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Because I Live in the US 1

Because I Live in the US 1

Chapter 1 – Prologue− the 1% Man

The act of giving up purchasing power now in order to acquire a greater asset in the future.
The person who does it is called an ‘investor’.

〈You have been liquidated.〉

Sanctuary for those investors.
It happens all the time on Wall Street.
It means that your assets converge to 0 won.

‘I don’t usually think that I’ll get hurt.’

Neither do I.
$1 trillion.
It is the total amount of assets under management.
Even though it has lost value since the hyperinflation that changed the world, it is still a huge amount.

In addition, since leverage is used concurrently, the actual operation is more than 10 times his.
That high leverage got in the way.

〈I know it was an unpredictable accident. The fact that you have the ability to recover. However, I think you understand that our bank cannot take a risk that may last for several years.〉

No, got caught.
Risk of Leverage.
Of course you can’t know

Under normal circumstances, never make a mistake.
If it were a normal situation.

“Call the head.”
〈 Yes? 〉
“Call your head! That bitch behind the scenes.”
〈 mu, what do you mean;; Mr.Lee, calm down for a moment…….〉

20 years of jumping into the stock market.
There are many things learned with knowledge, but there are also things that knowledge cannot explain.

It is the latter that has kept me alive in this icy world.
The feeling is howling like crazy.

‘No, I’m skinny.’

There is just no solid evidence.
It is not just one or two small evidences or feelings.

All circumstances point to one fact.
Even so, I can’t help it if I take it out.

〈 units, representative! 〉
〈 It’s okay. I’ll explain everything.〉

This is the yard that has already come this far.
The goal you wanted so much would have been achieved.

Contactless video conferencing.
The face that suddenly appears in the lower left is familiar.

‘You’ve been watching, you poor bitch.’

Rachel Bigger.
She is a female hedge fund CEO with impressive bright blonde hair and fair skin.
Because of her appearance, she is also called the Witch of Wall Street.

But the real reason is performance.
The fund she manages has grown like magic, generating more than double the market rate of return every year.

〈 Tyranny is over. We’re fed up with your uncooperative market participation.〉
“Tyrtyranny? That’s why you dragged me down by plotting, right?”
〈You are free to think what you think. You’re a loser, and the fact that you’ve been kicked out of this market doesn’t change.〉

On the surface, that is.
I know the truth.
The background that allowed her to quickly succeed on Wall Street in Yongdamhohyeol.

‘I must have mobilized all the backs with family names.’

It is a Jewish family that has a huge influence on the American political and business world.

She carries on the blood there.
I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for an accidental opportunity.

〈Mr.Lee…… , We are here to help you.〉
“Help me?”
〈Even though your fund has been liquidated, isn’t your life over?〉

It is a large fund.
And considering my ability, I can take on any typhoon.

My expectations were wrong five more times.
I can definitely see why the market movement was deformed.


No, I knew everything and prepared for it.
Still, it couldn’t be stopped.
Her family’s money and power are just as huge.

“Shut up.”
〈 Oh! Mr.Lee please…….〉
“Shut up because you’re not on the level to listen.”

My staff.
BOA, where Andrew is the head of sales, is also a $10 trillion bank.

Even that is just one word.
In a gigantic scam concocted by that damn girl.

“Do you want to cause a second subprime mortgage crisis? It won’t end with me alone.”
〈 That you don’t have to worry about. I’ve already consulted with the government and prepared everything.〉
“Did you move all the way to the White House just to fuck me? You’re so out-of-the-way, aren’t you?”
〈Thank you for the compliment.〉

The subprime mortgage crisis.
It was a major incident around 2008 when Lehman Brothers bank went bankrupt and the world economy was shaken.

It is said that the size of the shock experienced by Americans was equivalent to that of Korea’s IMF.
It may happen again

My fund’s assets under management are comparable to subprime banks at the time.
If it is liquidated in an instant, the aftermath is bound to be enormous.

‘This clever bitch.’

Humans are meant to learn.
Animals may be like that, but the United States, the center of the world, is even more so.

Institutional safeguards are in place.
It prevents situations in advance and minimizes the aftermath in the event of an emergency.

One more drink
Since I knew my fund would be liquidated, I would have made room in the flow of funds in advance and obtained policy cooperation.

Almost like the Truman Show.
The public fraud is also an oil fountain.
The reason why you took the trouble to fuck me.

〈 It’s unfortunate.〉
〈 You’re arrogant, disrespectful, and you can’t even look for cooperativeness, but as an investor, I’ve recognized it quite a bit.〉

It is a personal feeling.
So, that damn girl moved state budget money and power to bring me down.


I knew that someday it would be like this.
The fact that the end of this damn bad relationship is ruin.

