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Because I Live in the US 7

Because I Live in the US 7

Chapter 7 – The Professor Messed Around

Water rocket.
A neologism meaning that past achievements do not hold much value at the present time.

‘There are various controversies in sports.’

A simple comparison is not possible.
For example, Pele.
If the current fans see the performance of that time, it may seem a bit lacking.

However, just as chickens are born only when there are eggs, it is absurd to ignore the merits of pioneers.
Even if it is organized like that in sports.

“A water rocket?”
“What does water rocket mean?”
“The one you shot on Science Day?”

It is the common view of business people that there is a point in the economic world.
Especially the old generation who made their careers easier.

‘No, it was so easy to be successful in those days.’

Korea is a country that has grown rapidly.
Even just 50 years ago, it was an underdeveloped country worse than Africa.

The people born at that time are the sweets of life.
Even if I was just breathing, I was automatically promoted like an escalator.

“No, that’s not another word. I mean the logic that was used in the professor’s time doesn’t work now.”
〈…… Please explain.〉
“If you’re not rude, may I go out to the pulpit for a moment?”

It’s true that he’s been breathing hard enough to hold a professorship at Korea University.
But anyway.

‘You haven’t even done half of what the kids are studying these days.’

Lack of ability
But the title is high.
As a result, there is an honest trend of ignoring it among young stockists.

“A rise in GDP per capita in the United States is usually a phenomenon that occurs in the second half of an economic cycle when the peak is broken…”

If those people were born now, wouldn’t it be difficult to go to In-Seoul, let alone Korea University?
I can’t help but feel that they are not on the same level.

A society where people were automatically promoted like an escalator.
What do adults who have lived such a lukewarm life know?

“And the second half of the economic cycle means that you have released money once before? You have to collect it. That means that interest rates will be raised, and the general theory is that demand for real estate and cars will decrease due to the nature of Americans who buy installments. So, a 1% increase in interest rates will have the effect of raising prices by 10%.”
〈 Um…….〉
“Right? You have nothing to argue with?”

Except for a very small part, they don’t do no oh oh oh power.
I haven’t been able to update recently how complicated the economy is.

〈 I didn’t think of it until I bought it in installments.〉
〈 yes, what is it?〉
“Why buy in installments? You can just pay in lump sum.”
〈 The United States considers it important to raise the Fico score and credit score. So even if I pay more, I choose to buy more in installments.〉

‘Well, you know this much.’

Junchi even if it rots.
If you are a professor at Korea University, you may have experience studying in the United States.
Even if it’s not that, there are knowledge that accumulates as you get older.

All over the classroom.
The way students look at me is also different.
You might think that I came out to tell a plausible story.

〈 Interesting perspective. However, even if the stock price does not go up, the grounds for it to go down are…….〉
“No, that’s the default background.”
〈 what?〉
“You also have to calculate your political stance.”

What I do is full real life.
In fact, what will happen to the stock prices of Korean car exporting companies when the US per capita income increases significantly?

‘It’s not just Korea that sells cars.’

Current U.S. Auto market share.
The first place is a Japanese company.
This is a ‘political issue’ that boasts quite a long history.

“If the share of Japanese cars goes up further due to the increase in consumption in the US, political regulation will inevitably be introduced.”
〈 Huh? Going into politics…….〉
“Oh, of course I have to go. It’s an American seizure button.”

It was an event that threatened the hegemony of the United States.
It is also the reason why the famous Plaza Accord was made.

‘Thirty years lost.’

Trade deficit with Japan.
The first of these items was a car.
The Japanese car market was dominated by Japan.

So it’s still sensitive.
If the share of Japanese cars goes up beyond a certain level, a bill to ban imported cars will come out.

‘Even now, it’s the Trump era.’

Very mad at the trade deficit.
There is no way that companies in other countries will do good things if they support their own companies.

“… For the reason, the stock price of the Korean automobile industry has no choice but to explode.”

So the result is short selling.
If you can copy money, there’s no reason not to.

This is a practical analysis.
It is a basic conjecture based on the complex system theory that is the root of modern economics.

“A bit of politics…”
“Isn’t that too obsolete?”
“Right, right! Fit together!”

Dare to throw up
It must be an illusion to hear disgruntled voices from all over the classroom.

‘Then, do you know that if one economy moves, there will be no impact on other areas?’

Although it was said in practice, practice is much more complicated.
The willingness of market participants creates a butterfly effect.

It might cause a gust of wind on the other side of the globe.
Raw meat is usually the cause of big-name investor bankruptcies.

“Excuse me!”

The world of such investors.
It is inevitable that the general public will not know.
Education is what we need to teach because we don’t know.

Again! Again!

Low-heeled shoes.
Nonetheless, the stretched legs have the effect of making plain jeans look sleazy.

