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Because I Live in the US 13

Because I Live in the US 13

Chapter 13 – Silk Milk

Ant investor.

[Item discussion room− Donghae Steel]
─Newly entered 2000 shares~
─Per calculation, this is the cheapesthehe
─Yumbli recommended steel wine!
─Recommended liquor for King Yeomrahaha

The weakest in the stock market.
Although it is often perceived as a pitiful existence that loses money in the market.

─Per calculation, this is the cheapesthehe
It’s still undervalued, so I decided it had enough room to go up, so I bought it full.

└Donghae was the one that hit 60,000 when it was going well.
└You made a good choice
└What is PER?
└The lower the PER, the better the company. It means making more money than the size of the business.

Not all ants lose.
I am different.
Don’t live by the flow

Where is the only steel stock?
There are many companies that produce steel.
Find a place where stock prices have risen less.

─These days, the construction owner is also unusualhaha
『Domestic color steel sheet market share』
1. Donghae Steel 30%
2. KG Dongsu Steel 24%
3. Forcek grater 20%
4. Saeah Steel 10%
5. Mirae Steel 8%
6. Other 8%
The Donghae knows the color steel plate.
It’s been a year since CSP in Brazil was completed, so I think it’s possible to double the previous high if it gains momentum.

└Isn’t 100,000 six times the current amount? There are too many
Author− Yes, I am going to see 100,000
└ Teacher, you have a wide field of vision. Are you a person in the field?
└ Donghae Steel’s long-cherished wish was to have its own blast furnace. As a shareholder, I will wait and see how far Donghae Steel will go after achieving that dream.

And good news.
In addition to known information, it discovers other factors that increase stock prices.

Have no choice but to climb
This company must go up.
However, the source that provided that information in the first place.

-You are the incarnation of the battlefield!

Analysts appearing on economic channels and YouTube belong to the institution.

Before reaching the ears of viewers, they are first seen and received.
No, even more advanced information than that.


The investment idea that I thought I had to find was actually analyzed and reflected in the stock price a long time ago.
I know the bad news in the future.

That’s why this company won’t go up.
Individual investors who don’t know it roll their feet.


Sora puts on a bright expression.
Applause! Hitting and looking for a change of mood.

‘It’s not like the stock price goes up just because I’m frowning.’

It’s better to recover your stamina.
When you think rationally, that is definitely the right decision.


Humming a song, he brews coffee.
Drip coffee.
It’s one of the things I really wanted to do once I graduated, got a job, and gained financial freedom.

Didn’t it cost more money than you thought?
I bought inexpensive products and carefully selected coffee beans with good reviews.


A cup like that.
The savory and rich flavor of the beans should tickle the tip of your nose.

Let’s go! Let’s go!

Enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning when the sparrows are chirping.
She is a landscape of the life she wanted to live.


I can’t even taste what it tastes like.
Even if the pencil lead is water, we will believe it right now.

No taste?
No, the sense of taste is not functioning properly.
This is the first time that emotions have caused abnormalities in the body.

‘Please please…….’

The hand holding the coffee cup trembles.
It is only after a few drops of the contents in the coffee cup are splashed that I want to say goodbye.


Place it on your computer desk.
I said I had some free time, but in fact, I didn’t have any free time at all.

‘Why do you keep selling? If you sell it that cheap, you’ll lose too.’

The eyes are staring at the monitor screen.
Ho Ga Chang.
The flow of stocks traded in real time.

─The foreigner has ended the ant slaughter by the agency!

‘Okay, now it’s time to shoot!’

We hear hopeful news.
The stock price, which fell by 2%, was raised by 1%.

The beginning of a trend reversal.
It is clear that it goes up again after ant hair removal.

‘I know foreigners. That this stock is a good stock.’

Sora, who has already been bitten, has no choice but to turn the happiness circuit.
So hopefully

─A foreigner was attacked!

That hope is shattered.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!
A foreigner has ended the institution’s ant massacre!
A foreigner has been attacked!

If you go through it several times in a row, no matter how hard your mentality is, it will slowly crack.
Sora’s mind.


It’s pure white
I just stare blankly at the monitor screen.
I can’t move my fingers

If it’s rational, even now, reduce the weight and blah blah blah.

『Sora Yoon’s Total Assets』
KRW 2,774,668
−562,321 KRW (−20.2%)

I can’t do that when I look at the account that melts every time I make a stop loss.
Wouldn’t it be better to stay still to see less damage?

‘I want to die.’

An investment job.
It is located at the top among white collars.

Make the most money with the least amount of work.
With one eye to see the future value of the company.

‘I don’t know.’

The difference between heaven and hell is a piece of paper.
If there are people who earn, there are people who lose.

You could be the loser.
As Sora hugged her knees, she chewed on the fact that she probably took it for granted.

─Ants have been attacked!

Even at this moment, the account is melting.
Sometimes there is a flash of recovery.

Even so, it is infinitely far from the principal.
I can’t even breathe because I can’t even breathe in a corner of my chest.


But the body is honest.
No matter how unhappy or bad the mood is, people live by eating.

‘Should I even eat cup noodles?’

I have no money.
Not even a topic
Losing money in stocks, where dare you grease it?

I chose cup noodles as a means of self-reflection.
Even so, if it piles up like this.


There was neither time nor time to clean up.
On one side of the desk, cup noodles are piled up.

Laundry piled up in front of the bathroom.
The sink is full of unwashed dishes.


