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Because I Live in the US 9

Because I Live in the US 9

Chapter 9 – The Butterfly Effect

A sushi restaurant in Tokyo.
Just looking at it, saliva is flowing, and high-quality sushi is coming out.


It is prepared by hand by a sushi craftsman with 50 years of experience.
The taste of prawn sushi made by the hands of an obstinate old man.

〈 Sushi is delicious! 〉

It is only natural for the reaction to come out.
The barley prawns, which are so large that you cannot tell whether they are shrimp or baby lobsters, melt in your mouth along with the grains of rice.


Mushiawabi (蒸し鮑).
It is a Japanese-style abalone sake stew.
The luxuriously steamed abalone was trimmed to make it easy to eat and placed on top of sushi.

Tok while being elastic! The pleasant texture that cuts off adds to the fun of eating.
The deep flavor of abalone intestines instead of wasabi is painful to say.

〈 again…… , Kore and Autorodes.〉
〈No, No!〉
〈 Sumimasen?〉

Because I don’t have enough time to eat.
It should be.
Even bluefin tuna, Otoro, waits for their turn.

Not all belly fat is the same.
The best tuna is transported in the best condition, and it is a piece of artisan with 50 years of experience.

People come from all over the world as well as Japan to eat this.
Even if you make a reservation, you’ll have to wait year after year.

〈He wants to eat egg sushi.〉
〈 Ah~ Tamagodes ne~.〉

The guest refuses.
What I chose instead of the high-end sushi from Mr. Sushi King was none other than egg sushi.

Craftsmanship, of course.
It’s an egg roll that makes you gluttonous and fluffy like castella.
It is definitely a masterpiece that takes more than 30 minutes to bake.

〈 Is it delicious? 〉
〈So so.〉
〈 Ah~ so desu ne~.〉

It is true that it is regrettable to eat at a Michelin 3-star restaurant.
Nevertheless, the party finishes the egg sushi according to the man’s request and heads to the next place.

〈 Golf is fun! 〉

Golf course.
Professional staff also came along.
There are caddies as well as current professional players.

〈 Nice Shoto! 〉

And in charge of reactions.
After amicably golfing, we head to the next place.

The stomach is full, and the body is slightly tired.
It’s a good thing if there is a distance to see.

〈 Sumo Raised Band! 〉

Japanese traditional sport.
View from the top of the stadium.
We even prepared a sofa for men who would be uncomfortable with both legs.

It is an ultra-luxurious one-day trip that includes sushi, golf, and sumo watching.
I was entertained on a trip to Japan that could not be more luxurious than this.

〈 US President Trump signed an executive order to withdraw from the TPP. The reason cited is that Japan does not import American cars, but sells hundreds of thousands of Japanese cars to the United States.〉

President Trump’s visit to Japan.
Across the sea, it is also covered as main news in Korea.

Trump’s reckless attitude and Abe’s image of smiling is not laughing.
That will be too.

Immediately after visiting Japan− 「Gorgeous Sushi Dinner at Honeymoon Golf…」 “It can’t get any closer than this”
After returning to Korea− “I had the best meal and even played golf… “Trump will not be dragged”

It was because water was poured into the bottomless dock.
Despite Japan’s omnidirectional diplomatic negotiations, he carries out his will.

[Event Discussion Room − Future Cars]
─Why are you falling even though you haven’t climbed?
─Destructive car explosion: 270,000-2,504,003,314,000,000 Won
─I was bitten at the top of 170,000, should I give you a chance to escape?
─The reason why I am not shaken even if future cars crash.Txt

It has a huge impact on Japanese industry.
As a result, the Japanese automobile industry was hit hard.

─I was bitten at the top of 170,000, should I give you a chance to escape?
This time, I received the whole set money and bought the stock.
When I bought it, I was completely bitten at the top.
Still, if you wait a month, it will rebound again, right?

└ I was bitten for 250,000 won 4 years ago……
└You are not the only one having a hard time~
└ Zero Cha Zero!
└ It was stolen. Leave, you are hard to make money in the stock market. Put your savings in a place like Solomon Savings Bank and live.

Even if it’s not a direct hit, a grenade is bound to hit.
In Korea, some industries are also suffering.

Especially cars.
It was embroiled in Japanese auto sanctions.
The stock price barely turned into an uptrend.

『Future Car』
141,500 ▼1500 (−19.08%)
[Graph that makes a lot of noise.Jpg]

32,000 ▼750 (−21.71%)
[Graph that makes a lot of noise.Jpg]

Falling back down like a lie
The stock price, which has been depressed for five years, is being squeezed again.

Shareholders let out a deep sigh.
Hope hope
I hope the current decline is nothing more than a fleeting wave.

─Why are you falling even though you haven’t climbed?
Shouldn’t it give a proper rebound at least once?;;
I would like to ask for the opinions of the masters of the Jongtobang.

└ Too expensive…… Compared to the value
└ You get paid without doing anything at work, right? You can think of it as similar
└ Jongtobang is coming for the fun of teasing people who have been bittenhahahaha
└ Chanties can hear the song, shall we go in soon?

Trends, once broken, do not easily recover.
And it is more easily shaken by bad news.

U.S. Interest rate hikes.
Massive recall of new cars.
Trump’s mention of scrapping the KORUS FTA, etc.

