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Because I Live in the US 6

Because I Live in the US 6

Chapter 6 – The Professor Messed Around

9 am.
It is a precious time that can not be exchanged for anything for investors.

‘In time for the casino to open!’

Have to go to school
Student’s duty.
There are a lot of dissatisfaction with such fucking education.

Is it the Department of Economics?
Then, starting from the first year, I should teach the fact that life is a real game by running around the gambling hall.

‘Casino…… , No, what school to go to when the KOSPI is open.’

The damn major classes are always in the morning.
If you are in the Department of Economics, do you respect the gambling time and schedule the lecture time in the afternoon?

The Korean education system is broken.
Economic education should be given at a young age.
It’s nurturing national talent with a bit of a gambling prodigy feeling.


Arrived while thinking about things.
The back door of the classroom makes a sound no matter how carefully you open it.

〈 When the price goes up, the quantity demanded goes down. We call this the law of demand…….〉

Fortunately, the professor is concentrating on the lecture.
Just sit down naturally as if you went to the bathroom.

“Would you like to sit somewhere else?”

I hear a voice that seems to have been heard somewhere.
It doesn’t look very good when the chill is released.


The inside of the classroom that I checked as I entered.
If not here, it’s just a very burdensome position in front of the professor.

Ignore moderately and sit down.
Friend spot?
It’s only up to Maple Story that you can take the seat.

“Don’t sit down!”
“How dare you.”
“I… Don’t you remember?”

If you hunt in someone else’s place, the guild killing order will fall and it will not be a mess.
That wasn’t the reason.

‘I don’t remember going to Lumpang yet.’

And it’s big
Even wearing a thick sweater doesn’t cover her ignorant presence.

“Oh, that Pokemon Trainer?”
“Because it’s not!”

The reaction is great, as if pressing the attack button.
But inside the classroom, where even small sounds resonate loudly.

〈 Quiet there! 〉

Listen to the professor
Point out exactly where we are with chalk.

“Because of you again…”
“You’re angry, angry.”
“Does it look like I’m not angry?”

A wife who revealed her hopes for the future at the freshman welcome party.
It seems that the rear end is quite large.

“Damn it, it’s not easy since the beginning of the village.”

I just supported my dream of becoming a Pokemon Trainer.
I didn’t know there would be a bad relationship like this.

〈 If the price of paper goes up, wouldn’t the demand for printers, which are complementary goods, decrease…….〉

Professor’s lecture.
It does not even enter the ear canal.
It’s not even worth listening to in the first place.

‘Those who teach in any field are the ones who will leave the incumbent.’

It doesn’t reach even those who escaped.
They are like living corpses who keep only dead knowledge in their heads.

〈 There! 〉
〈 there! Wake up next to you.〉
“Should I…?”

It repeats lukewarm, watered-down stories like a broken radio.
If it was my company, I would have fired right away.

‘Ah, it smells good.’

I feel something warm and soft.
And the tickling of my cheeks is as if my hair has been brushed.

“Excuse me.”
“Wake up. Quickly.”

A shallow sigh.
And for some reason, a gaze that feels unknown.

‘It’s been a long time.’

I think it was roughly like this when I dozed off during class.
It’s a situation that I miss but I don’t miss.

〈 There is nothing to be sorry about…….〉
“I fell asleep because the professor’s lecture was so banal. If it was fresh, I wouldn’t have slept.”

I really wanted to say this.
If you twist it, did you enjoy the lecture?

‘In my country, there is too much interest in whether others sleep or not.’

It is a society that is interested in what others do.
It is not a good education even from a macro perspective.

You have to realize for yourself that if you fall asleep during the lecture, you are the one who will ruin your life.

〈…… Just one more sleep and I’ll take care of your absence so you know.〉

I don’t care if I’m fucked up.
If I get kicked out of Korea University, Wall Street will accept me.

“I bear with this.”
“Stay with this.”
“Looks like a real psycho. Psycho.”

I don’t know what else is so interested in.
I hear voices screaming from all over the place.

“You were originally a psycho?”
“Is this a very normal reaction? The professor doesn’t even say anything.”
“It must have been because I was dumbfounded.”
“Don’t talk during lecture.”

It is okay to sleep during lectures.
But don’t talk

‘Kids these days lack common sense.’

Education has gone a lot wrong.
This is probably the reason why smart idiots are being mass-produced.

‘Kids these days…… , The body grows well.’

I can’t sleep.
Instead, I decided to pay attention to my classmates.
Even if I can’t remember the name.

[Economics student]
Class S−
Class A− 2 people
Class B− 5
Other− search

The face and body are clearly defined.
Even if I look like this, I am the affectionate type.

‘Because pornography is worse for ordinary people.’

Pretty Woman.
And a young woman.
The more money you spend, the more you can save.

However, untainted innocence is hard to find even if you have money.
I don’t want to leave any regrets in this life.

“Why do you keep?”
“Really! I’m going to stab you too.”

‘Damn it, I have a boyfriend.’

