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Because I Live in the US 10

Because I Live in the US 10

Chapter 10 – Silk Milk

Korea University.
One of the most prestigious universities in Korea has recently become the scene of an unfortunate incident.

“Issue King. Hankuk University water rocket professorhaha” − 1.2 million views · 1 month ago
“TV asshole. Understanding Water Rocketron in just 1 minute” − 500,000 views · 1 week ago
“Stuffed monster. Korea University villain, 12 facts you didn’t know” − 100,000 views · 5 days ago

Because of one student’s unconventional behavior.
It’s not uncommon on YouTube, where all kinds of incidents and accidents in the world are uploaded.

Originally, 〈 stocks…… , Not necessarily going as predicted.〉
〈 If you’re a professor in the Department of Economics, you should get it right.〉

The object of the quarrel was the professor.
The student pointed out the lack of qualifications to the professor.

Does that make sense?
More than students at prestigious universities, professors are the elite of the elite.

〈 As the professor said.〉
〈 Hmm! What else?〉
〈You don’t need it in practice, so why do we have to learn it?〉

I can’t even scream
The student’s logical refutation makes me dumb.

Only the face is angry.
Soon the professor came to his senses and looked around the class.

『Closed due to personal circumstances』

Runs out of the classroom as if running away.
While acknowledging clear defeat.


The mind of the professor in the video.
This is a position I know very well.
Choi Myeong-cheol even looks at the comments with a bitter heart.

Sehyun Kwon 2 days ago 乃 800
Ah, why should I learn economics if I can’t study as much as the professorhaha
Stars in the Night Sky 2 days ago 乃 519
I asked a very basic question.
If you can’t understand economics even if you learn economics, why study economics?
1 day ago 乃 273
Even if you think about that in your head, it must be very difficult to get it out of your mouth……
The water rocket theory wasn’t just a sound, it was asserted with conviction.

Criticism of professors is written.
It is true that when you look at the contents of the video, you are seen as a loser.

〈 The water rocket is good! 〉

Conversely, winners.
In the video, a student raises his fist high.
Along with it, cheers like deterioration pour in.

Students in the classroom celebrate the man’s victory.
Such a sight is bound to be very pitiful.

‘It’s true that a student who is not cheap…….’

The previous video is part 2.
There is a starting point for the spread of the water rocket theory.

The main character in the first episode was himself.
Choi Myeong-cheol is a professor at the Department of Economics at Korea University.

‘It’s not like I’m saying it’s wrong again.’

At the time, I didn’t think much of it.
As a professor, we meet occasionally.

Students with no idea.
The kind who are so assertive that they try to beat the professor.

It is the professor’s job to teach such students.
I thought it would be fixed with time.

『Future Car』
141,500 ▼1500 (−19.08%)
[Graph that makes a lot of noise.Jpg]

It wasn’t him who had to fix it.
What is the share price of the domestic automobile export companies that I took out during the lecture?


It’s none other than the stock you bought.
Choi Myung-chul recently bought shares in Mirae Motors.

A story floating around the internet.
In fact, it is a matter of debate even among economists.

It is also a kind of complex.
I know the economy well, but why can’t I use it in real life?

Choi Myung-cheol also experienced a failure once in the past.
Stocks purchased after long-term analysis.

Korea Today− 「Signs of US subprime mortgage defaults… Fear of financial crisis
Global News− 「The worst crash in the history of the New York Stock Exchange… “Wall Street Passed Out”
Weekly Economics− 「”I can’t trust anyone” Wall Street chaos… World stock market crash

The subprime mortgage crisis.
It crashed with the biggest and worst financial crisis since the end of World War II.

Fortunately, I was able to dodge at the −30% line.
As an economist, he saw through the global financial crisis.

《This man told me not to eat food, so I have something to eat in the house!!》

I couldn’t avoid the housekeeper’s back smash, though.
Since then, I haven’t even mentioned the runner of the stock.

‘I thought it was really certain this time.’

I dreamed of a splendid resurrection.
I don’t want to be greedy for money, but as a professor, I don’t want to be ashamed of my students.

If you are an economist professor, you should also be knowledgeable about stocks.
He himself agrees with such a popular opinion.

It is also the reason why he re-challenged stocks after 10 years.
I was excited at the thought of bragging about it after eating a bowl of it.

《…… For this reason, the stock price of the Korean automobile industry is bound to explode.”

It felt like I had been hit in the head with a hammer.
No, how in the world are there all those students?

During the lecture, I kept my rationality as much as possible.
But to be honest, I can’t help but feel angry.

I’m a professor.
He lived several times as many years.
I have devoted my whole life to the field of economics!

A student who has just started learning is making a point.
They even made strange noises about water rockets or something.


As a result, it turned out to be correct.
After much reflection at home, I couldn’t find any logic to refute.

This is why Myeong-cheol sold shares in Mirae Motors.
And it became the best decision of his life.


What if you didn’t sell?
−20% crash, and the housekeeper’s back smash would have hit harder.

“Take stock again. Try again. If you want to see me die!!”

You’ve probably heard all the different sounds.
It must have been difficult to breathe in the house, let alone stocks.

You have to live a tough life.
The aftermath of tampering with old age funds can last a lifetime.


A sigh of relief.
Now, the only emotion left for the student is that he is grateful.

Of course I am not angry.
But the human mind is everything, and when you get older, money is everything.

Kept the money
Perhaps even the son who could have been beaten by his wife until the last day he closed his eyes.