Even those who check the low point and enter are bitten.
The stock price is falling into the abyss while piling up a mountain of corpses.

─The right one was Japan, but why is the stock price falling in Korea?
Isn’t it normal to see reflexive gains?
Are you pretending to get down to rob an ant? …

└ Korea seems to be the same.
└ I’m not pretending to get off, I’m getting off, don’t worry~
└Who rides the train, this bastardhaha
└ The KORUS FTA also stumbled. I’m crazy, the president

I can’t help but question
Why did the market, which was filled with only joy, become a living hell in an instant?

[Target price for future cars]
「2017 is the year of reversal!」- 210,000 won
「A small signal implying a big change」-KRW 190,000
「Target price raised! The turnaround has begun”-KRW 220,000

The pundits obviously exclaimed Long!
Even if I couldn’t go up, I thought I wouldn’t fall at least.

─Average target price of anals is 200,000 won……
Even the experts on YouTube said they would regret it if they didn’t ride it now.
But why does it fall?

└ Mokpo is such an assholehaha
└Go to Mokpo instead of the Han River
└ They are not experts, they are scammers.
└ These days, young people do not buy future cars. I don’t like fuel economy~

Any post-interpretation is possible.
But it is no comfort to those who have already been bitten.

It’s not a penny or two.
It pours as little as millions of won and as many as billions of units.

There are literally a lot of people who have been bitten by all their wealth.
As for the shareholders, it really sounds like a song.

─It’s not anal, but there’s one teacher who predicted a decline.
[Korea University Breast Girl Video.Avi]
The teacher in the video even correctly matched the Japanese tea rules!

└ What kind of teacher do you call a guy so younghehe
Author− If you do well in stocks, that is your teacher. What does pride feed you?
└ Then, do you know when it goes up?
└ Water rocket I just thought that playing water rocket was a bad guy……

A situation of despair.
I want to grab even a straw.
Stock is to report the hope of the future.

If there is no hope, you can’t buy stocks, and even if you buy, you can’t hold on.
What if it falls further?

We need hope.
A willing person.
A student who knew the future is seen as the savior.

Seojun Kim 3 days ago 乃 1204
I’m sorry I don’t know who you are.
Now I understand why the car has plummeted.
Experts are always wrong, but the young person must have already realized the logic of the world.
He said that there is no age or occupation in learning.
From now on, I will definitely listen to the teachers and respond to changes.
K Laplace 3 days ago 乃 691
I’m getting goosebumps!!
It wasn’t arrogance, it was a belief
You shouldn’t teach cancer professors wrong things.
Autumn Wind 3 days ago 乃 892
Look at the bitch’s rude replies
I mean, bitches with big breasts are just dumb and dull.

It was the process by which Shinto was created.

* * *

Recent daily life.
Nothing has changed.

“No, it can’t be like that realistically, Professor.”

I mean.
If anything has changed, always.

“No way?”
“Wow, that senior must be right!”
“The one who turns the professor into a water rocket…”

Eyes looking at me.
Those who belonged to the majority.

‘There is no majority rule in stocks.’

Just because a lot of people support it doesn’t mean it’s right, and on the contrary, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong either.
But if there is someone who always suggests the right path.

Replace 〈…… , What’s the problem? Are you saying there is an error in my lecture?〉
〈 what, what? 〉
“When analyzing stock prices, evaluating a company’s value with just one financial statement is too much of a move-in.”

I have no choice but to become famous.
It is the only way to make a name for yourself in the business world.

‘I didn’t really plan to do that.’

That’s how it happened.
Lectures by professors.
You can listen silently.

I also don’t want to bother tackling each one.
Why does the conditioned reflex occur?

〈 shares…… , Not necessarily going as predicted.〉
“If you’re an economics professor, you should match that level.”
〈 Hmm Hmm! Originally, economics professors focus on theory, so stock returns are often low.〉

That’s underestimating the economy too much.
Is it okay for an economics professor to not be good at stocks?

‘Does that make sense?’

Blame the world for your failures.
It’s an arrogant way of thinking that doesn’t even think about no-oh-oh-oh.

“As the professor said.”
〈 Hmm! What else?〉
“It’s not necessary in practice, so why do we have to learn it?”

Why don’t you put so much effort into the younger generation?
Why do you have to listen to a lecture by a professor who says he has no ability?

‘Is there a law that says that if you’re a theoretical genius, you don’t have to be good at stocks?’

The theory alone is enough to make a profit.
Low risk low return.
Swing investing that calculates the game cycle.

It will take a long time, and the profit will be somewhat small, but you can definitely see the benefits.
You can’t make excuses like ‘I didn’t have time’ because I’m old enough.

The words I poured out because I was frustrated.
The atmosphere in the classroom should be upbeat.
Not long ago, glares poured in with criticism.

“It started!”
“I thought you were going to do it?”
“Do you shoot that one? That one!?”

Recently, things have changed 180 degrees.
As the stock price predictions of Korean automobile companies matched, they are being re-evaluated both on the Internet and within departments.

‘This is a bit troublesome.’

New beginning life.
I tried to enjoy a leisurely life, but I was already caught up in an accident.

And it seems to have become something of a buzzword.
I’m looking forward to it.
But if I do, my college life isn’t usually twisted.

“Water rocket jjiik~!”

Oh I don’t know

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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