Class A became 1 person.
Sesame seeds fall with the male classmate sitting next to him.

Poke with a pen
Then you know what you can’t see, but you can see everything.

Other than me, you will feel it too.
The two of you have already crossed the thumbs and hit the rice cake.

‘I’m the only one who can’t eat, a fresh college girl!’

Grade B also gradually decreases.
No matter how much they mate with each other, they leave one blackcurrant.


When I take a deep breath and inhale, a faint pleasant smell wafts from somewhere.
No, right next to it.

Square! Square!

I am writing.
These days, in the world, I am writing down the professor’s words directly in my notebook with a pencil.

Really shitty shit.
However, as it becomes a visual, it is like a painting.

“You write hard.”
“……I’m a stranger.”
“I once studied so hard.”
“I don’t think I’ve ever done that.”

Did you?
However, living life itself can be said to be a study, so it is the same.

‘Oh, it smells good.’

Good girls exude pheromones.
A captivating scent that no perfume can produce.
His appearance is also S-class, so I want to be friends with him.

“Don’t you have a notebook? Why use your own?”
“I can memorize things better when I write them myself.”
“Wasting brain cells memorizing useless things like that.”
“It’s bitter…, Hot?”

You said you were going to be a stock trader?
It doesn’t matter if you’re going to be a Pokemon trainer, but if it’s the former, the knowledge isn’t very helpful.

‘You’re not going to become a Ph.D. In economics.’

Such theoretical knowledge.
If you hang too much, it will only hinder you from having a wide field of view.
There is no model student who is good at stocks.

“It’s very mouth-watering.”
“It’s a story you hear often.”
“Yes, don’t talk to me.”

‘Everything in the world is preceded by experience.’

Tabletop theory.
If you are injected with knowledge, your prejudice will intensify.
This is probably why there are so few financial talents in Korea.

〈When consumers’ income increases, the demand curve rises from P1 to P2, which is called a change in quantity demanded.〉

Living witness.
Look at that professor
If you made money from stocks, would you say that with a sore mouth?

“What is your name?”
“I don’t have a name to teach you.”
“It’s written on the eraser.”
“Yoon So-ra? The name is pretty. I really liked the actress of the same name.”

Aoi Sora is here.
One of Japan’s most famous actors.

‘There are many fans in Korea too.’

He is definitely a natural talent.
If you choose your career well, your future life will be solid.


Yawns pour out.
It is truly regrettable that young people who should be indulging in gambling are being wasted.


Yawning is contagious.
I can’t stand the professor’s boring lecture here and there in the classroom.

〈 Are you sleepy? 〉
〈 Shall we talk about something interesting for a moment? I know that there are many friends who are interested in stocks recently…….〉

Interesting story by professor standards.
Talking nonsense means you can do other things, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

〈 Shall we see how what we learned today applies to the real stock market? A student lying down there!〉

Eyes so closed.
Again something warm and soft wakes me up.

‘I go?’

Look around.
I was the only free spirit in the Department of Economics at Korea University.

Inevitably answer
A bald professor walks towards Inish as if he had been waiting for it.

〈Do you remember what we learned today?〉
“Oh, of course I remember, Professor.”
〈 Then I’ll ask you a simple question. If the per capita income of the American people increases significantly, what will happen to the stock prices of Korean car exporting companies? Please answer in relation to what you learned today.〉

You can hear the sound of laughter from all over the place.
He seems to think I can’t answer.

‘This much is chewing gum.’

What do you see me as
Run the simulation quickly.
As is common in the industry, the answer is simply reconsidered.

“That’s what’s wrong.”
〈 Yes. The price…… , Yes?〉
“I’ll hit 1 million shares that I sold short at a place like Jongpil Morgan. I can put more because they’re crazy.”

An appropriate situation for short selling.
Foreign organizations with quick information will never miss it.
I thought I gave a textbook answer.

“Why are the prices down? Shouldn’t they go up?”
“I know.”
“Right, right! This should go up.”

Strange noises are heard all around.
You are talking nonsense as if my answer was wrong.

‘Why not?’

I feel like I’ve become a strange person.
Students as well as professors look at me as if they were wondering.

〈 Hmm, hmm! Stock price will go up. As income increases, purchasing power will increase, and demand for cars, which are not essential consumer goods, will increase.〉

And call nonsense answers.
Students are like that, but even professors are like this?

‘Because I’m like this, Korean professors hate me!’

University professors are originally only theoretically fast.
Even that theory is sorely lacking.

Simple ignorant thinking of the 1+1=2 level.
Who loses money in stocks when the market rolls like that?

〈 So from now on don’t doze off and lecture…….〉
“Professor seems to have taken it too lightly because he is from the water rocket generation, but the market these days is so complex that it doesn’t flow so one-dimensionally.”

But you have to be patient.
It’s not good if you stand out for nothing.

Recall the lessons from the freshman welcome party.
I thought I chose my words carefully.

“A water rocket?”
“What is a water rocket?”


It was a word that doesn’t exist now.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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