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Because I Live in the US 4

Because I Live in the US 4

Chapter 4 – Money Copy

The 3 second rule of the stock market.
It is a trading law that actually exists.

‘A lot of full-time investors do it.’

You need immediate income.
Such investors take risks and jump into the fire pit.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!

Of course it can’t be easy.
A stock that jumped 5% fell to 2%.

As the ants cling to each other, institutions or powers benefited.
Ants bite in the vulgar language.

‘If this is easy, why would I go to work?’

Based on seed ten million won.
Even if you eat +30% only once a month, it is 3 million won.

Literally, money is copied.
What if there are more seeds or leverage?

Earning thousands or hundreds of millions of won is never a dream.
In theory.

─The Agency is massacring!
Foreigners are running amok!

95% of ant investors lose money.
Statistically, there are reasons for that.

‘It’s fucking unsettling when I go down.’

Why are you selling them?
There must be a reason for selling.
When you are swollen with hope, the invisible things are finally visible.

『Dual Financial Statements』
[The situation where the rumble palace was crushed.Jpg]

For example, financial statements.
I want to see the report on the company’s management status belatedly.

‘First of all, the profit is barely there.’

A company at a loss.
Even the scale is small.
The market capitalization is only 100 billion won.

The two-headed car is worth 500 billion won.
It’s like a shrimp trying to swallow a whale.

I can’t help thinking like this
The company is 5 times the size, but you’re taking it? This is the word

─Buy orders have been placed!

Scalping is what makes a living whether or not it works.
What I’m doing right now is not a single hit.
More dangerous than that.

‘Scalping. It’s been a while.’

There are many things about Danta.
As short as a few hours, as long as a few days, you hold it and sell it.

But scalping.
It is an extreme trading method that sees the match in a few minutes at the longest and a few seconds at the shortest.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─The twins will rebound, right? Please
─The double waterfallhaha
─Souble-selling trading volume of 100 million fuckshaha
─That should go back to 700 won.

This is only possible when the trading volume explodes.
What is needed is not the value of the company, but only ‘interest’.

‘I’m done talking when I’m talking in the community.’

The hottest stock in Korea right now.
It’s not Samsun Electronics or SQ Hynix, it’s this pair.

─The powers have killed the institution!

I did not buy based on such expectations.
Instead of looking at financial statements and the like in scalping.

‘Because it seemed like the power would gradually rise.’

See the call window
The amount of stock currently being traded.
The movement can roughly infer the situation.

Power exists.
In addition to institutions and foreigners, the group that bought this stock in large quantities.

─Double-breasted VI
─Ah, you should live together
─It was sold for 930 reviews and 1010 doubles and came out ㅁㅁㅋ?
─It’s a double-blush, a tight-burlhaha

Those who don’t know or don’t think about it get lucky.
But if you know how to handle it properly.

‘Because there was definitely a force in the chart.’

You can eat it by necessity, not by chance.
The ‘power’ buys the stock over a long period of time.

Because you know the information.
Insider trading is used in a number of ways.

The twins will try to take over the double-headed car!
When such good news comes out, the stock price is bound to rise sharply.

Pour oil on it
Even if institutions and foreigners sell them in bulk.

─The Force-sama has put an end to the ant slaughter by foreigners!

It is power that has the power to raise the stock price beyond that.
Increase the stock price exponentially.

Shares fell by 2%
It rose to 10% when VI was activated.
But what I see is more than that.

‘Institutions and foreigners sold it at the beginning of the market.’

I also know the patterns of institutions and foreigners.
It is only natural that I myself was an institution and a foreigner.

Stocks that rise rapidly for no reason realize profits first.
So, in the beginning of the market, it can be missed for a while.

─It shoots twinshaha
─Why do doubles rise?
─Oh shit I sold it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
─I thought you were really trying to take over the double-headed car?

Assess the situation later.
Uh? Is this a rising stock?
Ants aren’t the only ones who have thoughts like that.

‘Institutions and foreigners are human beings.’

All people think alike.
You and I are lions. The rising stock price.
It goes up to program trading and soars higher and higher into the sky.

─Sell order has been executed.

Determine your earnings here.
From this point onwards, a bloody battle between the quantity to realize profits and the zombie hordes aiming for the daily limit of 30% will unfold.

‘There’s no reason to get involved in such a mess.’

You can see good things and eat rice cakes.
You don’t have to take the risk to eat 2% more.

That’s what risk is for me.
It grabs the psychology of market participants and squeezes them to the limit.

Daily News− 「Unsuccessful acquisition of double-headed car acquisition funds」

Breaking news pops up in 1 minute.
How stock prices will move is obvious.
Ants who haven’t seen the news yet will buy it eagerly.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!
Enemy triple kill!
Enemy quadra kill!

The forces, institutions, and foreigners with quick information are sold out.
Downward VI from +30% to −10% in an instant.

─You bastard bastard bittenhahahaha+7
─Look at Dr. Woo’s drivinghaha
─If I wait, will the rescue team come?
─I saw that I rode the lag behind my mother.

It’s something I don’t know about.
That’s because I confirmed the profit less than a minute ago.

28% of 52 million.
No, I even wrote an attempt.
When the stock price was once depressed by outsiders and institutions, it was pursued.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 859,471
+338,580 (+65%)

As a result.
I sucked it very sweetly.
It is so sweet that it rots your teeth.

‘Kyaa~ At times like this, I should wet my throat with whiskey while sipping a cigar.’