“Hey, what a fool.”
〈…… Yeah? What did you say?〉
“Is there anything more you admit in your life than the house price in your neighborhood? You’re a bitch who doesn’t even respond to the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. In the end, you’re jealous of me, so I’m sorry.”

As an investor, I was sentenced to ruin.
The scariest thing in the world is a person who has nothing to lose.

‘This bitch is for real!’

20 years ago from now.
I also had a point of contact that year when I was in the blue for a long time.

〈 You are always shallow. Extreme and impulsive words shake the public’s mind and create cracks in the market. On second thought, taking you off the market was the best decision ever.〉
“What’s vulgar is how you look in bed.”
〈 What, what…… ?〉

Slept once
It’s something that can happen between a man and a woman.
That was one mistake.

‘What a fucking virgin you are at that age!’

Of course, I ate well then.
There is no rare item that is as delicious as a well-grown Gyujung maiden.

I make fun of a sassy woman and leave my mark.
It is the most rewarding moment in a man’s life.

〈 The past when the two of you were close…….〉
〈 Oh no! That lunatic is talking nonsense!〉
“Your son is so fucking delicious, bitch.”
〈 shut up!!!〉

Intense high notes that make me frown without even realizing it.
For a moment, I thought my eardrum had fallen off.

Even in such a situation, there are things you can’t take your eyes off of.
Rachel, her face flushed red.

〈 Huh, that’s bullshit. Never believe it That human bar is going crazy!〉
〈 I know Ms. Rachel. Excessive reaction is what the other person wants…….〉
〈 years old, I’m dumbfounded by the world. I, what am I missing, so with you.〉

After a while, it seems that the blood is running down his face.
It seems that the face was roughly like that when I first hit it.

‘Eating after turning off the lights is one of the worst regrets.’

It’s probably an old thing.
There is nothing left that can be called evidence.
She has nothing more to admit.

But the expression is the most vivid evidence
The Witch of Wall Street, famous for her poker face, is losing face.

“Even when we first met 2 years ago, I wasn’t as rude as fuck, but after I tasted it, kyaa~.”
〈 Kyaaaaa!! 〉
“Why do you do that? If it’s nonsense, you can just ignore it.”

Enjoyed it for a while.
She is a beauty that can be seen anywhere in Hollywood, but her body is well-groomed and her skin is clean.

Of course, there are many pretty bitches.
Is there anything in the world that can’t be done with money?
But a smart girl is rare.

‘…… I didn’t know you could eat it.’

The problem is that even though the brain was good, it was too good.
I thought the family story was a joke back then.

“Chae, aren’t you taking responsibility? No way?”

Great obsession.
They know that the world will collapse just because they lost one virgin.

I ignored it and cut off contact.
I thought that would be the beginning of a long, long bad relationship.

〈 Hmm, hmm! I’ll admit I made mistakes in my friendships when I was a student.〉
“Today, besides the house price, they are good at acknowledgment.”
〈…… Shut up.〉

It was from then.
Speaking of virgins, it means that she started dropping her cranes.

‘I don’t eat kimchi or Jonggat’s because of this bitch.’

A noble family + a virgin.
Her PTSD is coming.
Just forget about it in moderation. What kind of life do you keep?


Eventually, I came to this point.
One trillion dollars?
What angers me more than that is the reality that I lost to this kind of gibae.

〈 Then it’s true that the two of you knew each other…… ?〉
〈 simply! I’ve only known Did I date a piglet like that? It can’t be.〉

To the bitch who was purring like a sow.
Unfortunately, Rachel wasn’t wrong.


When you’re stressed, you eat sugar.
It is also necessary due to the nature of the head work.

That’s a bit excessive
Lately, I’ve been particularly stressed out.


It’s an excuse.
Since then, I’ve been tossing and turning.
It has changed a lot from those days when I was young.

〈 Mr. Pig, would you like to try again? Who dated who?〉
“What are you saying, the old woman who has stretched out too much?”
〈 Oh, it’s not stretched?!〉

Same goes for Rachel.
The light faded
You can’t escape the signs of time.

Wrinkles are dented, and the jawline is thicker.
No matter how advanced beauty technology is, there is a limit to hiding it.

Nevertheless, an aura of beauty that cannot be covered flows.
The dignity that comes with age adds to the dignity.

〈 Hmm, hmm! Conversation with you is really unpleasant. You can’t have a conversation without using vulgar language, can you?〉
“So the vulgar is the sound you make when you’re fucked.”
〈 No!!〉

Change over the years.
It’s a bad relationship that has no choice but to be the same because I know it.

I never thought that she would become an eccentric old maid and stand in my way.
That long, long relationship too.

