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Because I Live in the US 12

Because I Live in the US 12

Chapter 12 – Silk Milk

International situation.

The Korean Times− 「Raw material bottom theory」Is it the beginning of a new super cycle?
Fact News− 「End of heartache! Gold and Commodity Fund Returns ‘Double-digit'”
Daily News− 「Raw materials beat both bonds and stocks… The second coming of ‘Super Cycle’

Stocks are not valued solely on the value of the company.
Global political, economic, social, cultural, and military trends have direct and indirect effects.

Ship, so to speak.
A ship named ‘Corporate’ floating in the middle of the wide Pacific Ocean meets the ocean current named international situation and cruises, sometimes meeting the end of sinking.

〈 Recently, the price of raw materials is unusual. If this rise is the starting point of a trend change, then who will be the beneficiaries? It was difficult to find someone who could tell us the information that ant investors would be really curious about.〉

The current that flows recently is no different.
Raw materials.
The prices of materials such as gold, silver, copper and iron, which are raw materials for industrial production, soared.

It has no choice but to affect the stock price of each company.
A YouTube channel is dealing with an in-depth story about it.

〈 Hello. Gaemi Investment & Securities Yeom Deputy Director.〉
〈 Deputy Director Yeom, please take care of me today! 〉
〈 I would like to thank you.〉

Direction of investment.
It is difficult for ordinary investors to know.
Securities companies, who can be called experts, should inform you.

In the past, you had to look for economic channels on TV.
However, with the recent changes in the broadcasting industry, there is a trend of moving to YouTube.

−Yumbli! Yeomvely!
−Thanks to the deputy manager, I am making good profits~
−You are working hard for the ants today too ㅠ
−I trust only Mr. Yeom^^
− And I were going to buy steel
− I need to buy it soon before the price goes up!
− King Yeomra came out to do ant hair again
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

Economic channels are no different.
As such, it has become common for analysts to broadcast on YouTube and build awareness.

Its biggest beneficiary.
Chajang Yeom is a well-known analyst.
Just as star lecturers exist, so does the securities industry.

You could call him a star analyst.
It gained popularity by quickly and coolly analyzing the hot topic sector.

This is a question from 〈2782. Steel stocks are rising recently, should existing investors hold on until the end of the year? Or you can start earning…….〉
〈 I think it would be nice to invest in real steel stocks for a long term, not at the end of the year.〉
〈 uh, is that tidy?〉

The sector he chose.
It was none other than raw materials.
Among them, we are interested in steel stocks.

〈 You all know. How have steel stocks performed over the past 10 years? It was a very dark time.〉
〈 Ah…… , I did. The stock almost halved.〉
〈 Not even in half. What a fraction!〉

The screen of the video is switched.
Steel stocks representing Korea.
Compared to 10 years ago, the stock price is disastrous.

283,000 ▲12,000 (+3.43%)
[Graph that is roughly broken.Jpg]

At least it was cut in half recently.
Considering inflation, it is no exaggeration to say that they crawled on the floor.

〈 Wow~ Steel shareholders must have had a really hard time.〉
〈There were many companies that went bankrupt in the process.〉
〈 Ah…….〉
〈So now steel stocks are rising rapidly.〉

The money will be deleted!
It is difficult to describe the pain the shareholders must have suffered.
That’s why I hope for more rewards.

−There is nothing to hope for even if the previous high is recoveredhaha
−Still cheap
−I entered 30 million won today~
−I was thinking about steel wine, but it’s the answer!
−Yumbli you can trust and see
−I was really pressed for 10 years……
− I would buy it right away if it was adjusted.
− Can I come in now?

Even new investors.
A story that cannot but be told.
When I listen to it, I want to buy this stock without even knowing it.

〈 You’ve been through that kind of crisis, but you survived anyway.〉
〈 Yes, it is.〉
〈 This means that even companies that did not survive can take more shares. When only business conditions are active.〉
〈 Ah!〉

Numerous ants are interested in ‘steel wine’.
Law of authority.
What a star analyst says, but I can’t doubt it.

〈Iron is the rice of industry.〉
〈You are right.〉
〈 The game is getting better lately, what do you need? Iron, of course. You know that iron is needed to make machines, and H-shaped steel is also used in construction, right?〉
〈 You know that! Sometimes when I go to the empty lot, it’s piled up.〉
〈 Yes, and recently, the demand for color steel is increasing in the interior as well…….〉

Information unknown to the general public.
The more you listen, the more you fall in love with it.
All I can think of is buying steel stocks.

Experts are speaking, so the credibility is high.
Wouldn’t it be wrong to talk about your own name?

− Ordundi is leading the construction these days
−What is color steel?
−Nothing rolls without iron
−Ah shall we live
− What would be the best for individual stocks?
−I should buy that onehaha
−It’s steel……
−It is the rice of the industry, so why have you been doing it for the first time?

Still, I’m thinking of doing it.
No matter how good a stock is, there is nothing to eat in the stock market if you enter it late.

〈 Then, should we say that a super cycle has come to steel stocks?〉
〈 I can’t guarantee that far.〉
〈 Ah, that’s right…….〉
〈 It’s not a super cycle, but I think the big cycle is here. Usually cycles come every 8 to 20 years?〉
〈 You could say this is the beginning of a super cycle?!〉

What if I come in late?
It shakes the hearts of viewers who are worried about that.