It can elevate your mood.
I enjoy feeling that I am the best in the world.

Even so, 500,000 won.
1.25 million won even if I tried to use it.
I ate very little because there were so few seeds.

‘If only I had 500 million, I would have eaten really salty.’

It is not a fixed amount.
Proportional to the amount of money you have.
The more seed blows, the more you earn.

Money that was about 50 million won.
If you repeat this type of short hit, it is simply a matter of time before it becomes a billion units.

‘If you try to make money with compound interest like that. The tax office will surely investigate?’

The problem is that it’s practically impossible.
It’s really unfortunate that it’s a society that can’t be realized even if you have the ability.

Nope, that’s not what I want.
Did you just make a lot of money?
A meager story, like a lottery, cannot resonate with the public.

‘I have to make tens of thousands, no, tens of thousands of millions of people move with my one word.’

It is very important in the stock market.
If a famous person bought it, there is a case where there is a premium on the stock price.

For example, Warren Buffett.
And nylon musk.
Even if that madman Mars horse poops on Twitter, all sorts of interpretations are attached.

Daily News− 「One Tweet from Nylon Musk… Bitcoin rises 15%”
Fact News− “Musk, blatant ‘obscene tweet’… 350% surge in virtual money for adult content”
The Korea Times− 「After changing the Twitter name of Musk for a while, the number of coins with the same name increased by 825%」

I want that kind of influence.
I want to control the stock market as I like more than my previous life.

‘For that purpose.’

Create a myth
It is not a mediocre success story, but an epic poem that can be admired even by a child who does not know a word in Korea on the other side of the globe.

Worth the time.
Position is sufficient.
It also nurtures its followers.

[Department of Economics Male Chat Room]
“If it was 50,000 won, would you still eat beef?”
「I’m on a tight budget, so pork belly」
“Ah…… 」
“It’s just too much trouble. Kids, let’s pay the participation fee”
“Women are coming?”

Go to a place with good water.
If it were me just 10 minutes ago, I would have never dreamed of participating.

‘I copied the money.’

Money has been made
Time is too loose.
There is no reason not to go.

Even for entertainment.
How pathetic bastards must be straining their necks as seniors.

“Can’t you drink?”
“I’m sorry, senior…”
“You don’t have to drink~ Only those who want to drink drink, and those who can’t control their alcohol consumption drink.”

Contrary to expectations, nothing interesting happened.
The welcome party for new students is held in a very warm atmosphere.

‘Kids these days don’t know how to drink alcohol.’

You have to drink until you’re about to run out to say you went somewhere and had a drink.
I’m excluding people who don’t drink.

The world has gotten so much better.
I drank once and saw it.
You have to get drunk and become a dog at least once to know the heart of an animal.

“Are you the freshman chief?”
“Senior Oh!”
“Are you good at studying with this look? You’re a total scammer. Have a drink.”
“Do you have any clubs in mind?”

Apart from the fact that the world has improved, it is impossible not to have seniors who are squeamish.
It is inevitable that the eyes are focused on the end of the table.

‘Your face is quite smooth.’

A pretty woman too.
What attracts attention is the instinct imprinted in the DNA of men.

He is said to be smart in his head.
Senior Economics Department.
Conversely, his neck is stiff.

‘I also quite like the milk carton.’

In terms of stocks, it is a growth stock.
If the future value is promising, you might want to look at value investing.

But the world can’t be that simple.
The ability and personality of the CEO are also subject to consideration.

“I came to study at school.”
“No, it’s not like that…”
“Thank you for your interest, but I plan to avoid attending such events as much as possible in the future.”

Pretty kids special.
The feeling of boredom is great.
Since I was born, I would have never received anything but goodwill.

‘My head is empty.’

Whether it was full of narcissism or lack of a sense of reality, either way, I was less mature.

“Yes, college is where you come to study!”
“If I had been alert and studied like that in my first year, my grades would have been managed.”
“He’s really going to be a good guy. He’s pretty, he’s good at studying, but his mind is broken.”
“The older brothers made it too burdensome, right?”

Republic of Korea.
It is a country where women do not have to be cheap.
You and I, the little boys, step out and hit the shield.

‘He’s washing the cloth, heh.’

It’s unfortunate.
The female seniors flock to the crayfish and push the male seniors away.

“Good job, good job!”
“They’re stupid and have to draw a line like this to understand.”
“You know how childish men are?”

I was keeping it in check, but I’m not interested in men?

‘Everything in the cloth society is like that.’

It is an immutable law that does not change over time.
Scissors, rocks, or wrapping paper, but.

“But why are you studying so hard?”
“That’s right!”
“I have a goal.”
“After graduation, I will get a job as a stock trader. And I want to be recognized for my abilities.”
“Wow Trader~!”
“If you listen to what the graduates say, they say that’s really tough…”

There were things that couldn’t be.
After listening to the story, it seems that he has an interest in the securities industry.

‘Even in our fund, there was at least one wretch like that.’

It is there when you are handling greetings.
Years that know how to lose.
I love it when you hire me, but the purpose of hiring is just like a flower.

Do you work
Do you know how to make money
I didn’t even expect a bitch.
Increase the adrenaline of your employees with a smooth face and body.

There is not a single penny to entrust to a person with high ideals and no ability.
That is a sober judgment as a CEO.
If there is one problem.

“You’re claiming that you’re a trader for such an arrogant bitch.”

I got it out of my mouth.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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