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Because I Live in the US 5

Because I Live in the US 5

Chapter 5 – Be a Pokémon Trainer

The 50-person yakiniku restaurant becomes quiet as if it were empty.

Tap, tap!

As the pork belly cooks, only the sound of oil frying is heard.
Even in a situation where everyone lost their judgment.

“It’s already this time. I’ll go first because I paid the entry fee.”

You have to move fast.
Being an investor is such a job.
Whether buying or selling, only those who do it first survive.

The timing of my sell was perfect.
I just had to get out of the restaurant before everyone wakes up.


That grumpy year.
A bitch with a big chest.
A child worth looking after a milk jug.

‘Wife, I like the milk carton.’

When you jump up from your seat, the law of inertia comes into play.
There is also elasticity in returning to the original position immediately.

“Did you just say something to me?”
“Sorry, I’m busy.”
“I’m sure I heard. That bitch is a trader.”

However, the elasticity of the head seems to be lacking.
It’s okay to just move on to things that didn’t exist.

5 seconds elapsed.
Only then do others understand the situation.
Eyes are focused on me and the girl who is a prankster.

‘Somewhere to a senior like the sky.’

Should I try the reverse tour?
No matter how freshman you are, your face is smooth, and your milk bottle is big, Korea is a country of long milk.

“But who is he?”
“It’s not him. He’s old.”
“I heard you were in the 12th grade.”
“Has the 12th class not graduated yet?”

Generally speaking.
Unfortunately, no, inevitably, there was no interaction with the students in the department.

‘Why am I with these idiots?’

It is true that Korea University is a prestigious university.
But that word is not synonymous with ability.

To be honest, did you come here because of the grades?
A person who is conscious of others has no value.

“My department senior… Is that right?”
“That’s right, kid.”
“No, that’s right.”

It is a mindset that every investor must have.
From that point of view, it seems a little sprouted.

‘Why does a bitch who wants to work at a securities company come here?’

But the department you chose after careful consideration is the Department of Economics?
From an industry standpoint, it is absurd.

“No matter how senior you are, you seem to have crossed the line.”
“This can be happen.”
“You can do that…?”

Light makeup.
Even so, the clear facial features are a beautiful image.
Even the plain clothes to the point of feeling sorry for her chubby body.

“I really don’t understand. If I’m lacking, please explain where I’m lacking and how.”
“Do I even have to explain that?”
“Do it. Or apologize.”

It seems to be true that I just want to study hard as I stubbornly insisted.
So it’s even more sad

‘I’m looking for career counseling.’

Rather, it is possible to make a stable high profit if you do a female cam.
I don’t know why I’m aiming for a trader who is no different from gambling.

“Sorry. I inadvertently revealed my true feelings.”
“Okay, apologize…”
“You shouldn’t tell a prick-head to be a prick-head. Listening to it, I couldn’t stand it because it sounded like a prick-head. You understand.”

It’s true that I’m a bit rough-mouthed.
The people in this industry are naturally ego-strong, and they are people who are unconditionally right in what they say.

But I don’t make up words that don’t exist.
When I heard it, I was so dumbfounded that I just spit it out.

‘You just need to understand.’

It’s bothering.
What are you sitting down to explain?

“It’s your fault too. It’s both sides’ fault. Let’s pretend we’re going to do that and move on.”
“What kind of psycho sound is that?”
“What? No, you know. What kind of bullshit are you saying that you came to the Department of Economics to enter a securities company?”

Who writes the economics department?
It’s not a stock company that has been earning money alone for 8 years.
What I said is based on common sense to the last.

“Why is the stock exchange?”
“Don’t traders make a lot of money…”
“It’s because it’s so intense! The competition is so fierce there.”
“Isn’t that what that senior said?”

There are people who have different common sense.
Windmills behind.
My head is pounding as I listen to the muttering in silence.

‘…… No, wait.’

Common sense.
[Noun] Knowledge that people usually know or should know.
It is a concept that a person belonging to a society believes is basic culture through repeated culture and knowledge.

So it could be different.
That is my common sense that has been rolling on Wall Street for decades and the common sense of economic newbies who have no practical experience.

“Aren’t you talking too much?”
“Calm down.”
“Are you feeling calm now?”
“Why are you angry? Why are people so angry?”

The temperature will be hot too.
This is not the time to be thinking like that.
The situation may be more complicated than you think.

