refused.
It makes sense when you think about it now.

Because I have a lot of money
You can achieve your dreams on your own, so don’t hesitate.

Sora also says that her father is an official at a securities firm.
But I’m good enough for that.

‘I can make you not feel upset enough.’

It’s too much of a condition.
Even if you take responsibility in moderation, most women will fall over.

There are strangely rare cases.
The senses built up over the years ring an alarm bell.

“Can your brother fix it?”
“It’s strange. It’s really like this.”
“Wait, for a very short time, stimulation will increase.”

You might want to take a little more time to check your mind.
Above all, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

‘I don’t know why he’s doing this.’

It is certain that he is excited.
Even if you touch it just a little, you feel like you’re having an orgasm.

On the topic of virgins
Sora’s innocent body, completely ignorant of sexual pleasure.

“Hey, wait a minute?!”
“Why? It’s good?”
“I think I’m going to pee. Pee!”
“It’s okay, pack it up.”

Moments to tease don’t come often.
Press firmly.

Coinciding with the ups and downs of Bitcoin.
That alone made Sora’s breath quicker.

The fairy who used to eat my lips is nowhere to be found.
There is only a girl who has taken off one layer.

“Haa…, Haa…, Haa…”

Did something
He looks at me with resentful eyes.
You may not know it, but your pants will be damp.

“I said it was urgent…”
“Are you tired?”
“Really really!”
“It’s cute, but what?”

Kiss again
It doesn’t look like it’s worn out very much.

‘I’m sure.’

A pleasure that is not normally felt.
This is the reaction when orgasm comes.

Your legs will tremble.
His expression was also relaxed and softened.

“Is it good?”
“It’s good. I was holding Lady Luck like this.”

Men are wise time.
On the contrary, women say that they feel Gongja time.

When you feel it, you become infinitely merciful.
He looks at me with loving eyes.


Again, use your thighs as a jumping box to change your position.
As it is, it gently overlaps the lips.

“I have a question.”
“How did you know you were going up? In that situation.”
“That’s something simple.”
“Teach that simple thing to Sora too♡”

I can’t get used to it because I suddenly do cute things.
In the middle, boldly put it on your tongue.

‘This bitch knows how to tease a man.’

Hugs Sora tightly.
Exchanging sweet breaths, each one is kindly engraved on the body.

“Do you remember stabbing me this far?”
“What if I press and hold but don’t do it?”
“It’s empty…”

He half-closes his eyelids as if he is really sullen.
I guess I felt good.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
─You kidding me, but you two stupid bastards!!
─Sticky Black Cock Sex Rally Starts~&~&~~
─It is unconditionally going up, but I lost money for no reason

Ants feel the same way.
If you raise it slightly and lower it, the billion collapses.

‘People’s psychology.’

Before soaring.
It’s no coincidence that one big drop comes out.

If you shake it all the time, your mentality becomes kukdasu.
How did I hold on until now!

What if there is a rebound in such a situation?
Only sell it unless you are a very confident person.

If you give even the main prize, it comes out like a knife.
The force takes the quantity and shoots bigger.

“I see.”
“I’m throwing the quantity because I have the confidence to collect everything.”
“I knew that, so I ate it like this.”

It even has the effect of raising the price even more.
The ants, whose break-even psychology has been triggered, make chase purchases.


I want to do something I couldn’t do either.
Eating Sora’s lips, she quietly unhooked her bra.

You can easily remove it by sticking your hand inside the shirt.
Let’s throw it to the floor.

‘It gets eaten…… !’

Suddenly more aggressively
He rubs his chest against my chest.

It feels like the tap is standing upright.
I don’t know if you know I took off my bra.

Soft and supple flesh.
If you lower your head a little, the valley you see is stimulating.

‘Try to do it yourself.’

Give strength to the two arms you are holding.
If it was Hyeri or Suhyeon, they would have cried out in pain.

Sora comes out rather aggressive.
The chest in the middle is squeezed like a balloon.


You can also gently rub your breasts from side to side.
It seems that he is determined and trying to feel it.

“Are you excited Sora? You’re active.”
“I think the excitement was from my brother. I feel something strange in her ass.”

A virgin wouldn’t do that.
It seems that the way to move the body is still clumsy.

‘I was caught.’

Sora’s crotch.
It was warm and soft, so I was unknowingly beholden to it.

Washing and rubbing the map, doing everything else.
Pseudo-sex is nothing special.

“Investors are supposed to get excited when they see big, beautiful charts.”
“Is that so…?”
“My brother must have been a little excited because he just picked a lot. I’m sorry.”
“Then I can’t help it.”

Go on again
They rub each other’s bodies vigorously.
Before long, Sora patted her gently.

Maybe she felt it.
She says she masturbates sometimes, so you should know her pleasure.

If I feel good, then I am also worthwhile.
I stroke her hair and pretend I don’t know.

‘Fuck it…….’

I wish Sora would pretend not to know.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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