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Because I Live in the US 2

Because I Live in the US 2

Chapter 2 – Regression

It’s an embarrassing time for me.
The weakened body refuses to even open its eyes.

It will be especially so today.
You drank so much last night that your blood turned to alcohol.


Old wine.
Old and strong alcohol creates a long aftertaste.
So much so that even if you brush your teeth, it won’t go away.

Let out a yawn.
The flavor of the liquor should remain.
I tried to enjoy the lingering aftertaste of the expensive alcohol I drank.

‘It’s time for the building to be foreclosed on…… Uh?’

I can only smell it.
That feeling when you wake up in the morning and your mouth is dry.

The body is also strangely refreshing.
No, it’s light
How long has it been since you felt like you were about to fly?


Wakes up in bed
It’s not about vacating a room.
Let’s look around.

『One ○’s Volume 35』

There are One ○’s.
Comic book.
No matter how much paper book production was banned in 2035, it would be strange.

’35 books? That must have been an episode written by Sensei Oda.’

Until the third episode of Water, the original author, Oda-sensei, worked on it himself.
ONE ○’s fans only admit that.

Because of this, there is a premium
It is traded at a fairly high price among maniacs, so it is not something that is commonly rolled around.

‘Do you have everything from Volume 1? I bought it a long time ago, too.’

More than 10 million won in market value.
I heard that unopened items in good condition are priced in the billions.

After ONE ○S ended, it is being re-evaluated even more.
Why is it such a precious thing?

‘This…… , Old phone?!’

And that wasn’t all.
The object caught in my outstretched right hand is familiar.
No, I can’t know

It is a cell phone
But it doesn’t fold or bend?
It is an old-generation smartphone that is only traded on the used market.

‘Oh my gosh. The weight must be heavy.’

I’m sure you’ve got some kind of dumbbells.
It deserves it.
Ohsung Electronics’ Space Note is bigger than a normal smartphone.

In the past, when there was no foldable-related technology, the basic size itself was made large.
It’s an ignorant solution, but I remember that the market response was good.

‘Something is strange.’

Relics of such an old generation.
Commonly rolls around the bed.
It is a sight that is bound to be absurd.

Rarity aside, there is texture.
Each item seems to have come in a time machine from the past.

‘It’s not a set for shooting a movie.’

The real Truman Show?
Maybe that damned gibae is doing something crazy again.

Did you carry me on your back while you were sleeping?
Did you change your mind because you wanted to get stuck again?

‘…… That’s not it.’

Be honest.
Right now, I am not attractive as a member of the opposite sex.
Where is the fat man suffering from diabetes?

But that turned out not to be the case.
Current state of my body.
It wasn’t because of my mood that I felt light enough to fly.

“Um… Oh?”

Accurate and quick changes in judgment are required to survive in a world that is rapidly changing in seconds.

Even if you made a right decision a second ago, you should know how to change your mind if you are wrong right now.
When viewed from that point of view.

‘I think I made a regression?’

Come to one conclusion.
Aside from other things, there is nothing I can do about my physical condition.
So close to perfect.

The belly fat that had made it close to 120kg fell off.
60 kg flew away in an instant.
It’s just that the body is light.

Even if you have invested all over your body, the weight you can feel is enormous.
It’s like putting down a sack of rice.

‘Complete grasping the situation.’

Where I am currently.
This is the room I stayed in when I was in college.
I changed rooms once, so it will be after I am discharged.

And why.
There is no way that this kind of luck was given without any reason.
God was looking down.

‘It must be that it’s a pity that I couldn’t win the United States.’

So, I was given a situation that could be called an opportunity like this.
If you are an ordinary person, you may be very embarrassed.

It’s like a dream situation.
In the stock market, you can come across it quite often.
That is, when the best stocks are selling at a bargain price.

‘Although most ordinary people are not aware of that fact.’

Isn’t that the original price?
Then, later, when he says, “I will live,” He says nonsense like “I’ll live.”
Opportunities are always there.

What matters is the ability to seize that opportunity.
A wise investor should recognize the fact that it is an opportunity and bet on it.

Let’s go! Let’s go!

Open the window
Outside the house.