“This bitch is fussy as usual, but she can’t be that submissive in bed again. When a cock gets stuck, she just gets stuck.”
〈 Ah…….〉
〈 Don’t listen to you either! Will sue Won’t you shut up right now?〉

It will come to an end.
Money is everything in this world.
I lost all my astronomical seeds.

〈 I really can’t believe it. The last line is sexual harassment, so you really fell as hard as you could!〉
“Why do you feel hot after thinking about the old days? Do you want to be fucked again?”
〈…… I want to bury my past as a dark history of being friends with you.〉

Wall Street Witch.
The woman who created a new fear in the stock market called ‘The Day of the Five Witches’ is losing control of her emotions.

Long eyelashes tremble softly.
Chewing his lower lip, he desperately suppressed his emotions.

〈 Oh, are you thinking of recovering? It seems that you are trying to raise funds by fooling investors with your boastful tongue. Never until dirt gets in my eyes…….〉
“If you help me, you never know.”
〈 Yes? 〉
“If you shoot at least one sex video, it will be the material that will raise PornHub’s share price 3 times in a short period of time, or even 10 times if you do well with Unpleas.〉
〈 hey this #$^&#$%$!〉

It is a rare sight.
If it goes up on the Internet, it’s sure to be a big issue among investors.

〈 I was a fool who sympathized even a little. Alright, okay, Andrew.〉
〈Yes, Ms. Rachel.〉
〈Buy all the top 1 shares in the security field so that these low-level conversations will never be leaked. Right now until we can exercise control!〉

‘He looks quite uneasy.’

I have no particular desire to do Hakoji.
No one will believe me even if I talk in this situation.

I just wanted to do it one last time.
Fucking her jokes with her that brings back memories of her past.

“Can I just say one word?”
〈 Hey! It’s too late to beg now. Thoroughly prevent you from ever returning to the stock market…….〉
“Your pussy was so hot.”
〈 Fuck Fuck! 〉

And really fucking.
It’s a pity that I couldn’t spank that cheeky bitch.

‘It’s a creature called a man to want to pretend to be strong in front of women.’

That is a story to some extent.
Even I, who have been through all the maternity battles, feel weak on a day like today.

That’s why I was even kidding.
In fact, it was me who was writing the evil.
Work requires passion.

‘It’s not that I’m short of money.’

Even if you lose 99.99% of your money, it is Wall Street’s refusal to accumulate wealth that ordinary people cannot even dream of in their lifetime.
Even this drink that I see in front of me right now.

『The Macallan 1946』

It is a luxury called the Rolls-Royce of whiskey.
And this is an extremely rare vintage even among the Macallans.

There were 3,000 bottles in the world, but they were consumed over a long, long time, and now only one bottle remains.
Its value is literally.

‘Calling is worth it.’

Even if a rich man perishes, three generations go.
That’s probably why such a proverb came about.
There is no problem in making a living by selling household goods.


Even so, he makes an extreme choice.
Open the window
Looking down from the 100-story building on Wall Street, the world’s financial center, is truly spectacular.

‘Humans look worse than ants.’

The failed Wall Street bosses must have thought so too.
Hundreds of billions at most.
No matter what I do with the remaining pennies, my heart stops beating.

So it fell
Here on Wall Street, not every year, but every week, a person you would know just by hearing his name ends his life.

‘Yeah, it’s okay if you commit suicide~.’

That really isn’t a joke.
I don’t want to end my life like that.


When this situation was over, I was going to say a toast.
It’s not that I didn’t think I’d win for other reasons.

‘When I go, a bottle of whiskey is fine.’

Poisonous wine.
Open the cap and pour it into your mouth.
Billions of dollars worth of liquid flowed down my throat thrillingly.

Rich sherry flavor.
Feet digging beyond that.
The pungent scent of oak and cigarettes should pierce your nose.

Jump! Jump!

I can’t afford to feel it.
To me now, it’s just a bottle of alcohol to get drunk.

‘I hope things will be different when I wake up from alcohol.’

As the name suggests, The Macallan 1946 is a whiskey created during World War II.
It is perfect for me who has become a loser.

Old body.
Ruined health.
Even lost passion.

I don’t feel like ‘again’ anymore.
For such a life to be, it is better to disappear like the forgotten people of Wall Street.

『Nasdaq Composite Index』
89,269.74 ▼892.70 (−1.00%)
[Graph that roughly rolls up this.Jpg]

The Second Subprime Mortgage Crisis.
The liquidation of a hedge fund that drove investors around the world into a panic ended with a bland happening.

The stock market, which had fallen to -15% that day, closed at -1% thanks to the government’s quick response and the unprecedented cooperation of each institution.
I was only 1% of America.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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