It is an opportunity that comes after 10 years.
Eat now or never
Should I buy it or not?

「Donola TV. After the dark period, the steel stock super cycle is coming!」 − 100,000 views · 1 day ago

It makes investors who were shaken press the buy button.
So the video ends.

Please refer to the investment information in this broadcast.
All investment decisions are the sole responsibility of the investor.

This channel and the cast are not responsible for the price fluctuations of the items mentioned in the broadcast.

With the usual warnings.

* * *

Group assignments.

“Brother, can’t we be serious?”
“No… I’ve looked at the data my brother has been working on, but there are only strange things!”

It’s the most annoying thing in the world.
Still, I’m donating my talent wholeheartedly.

“Why buy Inverse?”
“Is this also a sector that benefits?”
“It’s different from the professor’s intention!”
“What’s different? Originally, raw material prices include shorts.”

I was going to do it as a gift, but I still think I should do it with stocks, so I chose ETF.
I don’t know what to complain about so much.

‘These days, kids have a lot of complaints.’

We met at a cafe as an interim inspection.
Hyeri’s lively personality makes her chatter loudly.

“And what about orange juice? Are you really kidding?”
“Orange juice, coffee and milk are all raw materials, just like oil and natural gas. Raw materials for agricultural products.”
“Ah, that’s right~ It’s the first time I’ve heard of ithehe.”

Still, he is the most talkative of this group.
We’ve become a little closer and we’re exchanging small talk.

“Foods that are in high demand globally open up futures markets for effective price prediction.”
“Why do you think the price of orange juice is going up?”
“Recently the house has an orange epidemic. The price will rise because the supply is decreasing. It has fallen a lot in the meantime, so I think it’s okay to hold it long.”

Suhyeon is also nodding while sucking Aah.
He’s on the quiet side, but he’s not particularly close.

‘That bitch doesn’t even come out.’

Except for one year.
When there is no Pokemon Trainer, this normal conversation takes place.

“You’re not coming out because you hate your brother!”
“Why are you only mean to Sora? Maybe it’s because you’re interested?”

They laugh at each other to see if the code is correct.
In conclusion, it is not wrong.

‘I’m interested in rice cakes.’

It is also a good law to make good-looking rice cakes.
I don’t want to lose responsibility even if I die.

“Maybe he’s not coming out because he’s afraid he’ll lose to me.”
“I don’t think so.”
“How do you know?”
“He sent me a message. Look!”

Chickens instead of pheasants can be okay.
It’s kind of A-level, so his face is smooth.

‘Women are old gangsters.’

Suhyeon seems to have a boyfriend, but it’s rewarding to attack as it is.

『Iron Ore Supply Issue』
1. Characteristics of iron ore
Metal. Mainly traded in the form of steel, an intermediate product
2. Price Trend
It has fallen by 80% from its peak in the past 10 years, but is recovering with a 30% rebound this year.
3. Background of Price Rise
Demand in China continues to weaken, over-investment burden for steelmakers
4. Industry Status
14% decrease in employment in related industries since 2013
Reduced interest expense due to lower interest rates in China
11% decrease in production in China due to lower utilization rate
5. Outlook
Further decline in production due to tightened government restructuring
Pay attention to specific movements after the ‘two sessions’

The Pokemon Trainer seems to be a bit of a challenge.
Kakao Talk delivered by Hyeri.

‘It feels like a well-organized report.’

Even if an analyst wrote it, I would believe it.
I can see why you were so confident.

“It’s much neater than what you did, isn’t it?”
“Stock prices are going up too!”
“Then what are you doing? Life is a real battle.”
“Again, again! I’m afraid I’ll lose to Sora.”

Hedge fund.
No, the CEO of a hedge fund.
Read these reports and make your final judgment.

That’s why we hire talented analysts.
Because it increases the accuracy of judgment.

‘Well, how nice it would be if the world went back so innocently.’

But that doesn’t mean you think like an analyst.

* * *

For travelers, it is a wonderful travel destination full of romance and romance.

‘Uh…… ?’

But to sailors, it is an object of fear and awe.
Being an ant in the stock market.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Foreigners are running amok!

It is like floating in a boat alone in the open sea.
When the current is calm, there may be romance in its own way.

‘There is definitely room for upside.’

Real investment.
Feeling insulted by Chan-wook, So-ra bought the stock herself.

I have accumulated enough experience through mock investment.
In a situation where the selling pressure of the market is excessive, as it is now.

─Sell order has been executed!

Once you leave
This may be because existing investors are realizing returns.

So-called adjustment.
I learned that when the bottom is hardened, you can set the time to buy again.

‘Uh? Could it be that now is the bottom?’

Selling is going up again.
Sora, wanting to give up, puts her hand on the purchase button.

A stock that will definitely go up.
If you buy it now, at least you won’t lose money.

That’s right.
If it was a mock investment, if it was a simple trip, I would have enjoyed watching the waves.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 3,156,422
−180,567 won (−5.7%)

But in practice.
The account melts in real time.
It is your real account, not the fake account of the mock investment.

‘Wait…… , Will go up?’

There is no one who feels the feeling of a travel destination on a boat with waves.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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