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Because I Live in the US 8

Because I Live in the US 8

Chapter 8 – The Butterfly Effect

Fact assault on professor.
I knew there would be no aftermath.

“Oh, he’s a YouTuber!”
“Lower your voice.”`
“You’re the one who went against the professor, right?”

It seems to be more widespread than you think.
Someone with nothing to do posted it on social media.

‘An issue YouTuber spread that again.’

Became a celebrity in school.
Lunch hour.
I was sitting on an outdoor bench, and students passing by greeted me.

Even if you don’t have to say anything, you can feel the gaze.
It seems that there are quite a few people who recognize the face.

‘I lost my reputation faster than I thought.’

Anything positive.
It’s important to think positively.
It’s not a bad thing to think badly about.

“Huh? A Korean University busty girl!”
“Where, where?”

It’s not even my job.
In fact, the biggest reason why this incident became famous.

‘It’s really behind me.’

The person who discussed(?) With me.
It has physical characteristics that cannot but be noticed.

With my shout as a signal, the eyes of the passers-by are focused on one place.
It seems she recognized me too.

‘It’s a bit like the look of a separate collection.’

When disposing of food waste.
Even with my nose covered, I frown without realizing it.

It’s that expression.
Heart jumps

“Do you really want to die?”
“Are the chest rockets coming out?”
“Oh, really!”

I can understand at a glance the expression that was understandable but ambiguous that it was a thrilling scene.
Doesn’t defy gravity.

‘It’s really freaking me out.’

It stands out even more because I have a good body.
It left unforgettable memories in the minds of viewers who watched the video.

“Why do I have to hear strange noises on the Internet because of you?”
“That sounds strange. There are a lot of fans.”
“Those are the strange ones!”

‘I really like the shape.’

I also saw a lot of simply big breasts.
Truth and lies.
Aside from both sides, restaurants that serve a lot of food are highly rated.

However, no matter how many houses you give, if the quality is low, it is difficult to become a regular customer.
From that point of view, it’s excellent.

Minkyu Kim 1 month ago 乃 506
Wow, I really looked at it in awe
Of course, economics lectures.
Alarak 1 month ago 乃 335
That look, that chest, Korea University
DJ Umaia 1 month ago 乃 219
Nunna and Juji are weird……

Volume like an upside down soup bowl.
I can’t help but think that it’s round and round.

‘I don’t know if it’s natural, or if I wear expensive corrective underwear.’

I only have one bite.
No, that’s probably why it became an issue on the Internet.
I am proud of you as an alumni.

“Really. I didn’t like you from the start! What are you going to do?”
“Oh, my fucking heart is talking.”
“What, Mr. Lee…”
“That’s what Baskin Robbins 31 said in a comment. I just read it.”

It’s commonplace on the Internet these days.
There are people called Rekka, who bring in material that can attract aggro and make it into a video.

‘I made it a bit blatant on purpose. Close up.’

My heart speaks!
It deserves to be raised by some.
To be honest, I feel the same way when I talk to him.

“It will be forgotten after a while.”
“I wish I could please…”
“As you live, you go through this and that. You just have to think that you’ve experienced everything in life.”
“Because that’s not what you’re talking about?”

As for me, it seems that various thoughts are complicated.
In fact, her body boasts a decadent beauty that is not strange even after years of training.

However, on the inside, he is still young, and it is not strange even if he is somewhat shocked.
It’s honestly a bit embarrassing.

‘That’s why if I don’t have it, I’ll destroy it.’

I can understand the feelings of Arcturus Mengsk, who said that if he couldn’t have Koprulu, he would rather burn it to ashes.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to take a leave of absence at this point and do a female cam or Instagram? With a feeling of using the issue a little.”
“Are you crazy?”
“It’s perfectly normal.”

Career Counseling!
What each person is good at is different.
He recognized his talent from the first time I met him.

‘It’s a corporation without nobles in its profession.’

Studying in Korea since childhood! Study! I know that the only way to succeed is to study.
Adults spoil kids.

Get old and regret it later.
After getting wrinkles and sagging breasts, I can’t do it even if I want to.

“I’ve said it before, but I am.”
“A Pokemon Trainer?”
“Why are you so angry?”

There is no point in playing in the big water yet.
Just as Liu Bi took Zhuge Liang and brought him to Choryeo, I have not yet given up.

“There’s nothing to think of as a senior, so don’t think of being treated like a senior.”
“Okay, take a look.”
“Oh really!”