‘I’m sure there’s room in the baby room.’

Sora steps on the central staircase and strides down.
Do you feel angry with me?

“If you want to hear it, you really can’t hear it!”
“Listen listen I can’t listen?”
“What are you talking about? The grammar isn’t right at all.”

My perfect lecture.
I think I gave an answer close to the answer sheet about how the real economy is rolling.
Unbelievably, there are complaints about it.

“The professor said the story under the premise of a general situation, but what if you interpret it as you like!”
“What about that?”
“When talking about economic theory, you brought out politics, brought up history, and let your imagination run wild!”
“Isn’t that what Gyeongjeon is?”

In modern society, the economy is the very life that human beings live.
Therefore, economics must be realistic and more practical.

“Professor, you assumed a situation in ten thousand.”
“Do you understand now?”
“But where are the ifs in the economy?”

It’s not tabletop theory.
Economics that does not help in practice is not worth learning.

‘I do have a bit of a grumpy feeling.’

The author, the professor, only tells unhelpful stories.
No, that in itself can be.

A professor’s job is to teach.
I can value the basic theory, and I fully understand that point.

“You didn’t mention that part because the professor didn’t know?”
“If I knew, I would have told you.”

The problem is that you don’t know.
When I replied as if I was puzzled by my answer, I honestly got angry.

‘It’s okay if the professor doesn’t know!’

If the teacher does not know, the person being taught cannot help but know.
Only dead knowledge piles up.

I know the process of becoming a smart fool.
Only people like that professor are being mass-produced.

“You’re arrogant. Do you think you’re better than the professor because the professor acknowledges you a little?”
“Are you good?”
“What, what?”
“Professor is from the water rocket generation.”

Unlike that era, without competitiveness, you cannot survive.
If you’ve heard my analysis, you’ll know.

‘Look. Even the professor can’t even shout.’

Annual ring?
Even Warren Buffett and Ken Fisher are criticized in the business world for being retired if their forecasts are wrong.

In economics, skill is everything.
If you just heard the answer, you won’t be able to hear it.

“What did you mean earlier? A water rocket?”
“No, that’s why in the professor’s generation…”

‘It would have been right to do that in those days!’

In the past, the structure of the economy was simple.
The reaction of the market and politics was also slow.

The present is instantaneous.
Even if they do not react, market participants reflect them in the actual stock price.

“Did you mean water rocket?”
“Uh, yes.”
“So you insulted my father too? Take it easy.”
“You have good understanding.”

The huge flow created in that way moves even the United States.
This is why the economy is the very life we ​​live.

“That’s right. When I was young, I shot a water rocket once and went to Wall Street. I was kicked out because my money was exposed.”
“Now… Have you finished talking?”
“If it wasn’t for the water rocket, I would still be active on duty, Ebebe!”

Therefore, living knowledge must be taught.
At least if it is one of the most prestigious universities in Korea.

‘Ah, I wanted to be friendly.’

Both the milk carton and baby carriage are great.
It is very regrettable that the wrong career choice leads to bad luck.

“Who are you to ignore the life the old people walked?”
“Are you ignoring me?”
“Then what is it?
“I’m just saying that I shot a water rocket because I shot a water rocket.”

But I have to say something.
Spilled water anyway.
Even if you want to say something, you have to say it clearly.

“Even if the professor shot a water rocket, what right do you have?”
“It’s because it’s the water rocket generation.”
“What do you care if the professor shoots water rockets or not!”
“Yeah, water rocket jjiik~!”

My shoulders are shaking.
Still a lot of anger.
It’s a lot of fun to tease.

‘I should enjoy the reaction at least.’

Nice looking cake.
Even if you can’t beat it, you can appreciate it.
I was uploading medicine for a better reaction.

〈 Get both out of the classroom!〉

It’s a bad word to hear over and over again.

* * *

“Wow, really stupid, stupid.”
“It’s a senior and a nabal! Does it make sense to go against the professor?”

Classroom after class.
As soon as a student goes out, it burns with gossip.

Because there was an unprecedented event.
A student fighting a professor?

‘I think it sounded right, but…….’

Of course public opinion can’t be good.
I am in a position to agree with the stories of such friends.

But not everyone thinks the same.
Yeonwoo is a little curious.

Todok, tok!

Is what the old man said was correct?
Since the professor hasn’t mentioned it since, there’s no way to know.

So I decided to ask.
Collective intelligence.
If you post it on social media, someone might respond.

“What are you doing?”

A heated discussion just now.
I was secretly filming a video.
I hurriedly hide my smartphone at my friend’s question.

‘Just in case.’

Just like that.
To satisfy your own curiosity.
What kind of butterfly effect that little curiosity will cause.

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Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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