And myself in the mirror.
I feel groggy because I haven’t washed for several days.
His curly hair and sunken eyes even have dark circles.

Not some kind of crippled person, not a hikikomori, living in a messy room with such an ugly look.

‘What am I really doing?’

Even more shocking than that is the fact that I hadn’t noticed until just now.
I wasn’t that crazy.

The trader’s life he dreamed of.
Was it risky, like walking on a railing on a rooftop?

‘Only this time, how can I get past this time…….’

Study a little more, prepare a little more.
Being a trainer is also not an easy job.

It’s not like you’re investing in a company that won’t go up.
It will give you a chance to escape once in a while.

From then on, you just need to calm down and recover.
Circuit of hope.
But the reality is.

─The legendary JP Morgan!

It is not easy enough to give the price the ant wants.
The buying wall is collapsing.


But it’s not over yet.
If additional funds are injected, a reversal may be possible.

‘It’s money you can’t afford to lose…….’

Of course, there are risks.
The money spent so far is spare money.
New Year’s Eve money, money collected from part-time jobs, pocket money given by parents.

[Web sending]
Yoon*Ra, 4,700,000 won has been transferred normally.

What I’m touching now is different.
Write down what you received for rent and living expenses for the first semester in advance.

‘You can restore it and fill it up. By restoring it.’

What if you lose?
It interferes with your immediate life.
You may need to lend a hand from your parents.

Sora moves the money from his bank account to his stock account while his hands are shaking.

Because you can fill it up again.
Stocks don’t just go down indefinitely.

‘This is the oversold zone. I just need to escape when I get on the water.’

‘Riding on the water’.
It is an investment method that lowers your rating by buying additional stocks when the stock has gone down excessively.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I’ve been going downhill for the past few days.
From now on, if you rebound again, you can recover your account.

You don’t even need this before.
Even if you come close to it, you will lose money and never look at stocks again.

‘Trader…… , I can do it.’

Confidence you had.
The decision was made after collecting a lot of data and thinking about it for several days.

But does the stock price go up if you make the right decision?
I really don’t know now.

─Ants have been attacked!

All I could do was wait patiently.

* * *

The task is progressing well.

‘Well, this tidying gum.’

Rather, what I am looking forward to is three months later.
To be honest, I was a little anxious about my grades because I was stamped by the professors.

If I can be evaluated as my specialty, it’s perfect.
I’d like to give Professor Mulrocket a shot too.

“You said you lost contact with Sora?”

Something else happened.
Hyeri asked me with an angry face.

“I didn’t even come to the lecture this week.”
“Didn’t you do your homework?”
“I sent the assignment. But I haven’t received any other contact.”

It’s no big deal.

‘Originally, if a woman has an angry face, she’s not angry.’

Personal issues.
It is possible to have enough.
But from a friend’s point of view, I’m worried.

“Doesn’t it seem like you’re not coming out because you don’t want to get involved with your brother?”
“Because we are in the same group.”
“Are you like that too?”

All sorts of things can be blamed.
According to the brains of the female students, it may be that they are not coming to school because of me.

‘It also looks like he wants reconciliation.’

Hyeri and Soohyun.
We got along well by doing group assignments.
I received a lot of academic help as well.

However, she is at odds with her best friend, So-ra.
It is understandable that both sides are close friends.

“It could be because I just had a boyfriend.”
“Originally, when I get a boyfriend for the first time in college, he acts like a monkey all day in his room.”

I don’t like you, what should I do?
If I have a sin, it is only digging up the truth.

‘Korean society has too much resistance to the truth.’

After listening to me, I can’t go.
I was taken for a while, saying that I should go to Sora and ask how she is doing instead.

“Are you there?”

It must be that they should reconcile with each other.
I feel ashamed if I’m really kicking myself.

Knock! Knock!

We arrive at the address Hyeri wrote down.
I was worried the whole way there, in case it was a family home.

‘It’s nice, but I’ll buy it.’

Fortunately, it seems to be a bedroom.
Two room.
It is not an officetel, but the location is good and it is a clean building.

‘Come out, bitch!’

Aren’t your parents living well and not cheap?
I rang the doorbell and even knocked, but it wouldn’t come out.

I deliberately adjusted the pace to pretend to be a female friend.
Time is not rotting for me, so I was about to go back.


The door is opened very carefully, no heavily.
As if the person pushing would be some kind of sick person.

“Who are you……?”
“It’s me.”
“Uh. Huh?! Why are you…”

Even people I couldn’t see would slam the door shut as if they had seen it.
I thought so, so I put my feet on standby.

“Open it.”
“What, what is this all of a sudden!”
“It has to be opened anyway.”

I can’t beat a man by force.
I thought so, but the heart is a power engine of some kind.

‘He’s quite strong.’

Power off once
And when you’re not paying attention, at once by giving strength to your feet and hands at the same time.


So open when you say nice things.
He runs out and rolls over the porch.

I’ve warned you, so you won’t be sorry.

“Are you a bitch?”
“D-Don’t come in. I’m calling the police!”
“Is that really okay? Is it like this?”

There was one more thing to do.
Inside the house, looking through the door.

There is no garbage dump.
The landlord himself is sloppy as if he rolled over on top of it.

Do you get dirty at home?
A normal person would think that much.

‘Yes, life is a real battle, you sucker.’

If you are a person who does stocks, you can guess enough.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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