My eyes are dazzled by the pouring sunlight.
For a moment, I feel dizzy.

That’s right, a 100-story building.
Even if you don’t have a fear of heights, you can’t help feeling scared when you look down.

If you lose your balance and fall, it won’t end as normal.
I have to fly blankly in the sky for 10 seconds.

‘The sparrow is talking high.’

You can see the ground, let alone the 100th floor.
A beautiful pine tree standing on a green field.

A sparrow sits on a branch
Seeing me, he was startled and ran away.

It flaps its wings very freely.
If you eat it grilled, there is no special taste.

‘Have a small sparrow.’

The amount of exercise is also enormous.
The flesh is very chewy.
If there is one problem.

Due to climate change, the number of sparrows in Korea is rapidly decreasing.

It is truly unforgivable to be sad.
To think that there are no birds that can help people and taste good.

‘It’s a great feeling to be able to eat sparrows again.’

The fact that you are back in the past.
It’s not just one or two good things.
You can fly freely like that sparrow.

It is quite possible.
But you have to realize that it’s never easy.

‘It’s not that I didn’t have money. It’s not that I lacked ability.’

A trillion dollar fund.
It is a scale that is not inferior to Wall Street, the center of the world financial market.

I built it with my own strength.
If you’ve already done it once, there’s nothing you can’t do twice.

‘It’s a problem because it can collapse twice.’

It just doesn’t work out in any way.
There are many large funds that are dozens of times bigger than me.

I tried several tricks to fight them.
Even if it worked out somehow.

‘No, not by myself.’

Give in to power
As the number of assets under management increases, the difficulty of management increases exponentially.

It was like that in a previous life too.
In the beginning, the fund grew in size at a rapid pace.

Todok, tok!

It’s getting slower and slower
Just like this old phone I’m tapping right now, the Space Note.

‘It’s a smartphone that boosted its performance with hardware.’

In the beginning, that method worked.
Ohsung Electronics had an image of performance and Apple of emotion.

After Space S10, even that is reversed.
In terms of performance, the iPhone was ahead.

‘The GOS crisis is also a GOS crisis.’

Root cause.
It’s in software optimization.
You can’t get 100% of the hardware’s performance.

When performance was at a standstill, somehow it rolled.
Let’s go to high performance, there is a limit, and the heat phenomenon is getting worse.

The same phenomenon exists with funds.
The more funds you manage, the more problems arise that weren’t there before.


‘I wonder if I don’t know about that.’

Not hundreds or hundreds of billions.
How do you find someone you can trust when you’re rolling tens or hundreds of trillions?

Even the slightest twist can ruin the beautiful plan I made.
That was the most difficult thing.

‘Let’s make money using future information.’

The fact that it goes back to the past.
I know very well that there are many corners to use.

You can’t know from the standpoint of investing in stocks.
Even so, it just repeats the same ending.

No matter how much money you earn, if you can’t manage it, a pearl necklace around your pig’s neck.
A fat pig with a twist is fated to be slaughtered.

‘I have to do it somehow.’

Not easy.
But it’s not just sheet music.
Regression is obviously a huge advantage.

There are many corners that can be used in various ways.
I don’t have to go far, even if it’s just around me right now.


I pick up the space phone I threw away.
I don’t know anything else, but one thing is that it’s durable.

Lights up without any problem.
There was not a single scratch on the screen, let alone gold.

‘I know the magical changes that will happen to this space phone.’

Current time zone.
I don’t know exactly when, but it was definitely in my 20s.

At least 20 years back in the past.
You can use the history and events of the past to your heart’s content.

‘If it’s my ability, it’s enough.’

Make a difference in the world
In a way no one expected.

Various countermeasures can also be prepared.
Unexpected opportunities may arise along the way.

Todok, tok!

For that, you need to check the date.
It will help you make a detailed plan.


So, turn on your smartphone.
It is not difficult to check the date.
The problem is the breaking news that came in secondarily.

A new president was inaugurated.
It’s the beginning of the year, so it can be.
The problem is that the president’s inauguration speech is familiar.

〈 Create a country you’ve never experienced before.〉

Maybe I was too complacent about returning to the past.


Life difficulty hell is reserved.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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