‘How the hell.’

That’s why I’m more curious.
The decision to buy a future car.
It’s not like he got down after thinking about it for a day or two.

Company’s fundamentals.
Consumer purchasing psychology.
On the surface, it was definitely right to live.

‘The charts were also held down for a long time.’

But the results say it all.
Stock prices have plummeted, and I can’t even guess where the bottom is.

Got it right
Even the process.
It was none other than Trump who pulled the trigger.

‘A combination of economic thinking and political ideas.’

It is impossible for him, who has devoted his whole life to economics.
It’s not Korean politics, it’s American politics.

How can you immediately recall something like that?
He vomited as if it were natural.

It’s creepy.
It seems that he even knows the future.
Myeongcheol developed feelings close to respect for his student.

‘How do stocks move in his head?’

I can’t help but pay homage to your insight into the future.
As a single scholar.

Economics is the most complex and practical discipline in the world.
He devoted his life to studying its principles.

I want to know his point of view.
I want to see the world from the same point of view.
Myeong-cheol decided to test Chan-wook’s ability.

* * *

“Do stocks as if you were choosing a prostitute.”

Recent daily life.
Nothing much has changed since I was a college student.

“Tea, whore?”
“Suddenly, that’s a bit…”
“No, if you make a lot of money, you won’t have to go to the office or shop once.”

Except for one thing.
There are many students who pretend to be friendly.

‘It’s a kind of follower.’

If you make a name for yourself with stocks, they will surely follow.
People who want to make easy money.

They are gathering in the place where I sit.
To poor middle school students begging for learning.

“Wouldn’t it be pretty if I looked at the picture and chose?”
“I heard it’s synthetic!”
“What if I get a recommendation from the manager?”
“That, well?”
“Would you like to take care of yourself…”

Gives a lecture
How can I not be bitten by stocks like Hogu?

‘Chairman, would you like me to give you guys who are good at it? I’m trying to sell the kids who don’t go out.’

I’m naive because I’m afraid I’m not a kid in my early 20’s.
If someone suggests an easy way, be suspicious.

“Even if you filter out the seemingly flashy stocks and those highly recommended by analysts, you will go somewhere in the middle.”
“”Oh oh!””

It also applies to stocks.
It is said that stocks are a world where people live after all.

‘It’s a battlefield where people’s minds collide.’

Only the name value is high.
A stock price rise is predicted.
Most of those stocks are at their peak.

This is the logic used in the real stock market.
There is a famous story called ‘shoeshine boy signal’.

Joe Kennedy, the father of President John F Kennedy and a well-known Wall Street investor, went to shine his shoes one day.
But the shoe shine boy was advising him about investing in stocks.
“If even the shoe shine boy gets his hands on stocks, isn’t the market overheating?”
Joe Kennedy sold all of his stock, which saved the United States from the Great Depression of 1929.
Thirty years later, his son had a big impact on becoming president.

Information that everyone knows loses its value as information.
All investors should beware of becoming a ‘shoe shiner’ themselves.

Same story as what I just said.
It’s already over enough to reach the ears of novice investors.
It’s practical compressed knowledge that you can’t hear even if you pay money anywhere.

“Excuse me!”

It seems that there are people who are dissatisfied with that.
A woman approaches without shame, striding forward.

“What are you doing in the holy school!”
“What was this religious group?”

○Ketmon Trainer.
A bitch with a big chest.
However, the story of the divine power may be credible.

Followers gathered around me.
Slowly, they slowed down their steps and went back to their respective seats.

‘I’m pushing with that big chest.’

There is no man who does not feel intimidated.
I can understand the lion idiom of seungpungdangdang.

“Anyway, class starts soon, so stop.”
“Why me?”
“You keep saying weird things!”
“What’s that strange sound?”
“That, that… It’s a story about sex.”

Different from that body.
As if he was shy, he blurted out his words and avoided even his eyes.

‘It looks like a sex machine.’

I don’t know why my som is shaking.
No, maybe it was me who was naive.

“That’s right!”
“How did you get into Korea…”
“This isn’t a place where only seniors are, right? Take care.”

It is becoming an agitation.
Not only female students, but also some male students show signs of sympathizing with them.

“It was a bit harsh.”
“I don’t know if it’s a place where only men are together, but there are people who are sensitive. Things like that.”

‘Did you see something so requested?’

Just that inappropriate reaction.
It was to attract men.
A ghost at a young age.

“You understand? Please be careful from now on.”
“Why don’t you learn too? ○You might be one step closer to your dream of becoming a Pokémon Trainer.”

But I can’t back down.
You must stand Gao in front of your followers.

‘We like each other when we’re close.’

I have a small wish to spend a happy campus life with a fresh female college student.
The only S class in the department.

The future hope is also called a trader.
As a senior in the industry, I want to be selfish while giving lessons.

“Hey! I don’t need it, right?”
“I’m already doing well. I’m making a 20% return this month alone.”

It seems to be having some success.
He taps his phone as if to show evidence.

‘Well, he doesn’t look very stupid.’

20% per month is something to brag about.
If you take the risk, it can be done in one day, but as a general investment method.

Something I did even if I wasn’t interested.
Too bad.
I was going to back off because I wasn’t running out of time either.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 120,010,892
+20,010,892 (+20.01%)

“100 million? How does a student have 100 million?
“Mo, it’s a simulated investment?!”
“Ah Motu.”

It’s one of the funniest sounds I’ve ever heard.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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