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Because I Live in the US 3

Because I Live in the US 3

Chapter 3 – Money Copy

A country I have never experienced before.
The inaugural address of the first female president became a reality regardless of her own intentions.

‘Because historical events happen in succession.’

The Korea-Japan trade dispute, the corona crisis, the Russo-U.S. War, stagflation, etc.
Hajimaru of the chaos of chaos where the common sense of the previous world does not work.

It was the most desperate in the long and long history of the Republic of Korea.
I can’t wake up to the tremendous speed that seems to have compressed the previous 20 years.

‘Especially investors.’

It remains a trauma for many investors.
It would feel like riding a roller coaster at x4 speed.

The time of my investment debut.
Ironically, I was able to be who I am today because I went through such an absurd period.

〈 Opportunities will be equal. The process will be fair. The outcome will be just!〉

Of course, it’s not the president’s fault.
The era itself was eventful, so it was difficult for anyone to be in power without a lingering wind.


Worst times.
I thought God sent me to be quick, but I exploded a bottle that sent an army one more time.

One fortunate thing is that I went to the army.
It might be better to spend 2 years in the military.

〈 We will change Korea of ​​division and conflict! 〉
〈〈 Wow aaaaa 〉〉

Good citizens who do not know the future will be chaotic.
I applaud the President’s inaugural address.

I want to contribute too, but the situation is not good right now.
Because I know everything

‘What should I do, what should I do?’

My hands and feet are trembling.
I unknowingly bite my thumb nails.

The crisis situation.
However, it is up to you to use it in any situation.
Reverse the crisis.

‘Philosophy…… , That doesn’t mean anything.’

No matter how much I struggled, the crisis did not become a crisis.

Even so, he desperately shakes his head.
In the words of the President.

‘Yes, people come first!’

There was one thing we could agree on
This is the motto of the president who has been fighting for human rights all his life.

I didn’t realize it at the time.
Is there anything more valuable than money?

It was not.
I admire the President’s deep will only after I grow old.

‘I have to raise the kids who will work for my company.’

Making a lot of money is also important.
However, no matter how much money you have, if it is not managed properly, it will leak out.

A famous Japanese investor.
The limit that BNF could operate alone was 160 billion won.
He turned to safe assets such as real estate because he could not handle his large size.

I’m better than that person, but it’s a story that there was a limit nonetheless.
As a mediocre employee.

‘I’m just anxious.’

I did most of the work myself.
What happened to the damn bitch is inevitable now that I think about it.

Anomalies in the market.
The body was not enough to detect it and respond appropriately.

I need someone to replace me.
A talent I can trust and trust.


Stage to do so.
It was created by chance, not coincidence.
At a university that can be called my alma mater.

‘It’s Korea University, that’s how it was.’

It is a leading university in Korea.
It stands shoulder to shoulder with SKY, and in some ways has the upper hand.

Even so, at the world level, it’s quite monotonous.
It is also the reason I decided to drop out.

[Department of Economics Male Chat Room]
“You know there’s a welcome party for freshmen today, right?”
“If you are coming, please bring the participation fee of 50,000 won. It’s not compulsory.”
「Hey, 50,000 c」
“Why are there so many?”

Things like that are said to be prestigious university students, and they go around straining their necks.
There were things I quit because I didn’t want to see that.

‘Still, I might be able to dig up a few useful ones.’

A prestigious university in its own way.
It wouldn’t be the only one who was vain.
College is the best place to make friends.

“Fifty thousand is a bit excessive.”
“It’s because the seniors decided to pay even for the freshman rain. We all received it, so we have to give it back.”
“Oops, I’m busy with work heh…… 」
“You’re suffering too much”
-Do you like water?

Worthy event.
There is a welcome party for new students.
You can see the craziest people in our department at a glance.

‘It must be worth participating.’

At least I might be able to make a list of the people I’m going to miss.
And another one.
It was worth participating.

「There are a lot of female students in the class of 17」
“What if there are too many?”
「The kids who come to my school must be prettyhaha」
“There are occasional exceptions.”
「Gura n」
“Senior strikes a little. About this”
“About this?”
“Take a little bit of sugar”

‘I’ll go if the water is good.’