Ji came alone, Ji got angry with herself, and then left on her own.
It’s the first time I’ve seen a senior with a big heart.

‘A lot of people, even one year old, have to put up with it.’

Seniors should understand with a broad chest.
Her chest is bigger though.

* * *

Korea University Busty Girl.
It’s a hot topic on the internet.

─Korea University Busty Collinu
[YouTube video capture.Jpg]
Ignorantly large breasts
If I squeezed it once, I wouldn’t have a wish

└ Sue you

└ Sanu only today
└ But most prosthetic breasts are smaller than that

Provocative story.
In particular, it is easy to become an issue related to women.
It’s only a matter of time before it spreads in the community as a xx girl.

Up and down several humor sites.
The reason why the name of the Korean University Busty Girl became famous.
Up to that point, it is a daily life that happens on the Internet.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Future car has been suppressed for 5 years since 2012
─Mulro Rocketron 〈〈 Honestly, if you sympathize, I’ll give it a go.
─No, the liver came out of the stomachhaha
─Is it a water rocket or a fire rocket? …

This case is not just gossip.
Serious discussions are inevitable in some communities.

─Is it a water rocket or a fire rocket? …
Where are you sitting and throwing up at the professor’s words?
Future car stock price down?
It won’t happen until the end of the Neg generation.

└ Frame
└Yes, next water rocket
└ This bastard has at least 200,000 reviews for future carshaha
Author− Don’t be lazy!

There are many people who are straddling their lives.
Whether it’s a full-time job or a high proportion of investment, either way.

The debate is hot in the stock-related community.
The war of words between a professor at Hankuk University and a student coincides with the recent trend in stock prices.

『Future Car』
168,500 ▲1500 (+0.89%)
[Basic peak chart.Jpg]

38,950 ▲750 (+1.19%)
[Basic peak chart.Jpg]

The professor did not bring up the story without any basis.
Recently, stock prices of Korean auto-related companies are trending upward.

JoongAng Daeilbo− 「Exports in 2017 set a record high… The export ranking also jumped to 6th in the world.”

Rise of the US economy.
Korea’s total exports are also showing a favorable trend.
The biggest reason above all.

─Future car has been suppressed for 5 years since 2012haha
Do you think the uptrend will break soon?
Recovered at least 200,000 sections and even recovered to the previous high point

└ This bastard is Chin
└ Who really got bittenhaha
└ So, how much is the rating?
Author− please save me

That has been pressed during this time.
The stock price, which soared due to good news from China, has been slipping down since 2012 and almost halved.

Shareholders shed bloody tears.
I was just about to catch my breath.
But since you’re making a sound that’s worth getting rid of.

─KOGALL Vote) Future cars go up vs go down
Professor Waterkett is right.
No, erudites are right.

└ Gawt!
└ 100,000 is perfect for a weapon carhaha
└ If you come to 150,000, take it and eat it
└Of course, the professor is right.

It is natural that there will be a backlash.
But on the other hand, there are followers who agree with the opinion.

Could it really be smashed?
If that is correct, it can be interpreted as valuable investment information.

─No matter how much the professor of economics has an image of not being able to stock
I’m talking about a situation that has already happened, can I be wrong?
It’s not an exclusion zone, it’s just bad student habit to do a water rocket to a professor at Hankuk University.

└ Water rockethaha
└ The water rocket sticks to the mouth
└ The claim itself is quite credible. But the stock market is not a place where you just roll by expectations.
└ I thought it was just a delusion? Do you know how quickly the law is made?

Because of controversy.
Investors in Korean automakers are arguing.

It’s a wonder if it really fits.
Of course, few people seriously believe that.

─I am a chart expert, and there is ample upside potential.
[Future car main bar chart.Jpg]
I received enough to be adjusted
It is currently in a rebound period on the chart.
Recently, it has been slightly sluggish, but it rises again after realizing short-term profits + selling
If you google the inverted head and shoulders chart, you will find it.

└ It’s really cheap now, but it’s too cheap
└ No matter how much you hear the sound of a weapon in the future, it is a company with strong financial statements and global competitiveness.
└ I made a head and shoulders when coming down, so I made a reverse head and shoulders when going up.
└ This erudite bastard is crazyhaha

How much do students know?
It’s a completely different story to nod your head saying it’s plausible and invest based on it.

Other issues arise and are buried.
I thought it would end with one of the many incidents floating around the internet like that.

〈Make America great again!〉

The world is run by madmen.

※Stock market event
Trump became president!

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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