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Because I Live in the US 11

Because I Live in the US 11

Chapter 11 – Silk Milk

“The poor man thinks about what to eat every day.”

Korea University.
Sprouts that are just growing.
It can be said that they are the next generation elite of Korea.

“The rich man thinks about whom to eat every day.”

But it’s young
They don’t know anything about how the world works.

‘It’s good to know that I die.’

It’s the fastest and fastest way to make a lot of money in the world.

Some financiers also use it for personal comfort.
To put it bluntly, luxury.

“How about it. Do you want to be rich?”
“I want to be rich! What should I do?”

Against these new chicks?
There is nothing like money to attract the attention of the public.

Let me know the taste of money.
They are using the sweetness of capitalism’s fruits as bait.

“I think I’ve gained weight.”
“That’s right. You look a little steamed!”
“Ah, I recognized it when I was drinking Frappuccino.”

The desired goal is not being achieved.
Other side.
The female students are talking.

‘Suck some of mine too. It’s zero calories.’

That’s actually an important part.
Wall Street legends, who you can only know by name, speak with one voice.

“I wish I had more sex when I was young.” – Kenneth Fisher

‘I can’t do it even if I want to when I get older.’

It is not at the level of money rotting away, but even those who are enough to buy a country still have regrets in their lives.
Why didn’t you do a lot?

That is the honest feeling of Wall Street legends.
I, who was in charge of one of the axes of the next generation, agree with the opinions of seniors in the industry.

‘As a bitch, I’m going to do a female cam!’

You don’t know its deep meaning at all.
The busty woman twitched and shed her eyes.
As if in response, the rest of the kids glared at me.

Feeling of being bullied.
Not long ago, the atmosphere in the department became like this.

“What question do you have?”
“So what is the sport going up?”

Only useless kids stick around.
Hyenas who want to earn pocket money with stocks.

‘Only cocksuckers get twisted.’

Level is also low.
They are asking questions that won’t come out even if you turn your brain cells even a little bit.

An act that can earn hundreds or even hundreds of billions with just one click of the mouse.
At first glance it may seem easy.

Can you make money just by buying and waiting?
Surprisingly, I don’t think about how much effort I put into getting that one click.

‘Even if I just think about it with common sense.’

It takes at least 11 years for one student to become a doctor.
The lawyer says it will take 9.6 years.

Architect for 8 years.
Maple’s highest level was 3 years and 8 months.
Besides that, most jobs require a long time.

So what about investors?
It’s never a job that’s never better than a job that goes into the so-called ‘four’ character.

No, you can make money that you can’t make even if you combine hundreds of thousands of people like that.
Then the corresponding effort.

‘Of course I wouldn’t need it.’

I want to earn a little
It is statistically very difficult to earn that little.

95% of ants exit the market at a loss.
In other words, you have to be in the top 5% to make money.

0.1% to become a job.
However, even 5% is difficult enough and cannot be achieved without experience and hard work.

“I want to make money with stocks too.”
“Buy what Sora recommends.”
“Then earn it?”
“Hee hee, would you like to see what I bought last time?”

It is truly a thorny road.
As a senior, I want to help and take care of my self-interest.

‘I can’t eat anything because of him!’

Center of female students.
She came in as the chief, and her looks are also eye-catching.

It seems that there were some squeamish boys who felt a girl crush when they saw me arguing.

“Wow, is that true? It’s up 5%!”
“Whoops, I bought it as soon as I heard about it.”
“As long as you wait for the category that Sora picks, it goes up unconditionally.”

She didn’t say that she was a trader for nothing.
He is gaining popularity by giving stock counseling to female students.

‘That should have been my role, damn it.’

Department of Economics.
Most of the students in the department do stocks.
There are also aspects that have been further triggered by the YouTube incident.

The net exhaust was stolen.
I can’t roll around in the flower garden and have to waste time surrounded by cocksuckers.

“Hyung, what are we buying?”
“By going up twice.”
“I tripled!”
“Go to the Solomon Savings Bank and collect savings, you bastards!”

There is no talent whatsoever.
Even on Wall Street, where talented people come from all over the world, there are only a handful of guys who can be used.

‘Children whose thinking structure is one-dimensional are one-dimensional for the rest of their lives.’

Seed of talent.
The securities industry is one place where talented people who can see it should grow through childbirth, water supply, and aerial battles.

Should I buy this?
Is this going up?
Humans who conditioned reflexes to such stupid thoughts are destined to provide market liquidity for the rest of their lives.

“Isn’t Sora only Motu?”
“Do stocks. I think it will be a jackpot.”
“That’s right!”
“Aren’t you just going to become a billionaire?”
“I’m going to study hard until I graduate.”

Your future to be like that.
Usually you don’t imagine.
Most of the people who start stocks.

‘Because I think it will be different.’

95% of ants don’t care that they exit the market at a loss.
Am I in the 5%?

Statistics is a science.
It is a story that the world of stocks is not easy, just as you can never trust our team, Yasuo.

“This guy’s dream is to be a trader.”
“Oh it was!”
“Our goals are different from those of us.”
“Don’t do that. I’m still a student.”

Especially experts.
The average survival rate of newly created hedge funds (investment institutions) is three years.

Only 0.5% survive the market.
Being active in the securities world for more than 10 years is itself close to a miracle.

‘It’s the time when the flower garden is in full swing in my head.’