With the duty of being a senior, you can teach juniors who are like new chicks.
Whether it’s day, night or drinking.

It’s a feeling.
As a successful (past-tense) investor on Wall Street, I show my face.
If there is one minor problem.

『Deposit and Withdrawal Passbook』
Account Balance: KRW 520,892

I have little money.
In this era, I am an impoverished young man who had just been discharged from the military and lived on a monthly rent.

‘If I don’t have money, I can make copies, right?’

Literally trivial.
Marie Antoinette’s deterrence is a logic that is actually possible in modern times.

Finish time is 8:00 am.
It is a time when humans can be greedy without feeling the most guilt.

─Welcome to Gambler’s Canyon!

The only gambling allowed by the state.
Depending on your ability, the KOSPI can increase your money several times a day.

Turn on HTS.
And finish setting.
All that remains is to wait for 09:00.

‘Open the gambling hall!’

Boils up in no time
I sat at my desk and gave orders, but I didn’t enjoy this fun gamble.

‘No…… , Not an investment.’

Anyway, what to do is clear.
You make money by betting on stocks that will rise.

That’s the stock.
Of course, it’s not an easy task.
You need to analyze whether it is a good company.

‘What are some good stocks at this time?’

Memories from over 20 years ago.
Can’t stay in my mind
Even if I have diarrhea, I don’t know today.

Even a company that will grow 10 times or 20 times in the distant future can get off today.
This is why stocks are inevitably difficult.

‘What should I buy to spread rumors that I bought well?’

The current time is 8:55.
No matter how much I was the CEO of a successful fund, I couldn’t figure it out in 5 minutes.

[Top 20 must-see news]
─Nasdaq closed −2.2%…… Powell said Nasdaq must kill
─Why Ohsung Electronics and SQ Technology are weighing on ‘running more’
─[Featured stock] Chairman Sangbural “I will participate in the acquisition of a double-headed car”
─[Econo Briefing] 5 companies participating in the takeover of the double-headed car, etc.

The first thing to check.
It is to look at the US and European stock markets of the previous day.
Look at the title of the article.

‘Powell said another thing.’

He’s a crazy old man
He opens and closes US dollars freely, but it sounds like fun, so when he gets bored, he spits out absurd remarks.

Old man special! Squeaks well
If you don’t react, you don’t know what to do, so you have to pretend to be anxious and lower the stock price.

The aftermath also reaches the KOSPI on the other side of the globe.
If the Nasdaq falls, the director is bound to be shaken.

Finding stocks that can go up today has become more difficult.
But even if the sky collapses, there is a hole that will rise.

‘It’s a double-headed takeover battle…….’

The act of corporations eating corporations.
When such events occur, stock prices usually skyrocket.
Not 1 or 2% tantalizingly, but 30% each.

The risk is so great.
It will already be reflected in the stock price, and if it cannot be acquired, it could fall endlessly.

‘It’s a pair. He’s an unheard-of dog breeder.’

If it’s a good company, that’s fine.
When you go down, get on the water and wait for the rescue team to come.

But the so-called dog lord.
It is not strange if a company you have never heard of becomes a piece of paper, let alone recover its balance.


From the first transaction after the regression, I encountered difficulties.
A rational investor should never do that.

Investor Warren Buffett warned.
If you are a smart investor, invest, not speculate.

It is also a story that represents his view of investment.
He is a successful person with value investing.

Does it look cheap to me?
Buying stocks of undervalued companies to see profits in the distant future.

‘I don’t have time for that kind of gay thing.’

I can’t wait patiently
I need to win money at the gambling house right now.

No, investment.
Warren Buffett is also a human being, and he sometimes makes exceptions to his own investment principles.

“If you’re not going to own it for 10 years, don’t own it even for 10 minutes.”- Warren Buffett

Even if you are not a stock investor, it is a maxim that you have heard at least once.
Surprisingly, many people are unaware of its true meaning.

‘It’s a story worth thinking about at least once.’

But you don’t have to think too complicated.
Just like when you drop food.
Like the 3 second rule.

─Buy orders have been placed!

The stock should come out in 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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