Gaze around.
It’s not because of the feeling that it’s a little warm.
They look at me as if I had become a high treason.

‘This is why I hate college.’

Characteristic collectivism.
It’s the kind I hate the most.
A person who thinks the same as everyone else.

If you want to work in the securities industry, you have to change.
It’s a place where you can’t survive if you don’t think differently from others somehow.

“Then, if I explain and convince you, will you let go?”
“Something off. It’s not even a chewing gum.”
“It’s not chewing gum.”

Have no ego
If others say so, nod your head.
I don’t know, but I would have believed the stories of the graduates straight away.

‘I know how to do things related to economics at face value as the Department of Economics.’

Wouldn’t it be a vague job in finance?
The generation of sucking honey in such a life ended with the generation above you.

It’s going straight out of the 4th industrial revolution.
Machines count numbers better than humans and pick statistics better, so why pick humans?

The same goes for the securities industry.
There comes a time when computer programs start to replace trading personnel.

“It’s no longer an era where traders are needed. By the time you graduate, you won’t be hiring anyone.”
“You’re telling me to believe such an absurd story?”
“What if you don’t believe me?”
“Do traders look funny? How computers replace traders’ work.”

In terms of an RPG game, macro.
If you run the program, it will make money on its own.

‘It’s too idealistic.’

Does that work?
It has been studied for quite some time.
If successful, labor costs can be drastically reduced.

Each trader has an annual salary of as little as hundreds of millions or as many as trillions.
It’s amazing because it’s a structure that earns as much as others.

“That’s right!”
“I heard no either.”
“If that’s the case, it’s a scam… It’s automatically copying money.”

The benefits are plentiful.
Research has been conducted since the early 2000s.
But the results that came out over a period of more than 10 years.

‘That’s absolutely not the case.’

The stock market is not just about buying and selling undervalued stocks.
It’s not as simple as a computer can do.

The human psyche collides.
Greed and desire.
Computers do not understand those dirty feelings.

“My father used to work on Wall Street and is currently working as a managing director at Yeouido Securities. Much more than you…”
“You went to Yeouido from Wall Street?”
“I must have misunderstood that you ran away.”

This is why computers cannot replace humans.
Paradoxically, that’s why demand explodes.

‘Studying humans? It’s worth the money.’

New recruits from Wall Street.
Most of them are in mathematics or brain science.

If the human psychology is the problem, it is to study the psychology itself.
Right from the top traders.

“Are you insulting my father?”
“Are you simply telling the truth?”
“What qualifications do you have…”
“100 times, 1000 times better than those lesser humans.”

Computers imitate humans.
Traders must provide a better learning environment.

In other words, future traders compete with computers, not humans.
At least to the point of being weeded out in the competition between humans.

‘I’m going to pack my bags and go to the centipede country.’

Standards are rising day by day.
The half-hearted kids run away.
Wall Street, in the den of monsters.

“Please apologize.”
“Do I look like I’m joking?”
“I’m not kidding either.”

Even the existing manpower that has gone and died can’t hold on.
999 out of 1000 new personnel are replaced.

‘The face is smooth, but it’s really unfortunate.’

If we met at Paprika TV, it would have been a good relationship.
I want you to reconsider your career path.

“Don’t run away either. One way is to give up quickly.”
“It’s not like you ran away, who are you…”
“There are other jobs besides stock traders. Well… Like health traders and Pokemon traders.”

He is tall and has a nice body.
If you seduce rich men, you can earn money more easily and simply.

“○Ketmon Trainer.”
“I was a bit bold as a freshman.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t be laughing.”

That is the case when it comes to career counseling.
Some folding screens also seem to agree with me.

‘Was it a trainer?’

Face goes red
I shake my body and the milk carton shakes as well.
My eyes were not wrong.

“Anyway, ○Ketmon Trainer works hard.”
“Are you a stock trader?”
“Yes, you can’t always play in Taecho Village like Jiwoo.”

Messy atmosphere.
It’s perfect for getting out.
○ Tap the Pokémon Trainer on the shoulder and run out of the restaurant.

If it was a stock, it would have been the best dishwashing trade.
But in reality, relationships can have some aftermath.

‘Because it’s hard for people to live truthfully.’

It seems that the return to school after 20 years has been a little rushed.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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