You cannot know the harshness of the industry unless you experience it yourself.
It’s because it’s completely out of touch with people’s lives.

It would be more realistic to fall in the middle of a battlefield.
That’s about it if you’re looking for something to compare with.

On 〈…… , Today’s lecture ends here and I have an assignment.〉

Class ends while I’m blank.
There are bad things about making a mess, but honestly, there are more good things.

Lecture time.
You can spend very comfortably.
Even if you sleep on your stomach or play a phone game, it is completely no-touch.

“A group assignment?”
“Ah~ Professor~!”
“It’s always better to just do it alone.”

There are things I can’t get over.
Disaster of college students.

‘I have to kill the bastard who made that.’

As a treasure trove that if 5 humans gather, there is always one piece of garbage.

〈 Groups were formed in order of attendance number, so please complete and submit the assignments. If you have any questions, please contact the TA.〉

Seeing the public sentiment, the professor is also showing off.
It left only the contents of the assignment and the list of members.

“So now this is the situation.”
“You look happy.”

A sigh is heard from around the table.
As for me, it just got better.

‘Yes, this is college life.’

4 crew members.
Everyone except me is a woman.
If there is one thing you regret.

“You don’t get in the way.”
“Why do you say it on the premise that I won’t do it? If you say that, it makes me feel bad.”
“You’re not going to do it anyway.”
“That’s right.”


There was also a busty girl.
It seems that the chilly air is openly intending to ostracize me.

“I still have to get grades.”
“Did you even care about that?”
“I live so hard.”
“Ah, yes.”
“Shall I make a presentation?”

It wasn’t serious from the first meeting, but recently, the relationship has deteriorated extremely, so it’s the level of an enemy.

‘Because we met at school.’

A hot-blood relationship wouldn’t have been bad either.
It is a pity that it became a school among many places.

International commodity prices have been rising recently.
Accordingly, investigate the benefit sectors that are expected to rise in stock prices and the damage sectors that are expected to decline, as opposed to the sectors that are expected to rise, and investigate the reason.
※ If the stock price of the sector actually increased after 3 months, the increase will be reflected in the first semester evaluation.

Group assignments.
It was about the recent situation in the international market.
It seems that the professor who was talking about theory has changed a little.

‘As expected, people need to be criticized to change.’

Even a broken machine can be fixed by hitting it.
If that bitch hits her chest, will it be fixed?

“We’ll take care of it ourselves, so don’t just harm us.”
“You don’t regret it?”
“This assignment sounds like my specialty.”

I ate a lot of rice.
But this time, I thought you’d need my help.

“Sora is good too.”
“Sora will be a trader later!”
“Ah, I said ○Ketmon trainer.”

It doesn’t even look like a drawing, but it wriggles long and thin.
I knew it before.

‘I can’t even joke about that.’

○ Being a Pokemon trainer is a decent job.
Even now, many people are looking for jobs, and specifically, there are Jiwoo, Woongi, and Seuli Lee.

“Trader, that’s what’s so great. It’s just like a gambler.”
“……I beg your pardon?”
“That’s right, gambler! Instead of Go-Stop, you’re playing stocks. What’s the difference?”

It is scary to provoke.
It seems that the cool-looking bitch is as bad as a trader.

‘But a real trader is a gambler.’

Fantasies about the job.
It may be in your student days.
Only when you jump in the field do you realize the reality.

“Please apologize.”
“Why me?”
“You’ve been blaming even the people around me from before. Do I have to do that to get on my nerves?”
“Are you simply telling the truth?”

It would be nice to know that a little earlier.
That ideals and reality may be different.

“Don’t fight…”
“Then how about this?”
“This assignment is to investigate stocks. The two of them each conducted their own research, so the one who did poorly apologizes to the one who did well.”

The other two trillion.
Hyeri and Suhyeon have some truth in their words.
But it’s not an easy enough thing to know that much.

‘I don’t know until I get hit.’

How bleak the road she’s trying to go.
There is no better way than to experience it in real life, not practice.

“Are you not sure?”
“What do you mean it’s not?”
“You’re going to make a fake investment anyway, but I’m wondering if I’m worth dealing with as I’m a real investor.”

React again.
I manage my expression by suppressing the wriggling eyebrows and eyebrows.

A small sigh exhaled.
He stared at me with both eyes and spit out his own words.

“…I’ll let you invest with my own money too. Let’s see how good you are at insulting traders.”

He bites his molars tightly and ignores them.
Still, it feels good to receive a confession after a long time.

‘Would it be different? It must be a bit different~?’

Simulated investment.
It is literally an investment in mock.
Isn’t it kind of like investing a lot of money in stocks from the beginning?

Most securities companies provide services for beginner investors.
To practice investing with virtual money.

“But what should I do?”
“Why? Did you come up with an excuse?”
“If you’re investing with real money and you’re full of cans, it hurts my heart so much.”
“Heung! There’s no such thing, so you should do well that way.”

In theory, yes.
But life is real.
It is my theory that mock investment is not helpful at all.

‘You don’t feel the sense that your life is going to suck.’

It is a creature called an investor that can only be completed after decades of polishing and polishing it.
Even though they have the same DNA as humans, their thinking structures are completely different.

Still human.
○ Can the Pokémon Trainer, who can overcome with a simple provocation, imitate a real trader?
Push your back once.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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